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Ep. 31 – Top 5 Facebook Advertising Audiences for Lead Generation

Ep. 31 – Top 5 Facebook Advertising Audiences for Lead Generation

Welcome to episode 31 of
the Vyral Marketing Show. If you’re looking to get results
with Facebook advertising you are going to learn the
top five Facebook advertising audiences for lead generation. (upbeat music) So welcome back to the
Vyral Marketing Show. I’m Frank Klesitz, your
host and CEO and co founder here at Vyral Marketing. We’re here at Vyral Marketing,
our firm, and the show is to help you attract business. It’s not to chase it by publishing, educational
content, educational videos, to get your word out about
you and solve problems, answer questions that prospect customers are commonly asking. So people can spend time with you online and you can scale three or four people. So people call you to see
you as a trusted advisor that can hopefully solve
their problems or concerns. That’s what we’re all about
here at Vyral Marketing and before we get into why
you’re here to watch the show today of the top five Facebook audiences that you wanna run ad
to for lead generation. I’m gonna share with you the
top five that we test out here at Vyral Marketing. They are free to use. They are going to work. They’re warm audiences
and they are fantastic. I’m gonna tease you, we’re
gonna get to it here shortly. Before you start doin’ Facebook ads there’s other things that you need to do to build up to that point. Don’t jump right to Facebook advertising as some shiny object
that’s gonna solve all your lead generation worries ’cause it’s not. It starts with the official
video marketing plan that we offer right
here at Vyral Marketing. It’s the plan I want you to implement. It’s the plan that all
of our clients implement to get business from your
lowest cost lead source. The best lead source was database, your existing database. The people who already feel
like they can trust you. It’s your past client, it’s your customers, it’s your current clients, unconverted leads, hunt prospects,
friends and family even, your centers of influence,
all those people. Think of the people you
have in your email accounts, Outlook, Gmail, CRM. We gotta have some way to
stay in touch with them in a valuable way that’s not being a pest. You wanna be a guest, alright. And you do have a publishing contents. If you go to the homepage of our website you can download the
official video marketing plan that will teach ya how to
reconnect with you neglected database if you haven’t
been staying in touch like you should be, how to
add people to your database, how to go out and get
their email addresses, how to publish educational Q and A videos like what you’re watching now. I do a show format but you
don’t have to be this advanced. Just some simple Q and A
videos right from your webcam that’s what we recommend
our clients to do, and you to do to start, and
then how do you prioritize your followup with the people
who are watching the videos? That’s pretty cool ’cause that
can all be tracked online. In addition to that instead
of our core service, because you could hire
us just so you know, to help you implement that plan. That’s what we do here at Vyral. We interview on a webcam, edit your videos, send your emails. We do all that for a flat monthly rate. And in addition to that included, those of our clients
who are watching this, included in your fee of our core service, we actually include some
limited Facebook advertising out to a few of the audiences we’re gonna talk about today, alright? Which leads me to about a year
and a half, two years ago, we started experimenting,
doing a lot more advanced advertising than just the
limited Facebook advertisement that’s currently included in your fee. We started running
YouTube ads, banner ads, and all types of Facebook ads for a select group of out clients who could afford to probably
spend another thousand dollars a month to be honest
with you on advertising as a piece of their marketing
budget of their marketing mix. And the results honestly
all over the place. Something that worked
here didn’t work here. And something that worked
there didn’t work there. And you haven’t really
seen the push a lot of Facebook advertising here because it varies very inconsistent if you don’t do it right, okay? But one of the things that
we found very consistent were the top five audiences
that were the most responsive rather, that were the
most responsive to offers. An offer is something like, I don’t know, contact us here at Vyral Marketing to help you with your marketing. Or buy a ticket now to
our event or our workshop or go here and download this free report. Or for those of your in
real estate it would be click here to find out
what your home is worth. Put your information in, you
get a seller lead, alright. Or search for homes, or
come to my seller workshop or come get a free personal
fitness training session or free music lessons, you know, or discount music lessons. Those are all offers. Does that make sense? When you run offers to
these five audiences that I’m gonna share with
you right here in a minute the response rate is much
better than any other audience you can run them to. And you’re gonna explain why. But before I get to those five, you can scan through the
video to get to them shortly, but before I get to those
five, I wanna share with you how to set up an advertising account, now this is very important, to maximize those five audiences, okay? So I’m actually gonna take you
into my Facebook advertising account and this, the way
you set this up by the way also works on AdWords for
YouTube ads and banner ads. I’m gonna show it to you on Facebook but they work any type
of advertising structure works with these general principals I’m gonna share with you today, alright? So if you’re at the point
where you want to experiment with some more Facebook ads beyond some of the limited
Facebook advertising that we include for you at Vyral because you get the
most bang for your buck that we include in the core fee. This is how I want you
