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[ENG] 용팔이, The Gang Doctor(Yong-pal), EP10 (Full)

[ENG] 용팔이, The Gang Doctor(Yong-pal), EP10 (Full)

I’m sorry but you’ll have to
go to the church first with the sister. Why? I have somewhere I need to go. Where? Let’s go together. No. You can’t go there. Where is it? Hurry up and tell me. Hanshin Hospital. Are you crazy? Don’t worry. I’ll be right back after I send the mother and
baby up to the twelfth floor. I’m telling you the truth. No. I mean it. I’ll be right back. There’s no time for this. If I don’t leave right now,
the mother and the baby will both die. Promise me that
you’ll come right back. Okay. I’ll be back after seeing
So-hyun off to America tomorrow. Alright. Be careful. Don’t worry. I’ll be back soon. Honey… Honey… It’s an emergency. Call the gynecology and pediatrics. Doctor Kim. There’s a hospital room available, right? And send me one incubator. The hospital rooms are full. Is the Chairman’s wife here? No. Then send the incubator to
the Chairman’s wife’s room. I’m going to do the
echocardiography so get it ready. Please load Heparin
in the oxygen mask and infusion. Do you understand? What is this all about? What are you waiting for? Hurry up and call the
gynecology and pediatrics. Okay. You’re crazy. You’re crazy. The Apgar score is 7. This should be good, right? Yes. It’s a relief. But she’s not
out of the woods yet. But they’re in good condition
because they were treated quickly. Thank you so much. Doctor Kim. What’s going on? Who is that mother? Her name is Hong Gil-soon, VVIP. Then who is going to
handle the admittance procedure. Admit her under my name. I understand. But what happened really? We couldn’t get in touch
with you all this time. Where have you been? I’m still on my sick leave. Doctor. It’s not time to
be joking around. What is it? Is something wrong? It seems like you really don’t know. The Hospital Director passed away. And Chief Lee is missing also. Excuse me? Right after what happened to
Nurse Hwang, they all… What happened to Nurse Hwang? You really don’t know anything. Nurse Hwang passed away. I’ll put Ali to sleep
so you can go to bed. I want to stay a little longer
until Ali is in deep sleep. Alright. Don’t worry. God has probably heard
your prayers already. Do you think so? Of course. Doctor Kim
will come back for sure. You’re here? Where have you been that
you’re just showing up now? You just left the boss in pain. Boss. You’re feeling
much better, right? Of course. Medicine works
well on wild animals like us. Then you should get discharged. Hey. He’s not feeling that well. You’re still in pain right? Yes… I wasn’t feeling that
comfortable here for some reasons. Then is this going to be
our good bye forever? Well, I think we might see each other
if I make house visits again. House visits? Again? How come his life is so unpleasant? What are you doing here? Can’t you tell by looking at me? Tae-hyun. So-hyun. Why are you here? What’s wrong? Your sister can’t be in
a nice room like this? I said why is she in here? What in the… Look at you yelling at your dad. You’re so disrespectful. So-hyun. You have to go
to America tomorrow. Why are you here? Are you not feeling well? No. I’m fine. The hospital told me to
come yesterday. Why are you trying to
send her to America? Where are you trying
to take a sick kid? So-hyun will be in big trouble
if she’s left alone like this. Are you going to take responsibility
if something goes wrong? Responsibility? That’s right, you brat. I’ll take responsibility. So-hyun is my child and
I’ll take responsibility for her. So don’t worry about it. You didn’t even know that mom died. Now you’re going to do that to So-hyun? Tae-hyun. Oh my… You’re the worst
child in the world… Your sister is a winner of Hanshin sharing foundation
medical expense aid. Hanshin sharing foundation? Yes. It’s Hanshin Group’s
welfare program. They make their selection at the end of the year once
in a long while usually. Chairman is really thinking
about Doctor Kim. Congratulations. Doctor Kim. Yes. Why are you showing up just now? Come to my room. My room? He’s the new Chief
in charge of the twelfth floor. Chief Lee should’ve handed over
the floor properly before he left. What’s going on with So-hyun? Well… Hanshin sharing foundation was supposed to take care of
the treatment cost in America but they suddenly said that
they don’t have enough budget. Ask the Chairman to help you. You’re close to the Chairman. He actually gave an order to have
you continue work on the twelfth floor. Did you bring the money? Here. Let’s see the merchandise. It’s the real thing, right? There’s no problem. This is the real thing. Tae-hyun. So-hyun. Come with me. Where? Like this? Yeah. Just take your passport
