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Facebook Ad Design Inspiration (FACEBOOK ADS THAT STOP THE SCROLL!)

Facebook Ad Design Inspiration (FACEBOOK ADS THAT STOP THE SCROLL!)

Are you about to run your facebook ads campaign,
or maybe it’s your first facebook ad you are just suck on inspiration of what exactly is
going to stop the scroll for your facebook ad and some of that is you and you need some
design inspiration for your facebook ads. Stick around. I’m going to tell you exactly what you need
to do to get this stroll to stop for your ad. Do you want to take your digital marketing
game, to the next level or maybe you just need some help and tips and tricks to get
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because I’m sharing every Tuesday my best digital marketing tips for creatives and online
business owners. Okay. You’re about to run your facebook ad campaign,
but you’re not sure what the ad should actually look like. That is what I’m here for it because in a
sea of competition you need to know how to stand out on facebook and stop the scroll. So by the end of this video, I’m going to
go over exactly the tips you need to consider when creating your facebook ad and what it
should look like to get your clients to stop that scroll and take action on your ad. Okay? So the very first thing you need to consider
when coming up with an ad for facebook is the color of that. What colors are going to be the main focal
for your app. And here’s where I see a lot of people get
hung up is they really want to use their brand colors and that could work. So some cases it’s totally great if you have
amazing bright colors or your colors are red or yellow, orange or bright pink or something
that’s going to pop. Then yes, use your brand colors. But if your colors are blue or muted colors,
you may want to consider going off brand. And so facebook is very blue, the platform
is very blue and so you want your ad to stick out. And so I’m going to show you some great ads
that pop in the feed. It’s not the brand colors, but they stop the
scroll and that’s what we’re looking for and so I will tell you the best colors are going
to be red, orange, and yellow. Those perform across the board better than
any other ads and that’s coming from a ton of research, just not my own. I find that with my clients, those do perform
way better, but also everyone who is in the ad industry has tested these and those colors
just performed way better and it’s probably because they’re way more bright and poppy
than blue. So I encourage you, use red, orange, or yellow
when creating your ad or a variation of those colors. So let me go over and show you some awesome
ads, but let’s first take a look at Jenna Kutcher, so her ads that popped up and it’s
get your next 1000 instagram followers with these three simple strategies, and so this
is so great because the color of the coraly that’s in your red, orange and yellow and
family that’s going to pop in the feed. She does have the blues, but it’s very turquoise
and it’s popping on the coral. And then she has the yellow and so this is
going to look really good on instagram and on facebook because it’s going to pop. So that’s one example of a really good just
no image, just the colors and they pop. Okay, so then let’s take a look at thrive
themes. And so this one’s really good because of that
bright orange and it’s showing you exactly steal listed, building hack. And so it’s very just. It’s got a catchy title, everything but the
orange is going to pop against all the blue. And then let’s take a look at this one. Introducing the stylish sales planner, a planner,
creative for female entrepreneurs, but you’ll notice the yellow background and then she
has red accents. So this one’s also going to pop really, really
well and the feed. And then I want to show you one more that
I love. And this one’s not for creatives, but this
is actually for selling a product and that is tone. It’s a tone. It ups smoothie bowl so they are actually
selling 50 healthy and delicious recipes. But this, this smoothie bowls absolutely beautiful. That purple pops. It’s great food photography and when you’re
scrolling, the great thing about this is it looks like it would naturally be in your facebook
feed, so it looks like someone just made amazing smoothie bowl. They took a picture of it and they posted
it in the facebook feed and that’s what you want. You want your ad to pop, but you also want
it to look natural and the feed and so this is a great example of one and it got my attention
to stop the scroll because it’s just beautiful. Like I want my smoothie bowls to look like
that, but they’re also utilizing color. So these are my examples of color and how
they’re going to pop in the news feed. Okay. So we just talked about color, but then the
second aspect you want to take into account is you want to put a face to your business. So even if you’re selling products or you
have a digital product or just a physical product or a course people want to buy from
people. Now. People are less likely to buy from companies
without a face than they are with people with a face. Because social media is changing and so if
you haven’t checked out my marketing trends of 2019, you definitely want to talk about
this because I talked about personalizing everything and so that is going to be a very,
very big trend. You’ll see it more and more and so you want
to put your face or someone’s on your ads and all of this is about testing, so find
out what works best, but we’re seeing a lot of ads coming out now with people’s faces
