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Episode 1 – Let’s try this

Episode 1 – Let’s try this

so hello and welcome to Klocast now
this is a podcast about SEO web analytics digital marketing basically
anything to do with the internet the web stuff like that
so one of the things we’ve been talking about mean me and Nathan I’m a web
developer and Nathan is a Content officer yes I guess together we can look
into SEO and how basically we do a lot of us you are kind of working in their
jobs so what we want to work out is how because SEO such a complicated subject
that no one truly knows what’s happening with with Google’s algorithms so how do
you work out ways to test it yourself that’s why we do a lot of testing our
own personal sites so today we’re gonna look at one of our insights his personal
one and then also I run a number of different sites and particularly I’m
doing a few experiments with some local sites so my website is my is my personal
portfolio and the started it about six months ago I’m one of the made my
intentions for this year was to learn a lot more about SEO and how Google’s
algorithm work the stuff Lana and Nathan has has been helping me with this I
obviously knew some stuff already been in the profession what I am content wise
Nathan is a lot more thorough has some tricks up his sleeve and those what
about it so one of the things I’ve been starting off with it’s been good fun
sorry gone like I say it’s been good fun yeah I’m learning a lot over the past
six months already and I’m sure it’s gonna improve more over the surface as
the next six months too so some of the things we’re talking about on this
podcast is around what things I’ve done to try and help my CEO and what
Nathan’s helped me with so one of the things is how I manage a site for my
dad’s business who I’ve not really done SEO work around
that and his website is a local business has quite a lot of backlinks from
multiple different sources directory listings which help Google know about
your site exists but necessarily might not give much juice through and sign
links which are directly related to the business which is it now my site however
I don’t have that many sites relevant to me linking in but I do have a lot of
links from sort of web 2.0 links which is reddit twitter that sort of thing I
know Nathan has got some thoughts about that I think these are come quite useful
I suppose for me when I’m looking at these black took to point us so we know
in Canon SEO world there’s different tiers of Link’s you’ve got year to one
links which year top sites and got your tier 2 links which potentially if you
talk about building block networks but but I’m thinking I’m talking about here
with my web 2.0 so I’m quite interesting he’s looking at certainly things like
WordPress comm medium tumblr these are all websites that have got a built in
audience so I can look at the Morrow’s content publishing platforms as opposed
to thinking purely about backlinks and but obviously you can’t get the
backlinks and by producing them really good publishing so what I like to look
at doing is taking the content on my site and then lots of publish an article
probably leave it for a week to and then look at re publishing that I call on to
my wordpress blog or my tumblr blog and the idea of that is that you’re
delivering content to the audience in the place that they’re like to receive
that content and at the same time if you what you need to make sure is that you
get a canonical link pointing back to your original article because you don’t
know that those two different those articles competing with each other in
Google then also you can if you want to slip down into the dark side of SEO you
can then look at creating blog networks but that’s a topic for another we’ve not
doing any experiments on blog networks at the moment that might be something to
test out to see if they do work in the future yeah I think certainly on on
websites like like mining areas where it’s low competition keywords that just
haven’t managed to run for some quite high competition keywords it’s just
surprises birth I think but this method of republishing content MT different
platforms I say really works well for low comp law competition keywords but I
think the key thing for me is always about game content to your audience yes
so I’ve been reposted that some of my content onto LinkedIn not real
necessarily medium I’ll WordPress calm just yet but is something I need to look
into the future I’ve been promoting it on Reddit and Twitter especially read it
in the subreddit which i think is relevant to sort of my niche in my area
which is web developer and stuff like that and that seems to have done really
well for you yeah I might be I built a tool about what two months ago
which was a sass to CSS converter and bear in mind that this page has very
very little content on it it’s merely just a text box which you put your sass
Cody and then the outputs your CSS back and that page is ranking quite highly
for some search terms which has got 1,200 searches a month in hit drafts
yeah and that’s no surprise I’ve not looked at your same here traps
in a while and just look at the stats there I’m blown away
so since especially in the last sort of month since I sort of launched that tool
the keywords went from 27 24 – at its peak 243 keywords just from
that one tool being created insane Ben we know that took off the tool a tool
marketing that’s worth that’s probably a technical term but rather than pure
content marketing creating articles and the like tool macking just work you look
at things that unsplash that that was a whole side project as opposed to content
content which might turned a business around and now it’s actually become the
business itself so these creating tools is actually
