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[ENG] 용팔이, The Gang Doctor(Yong-pal), EP07 (Full)

[ENG] 용팔이, The Gang Doctor(Yong-pal), EP07 (Full)

August 20, 2015. Due to hypovolemic shock during surgery
Patient Han Yeo-jin has died. You finish it up. How come thieves act even more
confident these days? I heard there are people who steal other
people’s stuff and pretend it’s theirs. Yeah, it’s me. Really?
Geez, how unfortunate! My poor sister. I’m sorry. I had to answer that call. By the way, my sister just ended up
dying in the OR… Good job. You pulled off a huge achievement. I thought there was no way,
but you pulled it off. Now… I think we can negotiate. The hemorrhage is severe. Move him quickly. I’m all right. I can go on my own. Hurry, there’s no time. Yes, but what if she’s really dead? That can’t happen. Will Tae-hyun make it on time? I’m sure he’ll come.
Quickly. Never, that will never happen.
Trust me. I’m Yong-pal. Hang in there.
You can do it. Please. It’s too late. Even if Tae-hyun comes, the chances of
her surviving are next to nothing. Tae-hyun! Body temperature?
How many minutes has it been? 30° C and twelve minutes. That’s enough. What?
Even 10 minutes have passed… Did you prepare the artificial blood
vessel? Yes. We’re going to do a vascular transplant.
Hand me the blood vessel when I say. Okay. Doctor, are you not feeling well?
Your complexion… Let’s start. Scalpel. [Hanshin Electric] Epi, Epi! Give me an epi!
Call the Chief! [ICU] What is it now? Arrest? So, what do you want me to do? It’s more dangerous if that patient
receives surgery. She is not stable enough to deal
with the surgery right now. Isn’t there a doctor nearby?
Then why do you keep calling me? Hang up. This… this is meaningless.
She’s going to arrest again. Doctor, you need to do the surgery. What?
Nurse, are you out of your mind? The Chief says no, and you want
me to do what? I don’t want to die, either.
Hurry up and call the Chief. What the heck?
You’re talking nonsense. Ma’am, what are you doing? Call Dr. Kim Tae-hyun right now. What?
Why? Tell him to come to the OR. Tell him there is an urgent X-ray he
needs to see. What do you mean there’s an urgent
X-ray in the OR? You don’t want to know. He’ll know what it means.
Hurry! Tae-hyun.
You’re bleeding! Doctor, what happened? Don’t worry about it.
Focus. Dr. Kim, you’re in here! What are you doing in here
at this hour? Excuse me… Dr. Kim… What is it? Tae-hyun’s busy right now! Sir… it’s an urgent X-ray patient. What? Standby in the next room.
I’ll head over as soon as I’m done. Yes, Sir. They’ve all lost their minds. Tomorrow…
they’re going to kill me in the OR…. What? The OR? It’s all over! No. Never, that will never happen. I’m going to be there. No one dies on my operating table.
Trust me, okay? I’m Yong-pal. Epi…
How many epis did you put in? Four. Do it one more time. If it’s not working after four… That’s enough, just stop now. No, don’t turn off the lights! Don’t turn them off.
I feel stuffy. So… stay a little longer with me. Tae-hyun, I…I think I can die
a happy woman now. I was able to live longer because
of a great brother like you. Let’s stop now. No, then my sister will die. Tae-hyun, you did the best
that you could. You can stop now. Life and death is determined
by the heaven. No. In the end, it is the doctor
who saves the patient. Money, guardians, and whatever
are all cowardly excuses. I’m sure there is a way as long as you
have the will to save the patient. This guy has no pride as a surgeon
whatsoever. It’s just as I heard.
You follow the money. Congratulations, as you always wanted, you got to receive tips instead of holding
the scalpel. What? Did you think there was a honey
pot inside here? Sorry to say this, but you’re just a moth
who ran into the flame. Doctor, please stop. You’re going to collapse if you continue! Tae-hyun! It’s delicious. They’re all dead…
The people I love. Let’s…be friends. What I’m really scared about is
sleeping in here forever. Tae-hyun! What are you doing? Stop him! Tae-hyun, snap out of it! You’re going to die as well
if you keep this up! Let go! Tae-hyun, wake up! Doctor! Doctor! This won’t do. Hurry up and give him
a blood transfusion. Yes, Sir. Ms. Kim Young-mi!
