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Examining Facebook and the case for privacy | Rita Gunther McGrath

Examining Facebook and the case for privacy | Rita Gunther McGrath

I got interested in Facebook oh, this is probably
going back a few years now and when I proposed using Facebook as an example in the book my
editor actually said whoa, you think Facebook is going to have a problem? And I said I mean if you believe in early
warnings, yes, because all the handwriting was on the wall in the sense of you have a
very insular senior team. You have an addictive and very, very profitable
business model that’s based on questionable respect for people’s privacy. You have many, many users who really don’t
understand what their data is being used for. They don’t understand that Facebook owns
it. I mean you think you own that baby picture
you posted. You don’t. They do. And they’re basically asking you to sign
away your rights for that kind of content that you create yourself. [00:08:58] So you’ve got this business model
which I honestly think has run away with the founders. I don’t think the founders of Facebook and
its senior team kind of expected the unintended consequences. So the ability to use their targeting tools
to influence elections, for example, or to flout laws like the Fair Housing Act. As a landlord, for example, you can post advertisements
on Facebook that are actually illegal. But we haven’t figure out how to regulate
them. And I’m not saying Facebook is inherently
an evil organization. I do think that they have in many cases abused
people’s trust and their willingness to do so is indicated very, very early on in
one of the earliest investigations of Facebook’s practices and email that I’m sure Mark Zuckerberg
never intended to see the light of day was revealed in which he said oh, you know, if
you want to know anything about students at Harvard just ask. And his counterpart said how do you get all
this stuff? He said they just gave it to me. And then a few expletives after that. It’s indicative of an attitude about privacy
that I think is only now coming to be commonly understood. I think it has the potential to get the company
in real trouble.

10 thoughts on “Examining Facebook and the case for privacy | Rita Gunther McGrath

  1. Or it wont get them into trouble. Why, because the youth is simply checking out. They dont seem to care as much. NOT ALL ARE! But if you look around, a large populous of youth look at you in their job and make no eye contact, smile, greet or even get off the phone while you are in front of them. You can see it if you look.

  2. Facebook's greatest achievement has been convincing companies to use their website/app to advertise even though it has been irrelevant for at least the last five years. They use the entire political campaigning / information issue to seem relevant.

  3. Zuckerburg violates our privacy and the law then sells data about it's users to every slime bag on the planet. He is a traitor to the American way of life and all things honest and truthful. I have NEVER used a social web site and never will. Kiss my ass Mark.

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