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Event Targeting for Facebook Ads | Advertise to people interested in your event

Event Targeting for Facebook Ads | Advertise to people interested in your event

Hey everyone this is Viren and welcome
back to another Facebook marketing tutorial on my youtube channel. In this
tutorial I’m going to show you how to target those audiences on your Facebook
ads who have responded to your events, the events you created through your
Facebook page. Let’s get started with this. Once I’m in the ad manager I’m
gonna go create an ad. Let’s select traffic and continue. I’m
not going to be creating the entire ad for this tutorial, I’m just gonna show
you how to target those audience. So under the ad set what you need to do is
go to audiences and under connections, select events and people who responded
to your event or you can also exclude people who have responded to your event. Once you choose this you can just add events here and it’s as easy as that.
Another way of doing this is if you go under assets and audiences. Out here you
can create a custom audience and when you are asked what kind of audience you
need to create, select engagement and here you can create audiences for
different kind of engagement with different content. So there’s video lead
form, full screen experience, people who’ve interacted with your Facebook
page, your Instagram page, and finally here you will see events – people who have
interacted with your events on Facebook. So you can select people who responded going or just interested in
the past one year or as many number of days you
want to add. You can also select specific events or leave it like this. Give your
audience a name and create the audience. Once this is ready you can go back to
the ads manager and select the custom audience you created from here and get
started with your ad. This is how you go about targeting
only those people who responded or not responded to your events which you
created from your Facebook page. That’s about it for this tutorial. I hope
I was able to teach you something new and add value to you. if I did please hit
the thumbs up, button comment and let me know and subscribe to my channel for
more marketing content. If you’re looking to have a one-on-one session with me, the
best way to reach me is through Instagram the link is right here. Thank

6 thoughts on “Event Targeting for Facebook Ads | Advertise to people interested in your event

  1. Viren, the first example there is only an option to choose people that responded to your event. I'll assume that if they are only interested that they'll see the ad?

  2. Viren,
    Wha if only 25 persons reacted to an event?
    FB then says that the targeted audience is too small to run an ad…

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