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Epley Maneuver: Performed on a Real Patient suffering from Vertigo

Epley Maneuver: Performed on a Real Patient suffering from Vertigo

Hi, I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist
and I’m Brad Heineck physical therapist And together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet Why in our opinion of course, Bob
and we’re doing something completely new today And Julie’s gonna be part of it.
-This is exciting This is exciting we’re breaking new ground here
Julie kinda is helping– she works with us And she was telling us today that she’s having some vertigo. Some spinning, you lose your balance, right? I mean you’re kind of worried you’re gonna fall over
-Yeah if I move fast, yes So we’re gonna go ahead and do a quick test on her to see if she maybe has BPPV benign positional Proximal… you always say it differently yeah -Vertigo
-Vertigo [laughing] We’re gonna see if she has vertigo
We’re gonna see if she is the most common one so we’re gonna do what is called a dix hallpike maneuver on her and We’re gonna see if she has a little bit of dizziness here, so Julie why don’t you come over here and scoot back a little bit further right there Now we already, to be honest, we did we already did one direction off of camera We turned her head this way, and then we brought her back now, and she got very dizzy with that Very– so we’re gonna try the other direction to see if she gets dizzy with that also I think I’m going to have you take your glasses off So we’re turning her head 45 degrees to the left and then I’m gonna go ahead and bring her back really quickly here You ready? Okay, Julie come on back -No, I’m not dizzy this time. -And she was very dizzy when we did this the other direction, so we now know which way we have to go So why don’t you come on back up So she— when I turned her head this way and I brought her back That’s when she had– she really started spinning. You didn’t get nauseated, but you got very, very– -She needed to hang on to something
when she’s feeling it to not lose her balance We’re gonna go ahead and do the Epley maneuver on her here, which we have a video on it already but we’re gonna do this to see if we What’s going to happen here So you can see it happen on the live patient So again she’s gonna tilt her head 45 degrees to the left and then when I bring her down,
we’re gonna have it tilted back 20 degrees -45 to the right or to the left?
-45 to the right. What did I say?
Left 45 to the right
[laughing] And then tilt their head back 10 degrees okay here we go Julie. You’re not gonna like this Okay watch her up look at her eyes Brad Her eyes are twitching back and forth they call that nystagmus I’m timing here. We got about 15 seconds. We’re waiting to tell the eyes are calming down and now they’re calming down Do you feel it kind of going away?
Yeah and now I see nothing and you feel like it’s gone away?
Yup Okay now I’m gonna tilt their head this way again 45 degrees to the left 20 degrees down —And no symptoms at all?
—No, not too much —A little bit?
—Yeah just after you turned it a little bit then it was ok So the idea is we’re going to wait until the symptoms Go away for 20 to 30 seconds.
Ok now I’m going to have you roll over onto your shoulder Which way? To your left And we’re going to keep your head down
We’ll bring your head down like this All the way down Good – How are you doing?
– Okay -Are you getting symptoms now?
-Nope I did a little bit when I rolled but not right now
-okay Wait a few more just to be sure Okay, let’s come on up and we’ll keep your head turned -You okay?
-Yeah Just a little bit dizzy A little bit dizzy? You can see it on her eyes, boy her eyes were really going on that first one that first one -Still?
-A little bit -The room spinning or…?
-No it was just a little bit dizzy not like before Now it’s pretty good Ok I’m going to go to the middle.
Now for the rest of the day You can’t look down at all. A lot of times we’ll have people maybe wear a neck brace or I take sometimes a rolled towel and just pin it there And yeah, and just to remind them not to look down and believe me they will forget because
-Yeah because it’s natural I had a lady the other day I’m not kidding ten seconds after I told her,
she reached down and grabbed her purse I repeated it like 10 times.
Do not look down. She went down and looked at her purse.
So you can look down with your eyes, But you can’t look- then tonight you want to sleep on a bunch of pillows if you can Kind of elevated and do that for one night then tomorrow you can do whatever you want -okay
-okay? So what I always do I just tell them to go to the har-
Hah the hardware store… Go to the drugstore, the pharmacy and buy a soft cushion collar. They cost about ten or fifteen dollars and Just bring it along because there’s gonna
you know- Just to prevent it, and I put it on right now Then they walk out with it I– to be honest I would possibly even do it again on her Because she had little symptoms coming up But I think we’ll try it without what but we may have to redo it I think it’s like twenty percent you have to redo it another time But you know the results are usually fairly dramatic It usually can get rid of it a lot of times with one setting or about two settings And how long does she need to keep her head up without looking down? Until till tonight, okay All the way until she goes to bed Tomorrow morning she can look down again and we’ve got, on another video, we’re saying 48 hours right and that’s what it used to be and Now there’s they’re recommending that you could you could do it Just for ’til the end of the day so But we’ve had people call and say they have they’ve had success only if they did 48 hours I have had people that have said that to me but it might have been the fact that they just did it the rest of the day right Know I mean?
Sure so we don’t know, so Thanks, Julie. We’ll check on you to see how it goes but we’ll– We may have to redo this if it doesn’t hold Okay Don’t shake your head up and down [laughing] Just say okay Thanks a lot