to set up your account or this is how we’ll set
up your account for you because we do offer an add-on service now, month to month. Our Facebook advertising
actually YouTube Facebook display advertising add-on service. So if you’re looking to
get more results quickly, to get your name out there, and you have some money
you can put behind it and you want to see what Facebook, YouTube and display advertising can do for you, and we’ll give you a consultation. We’ll set up your first
ad totally for free because it is hit and miss. First ad’s totally free, no extra charge. And then going on we’ll
run the campaigns for you for a monthly amount. And here’s how we’re going to set it up your campaign structure. Follow me here. So I got my computer screen here. Let’s go to my computer. Let me show you how our
campaigns are set up right here at Vyral Marketing, okay? So it starts with an offer campaign. An offer campaign is a series of offers like I shared with you
before, get my free report, come to our event, you know,
call me for a consultation, you know, opt into search for home, find out what your home is
worth, these are all offers, come to my open house,
whatever it may be, alright? These are all offers and you
can have a whole lost of them. There’s nothing wrong with
writing five different offers. But the offers run to
warm audiences of people who already know who you are. And we’re gonna get to those
five audiences in a minute so hang on. But you always run offers
to warm audiences or people who already know who you are. It drives your relevancy score up, it keeps your costs low, and it generates a much
higher quality lead and you get better results. So Frank, you may be asking, well how do I get people to know who I am? Ah-hah! That’s great question. You run an awareness campaign. So the golden offer
campaign is a sale, a lead, to track a conversion, to get
someone’s contact information, those are your traditional lead
generation direct response, offers, typically driving
to some type of landing page where you can track how many lads I got for how much money I spent. Offer campaign out to people
and you runt that to people who are already aware of
you, interact with you. Now, how do you build that? How do you get more people
to know who you are? Well that’s an awareness campaign. So here at Vyral I have two
awareness campaigns running. One is to promote the
Vyral Marketing show. That’s simply optimized for
nothing more than views. I just want people to watch
it, just watch the show. Spend time with me online. I could teach ya something. I could help you. That’s why I record these
and that’s why you record your videos too is because you could help
people as well, alright? And we also do some
client success stories, these are Google Hangouts or webinars where I interview our clients about how they they’re implementing
the Vyral Marketing plan to reconnect with their database like I shared with you at
the beginning of the episode to how they’re getting results, okay? So what I did here, is here’s what I want
you to think about this. The two awareness campaigns,
or awareness campaign in general, is designed for engagement. It’s designed for sharing. Don’t hide things behind an opt in, just get it out there. Put the videos up on Facebook. Get people to consume your content, spend time with you. Get to know who you are. Don’t put it behind a paywall or opt in. And you want to spend
enough money to get it out to your whole target market. So for us here at Vyral Marketing I’ll actually take you into
the campaign and show this. I really did a very good
job for our target market of like, if I had to build a
list through the options on Facebook by job title, profession,
maybe friends of friends, whatever it is, are the people most likely to hire Vyral Marketing. The people most likely to watch this show to hire our firm to help
you with your marketing, the list size, the size of
our target market on Facebook if you took the total
market of all the people that have the problem we solve, the total size is about I
believe, about 23 or 25 thousand. Let’s take a look. Uh, yes, 23 thousand. So the total market of
people that I think would be a great fit, you, person watching this, for us is about 23 thousand
people in the United States. That’s pretty small relatively speaking, but it’s very, very targeted, okay? So the goal is how do I get
these 23 thousand people to know me, or whatever
the size of your market is, whatever you come up with. How do those people know who you are. Well you gotta build some awareness. And you do that by
publishing educational videos or client interviews out to them. From the videos they’ll
visit your website, go to your fan page, watch your videos and once they do that they’re gonna go into your offer campaign and your offer campaign you’ll have a series of offers. Let me show you a few. Example, you could have an
example like I have here to come to your workshop. And as you can see I have a
picture of one of our workshops. You can click here and buy a ticket. That’s an offer. That can be tracked. How much money do we spend? How many tickets were sold? Let’s go a little bit further. Let’s go down to maybe ask a question. Hey, I’d like to get some interaction here on the Vyral Marketing show, you know, to get Vyral dot come slash ask and you can submit a question
for me to answer for you on the show as you can see right here. And it goes to a landing page. That’s an offer, got it? Let’s keep going. The Vyral Marketing plan, hey, if you’re brand new to Vyral Marketing and I say this at the start of veery show, go download our official
video marketing plan. It goes to an opt in page,
you register, you opt in, I know my cost for every
single person that opt ins to get the video marketing plan, okay? Those are offers. And you can come up with your
offers for your business. But here’s the treat, are you ready? If I go back to these campaigns, I want you to understand that a good campaign structure and summary is you size your target market. How many people are there that will probably buy