and wallet. Hurry up. Tae-hyun. What’s wrong? If you do that,
your sister will get hurt too. What were you thinking? Why did you come back? What about Miss Han? She’s safe. If you just called me before
you came back… I would’ve come anyway. So-hyun is held captive on
the twelfth floor. So-hyun is held captive? They probably needed a hostage. Nurse Hwang, the Director,
Chief Lee… And I’m next. Ali. Let’s go on a walk. A walk? Ali. Let’s go on a walk next time. No. We have to go on a walk. I promised him that I’d go on
a walk with you once a day. Did he? Fine. Let’s do that. Let’s take a quick break. Okay. Tae-hyun. I’m feeling uneasy. Come back quickly. Ma’am. Right now in your room… I know. It’s fine. Just take care of the patient. Oh my… The baby is really small. Is the baby alright? Yes. The baby is stable. Tell everyone that
if something happens to the baby, everyone is dead. Yes, Ma’am. You’re lucky. I’ll take good care of you. Don’t worry about anything. Thank you, Ma’am. I leave them to you. Don’t worry. As long as I’m around,
they won’t kill you. Ma’am. Wouldn’t the Chairman want to
kill me more if you keep doing this? That’s why the world is interesting. There isn’t anyone in the world
that has no weakness. It’s not interesting to me. So I’ll take care of my affairs. No. There isn’t anything
you can do on your own anymore. There’s no use of running away. They will find you in the end. Do you understand? From now on,
you’re dead without me. It’s the safest for you by side. I want to see the Chairman. Kim Tae-hyun. Welcome. So are you feeling better? Please just save my sister. What’s wrong with him? Did someone order
his sister to be killed? As you promised,
please save my sister. Then I’ll kill myself. No. You don’t need to do that. I’ll take care of it myself. I’ll make sure that your wife
believes that I ran away secretly. You arrogant bastard. There’s nothing going on
between your wife and I. Shut your mouth, you bastard. I don’t care about things like that. It doesn’t matter what happened
between you and that woman. You’re just getting disposed of because you are of no use
to me anymore. You’re disposable to me and to my wife. Do you understand? The moment Yeo-jin died,
your usefulness ended. If you understood, leave. Get him out of here. Let’s go. Send your sister to America. Excuse me? But you have to make sure that
the Chairman’s wife thinks that you ran away secretly
like you said earlier. Yes. I understand. But can I trust you? Your sister? I have that much discretion. Your proposal was reasonable. You just hurt the pride
of a male today. I’ll convince the Chairman again. Thank you. I’m not sure if I should accept
your thanks for this. Carry out your plan after
Miss Han’s funeral is finished. Since there may be people watching… You mean killing myself? I will. The car is ready. Good bye. Thank you. I hope there’s still time left
before your expiration date. Expiration date? I’m talking about the day
when you’ll be disposed of. Yeo-jin. If I call you like this, you’ll probably tell me that
I’m cocky again. Are you doing well? I’m already curious. The mother is safe and
the baby is healthy too. The baby is so small and cute. Let Ali know too. I’m so busy. So-hyun’s trip to America is coming along smoothly and once So-hyun
leaves for America, I’ll come back. I’m sorry. They’re all lies. I might not be able to go back now. Just because Chief Lee is not around, they’re making me make rounds
on the twelfth floor. They should just entrust the
twelfth floor to me. Don’t you think so? Yes, sir. Even if they entrusted it to me,
I won’t do it. Hey, Tae-hyun. Let’s talk. By the way, what is it about? I’m only bringing this up
since it’s just two of us. If Chief Lee is gone, shouldn’t the successor of the twelfth
floor be our surgery department? Just because the Director passed away,
the assistant Director can’t fill that position with the internal
medicine department. Don’t you think so? You’re close to the Chairman. You should talk to him. Tell him that the surgery
department should take it. If not, who is going to go
make house visits? If it goes this way, you might get pushed out by
the internal medicine department too. That’s why I have to be go up to
the twelfth floor so you could be safe too. Don’t you think so? What? Do you have problems
with what I said? No, sir. No matter how long
you stay on the twelfth floor, you belong to the surgery department. You know that Theo is the only
fellow doctor in the surgery department, don’t you? No matter who says what, I thought of you for the fellow
position since long time ago. You know what I’m saying, right? Chief… why do you want to
