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Eyereturn Self Serve Digital Advertising Platform

Eyereturn Self Serve Digital Advertising Platform

Welcome to Eyereturn Marketing’s campaign
management platform. Eyecontrol allows online marketers to easily
develop, execute, and manage their digital campaigns within one easy to use platform. Users are able to leverage a variety of different
targeting and data driven optimization features enabling them to meet any KPI Start your campaign creation by easily uploading
hundreds of creatives seamlessly into the Eyecontrol console. Either upload them directly or import your
ad serving tags at the click of a button Reach your audience and hit your KPI with
a multitude of targeting options at your fingertips. Capture your unique audience by using Eyereturn’s
350 proprietary behavioural segments. Easily execute location based marketing campaigns
by creating geofences around desirable locations for targeting and remarketing purposes. Create hundreds of geofences easily by adding
multiple locations at one time. Using comScore’s Industry Trust initiative
metrics, buy ad placements based on viewability, invalid traffic, category ranking, Media Metrix,
and Video Metrix Ensure your campaigns are served in a brand
safe environment by utilizing our proprietary fraud detection and prevention technology. Optimize your campaigns with even more of
our standard targeting parameters Retargeting PMP Deals Domain/App Page location Vertical FSA/Zip Code Browser and OS Hour and Day Bid Price Frequency Once your campaign is set up, define your
goals whether that be CPM, CTR, CPC, CPCV, or CPA and take advantage of Eyecontrol’s data-driven
auto-optimizations. Using the campaign management dashboard, you
can track performance spend and pacing. Take advantage of Eyereturn’s unique position
in the digital marketplace using our fully integrated buy-side platform.

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