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Energy Clearing For Abundance | Christie Sheldon

Energy Clearing For Abundance | Christie Sheldon

[Christie] Wow. You guys look so bright and gorgeous. Thanks for letting me be in this space with
you. All right, how many of you guys have ever
tried to manifest something and something crazy happened where it just didn’t show up? Anyone ever happen? You know, it could be in love, it could be
in money, it could be in anything, and it’s incredibly frustrating. And so, when my intuition developed, I decided…
you know, because, let’s be honest, when your intuition develops, people want you to, kind
of, be the circus act. They’re like, “Tell me my future. Tell me what’s going to happen.” And, what would happen is I’d look into somebody’s
soul and I’d be like, “Oh, my God. They’re going to keep creating the same exact
thing over, and over, and over, and over again. How do I help them fix that?” So, I went on the radio one day, and I was
on the radio and this lady calls me up, and she says, “You know, I want to know if my
husband cheated on me.” And I’m like, “Oh, my gosh,” because the real
truth is I knew the answer. Ad so, I said…and this is the moment, like,
that it just really changed for me, because I said, “You know what? Let me just ask this question, your dad cheated
on your mom, and you had previous boyfriends that cheated on you, correct?” “Yes.” I go, “Let’s just fix that pattern, you know
what I mean? So that you don’t have to keep creating that
same thing over, and over, and over, and over again.” And so, then I started working with clients
on, like, a deeper way, like, “What is this pattern?” And, I’ve worked on over 25,000 people one-on-one,
which is a crazy-ass number, and the reason I did that was because I like puzzles. I want to see how people were wired, and how
they got that way. And, so, basically, what happened is, by looking
at people, and looking through their soul, and seeing what was up, I discovered a lot
of fascinating things about how we wire ourselves as human beings, and I decided to do an experiment
with Mindvalley and Vishen. We decided to create a program called Unlimited
Abundance. And, I wanted to take my cliffnotes of working
on everybody, and I wanted to see, “Okay. Everyone, pretty much, in my experience, has,
like, the similar and same 24 abundance blocks.” And I said, “Let’s do a course where over
the next 12 weeks, we go through all the abundance blocks, we clear people, and we’re going to
do an experiment.And, at the end of the experiment, I want to know how much cash, or money, or
gifts, or abundance people generated after that.” And so, I said, “Could you guys make a little
promise to me that after you do this course, send me an email telling me how much money
you made over and above what you currently make right now?” And so, I did it with only 400 people, and
not everyone sent me in the emails, but all of the people that did send me in the emails,
they manifested an extra $3 million over and above what they currently had, and that’s,
on average, about $10,000 a person. So, I’m like, “Oh, my gosh.” Like, you know, “Thank you for being my social
experiment to prove that this stuff really works.” And so, my favorite thing to do now is just
really help people get over your abundance blocks, and I’m going to guide you guys later
on in a meditation so that you yourself can start experiencing this stuff just like they
did. So, how does that sound to you? All right. So, how my intuition thing works is basically,
what I do is I take my energy, I go into somebody’s energy field, and when I say go into it, I
see it, I hear it, I see pictures of what happened, I hear [inaudible] of what happened, and I go in
there, and I can say, like, “Oh, your mom and dad had a money issue, and you duplicated
that, and that’s why you’re 40 years old and you’re just having that same problem.” And, crazy things happen because this energy
actually has kind of a mass to it, and here’s what I mean by that. One of the participants who did the Unlimited
Abundance was Debra. And, Debra sent me her email and she said,
“Christie, I want to show you this email,” and she had her medical reports in it. And she goes, “You don’t know what this means,
but here’s what this means.Before I released my abundance blocks, I was living in a very
negative home.I didn’t have anything positive in my life. I had hurt myself.I’m walking with a cane,
and the medical report is saying that I could have lost a kidney. And now the new medical report that I’m sending
you means I’m not going to lose a kidney, because here’s what happened over those three
months. I started eliminating my abundance blocks.I
no longer walk with a cane. I hike every day. I moved out of my negative environment. I found a man.” She said, “A good one.And, basically, my doctor
can’t believe it because I’m not going to lose a kidney now.” And, you would think, how could working on
abundance blocks literally affect her physically? Well, because in working with so many people,
what I realized is a lot of your physical aches and pains are actually your patterns
that have, like, this mass with all the pictures of reality, and all your thoughts, and your
feelings, and your ideas about how life works. So, I’m going to kind of show you how you
create a reality. So, imagine you’re, you know, a little baby. You know, mom pops you out, and what happens
is your brain waves are generally in theta. So, you as a human are starting to download
and duplicate the reality around you. And, as you grow up, you just keep imprinting
within you thoughts, feelings, beliefs, ideas, things that happened, and, basically, you
