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Expect This Driving With Firefly Advertising BillboarD

Expect This Driving With Firefly Advertising BillboarD

what’s up LA was cocky yo whoops
what’s up city was cooking yo much better welcome back to my channel if you
are new to my channel consider subscribing for more tips on the
rideshare companies and update words and to help you earn more so today I want to
ask you something are you ready to drive for Firefly on or
with Firefly on if you are you should be aware of a couple of things for example
your the middle of the attention here’s a different one in the crowd you’re that
bright one that stands out if you haven’t a partner head up required for
extra cash I mean I could recommend this convenient and
hey it’s $2 extra if he or if you haven’t seen my video I’m gonna put it
right up there so you can check it out but it’s not your trash I recommend it
and check it out see how you can apply to it but yeah you have to be aware of
couple of things sometimes writers complain when you pick
them up with that advertising that be like do use it every pizza do you drive
for post Victor are you coming from Vegas
wow dude what’s that up there that thing is so cool how much do they pay you
hey bro around the window and ask you some questions about the advertising
screen Wow first the climb I see that thing with
louver drivers do you get paid to drive with that thing and then one time is it
super funny but one time just no persons like that you get them all the time
people people you try to pull you over because they want to ask you questions
about the advertising sometimes the other day some somebody got right next
to you to ask me questions and because we were too busy talking we were holding
the holding the traffic for like two seconds if some guy almost in yet
because I was holding the traffic and also one this this one it’s only
happened to me once my riders need one to get in the car they didn’t want to
ride with me because I had I had an advertisement screen I was like they’re
like the Duke comes out and he’s like my wife doesn’t want to write in your
uber because you have a screen in your roof now I’m like okay guys you guys
don’t have to roll with me you guys can cancel and I’ll take off
yes I have told me so I told him he’s like hold up one second
and then he comes out couple second couple minutes later and he’s like all
right we’re gonna go on road with you santanico and I ended up taking over bar
and to some bar and they’re actually really different and they were pretty
honest all right oh we really like that your honors that you told her though
that you canceled also I don’t care I didn’t get offended I don’t care you
know in my mind I’m like I mean I rather make 300 bucks there ten bucks five
bucks so I really don’t mind those people
because they know we are out here hustling and it’s just turns into part
of our hustle you know it’s just part of our hustle make extra cash this uber
lift or dropping our pay rate you know we it’ll make our money somehow I type
with advertising screen or selling candies I don’t do that we’re wrapping
up wrapping up your own car little things like that but I don’t do those
things I only advertise I find it more
profitable when I’m driving put up yeah can wait right
I’m gonna also show you a little clip of one of my writers complaining because I
had an average sized screen when I showed that to the bar so buddy
you’ll see yeah use it
the pop-up ring Oh I sure
all right now pump it up yeah oh my bad brother yeah yeah man part of the hustle
what do you think about it basically pays me to drive around the
city for irritating all different things Oh oh yeah yeah I got I looked into like
those but like I don’t see like too much profit you know I am here for cyntha it’s part of my hustle actually extra
money for my for my job oh my I’m adding hey it’s extra money my my driving I’m sorry
cuz everyone sees it saying and that’s what they did here
what is coming is that a pizza driver it’s an advertising company basically
pays me to the driver around the city so over drivers are doing it because they
make more money since uber don’t lift don’t I kind of
pay our pace so much you’re getting paid for that yes thank you you’re very smart alright guys that’s it
for today and this was fired fly on comm check out my video
more information on how to applied through it
and you need my channel to subscribe and I will see you guys next time
and don’t forget to ring that Bell because that way you won’t miss my next

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