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Exes Kiss For The First Time Since Their Breakup

Exes Kiss For The First Time Since Their Breakup

– Rolling.
– Rolling. – [Narrator] How powerful is a kiss? Can it heal something that’s broken or break something that’s healed? Four ex-couples agreed to kiss on camera. This is their story. – Franca, this girl I met after a show. We dated for like seven months. – It was going well and then
I went back home to Germany. – When she came back, it just kinda like, kinda just lost touch a little bit. – I don’t even know
what I want out of this. – I still kinda like her. – Maggie’s my high school sweetheart. – Our families have been
friends for a really long time and we were friends all
throughout high school, we just started dating
end of my senior year. – And then she went off to college, which stopped our relationship. – We started this affair
around Valentine’s Day. It was over a month
later because I was still involved with someone else. – We both know where we
stand with each other. – I have a hard time getting
out of relationships. – Alex is a very unique
person, I would say. – Dom is a little uptight. – The big thing was is that
she’s kind of chronically basically late to everything. – He’s also the type of person that was like very into coasters. We’ve had sex on this table, why can’t a cup be on this table? – Hola. – Hey. – What’s up? – Nada. – Cool. – Hello. (laughs) (laughs) – Ugh. – Hi. (gentle music) (laughs) (laughs) – Okay. – Good work. (laughs) – Oh my god. – That was hot. – Kiss was amazing, it was great. – Shut up.
– Phenomenal. – Shut up. – I didn’t feel that feel. – Yeah, I’m just not. – We haven’t talked in awhile but like, if you wanna hang out sometime. (laughs) – The kiss doesn’t change anything. – It’s still normal. – Yeah, no, like for this
moment, super strange, like once I leave, totally normal. – It’s gonna be fine. – No that was just wildly personal. – Yep.
– Yeah. – Well that’s what a kiss is. – You know the voice in
your head that’s like, oh I should get back with
my ex, I really miss her, that voice is a lie. – I think we’re on the same page. – Same chapter. – Same book. – She’s a slow reader.
– I’m just a slow reader. (laughs) – Yeah there we go. – There’s a good old place
where we can kiss again, deli food and a bench, make out with a pepperjack turkey in my mouth, whatever you want, it’s just like. – You’re not set on the turkey? – No no no.
– You’re flexible. – Yeah.
– Cool. – Jinx. – I think everyone should stay friends ’cause we’re really good friends and we have an awesome relationship now so if you can stay friends, do it. – I’ll call you sometime?
– No you won’t. – I know.
(laughs) – Nope. (laughs) – After you, I guess.

100 thoughts on “Exes Kiss For The First Time Since Their Breakup

  1. The india guy is boring all he did was kiss her for 4 seconds 😂😂😂😂😂😅 and all the other people kissed for a long time i know the girl wanted more kissing but he hella xute though

  2. How about ldr exes who haven't seen each other, see and kiss for the first time? Just a suggestion. ☺ Thank you

  3. The guy with the denim and white shirt… His attitude and body language when seeing her again is so rude and his style of kissing looked too over bearing and pushy. Her body language says it all…she's leaning away from him as he forcefully kisses her. I get the sense that he's a jerk.

  4. My ex and i broke up about 6-7 months ago…
    He texted my bff about me because I blocked him and said to her that next time he would see me he would run up to me and kiss me before i would have the chance to do anything… i still wear a disguise every time i go out.

  5. "i have a hard time getting out of relationships"
    no honey, don't make excuses or try to justify cheating.

  6. I guess they were lucky cause all these couples seem like they still like each other if i had to kiss my ex I'd punch him in the face right after.

  7. FACT: In a country (I don‘t remember which one) you get 80 lashes or fo to jail for kissing in public.

    And how does this affect the human sitting behind the screen well i donno
    I just get to waste your time and eyesight

  8. I watched this and all that went through my mind was…. My ex is rlllllyyy flirtingbwith me this last 2 weeks…. And I kinda still like him but I don't know what to do.

  9. No one:

    Buzz feed: let's make everyone uncomfortable.

    Everyone: PLEASE NO-

    The Exes: slurp slurp

    Me: at least it's not 7 evil exes

    Hotel: Trivago

  10. 2:30 they end up together right. Oh they don't boooooo but ok i ship it the boy is cute can't lie damn i hate being single – Trinity Ellis follow me on ig _tellyellis

  11. I think I can't be friends with my ex though..it's hard seeing her with other………. ouch lol..maybe Soon we can not for now. Lol..

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