100 thoughts on “Epley Maneuver: Performed on a Real Patient suffering from Vertigo

  1. Thanks, this worked for me! Just like Julie my problem was on the right side. I did the maneuver, but I was so tired from missing sleep so I took a nap after a few hours and slept on my left side. All is still well. Thank you for the precise easy instructions on how to fix my vertigo problem.

  2. I get this vertigo every now and then, and have always done nothing, and waited for it to go away. Well, i watched this video last night, and followed the instructions. I had to do the maneuver twice, but the second time, my vertigo was gone, Amazing. I was able to easily figure out that my right ear was the culprit. The last time i had Vertigo bad, it took 6 weeks for it to clear up. Thanks for the information.

  3. So the right hallpike was a positive which leaves upbeating or downbeating anticlockwise nystagmus as an option. You used the Epley manoeuvre starting on the right which means she was suffering from right posterior channel BPPV with with an upbeating anticlockwise nystagmus during the positive hallpike test, right? I'm studying for this course right now so can someone confirm?

  4. I want to thank you guys so much for this video. I went diving and didn't equalize early, (I'm an experienced diver but was trying to get out of swift surface current). I didn't experience vertigo until the next day when I was doing a lot of work in the yard. The next 2 nights, woke up in the middle of the night with crazy vertigo…room spinning, even visual acuity was really bad. Plus, incredible nausea. Let me tell you, I was incredibly worried. Did this maneuver and thank god, that's all it took.

  5. BPPV is always under-diagnosed i have seen many patients who are suffering from dizziness and other doctors are over-investigating and over treating other diseases . At the end i do epley maneuver and they are cured !

  6. Y'all might look into the proper way to do the Epley Maneuver, and this is not it! In fact, there is a great animated video on you tube called "Epley Maneuver to Treat BPPV Vertigo" that shows the proper way and a person doesn't need a physical therapist or other doctor to do it. Results are instantaneous if done properly!

  7. These ads are not ok. They post boxes right over the person's head so you can't see the maneuver. 🙁

  8. worked like a charm for me – best to do it before you go to sleep so that you go straight to bed and no risk of looking down

  9. I've had this for over 2 years now, Only really get it when Im sat down on the computer / or on an office swirly chair

  10. I did this at ENT dr's office yesterday. My question is I did not feel vertigo right after the final position of epley maneuver- sitting up. Is that an indication of success or failure? I try to restrict my head movement now. But How do I know if the maneuver treatment is successful or not? I feel kind of dizzy now. Can someone advice?

  11. You seemed to have missed a step in your epley maneuver. This link helps. Also, I was still dizzy at the 1 minute mark, and kept head still each position for 2 minutes. Nothing to lose, and my head was clear going to the next step. At the end I was quite good.


  12. I took a bath last night..dried pff and came and laid down as I always rest after a bath for a few minutes becauae I'm relaxing and its relaxing… Well I sat up in the bed and BOOM DIZZINESS… I thought I was having a stroke.. As it felt this way when I had the 2 previous strokes while in the hospital for low platelets… I rushed off to the emergency room and the on call doc did this to me after getn … Layed me down really fast and turned my head to the right… I felt as if I started to black out… She said yes vertigo gave me IV Zofran Afterwards… And ordered a cat scan
    .. I was sent home with meclizine/antivert 12.5MG Take it 3 times a day as needed for dizziness… So far I haven't needed it… But not sure if I should take it before dizziness comes… I will take it if it comes back but I wont take it until then.. So far I'm good…

  13. I had not heard about the neck brace and will try that after doing the maneuver. I get your not supposed to look down but if you have the neck brace and should you not bend over as well?