great way to get lots of backlinks but masa to get people interested yeah yeah
you’ve got a like he’s I deals as much but he’s the way he sort of branding
yourself and his his tools on his website at all together on one side and
he’s marketing them all a lot of them are integrated with each other but they
are all sort of integral to his marketing ideals I’m quite well I gotta
I’m quite interested in seeing this myself because particularly that you
over suggest which in a Neal bar and moved to his site that’s something I
used to use back in the day when it first came out and then to see how he’s
is purchase that product well website and then rather than leave
it on its own domain is effectively taking it within his own website and and
now all that traffic scan through T’s his site and I believe that’s kind of
the way he works his knee looks at trying to find websites that are already
getting a good amount of traffic ranking well in in the search engines and then
looks at purchase and then because I guess you’ve some like knee away you’ve
probably my catch cash-rich than time rich it makes sense to look what’s
already working and just buy it rather than trying to imagine if he’d tried to
build some fact II would suggest from the ground up himself it’d probably take
him a lot of effort a lot of money a lot of time
and instead any man have even worked you know because he’d be competing against
products already exist where is this way is much to buy the one that was anything
and it’s a popular blackhat method as well not necessarily buying tools or
buying posts or buying things related to your subject pages content especially
when it ranks buying that content off them and then asking them to send a
redirect to yourself with that article on your site is a massive benefit and
and it’s been proven to work in the sort of gray blackhat world of SEO yeah yeah
definitely but he’s he’s put that really on the
tools aspect buying over suggest and I think two of those as well and then
integrating all your anymore in there that side of what he does he’s quite
smart I think and I can see you making a lot of sense yeah but you can see how he
then markets that and the data is the side which I don’t really agree with I’m
quite a lot of his blog for I think when he first sat out his bugs were really
good but then recently it’s tend to be quite fluffy yeah which is shame but the
guys absolutely hate doing well for himself
yeah I mean he comes up a lot on Google now doesn’t it sir see ya I’m the lights
which have been ranking against some really well established sites as well
I’ve been ranking against it was sass Meister which is the big customized is
the the big one in that in that market yeah it’s quite it’s quite a significant
developed tool for my scene as well well the something since launching that tool
as well that’s not where the majority of the track it is track traffic is going I
have wrote a blog post probably three or four months ago about gold plugins and
that one’s the Walmarts really taken off I must get a lease or two or three
searches a day from Google I’m ranking really well for just
the keyword Gold plugins are best called plugins and one of the things in the
title little post is the word awesome so it’s like 16 gold awesome gold plates
which help your workflow or something like that and that there’s actually a
gulp it’s called gold bar some on github which is a list of all the awesome gold
plugins and that’s kind of come off the back I think I’ve kind of come off the
back of that and mind being ranking or realizes yeah who’s that’s ranking for
it realizes that my site it’s also together with that sort of mission
related area yeah so I can be up in the fourth fifth position for just called
plugins which has a fairly large search base which is great hmm let me have a
look suppose the next thing for like for you of been looking at how we get your
site pushing a bit further up so that you’re actually receiving that a lot of
the traffic rather than just peering in the top 10 yeah yeah like I say I don’t
get that much I don’t get that much traffic from it two or three a day but I
mean all adds up and the the clicking rate according to Google search console
is actually really high it’s something like 25 percent that’s interesting so
for those particular keywords is ranking really well yeah so best gold plugins
and best score plugins 2019 my average position has been five point four and
far point far for gold plugins it’s slightly lesser at twenty four point two
and awesome gulp at four point eight not bad is it for senior sites you know run
a couple of months exactly yeah and you can see even on the Google search
console graph that from around mid-june the impressions as just spiked and was
that when you release the tour yeah it’s just fascinating how that one tool
sharing it a little bit in a few places is now I mean that actually you are
other pages on your site prank him yeah and I think it’s cuz
they’re all related in terms of subjects as well it can bring greed together yeah
especially mentioning how gold can do all of your sass workflow and stuff like
that I think it’s it realizes that the two are related so it’s kind of thought
I might be a thorat ative subject in that area and a lot of this has come
back off the off the reddit backlinks posed in that in the web developer
threads and the front-end web development threads with mixed opinion
on ready ready likes to somebody likes to attack here some less to support it’s
all yes all the fun game when you also shed and I can use anything even picked
up in quite a lot of can use syndications almost yes indications of
hacker news and also a lot of a lot of the get github libraries have like
library websites which kind of happened news about that topic and my course was
often was often shared on that page to kind of some news about those items even