Ms. Kim Young-mi! Dr. Kim, she’s got a cardiac arrest! I’m allowed into this room only
after Miss Han has passed away. Do we still have something
to negotiate? I think the game is already over. Do you really think so? It’s only over if you know what cards
your opponent is holding. And you voluntarily gave up
Miss Han, the winning card. I believe a fair negotiation
is possible now. A win-win situation for both of us. Geez, what happened to him? What is this? It’s gunshot wound!
Oh my goodness. How long has he been like this? Scalpel. So, to put it simply, we’ll let everyone
believe that Yeo-jin is alive. And share the stocks? Why should I do that? By any chance… have you ever
heard of “Pabuchimju”? It means they destroy the pots used to make food and sink the boat they
would use to return home. I know. What are you going to do now,
President Go? You’re going to starve soon and
your boat has sunk. That’s okay. Excuse me for saying this, but what I destroyed were your pots
and your boat. You were only concerned with dropping Miss Han’s stock in order to lower
the inheritance tax. The truth is, I contributed quite heavily
in that area. In other words, we both destroyed
the company together. What? We destroyed it together? The public hasn’t known it yet though… But if an obituary goes out tomorrow
morning about Miss Han… We will reveal the sales and current
liability ratio from our end. If that happens,
you will be very surprised. Circuit breaker. Side car.
I can guarantee it. Come tomorrow morning…
all of Hanshin Group’s stocks will crash. Do you get it now whose pots
and boat I destroyed? Now… are you willing to get on
the same boat with me? And share your pots as well? If you want an exact profit and loss
simulation then go and ask your friends who graduated from Harvard and Stanford. From the very beginning, you planned
this to get rid of Yeo-jin. Of course, if Miss Han had been in our
hands the scenario would’ve been different. In any case, thank you very much
for not getting blood on our hands. If we join forces, we can get rid of all
those pesky subsidiaries that are striking and take care of Miss Han’s
funeral as soon as possible. Mr. Chairman? If I had known there was
a good idea like this, I should’ve joined forces with you earlier. Thank you. Have you come to your senses? Who are you? Where… where am I? You’ll know who I am soon enough. This is the supply room in
the surgery center. Listen carefully to what I say. From now on, you will be known
as Kim Young-mi. You’re a coma patient in the ICU. Consequently, you must not open
your eyes, okay? You should be used to the acting by now,
so I’m sure you’ll do well. Who are you? Me?
I’m Dr. Kim Tae-hyun’s fan. Fan? That’s all you need to know. But right now, Dr. Kim Tae-hyun is in
critical condition because of you. If anything happens to him,
you better be prepared. Okay, here we go. Wait. What… happened to Tae-hyun? He’s in surgery right now,
but he lost too much blood. Scalpel. Geez, is it Miss Han? Who else would it be? Geez, what a relief, Chief!
You did a good job, Sir! I just did my job. Mr. Chairman. It’s okay. He’s with us now. Ah… Devil. Are you all right, Mr. Chairman? This dummy looks like a real person. I know. Take good care of my sister. Yes, Sir. Check the face for the last time. Is it her? Yes, it’s Miss Han. I made sure the anesthetist and
the resident doctor understands but Miss Han did not die. Yes, Sir. You must keep quiet about
what you saw and heard today. I understand. Unless you want to be a corpse yourself. It’s time for your shot! Shot? Don’t worry so much.
This is a muscle shot. I won’t need to prick you eight times. Okay, here I go. Wait… Woah!
The ampoule has been switched! The ampoule has been changed? I’m sorry!
I’ll bring the correct one! What should I do? Boss! Help me, help me. Man, he just barely came back
from the dead. I heard it was a gunshot wound. I’m sorry. How is he doing? He’s still… I hope he doesn’t go in to a vicious cycle. This brat is one strong survivor.
Please take good care of him. Yes, Sir.
Let’s take a look at Kim Young-mi. She’s already off artificial respirator? Wow, this woman is one tough fighter.
She came back. Yes, Sir.
She got a cardiac arrest, but luckily… I told you.
People who are meant to live, will live. Loosen the gauze. Yes, Sir. Wait! This patient is no longer your patient. What? She is now a 12th floor patient. Says who? Security department.
It was requested by Hanshin. You should step aside. Geez… After I saved this person
who nearly died… I understand. It’s better this way.
Let’s go. You came, Mr. Chairman. How is he doing? He hasn’t regained consciousness yet. But he should get better soon thanks
to your concern. All right then. Take good care of him.