  14. This video helped me learn what my eye condition was. I had brain cancer and between the oncologist and optical doctors I saw, no one could diagnose what it was. Thank you for sharing.

  15. I also found that after doing the maneuver on my own, that it helps to sleep on the side that is not as much of a problem and helps the crystals move to where they need to be.

  16. This is extremely informative and helpful, as I have been experiencing vertigo often, particularly first thing in the morning when getting out of bed.I don't understand why anyone would give this video a thumbs down. I appreciate these therapists for taking the time to make it.

  17. I have Vertigo also, about 2 yrs now , my stroke was almost 3 yrs ago. Epley manoeuvre worked for me also, but it returned shortly afterwards, will re do once again, great videos, great team, Thanks

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  19. This was very helpful. I did this with my doctor 7 years ago and have since forgotten how to do it correctly, but have gotten BPPV back several times. Thank you so much.

  20. I did the procedure for myself after 3 months of vertigo, hanging my head back over the end of my bed, and it worked immediately the very first time. Vertigo gone in minutes. I didn't even need to keep my head upright for any amount of time afterward.

  21. Funny that right after instructing to not look down, her glasses where handed to her down low requiring her to look down!

  22. You guys are great but you must try Dr Carol Foster MD's technique to correct BPV, it's so much easier and so more effective and long lasting. Find it on youtube "Carol Foster, MD Vertigo Treatment Oct 11". Thanks guys for sharing all your great and helpful videos!

  23. Oooo after a skateboard crash i got a gnarly concussion. Sleeping upright on a sea of pillows helped me a lot, the room would spin bad if i laid down flat or looked down

  24. I suffered with VERTIGO off and on for 14 years. Last year it started and would not go away. I suffered 4 months straight. Then I read about magnesium deficiency and its affects. I went and bought Magnesium Oxide 400 mg and after 3 days I saw a big improvement and in less than a week no more vertigo. My neighbor even used it and is now vertigo free after years of suffering. I have seen that Chelated Magnesium is absorbed more readily so you could try either. It worked for me and my neighbor.

    I hope it works for you. Note: The EPERLY Maneuver worke dfor me in the beginning but after years it became non effective.. I hav not suffered in almost 2 years now

    🍊  Heal Your Vertigo And Dizziness Permanently with these easy  Exercises , click here :  t.co/4TQ3oeOMa0 🍊

  25. I have 7 years with the left ear with pressure , my situation start with allergy season on 2007 in the desert of Nevada , now i was diagnose with Meniere's disease ,I have vertigo that last 4 hours lay in the bed 4 or 3 times a week sometime with nausea , really I feel frustration ,my son have 10 year old he see that change my job he is worry , economic situation , too many sick leave in my job , i dont know how to handle really

  26. My doctor said for me to do the maneuver 3 times a day with 30 seconds for each movement until I have no more symptoms. And nothing about keeping my head lifted. The Stagmus was very visible to him in my left eye. I’ve been doing this for 5 days now, on both sides and not keeping my head straight after. It is much better but I do still have some dizziness occasionally, and it is worst in the morning. I thought it would be gone by now. Should I follow your instructions instead as far as the time between each movement and keeping my head straight and sleeping on pillows?

  27. That tilting back reminds me of how my imbalance started. I tilted back in a inversion table and then the next day had imbalance problems.

  28. I have facet joint problem + with l5s1 l4l5 herniated disc problem so which exercise is better for me please tell me because if I do press-ups for disc then facet joint pain increase

  29. I don't have spinning feeling I have the feeling I am in an earthquake all the time the ground feels like it is moving. They still call it vertigo though and I have had it for the last 6 years.

  30. Turn vegetarian for few months, avoid milk, have Indian gooseberry juice every day along with ayurvedic blood purifiers (Manjishtha, Giloy) and see if it makes any difference.. I used to have dizzines every time I got up ot turned my head. Its now gone after I removed all acidic foods and processed foods from my life. You must avoid sugar and meat for a duration of time till recovery- Thanks

  31. How long can Vertigo last when i laydown as the first step?
    I had tried it and didnt stay more than 5 seconds because it was very dizzy!
    Any tipps please?