on them, so give it a try and I’m going to show you some examples right now. Okay, so let’s take a look at this one. This is another Jenna Kutcher. Let’s just go in and look at her since we’ve
already looked at one of hers before. This one is how to five times your traffic
with pinterest. You’ll notice those colors again. They’re going to pop in the feed, but then
there’s a picture of her and so it puts a very friendly face to this course. It’s not just a known name person. There’s a face. She looks very personable. She looks like she’s having fun. This is targeted towards creative entrepreneurs. This is a very great picture for that crowd. So this is a great example of the colors and
adding your face to that. Okay. Let’s look at Rachel’s from Smu. And so I love this one because once again,
this one looks like it would be in your feed. Anyway, this one is a picture of her and two
little girls. They look like they’re reading stories. It looks very cool. Very cool. Photoshop, added in. So this one would be one that people would
stop because they would think it’s a picture of a family picture that they’ve already had
done, so it doesn’t come across as an ad. And so it says make magic happen. And so this is really, really great. She’s adding her to it, but it also looks
like it would fit in to the facebook feed already. Okay. So then the next one is amy porterfield. She’s got a little bit muted color, but it’s
still going to pop out because it’s in that orange pinkish red family. And so this one’s great because once again
a smiling face, like she looks friendly, she looks like someone I would trust with the
course and who this is targeting, I mean most people knowing Amy Porterfield, which makes
sense for her to put her face on it. So even if you’re not known though, it’s really
good idea to still put your face or someone associated with your company on there. Okay. And last one, one. So I love this one because once again this
one’s going to pop in the feed. You have the yellows, the pinks, the bold
like this and this one kinda looks like a youtube thumbnail. I love this one. And then a very friendly face there and she’s
looking right at you but it’s saying free video training. And so this one is another great one of putting
your face to the brand and to the act. So I love, love, love these. So this shows you examples of how to put a
face to your ad and I think it’s going to be coming way more popular this year than
ever before. So test it. It’s all about testing. And I definitely think you’re going to see
great results with these ads. Okay. So I know you’re like, oh he bernie, but what
if I have a product, how am I going to advertise that? And so there’s two ways to do this. And just like anything with facebook it’s
all about testing, test, test, test. And so one way is definitely just getting
a really good high quality shot of the product and posting it. But then the other ways to use that product
in lifestyle shots. And I will tell you that we’re seeing customers
that are clients that they’re getting better results with their customers when they’re
using facebook ad in lifestyle photos instead of just putting the photo up there of the
product and because it blends in with facebook feed, it doesn’t feel like an ad. People don’t feel like you’re pushing something
on them. It looks very natural and like, hey, I’m cleaning
on a Sunday, here’s my cleaning products. It looks like it would blend in with the facebook
feed, but still stop the scroll. So let me show you some great examples of
lifestyle product images. So let’s check out plated first and so if
you don’t know, plated is a company that will send you all the food already cut up and everything
and then you just have to cook it. So I love this one because they’re showing
the when you get the box, what it looks like and then she looks super happy cooking and
then she has the completed product. So this is a great one. I’m showing a lifestyle series of what it
looks like when you received this product. So I really, really like this one. And then starbucks. Starbucks always does such a good job and
it’s not in your face. Here’s my starbucks cup, but this looks like
something that would be on instagram. It looks like something that it would naturally
be just on facebook. Someone taking a picture in the cold with
their starbucks, like a really great pitcher. And so this is talking about downloading their
APP. Um, but you wouldn’t if you were scrolling,
you would think someone’s got a hot tea and they took a really cool photo. So this one’s going to blend in cause it looks
like something that someone would share on social media. So I really, really liked this one and then
I loved tone it up, does a really, really good job of making their ads just looking
very lifestyle. And so this one is for another download of
apps for their app and it looks like someone is the super cute dog. I mean for their audiences definitely going
to get people to stop just for that dog and then they have like their water bottle in
the background and then the APP itself. So it looks like someone took this would definitely
do really, really well on instagram. It just looks like a natural photo that would
be in a social media feed either on instagram or facebook. So this shows you how you can kind of showcase
your products but in a lifestyle way so they don’t look like you’re selling something. Which people you’ll hear. They’re so sick of facebook ads and so this
