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Every Instagram Ad | Akilah Obviously

Every Instagram Ad | Akilah Obviously

I love these hair vitamins they make my
hair so long even if it’s not really my hair and they taste great I mean– that’s because they’re mostly
sugar! Hashtag AD! I don’t even have a dog but if I did he’d love a subscription box
every month filled with this weird meat stick and a bear, every months!
super-convenient! Hashtag AD! [indiscernible mouth noises about teeth whitening] [more indiscernible mouth noises] You COULD spend $5 on chips for a month or Spend forty dollars on a box of granola
bars that are all broken up and call it fun time snack time! HASHTAG AD! personally I’ve never weighed more than
96 pounds but I’m feeling super bloated so I’m gonna have some of this yummy
detox tea. gonna have it right here on the toilet because I’m gonna be on the
toilet all night! Hashtag AD! I hate my life

100 thoughts on “Every Instagram Ad | Akilah Obviously

  1. Ha! Yes loved this. How many hours of life have people spent shitting their brains out with those teas!? I came here from insta ❤️ killing it!

  2. Ugh that Flat Tummy Tea/Skinny Girl Tea ad is so effing obvious and stupid every time I see it. You should have done one on the waist trainers that slowly mangle your inner organs.

  3. Love the video, hunni that hair flip at the end gave me life💁🏾 ✊🏿👏🏿👏🏿 I'm glad you are feeling better😊 Get ready for your offers from hair care companies

  4. I missed you a lot, I'm so glad you're back. Also I signed your petition against buzzfeed, haven't watched any of their content and have informed and convinced people to do the same. Glad to see you're not letting things hold you back, such an inspiration ❤😊

  5. How are you feeling? I've been thinking about you a lot lately, in a caring-from-afar way, not a creepy way. You look good, and it's so nice to see you creating again!

  6. Girl how am I just discovering your channel, this is a secret little hilarious gem on YouTube that SHOULD NOT BE A SECRET.

  7. Maybe I'm the only one who has this but the right on trend wholesale, badly made clothing is boring me too. Fashionnova today, _____ tomorrow. Lest we forget "sheinside". (gone but never forgotten)

  8. Lol, you forgot the vibrating shampoo/ scalp massaging brushes lol! No but seriously, this video was perfect! I just subscribed. 🙂

  9. I feel like when celebs do this is like they are selling their soul, especially when they say they love the product

  10. I'm just so confused… you're amazing. what corners of the internet have you been hiding in and why have I only just discovered you? love everything.

  11. I didn't even know your channel existed until you did that Toni Larynx video that went viral. I saw that shit and oh my God. This is the channel I have wanted, nay needed, nay deserved and possibly wanted to make if I had a modicum of motivation to spend monies YouTube film equipment- my whole (10th of my) life. Thank you. Thank you for existing. These videos are fucking hilarious.

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