become you, and you’re filled with all these thoughts, feelings, and decisions. Now, that, in and of itself, is okay. An interesting thing happened. When I was working on clients, and they’d
come to me and they’d have abundance blocks, and they’d be 30, 40, 50 years old, and they
have these abundance blocks, when I traced them back, most of the first imprinting occurred
zero to seven. So, that’s why they’ve been doing all these
meditation techniques, or all these self-improvement things, and they say, “Christie, it’s not
working. Like, I keep clearing the same stuff.How come
it’s not actually changing my life?” And the secret and the clue that I learned
by working on so many people, is zero to seven is usually where the first imprint is, and
if you don’t pull out that layer, things don’t shift as easily. You know, I’m not saying they don’t, or they
couldn’t, or they kind of get better, but then, you know, you go along the road, and
it gets a little better, and then, wham, something else happens. And that’s because you didn’t get the first
core imprinting. And so, I’m going to show you guys how to
find that today. Now, how many of you guys have ever done a
vision board, and you do a vision board and you think, “Hey, I’m going to go manifest
this amazing goal. I’m going to go make a million dollars,” and
then, within a couple of weeks, some kaboom. Like, something happens in your world or your
reality where the washing machine breaks, the car breaks, you lose your job? Has anyone ever had that happen? You’re like, “What in the heck just happened?I
just set this big amazing goal, and, oh, my God. Now my world’s falling apart?” Well, what happens is you have a conflictual
reality. I call it cross-purposes. You have two competing purposes fighting you. So, one part of you is saying, “I want to
have money in abundance, and I want to have more than enough, and the universe completely
and totally supports me and has my back,” and then this other part of you is going,
“Are you crazy? That stuff doesn’t work. You’re not abundant.” You know, how many of you guys have those
dual thoughts that pop in whenever you do your affirmations? Well, those are your patterns, okay? And those are an amazing love gift because
here’s what’s happening. As soon as that negative stuff comes up, you
can use the techniques that I’m going to show you, and you could say, “Oh, my God. I’m finding a cross-purpose.I’m finding something
in my universe that’s a conflictual reality, and now I have the opportunity to change it
because it just showed up in my world.” So, how many of you guys, when that stuff
happens, you know, the normal instinct, of course, is like, “Are you kidding me?This
stuff is happening again.” Wouldn’t it be cool to look at it from the
point of view of, “Oh, my gosh. It’s another pattern that I get to uncover,
that I get to change, that I get to zap away?” So, that’s how I actually look at my patterns
when they come up. I was working with a client, I had taken some
clients to Hawaii for a trip, which was really fun, and, all of a sudden, I looked at her
and I go, “You don’t like when your patterns show up?” She goes, “No. I hate it.” I go, “You know what? I love it, because I know I can change it
right then.” She goes, “Oh, I’m going to rephrase it.” And so, what we’re going to do is I’m going
to walk you through an exercise where you’re going to delete and find…we’re going to
help you find and delete all the patterns. Now, patterns that are negative would be anything
that’s fearful, worry, guilt, shame, anger, depression, anything that would contract you
or suppress you. When I look at somebody’s abundance, I can
look at anyone’s energy and pretty much, in two seconds, tell you if they’re abundant
or not abundant. And, how would I know that? Well, when I look at an abundant person, their
energy is radiating out 20, 30 feet all the way around them, and they’re open to give
and receive simultaneously. When I look at somebody who is not abundant,
what their reality is doing is it’s very tight around them, and it’s kind of contracted. And so, I’m going to guide you through a meditation
where you expand your energy, and just that one thing alone will actually start shifting
how you perceive things in your world. I had a client, and when she came to me, she
said, “Christie…” she was, like, in her 30s. And she goes, “I knew I should have called
you sooner. My guidance told me to do so, but I kept avoiding
it.” And she said, “What happened was I just had
this really bad date, and this date was basically the accumulation of every guy I’ve ever dated
in one guy.” And she goes, “I knew my patterns were talking
to me.” And she’d had this history of…and I didn’t
know this ’till after I’d worked with her, but she had this history of bosses who hit
on her, and then she’d have to leave the job. She had this history of men cheating on her,
and men abandoning her, like…and it was always tied to money, love and money tied
together. So, I said, “Okay.” And she didn’t tell me any of this. I just knew her first name and she showed
up on the phone with me, and I said, “Okay. It seems to me that when you were born…actually
even a little bit before you were born, your mom had such huge emotional trauma, and worry,
and upset, and she hated men. Does that make sense?” She goes, “Absolutely.” And, I go, “Okay. Well, don’t tell me anymore. And it also feels like at 10 years old, 18
years old, 27 year old,” and I started naming all these other ages. I said, “These are the ages which you also
felt those same emotions, right? Abandoned, you hate men, men take your money,
like, all sorts of crazy stuff.” She goes, “Absolutely.” I said, “So, what happened?” And she said, “You know, what happened is
