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Episode #87 – PPPPositioning for Advertising Week

Episode #87 – PPPPositioning for Advertising Week

Well, Happy Fall. It’s officially here,
though with temperatures in the mid 80s in New York on the first day of fall
this week… a week that also happens to coincide with the UN climate summit… a
Climate Summit which President Trump is skipping…! Sorry, now I’m getting hot. What was I saying? Episode 87, back here in the car… a car I
just bought over the weekend. Some of you asked, “Why do you record in the car?”
Well, first and foremost, amazing acoustics. If you’re listening to this as
a podcast and not watching the video on LinkedIn, you may not realize but this
is where we record. I typically do it here because the sound quality is
amazing… and I save a lot of money by not having to build a recording studio my
office or my house. We are smack in the middle of Advertising Week here in New
York, another one of those “all-hands-on-deck” weeks where it seems
like everyone in the marketing industry is in the same place at the same time, all
rotating around from panel to keynote to fireside chat. There are others:
SxSW, CES, Cannes, but scheduling meetings, coordinating those
panels that you want to see, the presentations you’ve been asked to give,
keynotes to catch and meals to eat, meetings to have… it can be
overwhelming. Which is why with some slightly different objectives than in
years past, I’ve taken a bit of a different strategy to my Advertising
Week. Instead of hopping around town, bouncing from different venue to
different venue, my approaches here has been to mostly stay put in one place as
the brightest and the best revolve around me! A three-day slate of
programming with Brand Innovators running through Thursday is where I’ve
focused my efforts… it’s been truly remarkable to listen to and (already
in a couple of days) learn from and meet with and network amongst these real VIPs, all-stars and top marketers from brands and agencies, creatives, media alike. And if you’ve been to one of their events, you know how great they are.
So why run around like a madman when you can let them come to you? It would be like picking a spot on the Crossette (in Cannes) for five straight days and just
waiting for people to walk by and stop and catch up there.
Actually I might just do that next year… Another reason why I can’t really run
around town this week: It’s now been two weeks since I injured my back doing
something relatively innocuous… but the pain count (they always ask you what your pain count 1-10)… Well mine has been ranging from
like a 5 to an 8 depending on what I’m doing and how often,
embarassingly, I need help just to stand up. Nothing makes you feel your age more
than getting hurt walking up or down stairs. Problem is,
it’s not getting any better. This is a pretty busy time of year for me and I
just don’t know when I can get it taken care of … So for now, everyone around me
will just have to get used to those “old man grunts” when I sit down or stand up … or bend, walk.. or just breathe. It’s amazing because there are times
when I feel younger than I am… and times I feel much much older. I guess that’s
why they call it middle-age. So some good news: there haven’t been any mass shootings this week or in the last week or two, at least so far as I know. Yet.
The gun violence crisis has become this epidemic.
The fact that it’s not dominating the headlines or breaking news
alerts means it’s really probably only a matter of time before the law of
averages catches up with us. The mass shootings this summer happened with an
average of more than one per week and by Labor Day, we had 126 people in this
country killed. Now Congress is back in session for a few weeks, but the
urgency has been limited and while there’s been gun safety legislation passed in
the House , and an overwhelming majority of Americans support this… why can’t we
start with like background checks and waiting periods? Assault and
semi-automatic weapons bans? This is the gun lobby and their stranglehold over
some members of Congress that’s preventing anything from happening.
President Trump is expected to decide whether to defy the NRA and embrace a
bill expanding background checks for gun buyers in the next
week or so, which he said he was gonna do over the summer. Some lawmakers are even appealing to his ego, if you watched the Sunday morning news shows, just to help
get it passed. Even the late conservative Justice Scalia, whose opinion in DC vs
Heller set us back massively in terms of gun safety progress… he said that
you can regulate types of firearms produced. So this isn’t a Second
Amendment issue or a Supreme Court issue. Speaking about the most important
branch of our federal government, we are two weeks away from the
return of a Supreme Court session and this one could be really compelling. It’s
the last before another presidential election, but we’ve also got more
Kavanagh sexual assault allegations and everyone is watching RBG’s health like she’s the Pope. A female, Jewish, American Pope. But someone who is ordained in our Savior nonetheless. Last but not least this week,
the Practical… which digs in a little bit to the new iOS update for the iPhone.
Version 13. Which, at least for me, has made for an interesting weekend and few
days of acclamation. There are new features on photos, the keyboard swiping
thing that I know some of the other phones had but I haven’t gotten used to
yet, creating my own bitmoji (I went with old man)… and I jumped straight into dark
mode. And they’ve also introduced a “shortcuts” feature. There was an app
that I used to use a long time ago where you could press a button and would
just do things… but so far I’ve created two: 1. texting my wife how long until I
get home, taking the train, which replaces the text message that I typically send her about which train I’ve made for my commute home. The other is “send my
location,” which sends her a link to the precise point on a map wherever I am.
It’s been great this week for Advertising Week because I’ve taken different trains home at different times of night… as well as just the different events
that I want to tell her where I’m at (because she’s kind of nervous that I
might get involved in some sort of mass shooting or terrorist attack) But what would really save me time – and a shortcut that I would love… is the addition of captions as a feature to this video. That would save me some time it has been really a pain making sure all of these are accurate… but hopefully,
for you, it’s been worth it as you watched 86… now 87 videos. Of course, if
you’re listening to the podcast… well, you wouldn’t know that we do features like
captions. You also might also know that I’m winking at you… and giving you a
double thumbs up . I am and I did and I meant it.

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