though it was just a blog post on which ones are the best to use in my opinion
penis em he was put against those and ranked for that as well so I guess that
might be wise well these kind of those are the sources which are just talking
about news and this is a news topic it in a way so yeah if so that seems to
have gone really well in regards almost not really working for those backlinks
once it gets the ball rolling a little bit so one of the things you’ve been
working on is the local community websites
yes I’m quiet for a long time I’m quite fascinated by hyper local community
websites quickly could you see a lot of them and I’m always just like don’t worry summer great summer quite
enough to be honest so I’ve been fascinated I said for a long time so I
bought a demand for my hometown and number here’s got I remember well how
many years intend in fully intending to build something with it but never did so
it’s just had a few pages listed online but then as part of its my wife runs a
dance school in the local area and we rent in in a village of the town that
were in we rent a studio effectively for for a couple of hours a week and so but
part I’ve been rent in that places that we’ve got involved with the committee it
was a village hall and but now the committee don’t have any web
capabilities within the team and so so they’re mainly using Twitter and
Facebook for their site so I figured well since the dance schools in that
village and where you’re helping out with a village hall a bit I didn’t
create a local site so that’s been my last week too I’ve been putting together
a web site for the village and I’m hoping because it’s not anything there’s
not anything secret ranking for the these main keywords I’m hoping that I’ll
be able to rank but particular what’s gonna be really fascinating is because
I’m gonna be hosting the official site for the village hall it means that we’re
gonna get the my business placement will go through to the website so anyone
that’s actually looking to hire the village hall and also going to computer
sites that’s going to help the site itself so I think if you’re looking to
kind of test out your CR skills or test out your content particularly your
content marketing skills a difference to get involved with it with a local
community sickly those people are not gonna
understand the web themselves or be able to have the ability in our time or to
create a website go out and no fee services because you’re gonna be able to
build some learn how you can build some good backlinks but you do it in a
community setting where the be of this is that people are wanting to use this
village hall so they’re gonna be interested in finding out information
about the village and where they can using its contacts or for that reason
they’re gonna want to come through to a site so I’m quite looking forward to
getting this site and published weeks off yep yeah you offering backlinks as
well to the local community and may help you with that
especially directories for local businesses especially like little
businesses in town might really help that all right events what happening in
the village hall and things what they can then promote on social media go to
their y’all the website for the hall which you happen to have being in my
research looking at other other local sites that kind of set up to do similar
things things we first name is just how bad their backlink profile is the muffin
one is just I think they’re quite wheat backing profile and there’s a couple of
others and I was just that’s quite shocked but then see me looking some
some local businesses and again it’s I think we’re shows to me is that if
you’re not working in this field then you you don’t understand things about
getting links back to your site or the way you can promote your website other
than social media actually I think that does bring them to topic give of what
this service social media has done for local businesses because it’s making
them believe that if you go on social media create a social media page profile
and send everybody there and there’s gonna be
thing ever for you and actually in yeah I think I think the value of websites is
really undervalued in a way of I know that whenever I want because I’m hard
yeah to find a local business in my town I don’t think any of them the small sort
of you know one maybe two band operations have a website at all so
three will find an opening hours for the butchers down the street would be really
difficult yeah which in 2019 is just it’s just crazy to think about
I guess a lot of us got the the an advantage of seeing this for myself with
my wife because she’s a lot a very intelligent very smart woman comes to
the web and it’s just not it’s not her skillset it’s not other fields she’s
great with people she’s great amazing dancing and teaching but this idea of
how to build the site and how to promote yourself online is just just isn’t there
so cancer it’s quite nice to have her as a sounding board and I’ve got ideas I
things I’m going to talk about and and she can do it oh I don’t know you do
that I think I think there’s a lot of sites what can get you some part of the
way that like the wordpress.com Squarespace since the playa to get a
website out there but yeah there’s no way Google’s gonna let you rank for
words without being linked to at all and I think a lot of businesses might think
well I’ve got a website so that’s good enough when actually that’s probably
step warlin and them advertising the weather’s been an easy just like a word
processor loose a word processor sorry solution it’s actually kind of and be
service in a way because they think that that’s the package and actually that’s
probably writing the blog post doing all that side it’s probably ten percent of
what I do from my site so and it’s probably even less for a business where