  32. I have this for sure but i think i need to do the maneuver again because i am still having some dizziness but not as bad but im having bad headaches still as well.

  33. Rolling onto my side in bed caused spinning like being in a clothes dryer lol, did this procedure 1x and was 100% cured- amazing!!! Thanks guys.

  34. Had this 3 yrs ago & this worked. Just returned way worse. Nauseous, tried this today & fell off the bed as this time the rapid eye movement was horrendous. Didn't have it last time. Took about 5 minutes to stop spinning.

  35. These 2 Doctors are awesome, I actually have Bvvp vertigo at the moment and yes it is as uncomfortable, frightening as they say it is well I know what I need thanks to watching this. Thanks guys ! Good luck to all patients here.

  36. I don't know if I have Bppv as I don't get dizzy spells I just constantly feel off balance. It gets worse when I walk, it feels like I'm bouncing or walking on a trampoline. I don't have any ear ache. Anyone else get this? Not sure if this maneuver will work.

  37. This technique saved me about 15 years ago. I was completely debilitated with vertigo. I couldn't drive or even leave my house. Someone introduced me to the Epley Maneuver and after one treatment I was symptom free for over a year. I had one more slight episode about a year and a half later. I immediately did the maneuver and I've been symptom free ever since.

  38. I was extremely dizzy after the doc just layed me down and sat me back up. Not doing this. I have no help and me turning to the left extremely dizzy but its my right ear that been ringing for over 3 year. And I have to work,turning and bending my head and body all day long.

  39. I started getting vertigo about seven years ago, it just hit me outta the blue! Then I started getting anxiety from it. It seems like the anxiety just caused the vertigo to get worse. It became a vicious cycle. My doc gave me medicine but it didn’t always work, sometimes it made it worse. I had a CT scan of me head, which was normal. I had an MRI and nothing showed up. And I saw an ENT who didn’t believe that it was coming from my ears. Nobody could tell me what was wrong with me, and I was really starting to get very worried that it would never go away. Then I found heron treatment . I admit I was worried it was a scam but I was so desperate that I took the chance and I am glad I did! I felt the difference the very first day. Two days later I could walk almost normally again. And now I never have the spinning feeling in my head any more. Amazing! for more information , click here : healthrevenant.com/2xer

  40. What if, after a neck injury you are somewhat dizzy all the time, but much more so if you turn your head in any direction, especially up. And you get dizzier with motion, especially quick motion.

  41. I was feeling dizzy whenever I would lay down on my back, but especially if I rolled to the right. I prefer to sleep on my left side and I began to wonder if it could be that ear wax was building up in my right ear, because I lay to the left so much more than the right. I wash my hair in the bathtub, laying back first to wet my hair and then again after lathering with shampoo to rinse it out. I figured that water must be getting stuck in my ear. So, I decided to lay on my left side with a towel under my head and I had my husband pour hydrogen peroxide into my right ear. I let it go to work, just bubbling away. It actually freaked me out because the bubbles pushed at one side, then another and all over in there and it felt like a bug was in there trying to get out! Then I flipped over and let it all drain out. I had even applied a hot wet washcloth to my ear prior to this. It unplugged my ear and the dizziness went away!

  42. Haha, it's benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, BPPV. Each word actually means something. That's awesome that she doesn't get nauseated with it. I hope the treatment works.

  43. My father is 86 and legally blind, wears hearing aids, and has recently been diagnosed with BPPV, Consequently, he doesn't have the telltale "tracking" of his eyes. But dizziness, balance and spacial orientation are affected greatly. And these things are of a great concern to me given his advanced age and disabilities. He has his first Physical therapy appt tomorrow and I'm excited to see if they even offer this procedure to him. If not, I'm definitely asking them to administer it if they are trained to do so.

  44. Im suffering from very bad panic attacks i went to the drs today to do the dix hallpike i panicked then i left couldnt do anything 🙁 i dont know if my vertigo diziness off balance lightheadedness will ever go away ! 🙁

  45. I had terrible vertigo several years ago and the physical therapist did this technique to me. The first time he tipped me back I was dizzy as shit. But after that it got so much better and it cured the vertigo. This technique really works!!