come up to the twelfth floor? What? I understand. I’ll find a chance
to talk to him about it. Of course. You should. Now you finally understand
what I’m saying. Father. Doctor Kim. How are the mother and the baby? They’re both doing well. Really? That’s good to hear. It’s all because of the grace of God. But I think you’ll have to
go back to church by yourself. Why? I still have things I have to do. Really? Then Sophia will be quite worried. Instead… Please deliver
this to her for me. Once the baby and the mother are well,
the hospital will contact you. You just have to come and take them back. You can bring them back. Yes. You’re right. I understand. Okay. You worked hard. Thank goodness the mother
and the baby are okay. So-hyun. Tae-hyun. Let’s pack your bags and
go to the airport. The airport? Where would a sick kid be going? Sir. Her test result was good. She can leave the country today. Excuse me? Is that so? Let’s hurry up and go. We don’t have time. Okay. No matter how long you
stay on the twelfth floor, you belong to the surgery department. You know that Theo is the only fellow doctor in the
surgery department, don’t you? No matter who says what, I thought of you for the fellow
position since long time ago. You know what I’m saying, right? What are you thinking so hard about? I said what are you
thinking so hard about? What do you think? I was thinking about you. Whether you’ll be able
to eat what they give you… If you’re in pain, will you be able to
tell them you’re in pain… Things like that. Don’t worry. I can probably speak
English better than you. Is that right? Then I’d feel relieved. So-hyun. Yeah? You have to be happy. Of course. Don’t worry. I’ll survive and
come back no matter what. Okay. What’s wrong? I’m not going there to die. Don’t worry. Of course. No doubt. You brat. So don’t cry because of me anymore. And it’s embarrassing. I got it, brat. Okay. Let’s go, Detective Kim. It’s the airport. Airport. The airport? It’s almost time. Go inside. Okay. Tae-hyun. I’ll be back. Thank you. You don’t have to thank me. You checked the
gate number, right? I know. How many times
do you have to check? When you get there,
there will be a place that says “Arrival”. You just have to follow the sign. If you can’t tell, ask a Korean person. Tae-hyun. I got it. Then I’m really going to go inside now. Alright. Go. So-hyun. So-hyun. Listen to me carefully. You’re not going to live
for someone else. It’s not for me or for father. You’re living for yourself. Do you understand? Tae-hyun. What are you talking about? No matter how lonely
you are or how hard it is, you have to endure it all for yourself. Do you understand? I mean medical treatment. Of course. You went through
so much to send me. I’m going to beat it
and come back healed. Yes. Of course. I’m sorry. Why are you sorry? I’m sorry for not being
able to go with you. Even though I might be far away from you,
you’re always with me. That’s right. I’ll always be with you. It’s so embarrassing. I know. Why are you
going to overboard? It’s really late. Go inside. I’ll call you when I arrive. It’s going to cost to much to call. Don’t call me. Alright. Don’t call me either. Go. Chief. Tae… Let go. I’m not running away. So let go. Chief! Chief! Chief. What’s going on now? You can’t come in. We’re police. Save me. That guy is trying to kill me. What? Who? Call the ambulance! Let’s move him to the Emergency
center at the airport for now. We can’t treat him here for
that kind of wound. Move him to the hospital quickly. He’ll die during transfer. You have surgical tube, don’t you? Bring it to me. But… I’m a doctor too. Hurry. Open it. At least Yong-pal didn’t run away? Tae-hyun. Please save me. If I go to Hanshin, I’ll die. Please save me. Don’t worry. There are a lot of hospitals near by. They won’t go all the way to Hanshin. Let’s go. Kim Tae-hyun. You need to come with us. What is this about? You’ll find out when you get there. Am I going voluntarily? If you resist,
we can just arrest you right here. Yong-pal. Wait a minute. He has an abdominal contusion
and internal rupture. I did first aid to stop the bleeding but his blood pressure and
pulse are unstable. So please tell them that
he needs his intestines sutured. It can turn into peritonitis easily so please tell them that
it’s an emergency no matter what. Do you understand? I understand. Let’s go. Go. Yes, I understand. They’re telling us to go to
Hanshin Hospital. Hanshin? That’s far. No. Not there. Not there. Sir. You can’t move. Not there. Wait a minute… Not there. No! Father. You’re just coming back? Sophia. You were here. What about him? He said he still has things left to do