I owe him a lot. What does he mean he owes him a lot? Sure, we will take good care of him. Mr. Chairman, I’m the one
who operated on him. Ah, is that right? Then you will be responsible
if he dies, huh? Pardon? Well… I was kidding. Ah, I see… Hanshin Group? By the way, what’s wrong with her? Can’t you move her over there?
People walk by and see her. I understand.
Move her to a different unit. Yes, sir.
Dr. Kim. Let’s go. Bye, Sir. Chairman Han just came by to see how
Tae-hyun was doing, didn’t he? I think so. He’s become someone important
now, huh? Go back to your offices now. I will go check if the director is
doing fine before heading out. Yes, Sir. Yes, Sir. Let’s go. Dr. Lee. Yes, what is it? I wonder if I can be Tae-hyun’s
attending doctor. Well, he was your mentor and all… What? You want to work under him? Hey. Gosh, how can you say that?
– Isn’t that obvious? He volunteered right after
Mr. Chairman came to visit him. You think I’m like you? What? Enough. What do you think you are doing? I’m sorry. Fine. You can be his attending.
He would probably like that better. Thank you, Sir. Geez, what brings you here?
Geez, are you not feeling well? Is that why you came to the hospital? Seriously, what brings you here?
Are you sick? No, I just missed you. Come on, really? Of course, I’m serious. Honey, I heard there was a problem
here yesterday. People were fighting and all… Geez, were they? Gosh, you don’t believe me, do you?
I heard it was very scary. You’re very pretty, honey. Am I? I guess my face lift went well
this time, huh? And I love you. Me too. No, you don’t love me. We both know very well that
you don’t love me…. Honey, what’s going on?
You’re scaring me. I’ve finally become the real owner
of Hanshin. What do you think?
Now will you love me? Honey, I don’t know what
you’re talking about now. Why are you doing this to me?
I’m scared. You’re not scared, but amused, huh? Fine, you grow old that way then. Pretend you don’t know anything
for the rest of your life. But you will never be able to leave me. I pity you, honey. I wonder what it’s like to love someone
who has never loved you back. Did you get a chance to talk
to your wife? What could such a woman
possibly know? It’s all orchestrated by President Go. I see. I wonder how she was able to go
to Ewha University. Man-sik.
How many do you have? Are you in your right mind? Hey, because of the quack you
brought, my stitches got infected. Shouldn’t he do a follow-up? What am I?
A pharmacy? You go see a doctor, you moron. I’m already frustrated because
I’m in here. Good to see you, dud.
You little brat! Me? I really don’t know. I already know that you and Yong-pal
treated Doo-chul’s guys. I’m not a doctor.
How could I possibly treat people? Not you, Yong-pal! Gosh, I know it’s not your fault. You just introduced a quack and…
you got paid a little bit for it, right? I really don’t know anything. Gosh, I know that, but what do we do? In a little bit, we will have all of
your phone conversations. If you decide to confess then,
I won’t spare you. Man-sik!
Come here. You have to live wisely, okay? Stop talking non sense and
just tell me where he is. If you talk about Yong-pal to anyone
other than me, all the gangsters in the country will be sent to beat you up,
okay? Detective, you either kill me or save me.
Do what you want. I don’t know anything anyways. Gosh, you’re putting on a show, huh?
You will soon regret this. Regret what?
I didn’t do anything wrong. Sir, I have his phone conversations. Do you? Yes.
It’s too late. Detective, actually… But all the calls were
from burner phones. The calls he got on the day
Doo-chul was shot… there is no information about
the numbers. How about the locations? As for the locations…
They are near the motel in Cheonhodong. But there is one… By any chance, is that one… Bingo! Hanshin Hospital. Hanshin? Yes. You said this side hurts, right? Yes, this side. Mrs. Lee, you heard what happened
last night, didn’t you? What now? It even involved this room. -Even this room?
-Yes. That man came running into this room. You could have been in trouble if you
had been here yesterday. You should leave this hospital
immediately and… you shouldn’t be around here then. Where is Dr. Kim Tae-hyun? Dr. Kim Tae-hyun?
He’s in critical condition. But he was concerned about
you the most. When the whole thing broke out,
he asked me where you were first. When I told him that you were out,
he seemed very relieved. He asked me to contact the Security Department and told them to stop you
from coming up to 12th floor. I think it’s because you’ve been
very kind to him. Mrs. Lee, where are you going? Meet me at four in the morning
in the third basement. It’s all I can do for you. Did he go through that to protect me
from President Go? What’s his condition? He’s not doing well. Why aren’t you doing anything then? Pardon? You said he’s not doing well.