once the site’s established and set up you probably don’t change the pages very
often if it’s all yeah yeah so it’s all about that promotion side of it yeah and
obviously social media does play a part in that
for 100% I think for think what my book berries is the emphasis that social
media is placed especially in small businesses and in it’s not supposed to
themselves it’s what the sort of these social channels are turn them you get
quite a lot of marketing companies up set themselves up because they realize
that the people are wanting social accounts now what I want of rather
businesses are wanting training and advice and how to use social media
because they think that’s that’s the way you promote yourself these days whether
they don’t understand the idea of building a home base online create an
email list I should be able to connect with your art with your audience with
your people with a lot of people around you whereas social media can let you do
that to a massive degree yes but the problem is they control the platform and
as you see like Facebook and similar you’ll send a post out and a fraction of
your audience you can see that and then next next week Facebook will be saying
oh you want to spend five hundred quid to birth boost it to your audience and
before you know it you’ve a plane they’re playing a pair to win game yeah
and I think something you said earlier was what’s really soft powerful in that
area which is people want to find it wherever they are
so for me I’m very much a Googler in the way of I want to find something out I
will go and Google that thing but I don’t think I’m I don’t think I’m in a
minority but I definitely don’t think I’m in a majority I think locally
especially a lot of people might look on social media but hmm following that
person if you want to find something out you might search for it but finding out
what’s going on especially when you’re maybe not following them or you follow
them but you haven’t interacted with them their algorithms want you to stay
on their site longer so if you’re now interacting with that they’re gonna stop
showing you that content because you’re not viewing it yeah but then you miss
the important stuff what you might want to know in not in and amidst all of that
I guess we’re probably the detering hole maybe to create a whole little package
of digital marketing 101 for local businesses
I mean there is stuff out there but guess given those problems in its its
I’m gonna say it is you don’t know what you don’t know suppose the thing that’s
a little jerk in our department yes but I guess it’s choosing it in to a degree
in that a lot of these small businesses they’re working crazy amount of hours
just to be able to keep the business running so when do they have time to sit
and learn something that’s maybe scary or just seemed so big and all those
different conflicts and advice how do you sit down and get and learn all that
stuff when you when you’ve put in there 50 60 hour work week and then you
especially when Dan kids especially when you’ve got if there’s such a wide
variety of methods and you could potentially spend hours and hours and
hours on finding battling some forums for instance and that not make a
difference but yeah a single trust I’m ready could make all the difference and
it’s all about knowing that what path the best is for your particular niche
especially yeah yeah definitely I think I’m looking in a way that because of my
audience my audience quite a modern sort of audience probably a younger audience
so it’s easier for me to promote my say on Reddit and Twitter and stuff like
that because that’s where most of my audience will be put further like I said
earlier they’re like a bunch of bought a butcher sorry or a damn school where
you’re probably you’re not trying to you’re not trying to Mack it to the kids
you’re trying to Mack it to the parents yeah yeah and those those parents
probably are not as savvy as then I’m gonna go on ready
I mean I’m obviously generalizing but they’re the the strategy is going to be
different for that site over my site which is obviously more about web
development stuff like that a lot the audience when it comes to computers
and technology so what are you plans for the hyperlocal site go forward them so
yeah man my next plan Maui is obviously getting the content together and
eventually getting the site launched in the next couple of weeks I’ve just
recently cleared the Google my business so once that once I’ve got the little
verification code from Google I’ll be able to improve that for for the village
and then once it’s launched I can then look at getting more backlinks to it so
there’s quite a few little directories in the in our town that I’ll be able to
just say hung about this is so for example let me give a concrete example
there’s a there’s a directory that’s all about hiring to save you now if you want
somewhere to hire like a studio you might want to hire a venue in gum look
on this look on the website set up by the council so I’m gonna put the this
website on on that portal so that anyone that’s interested in hiring a venule be
able to come through to is in and measure hired the village hall so that’s
one way to get a backlink and get get get more information about the village
file out to to the are to the local people yeah the next goal really yeah I
think one of the big problems with the hyper local science which I thought
about earlier was the so when I search for like melt them for instance one of
the websites what comes up is the examiner live website which is the local
sort of newspaper for that well for I would say like Kirklees in general which
is like the council area and one of the problems is that there so it’s owned by
a large news network which owned a lot of these websites so they are on yeah a
