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Alright, thank you Tino. Okay, I’m gonna need you put your, uh, hands on your ribs. Okay. Perfect, now puff up your chest. Okay. Okay, now turn your torso to the side. Yes, okay. Now, uh, uh, head down. Head down. Yeah. Yep. Perfect. Okay, here we go. -This is really uncomfortable. Isn’t the photo gonna look awkward?
-Uh, yeah. That’s kind of the point. You’re not supposed to look good. This is your before photo for your glow-up. -Yeah, okay.
-Okay, smile. Every school picture day ever. Hey, what’s this line for, and why is everyone dressed so nice? Oh, no. I didn’t get ready. I can’t be immortalized like this. Think, Lucas, think. Uh, false alarm, everyone. The school photos will continue as scheduled. Oh, you, white boy. Uh, you’re next. Come on. Wait, why am I making that face? Am I, am I always making that face? -Oh, can I use some of that?
-Oh, yeah. Sure. Oo, can I have some? Oo, can I have some of that? Thank you, good looking out. Dude. -What are you doing?
-I want to look good, too. Don’t be sexist. We all bore Ed Hardy. Okay, Kai. Uh, and can you remove your hat for me? Thank you. Um, okay, sorry. Um, can you please move your hair out from the other eye? We want to see both those eyes! Bright and shiny! Great, ooo. Um, sorry. Those piercings don’t look good on camera. Yeah. Yeah, all of them. Sorry. -Great. All right. Now we’re just going to need a great big smile.
-No. Fine, I’ll just do Photoshop. Hey, I was seeing spots after the bright flash, but they won’t go away. Am I dying? Okay, everyone. In a few minutes we’re all gonna head over to the gymnasium to take our class photos. Guys, we should totally do funny faces for our pictures. -Thank you, Mrs. Clamps.
-You’re welcome. Feel free to take the last ten minutes of class to explore your yearbooks. -What the hell, guys?
-Oh, yeah. We were gonna look funny for the class picture. Uh, sorry, I forgot. -I just wanted to look hot.
-I was scared I’d get in trouble.
-No, why would you get in trouble? It’s just a yearbook picture. Well, your transcripts look great, there’s a lot of extracurriculars, and your essay made me cry. However, you’re just not… -Harvard material.
-What? Why?
-Well, in your yearbook two years ago, you made a funny face. That’s just not the kind of person we want representing Harvard.
-God. -They misspelled my name in the yearbook.
-Okay, have a good day at school, sweetheart!
-Thanks, mom. Oh, it looks like you forgot to fill out the photo form.
-Oh, no, I didn’t, sweetheart. I, I just think that’s a waste of money. -Oh, totally. I mean, who would want photos of their only child to look back on when he’s all grown up.
-Not me! *Insane laughter* *Crying* I’m always next to Randall Pibbers. All right, I’m gonna need everyone to line up in alphabetical order by their last name, and I’m gonna call you in one by one. Okay, Grey. -Oh, what are we gonna do for a yearbook gag this year?
-Uh, maybe a Charlie’s Angel pose?
-Oo, I like that. It might even beat our high-five from last year. For real? Hey, your last name is Thomas, right?
-Uh, yeah?
-And yours is Thompson? -Yeah?
-Cool. I’m Scotty Thomason. Looks like I’m right in between you guys.
-Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. No you are not. Every year, we do a cool yearbook gag, and you’re about to ruin this.
-Oh, that sounds so fun. Let’s do a Charlie’s Angels thing.
-A Charlie’s Angel pose with three people? That’s dumb. Yeah, my family doesn’t believe in photographs, can you paint me? Thank you, Casey.
-Can you get my shoes in it? They’re new.
-Oh, we only shoot from the shoulders up.
-Oh, really? Weird. Okay, ready? Smile! -Shenanigans will not be tolerated at Harvard. And you, missy… Nudity of any form will not be tolerated at Harvard. Maybe try Berkeley or something. Because, after all, (All): This is Harvard. That’s right. My iPhone takes better photos. -Man, I thought I was looking amazing for my senior photo, but I look awful.
-Yeah, dude. Me, too. This sucks.
-Wait, I don’t think we’re the problem. -No, you’re right. It’s this tree. It’s too hot. We just look awful by comparison.
-Man, that is one sexy tree.
-Mmm. Gosh, you’re so beautiful, fake tree. You know, all the students are gone. It’s just… you and me. Gosh, I’ve been looking at you all day. *Sexy snort* *Sigh* Look, I promised myself I wouldn’t do this, but… Aw, heck! You’re right, this wouldn’t work out. We work together! But maybe… *AGRESSIVE KISSING NOISES* No, no. You’re right, I’m sorry. SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION!!! -You haven’t seen the film?
-Oh, I’m not allowed to watch the cinema. I thought you were referring to Saint Charles and his angels… From the “Bibble”! -Don’t touch.
-Hey! It’s not your yearbook. -It’s his!
-Mine now. It’s mine. -That’s shenanigans.
-It’s not shenanigans. *Moaning* So good, but so wrong. Ah! God that tree is so *bleep* hot. -Oh, I just wanna *bleep* that tree.
-I don’t care about splinters, I don’t care about nothing.
-Oh, man. I’m pining for that sweet. I wanna oak the shit out of it.
-I want a coner.
-We’ve got a huge woody for that tree. -How do you even get with a tree like that? We’re just jocks.
-I know.
-She needs a lumber jock. -I want to be a little Keebler Elf in that tree.
-Oh, yeah. You want to be Ernie?
-Yeah, I wanna be Ernie. -You want to be like whoopsie doopsie, he accidentally fudged all over my cookies.
-Right. (Out of character) What?


  1. For my name label in the yearbook last year, They messed up spelling my name as "Connoer". People will do anything to not spell it the Scottish way.

  2. I know how that kid who didn’t know feels… recently my picture day happened and forgot to get dressed for it mainly

  3. I have managed to skip every single picture day since 4th grade. In high school they do ID pictures two weeks before school starts which is a great bypass

  4. Once they take the photos first one i go blind (flash) than i have to do another pose…i dont know where im looking……i stubble out of the room… I can even see for almost 10 minutes

  5. 5:05 is inaccurate, girls aren't supposed to show their shoulders in school. Think of what horrors could become of showing shoulders

    sees 5:21 Whelp, I should've watched through xD

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