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Everyone Is Doing FB Ads Wrong

Everyone Is Doing FB Ads Wrong

– Everyone is doing Facebook
ads wrong, yes everyone! You, your mentor, your coach,
your Facebook ads agency, your marketing company, your
mom, your dad, everyone! They’re all doing Facebook ads wrong. And they have been
doing Facebook ads wrong since 2014, 2015. But the reason it didn’t
manifest, that wrongness did not manifest itself
in actual hard numbers was because Facebook ads were
still not that expensive. So even when they were doing
it wrong, they were still getting in front of people
and some random weirdo said yes to their ads and they made money and they thought they were doing it right. Back in 2016 when I launched my first launch program,
called Sold Out Launch, and I talked about this idea that you need to be running
five different types of ads. People were like, what the
hell are you talking about? You don’t need to, people they just run a webinar registration ad and it works and they make money and
their funnel is working. And I was like, you know what? If you want results like me, listen to me. You need to be running five
different types of ads. And those different types of ads are why me, why you, why this,
why now, and why no one else. And, the third type of
ad, which is why this, why you should sign up for this webinar or why you should buy this product or why you should buy this course, is the only ad most people run! Oh my god, I wanna tear my hair out next time I hear someone say, “Oh, just run a webinar registration ad.” What about the others? When you start off your
Facebook ad campaign with a first ad which is a buy this, you’re not giving people enough
reason to take your this. Because they don’t want to trust this. You’ve got to give them some reason before you ask them to click on this or register for this or buy this. So the sequence that I have been using, successfully, for the
last four or five years, 4 1/2 years since I’ve
been in business, is this. And I’ve been doing this intuitively, not because I took a Facebook
ads course or someone told me, no I’ve been doing this intuitively because it makes sense to me. This is human psychology; you can’t just walk into someone’s
living room and say, “Oh, sign up for my webinar.” You’ve gotta do a little
bit more than that. You’ve got to give them enough reason to see why they should
sign up for your webinar, and that’s where the first
two types of ads come in, why you and why me. So if you want to launch a webinar, or you want to do a webinar or launch a product, say in April, you’ve gotta be running
why me and why you ads from February, March. Warm people up, show
up at their News Feeds, become a familiar face
in their News Feeds. Tell them why you are the right person, which is why you, and then why me. Why you are the right person
to be selling this thing, to be creating this thing, to
be standing behind this thing. Why me, talk to them as to why they are the right
person to be buying this. So why you and why me, and
once you’ve warmed them up, once you’ve become a familiar
face in their News Feed, and then you come up with a why this, now your this matters, now
your this is not a nuisance. Now your this does not make them want to puke their
lunch on their keyboard. Now they’re interested in hearing what you have to say about this. So please, please, please people, if you take nothing else from this video, except from my random hand movement and my (inhales) passion about this, take this: run why you, why me ads even when you’re not selling anything. Get people to buy you, get people to buy the idea of why this solution
is the right solution for them before you tell them about the solution. So even if you’re not selling anything, please run why you and why me ads and then when you’re
ready to sell why this, whether it’s a webinar or a
PDF or a course or a product, they will rush to click on
your ad and buy from you. This is what gets me 12-15X
return on my ad spend. You can do that to.

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