is a way to make it blend in with the feed and not so obnoxious. Okay. What about stock images? Should you be using them? Should you not be using them? I’ll tell you, it’s all about testing. You have to test, but I try to stick away. Stay away from stock images in my facebook. Now I will share with you instagram ads, stock
images. They tend to work a little bit better because
it’s natural on instagram to have a bunch of stock photos, but on facebook, not so much. So if you’re going to use them, make sure
that they’re used correctly. And then also try to limit them and then add,
put them in Canva, add some details to make them your own so they don’t look. So stock photo. So let me take you and show you some good
examples of stock photos being used. Okay, let’s check out Rachel’s first. So this is a really good example of a stock
photo that just makes sense to use. And so she’s talking about are you ready to
earn income from working from anywhere? So this dark image makes complete sense. This girls in bed, she’s targeting people
who want to become social media managers or they already are. Um, so this makes sense because who wouldn’t
want to work from home in their bed and make money? So this one totally works. Okay. So let’s check out the next one which is like
here’s language zen and so learn Spanish through music. And so I’m assuming this is a stock image
and it’s a really good one because they probably found this one and it looks very Spanish and
then they have the guitar so that talks about the music and then it looks like they went
in something like canva and added the text to it, so learned Spanish through music and
then they even put on their logo. So this is a great example of using a stock
image and adding to it to make it more custom to you. So long this one. Okay. And then our last one is home joy. And so don’t have time for household chores. This company can help book your home, enjoy
cleaning today and it’s someone that just looks so frustrated with doing laundry. And so who’s targeting this is going to hit
them because this is what at least what I look like when I have to do laundry. And so this one would totally, totally catch
my eye because she looked so frustrated and exhausted that she has to do laundry and it
makes you think like, oh, I need to call this company so I don’t look like that. So this is another really good use of a stock
image where it’s not just like a desk with some pencils on it. So just be careful with what stock images
you use with facebook ads, especially since stock images aren’t some that would naturally
be found in a facebook ad or add a little bit of text to it and make it your own like
the language zen did. So those are my tips on using stock. So I know these two questions that everyone’s
going to have. And so when I go in and answer on one is what
size your facebook ad image should be in for a basic single facebook ad image. It should be 1200 by 628 pixels. So you can go straight into Canva, put that
in and make sure now if your image ends up being bigger than that and you upload it into
facebook, you can actually crop directly in facebook. But if it has texts and stuff, I definitely
recommend putting it into canva or resizing and on your own before uploading it into ads
manager. Okay. So the second question is someone’s going
to ask is what about the 20 percent text rule? Okay. So technically that is no longer a hard and
fast rule. It does mean though if your ad has a lot of
texts, facebook is not going to push it out to as many people as they would have if it
didn’t have that much text. So even though it’s not a rule, it kind of
is a rule. And so there is the tool that facebook has
and it’s the image overlay tool. You can find the link right here and then
I’ll also include it in the description and that link. I always use bookmark it and what you can
do is upload your ad before you put it into ad manager the image. And it will tell you if it has too much or
too much text, not enough text, it will tell you everything that you need to know to make
sure that your images going to perform the best on facebook. So I always like using facebook ad tools because
they’re the ones that push out our ads so we might as well use the tools that they give
us. So I love this tool, I linked it in the description,
make sure to check it out. And bookmark market so you can run your wires
through there before you upload them to ads manager, right? So now you know exactly what it takes to create
an ad image. So it is going to stop the scroll. You have all the design tips you need, but
now you seem to go design. And so if you’re still like Brandi, I just
need more I’ve created just for you a 28 facebook ads swipe file for creatives that you can
go in and download and it’s got performing ads that are doing great. They’re converting and they stop the scroll. And so definitely going to download that. I’ll link it. And the description below, and you can grab
that for free. It’s a great tool to get inspiration for not
only what your ad image designed should look like, but also some inspiration for copy so
you can go and download that. And then also if you just loved this and you
found it so helpful for creating your facebook ads go on and give it a thumbs up that way,
know you liked it. You can comment below with helpful so I know
it was helpful and then share with a friend that’s running facebook ads and so go ahead
and make sure that you subscribe as well. That way you’ll get notified every Tuesday
when I shared digital marketing tips and trends with you. Thanks for watching.

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