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Etsy Ads: The new way to maximize your advertising on Google and Etsy

Etsy Ads: The new way to maximize your advertising on Google and Etsy

♪ (music) ♪ Reach millions of shoppers with Etsy Ads. Now, advertising with Etsy
expands your reach even further. With the new Etsy Ads, one simple campaign
gets your products in front of buyers– no matter where they start their search. When you advertise on Etsy,
your items stand out. Your listings are more visible
in search results. When you advertise on Google, you bring buyers searching the web
straight to your shop. With Etsy Ads, you do both. Reach the right shoppers
on Etsy and Google with one campaign. Just set your daily budget
and decide which listings to promote. You’re only charged
when shoppers click on your ads– and there are no hidden fees. Everything you spend
goes toward getting your items in front of interested shoppers. We’ll handle the hard stuff. Using Etsy’s data insights and expertise, we’ll help identify the right places
and times to show your ads. Say goodbye to guesswork
and spend more time doing what you love. We optimize your campaign for you so you get the most visits
for your budget. We made it easy: Your current advertising
budget and settings will be moved over to the new Etsy Ads, and you can update them whenever you like. We also saved your past performance data,
so you can keep track of your growth. It’s easy to see
how your ads are performing. We give you the data you need to make smart decisions
about your business. Plus, we’ll continue to optimize
your campaign over time. At Etsy, we’re investing
more than ever in marketing so more people know this is the place
to find something they’ll love. Bring shoppers searching on Etsy
and Google straight to your listings by running an Etsy Ads campaign. More traffic. More shoppers.
More ways to grow. ♪ (music) ♪

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