  46. Hi i am sona i feel little dizzy and unsteady when i walk or when i stand and seating down . I am facing this problem from 4 years now i am taking medicine Tancodep and supradyn. I want live my life Happily please suggest me some exercises .

  47. Thanks so much! I had BPPV about 12 years ago REALLY bad after having a massage where the therapist worked around my neck too much! I began to feel dizzy at the end and then it came on full force. Room spinning, could barely walk. Had to have sister drive me home. I proceeded to vomit for hours with NO RELIEF. I sat very still supine w/ head up on pillows throughout the night. It eventually calmed down. Went to 5 top ENT docs. NO ONE KNEW WHAT I HAD OR HOW TO HELP ME. I suffered with it for 8 months before I came upon a chiropractor who knew exactly what I had and I was treated w/ the Epley manuever 2 times and was cured. I do still get vertigo very mildly and do the maneuver to rebalance. It is a miracle treatment and so simple although can be discomforting to have to incur the dizziness to treat it and get the crystals back in their right place but so worth it. Nice to have a doctor do it with you. Dehydration can increase crystal displacement and of course a fall or head injury. Cheers to Dr. Epley!

  48. I had a neurologist perform this treatment on me and I really wanted to beat his whole face in because he only made me worst.

  49. Vertigo is a condition for me I was diagnosed years ago and I've had episodes ever since not as Extreme as the first episode but it only makes me wonder about all the random bouts of unsteadiness I had and lightheadedness I had prior to that incident. The worst episode I had was when I felt like my whole head was falling out the sky inside of my body and my eyes danced uncontrollably and I just felt like those scenes in the movies where they show the world spinning I feel like I was in a constant wheel going round and round and I couldn't stand and I vomited and my brain was exhausted and I was miserable.

  50. I did this procedure about a year ago with success and now the dizziness has returned with a milder case so I am doing the maneuver once again. Thanks

  51. I have vertigo attacks a lot! For 7 days I need to experience this episode. It truly is pretty draining. Just this March I chose to try to use this dizziness vertigo remedy “Yοyο Kamvuku” (Google it). This was the time I struggled with that little vertigo attack. It’s impressive that vertigo has gone in only a very short period. .

  52. I have vertigo attacks a lot! For 7 days I need to experience this episode. It truly is pretty draining. Just this March I chose to try to use this dizziness vertigo remedy healthrevenant.com/2xer . This was the time I struggled with that little vertigo attack. It’s impressive that vertigo has gone in only a very short period

  53. I’m young (34) and suffering vertigo for months now. Not the traditional room spinning though. Mine feels like the inside of my head is moving. Constantly, whether sitting, standing or walking. I often feel sudden movement like my head is falling forward or like I’ll pass out (daily, multiple times). It’s making me feel like I’m unsteady and like my legs will give out and I’ll fall.
    I have 3 children and it is greatly impacting my quality of life. It gives me constant anxiety (I already suffer other severe anxiety symptoms and have for years, but this is by far the worst). I’ve stopped doing many thing I used to love because I always feel like crap. I have no idea what is wrong and the dr keeps pushing anxiety meds that aren’t helping the dizziness. Is anyone else going through this? I’m starting to feel like my life will never be the same.

  54. 0:28 “We’re gonna go ahead and do a quick test on her to see if she has BPPV… benign positional paroxamal… uh..”

    “Yeah VERTIGO.”

    A truly professional assessment.

    Note: it’s Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, guys…

  55. I don’t know anything about Epley, but my GP first did a maneuver similar to this on me around 45 years ago. He told me that he learned it from his Eastern medicine mentor and that the Chinese have been using it for thousands of years. I think Epley STOLE it from them. 🤔

  56. Had it done in ENT’s office about 6 months ago. Before that, for a week I could barely walk in the house holding on the walls. 2 min. procedure – and I was completely back to normal! I have another – much lighter episode right now, and tried to do the maneuver myself. It’s not as comfortable when nobody controls your head. But I do feel better now. If it doesn’t go completely tomorrow, I’ll repeat it again. Thanks a lot for very clear video!

  57. after dizzyness is gone u have to wait at least1-2 minutes so that the crystals can settle. Then only the next step is performed. Quickly.

  58. oh my the head angle is different from your other uploaded maneuver videos.. which is the correct one.. the other video is the model looking down when you put her up.. should be looking down or stay on 45 degree angle?

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