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Facebook Ad Budget Calculator With Examples

Facebook Ad Budget Calculator With Examples

hello this is Fernando from Lodomus.com they
get a lot of questions about how much budget you need for our convergence and
pain well how much you look for an ad set so today we are going to explain the
budget let me show you for example if you are running leads campaign campaign
to generate leads let’s suppose each lead cost $1 okay and you need 50
conversions per week this is a requirement for Facebook they need 50
conversions to optimize it properly you campaigns ad set this is we are talking
here on the access level I will show you later whether you should put the value
so let’s suppose each lead costs $1 and we need 50 conversions per week so the
budget per week will be $50 which is 50 times 150 dollars I show you in here the
formula so then the budget per week would be 50 divided by 7 which is 7 :
$14 or whatever your currency means then I have been healed rounded this number
up it should be $8 so you should put in your in your campaign your ad set in
dollars but to be saved maybe you could increase this value a bit more company
could use $10 or $15 to be safe okay now let’s try another example if the lead
cost $3 then how much you need as a budget phone for daily budget the same
thing 50 conversions needed per per week which is 150 dollars budget for me which
is 21:40 simple they rounded it would be $22 let’s try
another one $5 $5 you need $35 per week which is an
asari per day which is 36 rounded I would play it safe also with $45 always
give it a bit more more room now if if it costs $10 maybe this is a same allele
depends it some needs are as expensive as $10 it depends on the region on the
country you are targeting so now the budget the daily budget would be $72
okay and now this is for example very expensive leads or even foreign commerce
while you are trying to sell something so now the budget the daily budget would
be two hundred and fifteen dollars this is why now most five dollar budgets
don’t work because you see even for to get one dollar one dollar we do need
eight dollars budget so if you have $5 even you wouldn’t get enough conversions
for the ad set to optimize properly okay so now let me show you
well you should good and then value the daily value in case you are new with
Facebook as if you already know then we can you already know how to do it so
this for example the first bonus 36 per per day so we should put in here this is
a conversions campaign you got to budget and we put in him 36 which means 252 per
day this is to honey safe and to give
Facebook enough room for combat okay so I hope this video helped you

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