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– Hey folks, and welcome
to the first episode of Gift of the Gav. I wanted to up my YouTube game. I want to start making more videos. I don’t feel like I’ve got the capacity to do anymore vlogs, and so I thought, “What can I do?” I decided that I was gonna
create a video series where I basically just talk once a week about either a conversation
I’ve had during the week, something I’ve learned,
something I find interesting, or just something completely random. I’m in Shetland right now. I’m on holiday, living with my parents, and so I thought, “What
better than the first episode “to get my mum on to talk about
what it is I actually do,” because Mum doesn’t really
know exactly what I do. So let’ get Mum on now. Mum, how does it feel to be on the show? – It’s very awkward. – You say what you think I do. – Well, what do you do Gavin? Well, as far as I’m aware that you own your own your own social media business, and you help people promote the
businesses through Facebook. How you can prove to them that advertising through social media is
successful, how you make a living out of it, all these
things are strange to me. – And then you said one of the things you don’t understand is
the language that I use. – The terminology, yes. – So that made me think,
well if Mum doesn’t under it then there’s obviously
other people out there that don’t understand it. I think as marketers,
we’re very bad at using our own language that other marketers get, but other people might not get. So, I think the best way to explain it is, if I go onto Facebook right now, and I can show you an ad. – Well, the first question is, I don’t go to Facebook an awful lot. – Yeah. – And I don’t get a lot of adverts. So if you’re helping
twenty, thirty customers to advertise through
Facebook, why am I not getting their ads on Facebook. – Okay, right, got it. So, this is an advert
here, and you can see that ’cause it says sponsored. – Yes. – So, this person– – Well, what does it mean sponsored? – So this person has
paid to get this advert in my newsfeed. When you use Facebook, you
give them so much data. They know where you live,
how old you are, your job, what your interested in. – Right. – Et cetera, et cetera. If you go for a credit check
and you don’t untick the box, they can pass that
information on to Facebook. So Facebook knows how much you earn. So all these things, as
advertisers we can use to target individuals. – Going back a step, Facebook a company, or is it Facebook people
who work behind the scenes do that, or is it all computer done? – All computer done. – Okay. – Computer done. So, that’s an ad. So this guy had paid Facebook
to target me with that ad. – Right. – Okay? Now his hope is that I click on the ad, and then go buy his product down the line. – Right. – And what I do, is I create
these ads for businesses, and I set up and manage
the campaigns for them. – Right. – So that’s one strand. The other strand is I
help people do it as well, through consulting or
training and coaching. Now one of the things
that you’ve been asking me about all the time is,
“How can you prove that?” – That advertising benefits. – Yeah, yeah. So let’s compare it to
traditional advertising, like TV, radio, and newspaper. You put the ad up onto that medium and then it’s very hard to
prove whether it works or not. With Facebook, if we put the ad up, we can see if I target you with an ad, I can see whether you’ve seen it, whether you’ve clicked on it, and whether you’ve gone and
purchased as a result of it. – So every person that
you support can click and see who has seen the advertisement? – Yeah. – Right. You give all these vlogs
of different companies you’ve been to. – Yeah. – But sometimes I have no
idea what these companies do, what your aim is, what your achieve. Sometimes the language
you use is completely out of my, I mean, you’re
very, what’s the word, you are appealing to a very niche market. – Okay. – And I think that’s wrong. – Okay. You’re probably right, you’re probably right. – But, you know, yes, you
try to be a young, hip guy, but there are people of
all ages and abilities out there who need the same support. – Yeah, you’re right. So key takeaway is, I
need to change my language to suit the masses. – Yes. – Well, is that it? Is that the main one from you? – Yeah, and just try
and, I know you’re hip, and all the rest of it. – Hip. – But I’m probably a bit old fashioned, and I like a bit of old
fashioned talk and respect. – Okay. Thanks, madam. – That’s being edited. (laughs)


  1. Awh bless this was such a good idea! I feel some folk just don't get that social media advertising is the way forward (had an interview about it and one of the interviews just wasn't sure about it) I think it's really cool you've made a career out of this!

  2. The best video so far (from a 'mum' perspective that was awesome and your mum is awesome!!) Nice explanation of how FB ads work too – sharing this for sure!!

  3. Thank you Gavin's mum for asking all the questions we all wanted to know! 😂👍🏼 and for raising such a lovely young hip son too obviously! 👌🏼x

  4. Hi Gavin I'm closer to your mum's age than yours and I run an online vintage watch restoration and sales company, and I need some help with social media advertising. Please could you contact me? [email protected]

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