lot of local websites for council areas and so you and there’s a lot of overlap
so they own like one which will be just down the road for like batli and will be
1/4 mm-hm and they own all of those like a big conglomerate but they don’t like
leaking out to anyone out some time s so awful for that so get
getting that link from somebody who’s on that front page especially somebody who
you think normally would want to backlink their commute the community
because it’s all about the community and what’s happening and news and events and
but they don’t like having them on the site itself a good example is when if
there’s a bit local business on the site when you click on so some new stories
will have a link to that business and when you click on that link it doesn’t
take you to the business’s website it takes you to a page on their site about
that business with no link to the business’s website at all
yeah which I don’t have an issue with with them having want one page like that
for a business and although it is linked to it but then that page itself should
link to the business that’s my big the one thing it’s even worse with these um
knows an example is if you ever if you click on that link on when you search
and melfin what you’ll find is actually not all the stories are about meltem
right I mean some some subject some categories might be better than others
for them but quite often a lot of the villages pull rank for it but I actually
drill down the icons ain’t even about the village they’ve got a paragraph
about the village and then loads of random with the weird right yeah so
there’s one here I’m just looking at the page now about leads and Huddersfield
who’s been locked up nothing really to do with them meltem itself but obviously
that’s nope on the news page fathers yeah and and that’s what they do all
time it says bad content is but user experience never named all the adverse
but yeah it’s yeah it’s not a good example of what a newspaper should be or
in the digital newspaper a local paper but like I said it’s controlled by a big
conglomerate so how can how can a few journalists in this in the newsroom
somewhere it’s not up to them their their job just to write then it’s the
big company itself they’ll be controlling that
how the media’s yes published I think one of the big things around ranking on
Google though getting back to my original point is the fact that you want
to rank for a ranking is a lot easier with the websites what are around you
are going to rank as well so if you’re linked up if you search for both of them
and there’s top you know ten websites linked to you then that’s going to be a
massive increase for you because it shows that you’re really relevant in our
area but if for instance a local newspaper especially if it’s owned by
this conglomerate they are you’re never going to get a link of them so it’s
gonna be really hard in some places especially where there’s less presence
and it’s more just all that newspaper then you’re gonna really struggle with
that presence on the first page yeah I think what also annoys me is the fact
that it’s an old-school SEO tactic okay at least this is what I imagine is why
they’re not linking out because it used to believe that if you link to other
websites then you get negatively impacted which isn’t true and granted
you can see I will they’re trying to count the links and it’s probably bit
more advanced than what the thinking from from a user experience angle it’s a
really difficult user experience if you’re wanting to find out more about
something and it turns out it’s not taking you to the place you expect
exactly and as we’ve both seen in different aspects of our websites by
linking out to other web sites your page actually ranks better yeah but I guess
it’s in time the the newspaper ranks for so many searches they probably just
don’t care I think that’s what it comes down to it did not really there’s not a
true care about helping the local community it’s just about getting my
eyeballs so they can sell more advertising which is a shame yeah so
what if you were the websites is something which is quite niche the you
yeah have a website which is kind of world-building
yep six fishes my one of my biggest sites but they say
exceptionally Miche so it’s really one interest to people that either authors
artists are game designers so what the website does it teaches them how to
create their own imaginary worlds a little bit like my content is focused
around maps but I think it’s really fascinating to look at this and from an
SEO point of view and a lot of what I’ve learned of SEO it was through creating
this website so back in 2011 I think it was I wrote a number of articles around
drawing maps and these are five different articles everything from how
to dry land through to draw in tectonic plates and planning the way the ER ocean
currents go geeky stuff but interesting if you into world building and yes
crickets for a long time but then in about 2012 I wrote I basically create
another page on my site that linked to all four of these articles and I branded
that page is the authors guide to draw maps and then there’s a lot of promotion
around this authors guide and all of a sudden in one weekend I got from having
nothing I mean literally no traffic I got about 900 visits through to the
site and then after that hundred visits it just continued to continue on yeah
there wasn’t there wasn’t the massive drop it wasn’t 900 every day but it was
certainly get lights out 50 60 visits to to site and now it kind of sits nicely
about 150 or so and there’s a lot there’s a lot more I can do to improve
this website but for me the real fascination was with that idea of taking
separate articles that you’ve created and then producing them into something
that can be distributed and m2 is bigger than all four put