my dad left my mom while I was in utero.” And, sometimes I’ll find these patterns on
people and it actually happened before they were born. “And, my dad had left my mom, so my mom is
obviously, back in the day…you know what I mean?” Women weren’t as empowered as we are now,
thank God, or, you know, thank God we’re empowered now. And so, like, she didn’t have a job or anything,
you know what I mean? So, she has a new baby, she don’t have a job,
and her husband left her. And she goes, “In those other ages you labeled,
my dad came into my life and then left me. So, at 10 years old, he came in and left me,
you know, 17 or 18, he came and left me, and then, all the other ages, I had a guy who
left me, or a boss who did something crazy, you know?” And so, anyway, we cleared that pattern, and
I connected with her six months later. She had sent me an email, and then I called
her, and she had said, “I actually met…” Like, first off, she started her own business,
and she met a man who was basically nothing like any of those other patterns. So, that’s how remarkable and quickly shifting
it can be if you actually find the root, root, root thing that’s creating the real problem. So, if you guys still have your problem, I
promise you, you haven’t found your root thing that’s holding it all together. Okay? So, we’re going to go into a meditation, and
I’m going to guide you in how to find your root thing. So, step one is we’re going to locate the
pattern, and, step two, we’re going to delete the pattern. And, we’re all going to do this from a very
expanded space. All right. So, every one of you intuitively and inherently
knows when I say to you, “Connect to the light.” So, close your eyes. And I’m going to have you take your energy
up 300 feet where you see, sense, or feel the light. Now, everyone inherently knows where the light
is when you say, “Hey, I’m going to pray about it,” or, “I’m going to connect to source about
it,” or, “I’m going to connect to love about it.” So, take your energy up 300 feet where you
see, sense, or feel the light, and allow this light to start coming into the top of your
head. And this light is pure abundance. This light is pure abundance. And it’s truth. So, allow this light to come in and start
connecting you to the truth of who you are. And allow this light to come into your eyes
so you can see the truth of who you are. You’re safe, you’re loved, you’re supported,
you’re abundant by nature. And allow this light to come into your ears,
opening you up so you can hear guidance. And allow this light to come into your throat,
opening it up so that you can have this brilliant connection between your heart and your head. And allow this light to come in to your heart,
opening it up so that you can feel the truth, you can you feel abundance. And allow the light to come into your solar
plexus, washing away fear, worry, guilt, shame, any of those lower emotions. And allow the light to come into your hip
area, your stomach area, washing away anywhere you felt disempowered. And allow the light to come into your root
area, opening it up so that you can stand in the new reality, you can stand in your
abundance. And allow the light to come into your legs,
your knees, your calves, your feet. And allow the light to come into the center
of the planet. Now, there’s this interesting energy in the
center of the planet. It’s a dimensional energy, and it just feels
safe, supported, loved. And, when you connect to it, you naturally
just want to take a deep breath. So, connect to this energy that feels like
mother’s love, that feels supported, feels grounding. So, we want to feel safe in this world, so
bring that energy back up into you. So, we’re going to connect the light from
both directions, above and below. Allow this light to come up into your legs,
into your hips, into your stomach, into your heart, into your throat, into your head. You’re now connected from above and below. And, because I know that you guys are abundants
by nature, I would love it if you could expand your energy out 360 degrees all the way around
you, like a big sunshine, radiating it out from your heart. And take this energy out 5 feet, 10 feet,
20 feet, 30 feet, 40 feet. And find the space that feels abundant and
cozy. All right. And, I’m going to now ask you guys some questions
to help find your patterns. Now, how this intuition stuff works is the
first answer that pops in your head before you can actually think about it, so the first
answer that pops in within one to two seconds is the answer. Okay? So, I want you to think of a time when you
didn’t have enough money. What age is that? Okay. Because I know how these patterns work, in
order to have attracted that into your energy field, there was probably an earlier event
that matched that energy. So, when is the first imprint, the first age
in which you had the vibration or the pattern of, “I don’t have enough money?” What is the first age that you have the pattern
of “not enough money?” And, did you duplicate that energy from your
mom, from your dad, from yourself, from someone else? Now, usually all the thoughts and feelings
that go with that event or this pattern are in, on, and around you, because your soul
is bigger than your body. So, I want you to point to the part of this
vibration that feels the heaviest. When you think of not having enough money,
where in, on, and around your body does it feel heavy? And point to that energy. And then, I want you to ask, “What’s the main
emotion tied into it?What is the main emotion tied into it?” Okay. So, I want you to now bring in a lot of light. So, you have light coming in your body. I want you to bring in a lot of light into
