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Eyereturn’s VP of Client Services on The Truth About Clicks

Eyereturn’s VP of Client Services on The Truth About Clicks

One of the things about this industry is that
people are often too busy chasing the next biggest thing to focus on the fundamentals. And one of the things we constantly see time and time again is that clients tend to optimize towards click. Whether it be cost per click or click through rate. And there has been countless studies that
have shown that there is usually a negative correlation between optimizing to click and
the outcomes for any kind of campaign. In fact last year more than 75% of campaigns
that came through Eyereturn were actually optimized towards click. That’s a huge amount of client investment
that’s directed toward something that’s been proven time and time again not to be a good
thing. So why is optimization to click such a hard
habit to break? Well, a lot of it has to do with benchmarks. So, over the years clients establish benchmarks
usually based on click and every single year they’re really trying to break those benchmarks. But it’s difficult to tell a client who’s
been working on that kind of benchmark for so long that they’ve been building these KPIs
on a very shaky foundation. So how do you actually rip off the band-aid
and move away from optimizing towards click? Well number one, you really have to itemize
all the reasons why optimizing towards click is actually so bad. We’ve done a great study that talks about
a lot of these different reasons and how to avoid falling into some of the common traps
that we see advertisers fall into every time. Another great idea is to offer some alternatives. Because if you don’t offer alternatives, advertisers
will fall right back into those benchmarks. So those are the two main steps. It’s that easy. But it takes discipline to do it.

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