what you’re selling? How big is it? If your in health and fitness
and general weight loss, it’s pretty darn big, if you’re super, super, super,
niche it’s gonna be small. Just depends on what your selling. You figure how big that
audiences is on Facebook and you run an awareness
campaign with educational videos, interesting content, get
people to consume it, like it, share it, watch it, and whoever
engages with that stuff, they then go on an offer
campaign with offers driving to landing pages to get them
to take action to move forward on your funnel if you will, to buy your product or service, okay? Which leads us to why you’re
here to the show today. What are the top five Facebook advertising audiences you wanna run to. So here’s what I recommend you do. Before you start an awareness campaign, you already have people
that are aware of you. It’s kinda the whole premise
behind Vyral Marketing. You have a database. You have some current Facebook fans, you have some people who
are visiting your website, you maybe have some people
that, you have your database. Which leads me to the top five options. Let’s follow me here. I got off track. The top five audiences are as follows. Number one, your email database. All the people who already know you, already like you, already trust you, that are currently in your database. You could export those emails
for the various systems. That’s actually what we do for
you here at Vyral Marketing when you first start with us, is we round up the emails
form all of your systems, combine them, duplicate them,
scrub them, and upload them into an email marketing account
to send a reconnect message. Not only do you wanna reconnect
with them through email, but let’s upload them into Facebook. You see, if you take an
email list and you upload it to Facebook, Facebook will
take those emails you upload and they’ll cross reference
them with ad accounts and you can run ads to those people. How cool is that? So not only ar you reaching
those people through email, or maybe the natural
organic reaching on your Facebook fan page, but we can also boost ads to
the people in your database. And who’s more likely
to do business with you than the people in your database. It’s a warm audience. Make sense? Number one, audience. Number two, audience. The second best audience to run ads to, Facebook ads to or really
any ads to, AdWords account, display ads, you know, YouTube ads, are your website visitors. Have you ever been to
a website, go to a page and then you leave and
then all of a sudden everywhere you start
seein’ ads for that widget or that person. Well that’s called
remarketing or retargeting and what you do is Facebook
gives you, or AdWords, those advertising platforms
give you a little piece of code to put up on your website
so when you visit it that code gets installed on your computer and now ads start poppin’
up everywhere and you can actually build an audience
with those individuals. So think about all the people
coming to your website. The hundreds if not
thousands of people coming to your website from all the advertising and prospects and marketing
you’re doing, oh my goodness. If they don’t take action on your website then some place else. Oh my goodness, we need to be
running offers to those people to bring them back. It’s one of the best audiences that you can run offers
to to get engagement. So the second most important
audience to run ads to for lead generation is
to remarket and retarget your website viewers with offers. And coincidentally those first
two are what are included in the core Vyral Marketing
programming at no extra charge. We’ll actually boost your
videos and run your videos and get your videos in
front of your email database and visitors because
it is just a no brainer and what’s really nice is these audiences are relatively small, a couple hundred if not
a few thousand people. You know, a few dollars a
day gets you all the reach you need for that audience. So it’s not very
expensive for you to reach such a highly targeted list of
people who know who you are. That’s included in your fee. So if your a Vyral client, call us up, get those ads taken care of, alright? So let’s move on. The third best advertising
audiences to run ads to that’s warm, people who know who you are, are your video viewers. You see when you put a
video up on Facebook, you can actually, when you
run an awareness campaign, and people watch your videos,
you can actually track who watched more than say 10 seconds. So if you’re watching
this video on Facebook, you’re gonna start getting offer ads ’cause you’ve watched
more than 10 seconds. It’s tracked. Isn’t that crazy? This is why I like all those ad companies make billions of dollars, alright? So you can actually set it
up so every single person on Facebook or YouTube that
watches more than 10 seconds of a video, you can run offer ads to those people immediately. How cool is that? Alright? Fourth best audience on
Facebook to run ads to are the people who engage
with your Facebook page. So let’s say people find
you, they check you out, or they see one of your awareness ads. And they go, okay what
are you guys all about? Boom. They end up on your Facebook page. They click around, they do something. That’s tracked. You can actually run ads to the people who interact with your fan page. You can run ads to those people. Isn’t this nuts? Let’s keep goin’. Last, number five. Last warm Facebook audiences to run ads to for lead generation
are your Facebook fans, your actual fans. Let’s say you have a couple
hundred or thousand fans of your page that you’ve
compiled over the years that have liked your stuff. If you just post like a post on Facebook you know, Facebook’s probably
not gonna show much of it. They ask you to put money into it. But you can actually boost and run ads to your current Facebook fans. And without getting too out
there you can actually have your co marketing partners
share their remarketing lists with you to run ads to them as well. But that’s a whole other story. We’ll talk about in co marketing some day for advertising, alright? So let’s review, what are the