together yeah I know you’re currently looking for a way to some monetize that
site as well to make make a profit on it yeah cuz the moment I spent a lot of
time a lot of resources and financial and time into it with not much more much
come back it it probably breaks even but it’d be nice
to get a bit more money so I’m thinking short term I might just offer those same
map guides as PDFs for a small fee and I mean the process of rewriting those
guides once as guys has been rewritten and those people have bought that PDF
will get it for free if you’ve already bought it right that’s that’s one thing
I’m playing with a few of their ideas as well certain in terms of the getting
those I will talk about backlinks and I think with backlinks so it’s also about
getting people through to the site so in the first few weeks of creating this
authors guide I also created a group on deviantART called will builders guild
and on there I published just collecting curating basically really high quality
artwork from people on the site but then I also had a backlink through to this
guide and I found that lots of people are really interested in came through
and I think that’s kind of what’s helped the website take off is is the idea of
sharing your content on community websites or niche specific websites
where people can be highly interested in what you’re talking about
yes I think when you’re big well yet when you’re biggest website who’s the
links to you is reddit and that community of builders already yeah yeah
because that’s it the the subreddit of world-building is about 300,000 strong
if not more and for a long time I was when the reddit design had a sidebar I
was in the sidebar amended guide and resource that’s a lot
traffic through but then recently I’ve published a few maps on ready and again
that’s Camilla calm a lot of people came through to the site so yeah it’s a
really good forum if you inter if you’re into world building definitely go and
check out the sub will building subreddit do find ready it’s a
fascinating fascinating world can be good and it can be evil yeah definitely
I think we are kind of interested especially my interesting read it came
on the back of a meeting at my day job and it kind of snowballed from there
trying to test things trying to see what works what didn’t especially in my
personal sort of life and never really was interested in really before not for
any other reason than timewise having the time to go on there and actually
look at this stuff but I knew especially with the power of that sort of community
driven website that I should really be on there and I should be posting more
links on that not just of my own but of things which are obviously related to
the subject which I’m interested in and what hopefully everyone else is too that
thing is that genuine sharing isn’t it had been a valid contributor to the
community yes I think one of it what I think one of the big things was that we
had a massive spike probably in 2012 where the traffic to the site saw of
quadrupled or even more sir and it was just because we were on the page of
Reddit a day job yes and a lot of stemmed from there of how that sort of
marketing could work and I think um a lot of it is the solid it can’t be
bought it’s more of natural conversation almost and a community of ideas coming
together on reddit which is really hard to kind of get your promotion out there
without being yeah a marketing you know and then instantly
be inverted down which happen has happened to me
her purse which you know I’m not gonna lie a lot of mine is self-promotion and
some of it goes okay especially the blog post which are really general about the
subject like the Eagle plugins post which I mentioned before but others have
not gone so well so it’s fun I think what we should do is maybe do an episode
on reddit and we’ve got a colleague who’s being trolling the trolls unready
and actually done very very well out of it I think it’s a blast heck is it two
at nine ten thousand cameras from try purposely misleading and trained not
misleading the audience but trying to play dumb almost in order to get likes
yeah I’m ready posting pictures and playing them that
it’s actually one thing when that’s it’s something else yeah quite fascinating
you might have to get into the front page with a picture of a mother of
butterfly we’re game games come on and talk about it but he’s very good at the
community aspect and posting about what he’s interested in in general so he’d be
a really good person and he has his own blog which I’m sure if we get him on he
can talk about stuff like that but just a kind of him promoting himself might
not be a bad thing especially if he’s already involved with the community yeah
that’s what’s interesting I think he’s also getting him to quite like the hyper
local stuff scene as well yes it might be interesting to get him on and get his
take of that as someone who’s doing it for a different city and also actually
getting involved with a council themselves it could be it could be a
good story my sites so it’s different tactics different
goals well he’s wanting to have a documentary
by the end of the year is challenged himself so that should be interesting to
kind of see where that goes especially if he’s got involvement from local
authorities and stuff like that it could be really interesting really good yeah
so I think we’ll call that a day for today I think we’ve had a good job
Alvin’s a lot of SEO and a lot of different things what we’re working on
right now I’m not sure how often these are going to be no at least once a month
but it depends on the baby yeah I’m a lot more flexible than Nathan yeah
that’s true so yep right we’ll sign off and hope you all have a great all the
best and we’ll see you next time see you next time

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