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Estratégias de ANÚNCIOS NO YOUTUBE Ads com Tommie Powers #VidSummit2017

Estratégias de ANÚNCIOS NO YOUTUBE Ads com Tommie Powers #VidSummit2017

Camilo: If you want to increese your traffic with Facebook ads, you need to watch this enterview with mister Powers. Hi Creator, Silver Play guy here with this Master of Facebook Ads. Please, introduce youself for my audience Tommie: Tommie Powers, AKA Tommie Traffic. I’ve been buying ads online for about 10 years. Started in Affiliate marketing game. And from there I was able to, you know, start working for clients, and now we focus mainly on e-commerce and building or own brands. And we work like that. Camilo: You made a great keynote here about Facebook Ads. And it was impressive, man, you really rock! But when people start a campaign on facebook, you have tips for that? Or what mistakes people make all the time on Facebook Ads? Tommie: Strategy. I talked a lot about that. You need to undersatnd the results you want to create. Loke, what is the strategy I need to ge to that result? And then the tecnics to execute them. Lots of people focus on the tactics. You know, the “tactics’? And they don’t have a strategy, they just have little tactics, with no strategy. And it’s like shooting fish in a barrel, you know what I mean? You need a stragyarround the result you want to get. And based on that strategy some tactics will make sens, some won’t. And lots of people aren’t thinking on that. they are just trying all the tactics. But if you really find out your strategy, then you’ll be sure of what tactics fits. For example, if I’m targeting people that never saw my brand before, this is a strategy that I’ll execute diferrently of someone that is already a fan. Some people don’t… they use the same tactic for both. And it doesn’t make any sense, because the strategy for one should be different for the other. Camilo: we hae seen a rise of videos and video ads. Do you think that video ads are teh next frontier to ads? Tommie: The next frontier, i thought was, you know, in 2012. When I started putting ads on youtube. five years ago, almost six years ago now… Crazy, wow! 2012. Well, I knew that videos were the next frontier then, and it’s here! I think we are in the early stages, but Ithink we are already on the frontier. You know how you see things that…. if you ever look at a curve , of the next frontier it’s always like a slope, and then all of a sudden it coms a…. I think we are right in this poitn that it will… Camilo: Very Good, very good. Thank you mister Powers. If people want to find you, get in touch, what are your social media, you website? Tommie: Tommie Traffic. Tommietraffic.com (speeling it) This is also the Facebook. Tommie Traffic. Just look up for Tommie Traffic, I’m easy to find. Camilo: Thank you very much! Tommie: Thank you. Camilo:, So, the links are in the box below. keep being creative, productive, think about Facebook Video Ads. See you soon.

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  1. uau, que cara show…. Camilo, parabéns mais uma vez pela entrevista. Agora que estou com um canal de verdade, com foco e tudo mais, estou atento a todas as suas dicas 🙂

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