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EVE Online – Recruit Friends, Get Rewards

EVE Online – Recruit Friends, Get Rewards

Okay, let’s do this. No. No, no, no! What?! Bastards! This is a time-honored scene that regrettably plays out
within EVE on an all-too-regular basis. Jim’s predictable demise was not caused by
his lack of knowledge or preparation. His ship selection and fitting were in fact without flaw. His key strategic error was fighting alone. A situation easily avoided by recruiting
a few allies to fight at his side. Next door neighbor Gary is a thrill seeker
who never misses the chance for a good game. Lisa is a consumate professional and always ready to try something new. Marvin is a regional record holder
in spreadsheet computing and organization. When Jim recruits his team through the proper channel, the new pilots will receive a significant amount of Skill Points
which, if guided carefully, they will apply wisely. Jim can also use his substantial referral rewards
to help his team upgrade their ships and weaponry. With a properly financed and organized corporation, this refined crew of adventurers are now ready
to take on the dangers of New Eden. Venture is primary guys. He’s in structure. Take him down. Just remember, you are not the only one with friends. Is this supposed to happen? What the hell Jim? Good luck and happy recruiting.

100 thoughts on “EVE Online – Recruit Friends, Get Rewards

  1. Alright, someone needs to remake this but when he goes to jump the gate get traffic controlled and sit there for 1 hour before it continues, then when he gets his friends and they shoot the venture, socket closed.

  2. i can't but help by take notice that not even this really great ad, can get away from highlighting that eve is living up its rep as "spreadsheets in space" by showing a guy literally making spreads and focused on the organization aspects.

  3. fuckkkk that! it took me years to train marauders to lvl 3… I've rage quit this game 3 times, Im not putting my friends through this shit, dont play it.

  4. в начале ракан слился потому что не включил ни пухи, ни репки!! вообще ниодного модуля нее прожал, за-то собрал еще кучку таких же и толпой замочили вентурку!! явный прогресс..

  5. This should be on the TV, need more commercials like this on the TV …. Ya Think …. get er done …. kewl vid

  6. I mean..i dont think we would have dropped Battleships to save a Venture 😛 gj CCP 😉 it is a good one!

  7. So it's an MLM? Great.
    here's a thought, get an idea for a business, recruit three friend's run said business get actually money.This is literally the same level of effort.

  8. Unfortunately, my game playing friends and relations are wimpy souls that play WoW, WoT, WoWS or some other game for children. However, I did appreciate the Recruiting ad.

  9. What??? Skill points for playing… I may be returning…. Finally a ROI.. lol or is it ROP.. return on playing…

  10. Purely from a casting perspective: this actor is awful. Sounds like a kid awkwardly reading their homework aloud to the rest of class. Nice idea for an ad though.

  11. oh wow.
    1. We love our big alliance game but big Alliances while rich in ISK need plex to run their multi accounts.
    2. Plex cost money and we need more rich (real currency rich) players to provide plex and bring the prices down.
    3. Make advertising attract older players because
    ** They have more disposable income
    ** They are more loyal to any game they player than tennagers
    ** They want to appear young and cool, though Eve hasn't been that for many years now
    ** They want to attract foolish players to act as stooges
    Voila! We get this ad.

  12. Тут забыли добавить…пока докачаешься до новых шипов пройдет не один месяц!А после месяцев прокачки и друзья перебегут в другие проекты…(

  13. All those ship models in the background on the tables are not for sale by the game company.
    Instead of selling them for the company to make money —
    Instead you are seeing this ad begging you to get someone to join the game.

  14. Давненько не заходил а что вентурки начали нагибать, что на них флотом идти нужно???

  15. Are you kidding? Jim had no paste in his ancillary repper, had 2 ungrouped guns and for some reason had fitted a fricking Cloaking Device on a Rifter…

  16. Eve is absolutely amazing so glad its still alive im comming back to play your beautiful game😁😁😁😎

  17. Dear Jimmy,
    You should have shouted LET'S DO THIS in local, that would have had increase your wining chances by 1000, and dont forget about the Last Stand shout before dieing.

  18. Super funny, does not take itself too serious, but the main points are still 100% factual. Best add in a long time. Good Job CCP!

  19. This add makes me hate even more…. Why dose everyone got to atack the minning frigets … GO AFTER THE HAULER DAMN IT.

  20. That very rare case when I'm completely satisfied with CCP. Did they manage to find quality staff? I'm very glad that this finally happened.

  21. Bullshit !!!!!!!!! to have fun in this game, you need skill points, there is 2 ways to get them
    1 – you just missing skill points, and need to spend 5 years with nonstop subscription to level all needed skills to have a REAL fun in the game which will cost you $1200 in subscription
    2 – spend ~$2700 of real money if you want to buy 212 skill injectors and levelup in 1 day for 80kk skilpoints
    The game is incredibly SLOW and time/money costly !!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHIT !!!!!!!!!!

  22. This video in summary: Got ganked? Pissed off? Get some friends together so you can be the gankers! Just remember there's always a bigger fish.

    What a load of bulls**t. Also, 'Marvin' is a spreadsheet computing expert. Even the devs know that their trash game is a spreadsheet Somalia simulator and not a proper spaceship MMORPG.

    Anyway, this recruiting system is not a good marketing strategy for EVE. Most of the people who play this game are sociopaths who don't have any real friends and would just abuse this for their alts. If any person was decent enough to have decent friends to play a computer game with, 9/10 they would play something more decent, not this crappy Somalia simulator. Go f**k yourselves CCP.

  23. С такими ценами в Jita на plex не какие друзья не пойдут играть в эту игру.

  24. Join in as a Free Alpha account. As an added bonus, you will receive 750,000 Skill Points (SP) to spend on skills however you choose


    I just recently came back to the game after a few year break so I’m pretty much relearning it from scratch myself. We can learn together

    Also looking for buddies in Star Citizen

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