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Experiential Advertising| Agency Confessionals (Episode 008)

Experiential Advertising| Agency Confessionals (Episode 008)

I’m Scott Cookson, Vice President and
Executive Creative Director at Ayzenberg I love new challenges new ways of trying
to tell stories in new mediums Now a lot of clients I think are a little off put by experiential advertising because They have concerns about massive budgets
and what the ROI for them might be But the thing is experiences don’t have to
cost a ton of money it doesn’t always Require a huge budget, you don’t have to
necessarily plan a massive, complicated event Sometimes a smaller, more tailored
experience can have a huge benefit Especially for say, a social campaign,
using a small experience can be a great Way to drive social activity, organic
social activity, and in some cases an Experience can even be seen as the
heartbeat of a strong social campaign

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