Why aren’t you doing anything then? Call everybody. Call who? Not just internal medicine,
but all the other departments. What do you call that?
Medical cooperation? Call everybody up here. Yes, Ma’am. Make sure to tell them to get up here,
including Chiefs. No matter what they do,
tell them to save this man. If anything happens to him, tell them
to get ready to lose their jobs, okay? Yes, I understand, Mrs. Lee. Tae-hyun. You’re on your way to the conference,
right? Yes.
I see. By the way… I heard that the order came directly
from the wife of the Chairman. True. And Mr. Chairman came to see him
this morning? See? Dr. Kim has all the good chance
on his side now. Excuse me, when he’s injured like
that, how can you say such a thing? Well, it’s just that…
Mr. Chairman came to see him. His wife ordered all the staff
to treat Dr. Kim. Nothing will go wrong, will it? When he finally regains consciousness,
his future will be so bright. Gosh, let’s go. Good luck. Why weren’t you nice to him
when he was here? Do you know how nice he is to me? He once bought me a latte and cake. Really? I think he might have a crush on me. His name is Kim Tae-hyun. He had a previous operation
to donate a kidney. He got involved in a fight
on August 20th… Dr. Lee, what’s all the fuss about? Surgery wasn’t done fast enough, so an emergency operation had
to be performed. He lost a lot of blood. His level was 120/61,
when the operation was performed. This is all I can do for you. What I can do for you is just beginning… Mrs. Lee, it’s been a long day.
Why don’t you get some rest. I’m good, thanks. Your presence makes the staff
uncomfortable, so… I understand. I will leave. But you must save him.
You must. I understand. Lavender. Who are you? Come on. You can’t talk like that yet.
Otherwise, you will get caught. Tae-hyun. Is it really okay to do this? I told you not to speak. There, now you can open your eyes. Well, you can’t see any stars in Seoul,
but… How does it feel to come out for air
after three years? Wait, was the statue of King Sejong
here three years ago? Was it there then too? Are you okay? Thank you. Tae-hyun. So you should see this in your mind.
Through your imagination, okay? Look.
That’s Pegasus on the left. And that’s Aquarius in the lower
right corner. And if you go straight to the right
from there, that’s the Eagle. It’s right there. Can’t you imagine that? No, I can’t. I’m telling you to see it in your mind,
not with your eyes. You should see it in your mind. When there is nothing there,
why do you keep asking me to see? Fine. Let’s stop.
It’s frustrating. So frustrating. It’s you, isn’t it? Dr. Kim. Cynthia. I wasn’t sure from your back. I heard you were very sick but
it was all lies, huh? Considering you’re out here on
a date like this. What brings you out here? What do you mean?
I came by to get my stuff. I came by and wanted to look around. And I happened to see you like this,
huh? Are you okay? What do you mean? Me? I’m happy. I got the money promised
by President Go. You gave that up and…
you got shot instead of someone else. You might not be okay. I’m leaving for America.
I’m going to study medicine again. I won’t be able to become a
humanitarian doctor like you though. Well, I don’t know about that. You will be a good doctor. It feels nice here. Who is she? Your girlfriend? No, she is just a patient. I see. Hi there. Dr. Kim, excuse me, but…
can you go get me some coffee? Since you betrayed me like that,can’t
you at least get me some coffee? Wait here then. You’re his girlfriend, aren’t you? No. You’re not? Too bad. He’s the best man I’ve met so far. If possible, make him yours. He gave up a big payout because
of some woman. It was more than enough
to cure his sister. Men are so stupid. They don’t see clearly once
they fall in love. It’s too bad that he’s a bit naive. But at the same time,
it’s one of his charms. So make him yours, if you can. Miss Han Yeo-jin. If you’re going to live the rest
of your life hiding, he will be the best man for you. You two enjoy the coffee. Wait, did the other woman leave? What is it? Did something happen? What did I do? You like him that much? We’re looking for someone. You’re getting your memory back,
huh? I will take what you owe me
for saving your life. They both are in your past. I’m your past, too. Won’t all the workers who know
the pyramid’s secrets be buried? I will have to trust him. Let’s meet and talk, Nurse Hwang. Do you want me to talk more? Chairman Han invited you and
Dr. Lee to dinner tonight. You will die too. Did you do something bad, Dr. Kim? Yong-pal! I can’t do this for my safety. You do what you want. I’ve decided to go. I won’t be jealous of someone
who is dead. This is a number I can call only once. That’s you.

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