top five Facebook audiences that are best for lead
generation we’ve learned over the years of doing this
with our premium service, our add-on service, our
complete Facebook, YouTube, and banner ad display
service that’s an add-on for our core program for
those of you who wanna dabble in that and, you know,
get results with online ads. The top five are your email database, your website visitors, the people who visit your website, the people that watch your videos, say past 10 seconds, the people who interact
with your fan page, your Facebook fan page engagements, and then finally, the
actual Facebook fans. Now, that seems to me like a
pretty good audience of people that will take you up
on one of your offers because the first step of
the sales process is trust. Trust, identifying their needs, showing how you can help them, and then moving them
towards a decision, alright? So these people likely
trust you because if you’re a Vyral Marketing client they’re consuming your
content online, alright? So let’s go over, let me show
you a couple other examples and I’ll just use exactly
what I’m doing right now on Facebook at Vyral for
myself for our show, okay? Let’s take a look. So like over here I showed
you the offer campaign. The offer campaign includes
these five audiences, the email database, website
visitors, video viewers, Facebook fan engagement,
and Facebook fans, all of those people are
receiving our offers, or you’re seeing them. You’re seeing these
offers pop up on Facebook. And that audiences is maybe
five or six thousand people. Now, we do have a target
market of awareness campaign of a cold market. All of the people who’ve loved
Vyral Marketing hear about. That’s about 23, 25 thousand or so. Let’s take a look at the
Vyral Marketing show. You might be seeing some of our ads because we’re running ads
here to our target market of about 25 thousand people. Let’s take a look. The last show that I
did before shooting this was episode 30 on how to hire
talent in the Philippines. You may have actually seen this ad. As you can see here, here it is. And when you scroll
down, the video starts. Welcome to episode 30 of
the Vyral Marketing show. I just got back from a
long flight from Manila. On this episode you’re gonna learn how to hire talent in the Philippines. There ya go. That’s episode 30, alright? Now if you watch at
least 10 seconds of that, or even interact with the ad, boom, now you’re immediately
gonna be on the offer campaign. Isn’t that great? So you can take this structure of, you want faster, quicker results. You want more people to see who you are, you want to spend time with more people on your target market, but doing it manually one to one to one with manual prospecting
isn’t getting the job done. Well, then after that you
gotta use media, okay? So what you do is you figure out, okay, my target market, calling them all, right? Or trying to get them through referral. Let’s see if I can reach
them with online advertising. Let’s start getting
some educational videos in front of them, let’s start getting some educational content,
maybe some interviews, let’s just make sure they consume it. Let’s not hide it behind an opt in. Let’s not hide it behind a squeeze page. Let’s just get people to consume it. And then once they do,
once they find interest, once they spend time with
me, or once they spend time with you by running the awareness
campaign, we can remarket all of those people that
consumed the content whether they are in your database, whether they visit your
website, whether they watched the videos, whether they
interact with your fan page, whether they become a Facebook fan, now all of a sudden a palate
of different offers pop up that drive to a landing
page to track results. So how cool is that? So those are the top five
Facebook advertising audiences that you wanna run for lead
generation, run offers to. And again, it’s not just Facebook. You can use the same campaign structure if you’re running
YouTube ads or banner ads or really any type of advertising of picking your target market,
running awareness campaigns, and remarketing those individuals with offers for tracking, alright? So I hope you enjoyed the show today. My name is Frank Klesitz like I said here at Vyral Marketing. If you wanna hire us to
help you implement this it all starts with our core service. Don’t do this unless you start
with our core service yet because we can get your
more business from your existing database than
trying to reach a bunch of strangers online with
an advertising campaign. But at some point, your
existing database runs out and that’s where maybe
advertising comes in if that’s a fit for you. If you’re a current Vyral Marketing client we’ll run your first Facebook
ad, your first campaigns totally free, just reach
out to us, alright? And then there’s a monthly fee extra. It’s up on our website
if you wish us to run high level YouTube, banner
ad, and Facebook campaigns for you to help you generate
more business, alright? And if you like this show and
you wanna watch more shows. We publish these very two weeks. You can actually go to our website, scroll down at the bottom, and subscribe to our
newsletter to be notified of the latest show when it comes out or look us up on YouTube. You can watch us on Facebook, and of course we are on iTunes. You can actually watch videos
up on iTunes as iTunes podcast that will come right
to your iPhone or iPod so you can watch it that way. And also, one last thing,
if you have any questions you’d like me to answer
for you on this show, go to our website get
Vyral dot com slash ask and we can actually patch you in and I will answer the
question for you live right here on the show and you can be on one
of the future episodes. Or if you’re not comfortable with that just send me in the question
and I’ll answer right here without you having to be online. So with that, thank you,
thank you, thank you so much for watching today. We’ll see ya next time. (upbeat music)

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