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EPIC VIDEO: *Ad Orientem*

EPIC VIDEO: *Ad Orientem*

the first time I celebrated Mass odd orientem was at Saint Peter’s Basilica I’ve been a priest about a year and a half I was on a pilgrimage and I didn’t know what to do yeah and I said when do I turn around when do I and I was totally lost I had no training in that a priest has to kind of teach himself because it’s not taught in the seminaries I was not taught that it was always versus populum and oddly enough this is what is really ironic there are indications the Roman Missal when it says the priests turning to the people says why would it say turning to the people if he’s already facing the people the literature is the summit of Christian life and worship it is the apex of the expression of what it is to worship God if that is the summit of our prayer life all our thinking all of our worship if that’s it then obviously it is a treasure to be guarded and what we’ve inherited from 2,000 years of tradition in the church must be preserved respected and somehow assimilated and incorporated into modern life on orientem means toward the east and why toward the east it’s toward the Rising Sun Christ said he would come come back from the east we look for his second coming as we look to the Cross we come in from the West from the darkness we face the Rising Sun the christ and we go out then as the light of Christ the light of the world to make a difference with his good news so from the earliest times the church sought through face the altar in a such a way that the priest was facing east if at all possible sometimes it was impossible it isn’t the compass point east that’s important is that you direct your attention not to the people at certain points of the math but you direct your attention to the east of the rear wall to the crucifix to God you should not be looking at the people so the idea that you’re not looking at the people when you’re praying to God is the key to what is being sought in saying celebrate Mass at times out orientem not all the way through people who oppose out orientem reduce it to the absurd and say well the idea of standing for the whole mass with your back of the people is repugnant yes it is no one is suggesting that when the priest speaks to the people he should look out them and speak to them where the priest speaks to God you should look at the crucifix on the rear wall I’m a young guy I don’t long for the return of ad orientem because of some sense of nostalgia I wanted because I felt its effects on my soul I know it’s good for me and I know it’s good for my family the priest isn’t turning his back on us he’s actually facing the same direction as us he’s leading us towards the Lord with the language of his body he’s saying this isn’t about me this is about God and we are all journeying towards the Lord together the distraction of having the human face of the priest looking towards you during the consecration is removed with ad orientem all the faces all the eyes are directed in the same direction towards Jesus really present in the Eucharist yes the vestments do say about the priest look at me they do draw attention to the man who is the priest but then what does he do with that attention he points them to God he doesn’t look back to them and and entertain them he remains personally anonymous it priest celebrates less worthily when his whole attention is focused on the congregation is much more recollected much more spiritually involved in what he’s doing but he’s concentrating the hosts odd orientem I was into that priest is performer and I didn’t even realize how much and then it does become about me and them in the pew and me satisfying them in the pew like they’re an audience they’re not an audience we’re worshiping together they may be really used to Father seeming to engage them even when the prayers are not directed to them they’re directed to God so why not try the odd orientem and see if that changes our outlook and I found that it did I was more focused as a priest the distractions went away this is good for the priest it’s good for the people and in fact it’s incomplete content newah tea with what the intentions were for the Second Vatican Council frankly I consider it scandalous that there are some people in the church who would publicly come out against this posture I noticed an alarming trend where people who are trying to be faithful to Holy Mother Church in her sacraments are treated as a burden as second-class citizens that’s not very pastoral although the lady can do it first of all of course pray ask God to inspire their Bishop as far their pastor secondly they can speak to their pastor and tell them that they would welcome odd orientem if enough people in a parish tell the pastor that they’re not afraid of it they would welcome it the pastor will get up enough courage to do it just do it gradually with proper catechesis to avoid shocking the people this is the problem of the of the reformed after the Vatican Council changes were sprung on the people without any warning so we must not do that now in trying to restore the math out orientem it must be done gradually it must be done with proper catechesis but do it and it will gradually catch on and grow I think if people give themselves enough of a chance to not see all I tried it once or twice but give that a try of going to several masses actually try to appreciate the fact that the church has been doing this for centuries and centuries and centuries the prefect for divine worship has made it abundantly clear that this posture is not only licit but fitting for use in the ordinary form of the mass because this might be new to some people when they first experience it it might feel a little different but once they’ve entered into the mass once they’ve entered into the mystery it will strike them that he’s offering the sacrifice on our behalf we’re with him on the same side of the altar facing the crucifix facing Jesus in the Eucharist and when he holds the Eucharist up and you see the face of the crucifix looking down on you it strikes you in a profound this is a sacrifice it’s not just a communal meal there’s no amount of novelty that can be added to the mass that will ever be able to accomplish the good that ad orientem can accomplish odd oriental worship takes all the glory away from the priest and directs it all to our triune God in heaven Father the Son and the Holy Spirit where it belongs I’ll say it in its simplest way I can what’s involved here is a recapturing of one essential element of liturgical celebration that from the earliest times has proven to be an official where the priest speaks for the congregation to God he faces God rather than the people

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  1. Ad Orientum is a great message for parishioners indicating that we are in a holy space and not in an auditorium to socialize. It will begin to help restore the awesome reverence of the Mass. TLM parishioners know this already, most N.O. parishioners are unawares. of this wonderful gift. Hopefully the sharing of this video will help to spread this message.

  2. I feel like i've been robbed, why would they mess up the liturgy so much. I've always sensed this even though I didn't know the words ad orientem. Get off your throne Priest, that isn't your place at mass.

  3. My soul was moved with this. I deeply love Ad Orientem, and wish God all the Glory he deserves. This video was beautiful.

  4. There was a beautiful Church for 2000 years prior to 1962! We need to get back to our traditions that have been handed down to us!

