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Expired Clif Bar Eating Expired Food 2 Year Old Clif Bar Still Good To Eat?

Expired Clif Bar  Eating Expired Food  2 Year Old Clif Bar Still Good To Eat?

CLIF BAR ENERGY BAR eating expired food 2 year old clif bar still good to eat safe okay Clif bar chocolate chip bug out bag food hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper good morning from Granny Camp I was going through some of my camping emergency supplies and one of the foods that I like to keep in my emergency stashes are Clif Bars energy bars well I found a little stash of Clif Bars and I realized these are expired in April of 2017 which is two
and a half years ago could a Clif Bar chocolate chip that’s two and a half years old still be
okay to eat would it still even be soft enough to eat how might it have degraded
and will it have bugs in it or be hard as a rock I don’t know let’s open it up
and see expired chocolate chip Clif Bar energy bar looks pretty much the same you can see it’s still soft I can still
break it and it smells perfectly fine so it’s time to have a Clif Bar for
breakfast even if it is a little bit expired there’s no sense wasting it I was afraid it was going to be too hard and I would
break my teeth this expired Clif Bar tastes fine hold on Sammy wants a
bite want a bite of a Clif Bar for breakfast Sammy likes it too one of the things to
know about food storage is it’s best to try to use your foods and things and rotate them before the expiration date but if you store a lot of food that just doesn’t
always happen it’s not realistic to think that we can remember everything
rotate clif bars and other stored foods and use it up in the precise amount of time and a lot of dried and
packaged foods last far longer than their expiration date so if you have an expired outdated food that you’re not sure about how to know if it is still okay safe good to eat look over the wrapper the package that can
see if it looks like there’s anything dented leaking chewed on anything that
doesn’t look right anything that doesn’t look right just throw it away then you
can open your food and inspect it does it look weird does it look like it’s
been chewed on does it smell or giving off odor do canned foods look foamy
anything that doesn’t look right smells off throw it away but if it seems to be
just fine go ahead and try it you might find that your really are getting every
bit of pennies worth out of your food storage dollars don’t be afraid to
inspect outdated foods to see if it is still safe okay good to eat it might just become your next meal even if it’s not
an emergency learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel

10 thoughts on “Expired Clif Bar Eating Expired Food 2 Year Old Clif Bar Still Good To Eat?

  1. Granny, I have eaten a few things that were out of date and they were fine. Never tried 2yrs. out of date. Guess it depends on what is. Hope to see you again soon and you are ok. Have a great day beautiful lady.

  2. If you put things like this in canning jars and vacuum seal them, they will last at least 10 years past the expiration date.
    Except for Hostess Twinkies. I hear they will last at least 6 months past the day Hell freezes over!
    That was a joke by the way.

  3. Good video and good advice, a lot of dates are also best by, sell by, and even the expired by, most are there for legal reasons rather than food issues. Always look, smell and taste

  4. Supposedly, studies have shown that 90% of Americans toss food in the garbage after the items have reached their "expiration date". I wouldn't be surprised if that were actually true. I believe one of the major problems contributing to this horrific waste of perfectly good food is simply education. The USDA does not require food manufacturers to date any food with any date with the exception of baby formula (which has an actual "expiration date"). All other dating is voluntary and related to food quality, not food safety. I believe the problem exists because so many of us keep referring to the dates on food as "expiration dates" instead of what they actually are…"best by dates", which is the latest date that a manufacturer will guarantee the original quality of the food. We keep saying that it's expired when it's not. Here are a few types of dates used on food products and their meaning.

    Best by: For consumers; a sign of when flavor or quality is at its peak. This has no relation to food safety.

    Sell by: For the store; a sign for how long to keep a product on shelves. This has no relation to food safety.

    Use by: For consumers; a sign of when to use a product by for the best quality. This has no relation to food safety.

    Help stamp out the myth by using the correct terminology.

  5. The dates on food items are not expiration days. The USDA reports our American canned foods are edible up to 20 years unless the can has been compromised in some way.
    These dates have the misconception of expiration dates by the general public. The USDA reports these dates have nothing to do with food safety. They are on food item for the manufactures and retailers use. They are the approximated period in which the manufacture relates to the retailer that an item will remain at it peak.
    This allows the retailer to rotate in newer dated items. The retailer then in turn sells them to companies to resell at a lower price.
    The USDA reports that 90 % of Americans throw away wholesome edible foods yearly because they don't know what these dates mean and why they are there. The reports state that the general public believe these dates are expiration dates when they aren't. They go on to report that 40 % of all America's food supply is thrown away yearly because the general public hasn't taken the time to learn what these dates mean and believe they are expiration dates. .
    It would help if people would quit referring to these dates as expiration dates. That helps to give people the wrong information about what these dates mean. If they need to refer to these dates maybe a better phrase might be the food dating date is.That is what the USDA refer to them as.
    This is not aimed at you. But we all need to inform people not the throw away good food because of these dates. I have tested and eaten foods and canned foods that are 7 to 10 years pass the dates on them and compared them to current dated foods.

  6. I found a box of snacks in the refrigerator which had been in there over 4 years after the expiration date and when I tasted some of the first bar and it looked nice and I tasted it and it was fine so I ate it and ended up eating all the bars in that box. I do throw away canned goods which is too expired and didn't try eating them.

  7. I regularly buy and consume various foods which have passed their supposed 'expired' dates, yet are still perfectly good to eat. Car boot sales are a useful source of such items.

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