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Ever True: The Campaign for Purdue University

Ever True: The Campaign for Purdue University

From the skies in swelling echoes
Come the cheers that tell the tale… And if the tale we tell about Purdue is true,
Then at any given moment – Any slice of time –
You should see the fingerprints of our pioneers in all corners of the globe,
Witness hard work in progress across campus, And catch glimpses of a future that promises
to move the world forward. But above all else,
You should find stories of dreamers-and doers-who are being granted opportunity.
So how about…now. In 1869, John Purdue gave the state of Indiana
a gift: $150,000 and 100 acres where the Wabash spreads
its valley. A single act of generosity that gave birth
to a premier learning institution Rooted in agriculture and the mechanic arts
Research and engagement But growing beyond John Purdue’s wildest imagination 100 years after Purdue was founded
A Boilermaker would make human history. At 2:56 Coordinated Universal Time,
Neil Alden Armstrong become the first person to walk on the moon.
In one single moment A giant leap forward for mankind,
And together we share in one of the greatest achievements of the modern era Purdue is reaching to solve real world problems
Championing research and innovation Empowering scientists like Dr. Gebisa Ejeta
To create new strains of crops that are more resistant to drought
And protect the security of food for 100 million people in Sub Saharan Africa We are imagining spaces across campus that
are unlike anything seen before, Where biological and nano fabrication cleanrooms
can share common boundaries, Blurring the line between disciplines,
Elevating the possibilities for collaboration And giving nearly half of our undergrads,
and counting, at least one research experience during their
time at Purdue We are placing students first,
Investing in programs and facilities that spur them to think broadly and lead boldly,
Ensuring that men and women at Purdue have the resources to succeed,
Doubling student support so even more bright minds reach graduation –
job-ready, career-ready, world-ready. We are committed to remaining affordable and
accessible for students from Indiana and around the world
All the while building on our strengths and cultivating a place
Where records are broken for patents and startups Where a class uses its supply-chain savvy
to get clean water to thirsty people on the other side of the globe
A pilot can deepen his understanding of human-machine interaction – and go on to calmly land
an Airbus A320 on the Hudson River Or a woman can boldly dream to fly around
the world We are Purdue
The cradle of astronauts and quarterbacks An institution marked by the legacy of our
Old Gold and Black United today, with women and men who are committed
to education and discovery Always building one brick higher
Focused on using their talents to move our world forward
And with the support of our entire Purdue family
Ever grateful Ever true
We will capitalize on the momentum of the present
Because our moment Is now

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