  5. Fun fact: A lot of the more liturgically conservative Lutheran churches (including even churches that do have female ordination like the state church of Saxony) have by majority Ad Orientem services, and our congregations do not mind. -> So when even our "protestant" pastors in this case aren't afraid of the congregations response to their back, why are your roman catholic ones?

  6. I'm totally inspired. thank you. I just became catholic on May 15, 2016 and I'm all for ad orientem, it makes total sense. I love it and I'm going to pursue it with our pastor and bishop.

  7. I wish we could do this in my church. But it is very liberal. We don't even have a crucifix behind the altar!! Praying about attending a TLM a few hours from my home on Sundays. My soul NEEDS this form of worship

  8. I just posted this to our bishops Facebook page, since another Church closed its doors. I pray this video touches our Bishop`s heart and those who see it. Although my parish does not do this, it's still remains very traditional for a great part. I live in the very liberal secular state of Massachusetts. I've seen our Catholic Schools shut down, and what is open is infected with very liberal teachers, and my children have been infected by this. It's either public school, or Catholic and I refuse to send them to public schools. If I had known better I should of home schooled, but I felt that Catholic schooling was a good thing, but know you have liberal teachers, and students that have brain washed my children. I even have a daughter that told me that she no longer believes in God. I called a priest and was told this is normal, just a phase. Why I'm I writing this here, I'm asking that you please pray for her. I've ask Saint Monica, and Our Holy Mother to pray for her, and of course pray that Our Lord will someway get though to her. I live in a very liberal area, and I have family praying for her. Gabbi could you please say a prayer for her. Her name is Mary, after our Holy Mother. Thank you. And God bless you.

  9. I I thank God for His grace working through your ministry and pray for your continued humility especially when you get alot of views!

  10. I was wondering how are you able to film the Liturgy without distracting others? I am taking an online videography class and if it's God's will, I pray I could film a reverent masses and/or homilies too in NJ. I only know of one place that does the new mass Ad Orientem and hope to reveal this hidden treasure to others!

  11. Just Google "Arkansas Bishop Taylor + Ad Orientem" and see how our Bishop feels. I wish we had this in our churches but our Bishop finds every way he can to block it.

  12. Spot on.

    …and yes, it needs to be done. We must take back the church, bring back the reverence and glory that Our Lord deserves.

  13. Thanks for this, Gabriel! I was standing in the back at our parish (Mater Dei at the 3:12 mark) when you were here filming. Wanted to say hello after Mass, but didn't see you. WELL DONE!!!

  14. I went to a ceremony commemorating the dead soldiers from my town who fell during WW2. After the mayor's speech, during the last post and wreath laying, everyone was facing the war memorial. Nobody complained that those ministering the ceremony were turning their back to us. We were all facing the object of our ceremony : the dead soldiers represented by the monument.

  15. When you feel a lot of love for the faith, and a certain ever growing lure to the priesthood, this touches you deep in your heart.

  16. Love seeing my parish st theresa's in the video! quick question Gabriel. Do you know if ad orientem will eventually be done at regular Sunday masses? or is it done only on a specific day of the week? thanks and God bless

  17. Gracepackage.com
    Every parish needs a Militia Immaculatae and go spread the rosary, the scapular, and Miraculous Medal with an unseen fervor for the greatest glory of Jesus and Mary for the salvation of souls. Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum.

    The first time I experienced Ad Orientem (other than attending a traditional Latin Mass)
    I was really moved — for one, because it broke with modernity in a way that arrested my attention,
    secondly, because I was not expecting it. But most importantly, when the priest turned to present
    the Eucharist for the first time to the people — the words "Behold the Lamb of God" suddenly had
    a far more meaningful, and far more REAL impact.
    I think it makes it easier for people to learn and realize what the Eucharist truly is.

  19. I'm a vestment maker. It was nice to see the Roman chasubles, some of them made of very inexpensive fabrics, being used for the glory of God.

  20. I liked the point Fr. made about how the Missal(not missile…) states that you turn around at certain points in the liturgy. Ad Orientem. It makes sense.

  21. Great video. I attend the Extraordinary form so we get AdOrientam. I think it is a great way to have Mass celebrated. Keep up the good work.

  22. We started ad Orientem on Feast days a few years ago then First Friday's and now after a very informal letter to the congregation from our pastor we now do all Mass' Ad Orientem. Thank you for this video.

  23. We owe this to our Saintly Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. The drastic change of paradigm from Novus ordo to the Misa Tridentina was due to the great liberalization and proclamation of non-abrogation of the extraordinary form By Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum. The return of True Catholicism will convert even the hardened apostate sinners of this Modern time the Holy Spirit is at work.

  24. Sadly I have to travel 120 miles every Sunday to participate at an Ad Orientem Mass. But Im still hoping and praying that more and more young people might understand and witness the epic grandeur of the Solemnity of an Ad Orientem Mass. I showed this video to my friends and now I have two of them participating in this Mass. Thank you for making such marvelous video. I'm sure Our Lord and His Blessed Mother is very pleased. Please be assured of my prayers Gabi. Thanks!

  25. thank you jesus ave maria avemaria ave maria avemaria ave maria avemaria ave maria avemaria praise the lord amen

  26. Gabi, may I have your permission to download this and burn it to a DVD to hand out to Priests, as well as to publicly play this?

  27. Ad orientem is a small fraction of it. The missal of Paul VI is the problem. Versus Populum Latin masses have been done decades before v2

  28. I grew up in the Latin Mass era and remember the beauty and reverence so very much missed now. This video is beautiful! In facing Ad Orientem are you saying that the priest is still going to use the vernacular or Latin? Thank you.

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