so he’ll come back later. Excuse me? And this… He gave this to me to give to you. Hurry up and read it. I’m going to go to my room. Yeo-jin. I have to wake up
from my dream now. And you’ll be able to have a happy future if you just forget about the painful past
but my painful past is still continuing now. As long as you’re with me, you won’t be able to escape
from your painful past. I realized when I came
back to the hospital. I can only be a doctor. And I realized why I went through
so much difficulty to become a doctor. I can’t give up everything
because of you. I’m sorry. I won’t be coming back. I know you can be happy without me. Please be happy. Tae-hyun. What? Kim Tae-hyun is
at the police station? I got it. Report back to me later. What is this? Did he run away to the police? I don’t know. I think I need to look into it more. Just how are you taking care of things? You said that it will be taken care of
if I send his sister to America. I’m sorry. I’ll find out in detail
and report back to you. So pathetic… What are you waiting for? Get out and find out. Yes, sir. Hello, Miss Han. My name is Kang Soo-min and
I’m the head nurse at Hanshin Hospital surgery department. How did you come here…? I’m on Doctor Kim Tae-hyun’s side so you don’t have to
worry about anything. Something happened to
Tae-hyun, didn’t it? Doctor Kim Tae-hyun is safe for now. For now? I’m the one who stayed by your father, the former Chairman’s side
when he passed away. The former Chairman couldn’t hold on for eve 6 months
after you became that way. Stop. I don’t want to hear it. You have to hear it. Why are you doing this? When he got sicker, he refused further surgery
but while he was unconscious the board of directors decided to
enforce the surgery on him. And his son the current Chairman stopped the former Chairman
from speaking to anyone. But because I was an OR nurse, I was able to be with the former
Chairman as he passed away. Yeo-jin… The former Chairman regained
his consciousness through surge before the moment of death. But because of his hazy consciousness, he kept calling me Yeo-jin desperately
even though I was wearing a mask. Yeo-jin. Yeo-jin… And with the last of his strength he opened his arms and
he wanted to embrace me. No. I mean he wanted to embrace you. Yeo-jin… I’m sorry but that’s why I received the Chairman’s
last embrace and his last words. I love you, Yeo-jin. And I only want you to know this. Dad… And now I’m going to return them to you. Dad… I love you, Yeo-jin. I am sorry, Yeo-jin. Dad… I’ve done wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong, dad. Listen carefully to what
I’m about to tell you. There are some last words
that the Chairman left for you. God really doesn’t
listen to my prayers. Let’s not waste our strength. I agree. Whether I die like this or like that… Team Leader. If you’re wrong about this, you better be ready
for the consequence. Illegal house visits? Couldn’t a doctor go anywhere to see a patient if the patient
needs a doctor? Why is that illegal? But that could change
depending upon who the patient is. Are you talking about
the identity of the patient? Are you going to confess willingly? I really want to confess willingly but I can’t do that
because the law forbids it. It’s the legal duty of a doctor to
protect the information of a patient… Duty. It is illegal for you to
say it with your mouth but it’s not illegal when the police
received the information by investigating the third party. The third party? You know Hyun Man-sik, don’t you? Yes. How do you know him? He’s my loan shark. You used a loan shark
when you’re a doctor? Why? Did you spend money at
Doo-chul’s gambling house or something? My sister was sick so
I borrowed the money. You can’t just sell out
your sister like that. You’re a doctor. Sell out my sister? What? The police Chief asked you not to
leave after the examination. He would like to have some tea
with you in his room. We’re dead. I don’t want to bother him
when he’s busy so tell him that we’ll have tea in his wife’s
hospital room later. Yes. I understand. The identity of one of my patients that I house visited was
revealed unintentionally. Yes. Head nurse. Please hurry and come. Why? I don’t know. This is worthy of being
an emergency x-ray, right? What happened? I don’t know why but none of the
doctors want to do a surgery on him. What’s wrong, Doctor? Oh my goodness. Kim Young-mi.

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  2. "The best (safest)thing is to stay by my side " why does this woman feel holding a man hostage with power or protection is the way to gain his affection he'll only feel frustrated retrained and in bondage he'll nefa love her this way

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