that space, and I want you to just, kind of, think along with me, “I’m going to clear and
transmute this across all time, dimension, space, and reality.” So, we’re bringing in light and we’re blowing
it up with the energy statement, “We’re going to clear and transmute it, instantly vaporize
it across all time, dimension, space, and reality.” And we’re doing it from that place because
we want to get every single incident that’s tied to the pattern. So, everywhere you didn’t have enough money,
we’re going to clear and transmute it across all time, dimension, space, and reality. Everywhere you didn’t feel supported by the
universe with your money, clear and transmute it across all time, dimension, space, and
reality. Everywhere you didn’t have enough when you
needed it, clear and transmute it across all time, dimension, space, and reality. And, I can feel it that some of you guys need
to bring in some more light to that place. So, some of you guys who are kind of backing
away from it, bring in more light into this pattern. We’re going to clear and transmute it across
all time, dimension, space, and reality. So, most of people’s abundance stories come
from their mom and dad. So, I want you to ask inside, “What was my
mom’s main story about money?” Did your mom have plenty of it? Did she say there was not enough? Did she say, “You guys cost me money?” What was your mom’s main story about money? And ask, “What was my mom’s main emotion about
money?” And then, I want you to ask, “At what age
did I duplicate this pattern?At what age did I duplicate this pattern? At what age did I play out this pattern?” Okay. Point to the heaviness of it, wherever it
feels heavy, or tight, or contracted. Wherever you feel this pattern, point to it,
and bring in a lot of light right to that part. Okay. And then, we’re going to say, “We’re going
to clear and transmute it across all time, dimension, space, and reality.” We’re going to clear and transmute it, everywhere
you duplicated your mom’s pattern about money, across all time, dimension, space, and reality. We’re going to clear and transmute everywhere
you’re living your mom’s story about money, clear and transmute it across all time, dimension,
space, reality, clearing and transmuting everywhere and anywhere. “I’m carrying this burden from my mom’s energy
because I was trying to heal her,” clear and transmute that across all time, dimension,
space, and reality. “Any other emotion that I have tied to this,”
clear and transmute it across all time, dimension, space, and reality. Okay. One more time, you guys, bring in a lot of
light right to that pattern. Today is the day you can get rid of it. So, clear and transmute that across all time,
dimension, space, and reality. Okay. So, let’s ask this question, “What was my
dad’s story about money? What was my dad’s story about money?” That there’s not enough? That you should be stingy, greedy? What was your dad’s story about money? What was your dad’s main emotion about money? “What age did I duplicate my dad’s energy
about money?What age did I duplicate my dad’s energy about money? And, what’s my main emotion about money?” Okay. Point to where it feels heavy, or tight, or
contracted. Okay. So, bring in a lot of light into that space,
clear and transmute it across all time, dimension, space, reality. We’re going to clear and transmute everywhere
you duplicated dad’s story about money across all time, dimension, space, and reality. Clear and transmute everywhere you’re living
your dad’s story about money, clear and transmute that across all time, dimension, space, and
reality. Anywhere and everywhere you’re living the
lie that you have to carry your dad’s energy about money, clear and transmute that across
all time, dimension, space, and reality. Okay. Please bring in a lot more light into that
space. Okay. Any other pattern that you duplicated of “not
enough money,” that’s tied to dad, please clear and transmute that across all time,
dimension, space, and reality. And then, after we clear things, I like to
fill in with an energy, a positive energy. So, I want you to just bring in a lot of light
into those spaces. “What would it take for me to be totally abundant?What
would it take for me to have it all? What would it take for me to be supported?What
would it take for me to have enough money? What would it take for me to have more than
enough of money? What would it take for me to always live in
a positive viewpoint about money?” Any other thing you want to fill into that
space, just fill it in. Okay. And, just know that you can come back to this
and add more light at any time throughout the day, okay? Because once we start unleashing these patterns,
they start peeling off like an onion. So, if you guys start feeling tightness around
your body today, I want you to go inside it and ask, “What’s up?” And then I want you to add light. And so, when you’re ready, just kind of open
your eyes knowing all is well. I would actually like to ask somebody a question. So, who here found a pattern that they were
not expecting to find? What’s your name? – [Ann] Ann. – Hi, Ann. So, what did you discover? – I realized that my mom had a feeling that
she didn’t have the ability to earn money for herself, that…my parents were separated
when I was very, very young, and that she saved. She was very conservative. She felt like she could be smart by retaining
what she had, but didn’t have the ability. There’s a fear there that she didn’t have
the ability to bring it in for herself. – And, did you find…is there any place in
your life where you duplicated that, and you didn’t know it was from mom? – Yeah. – Yeah. Okay, good. And, no…I mean, it’s, like, awesome, now
you can transform the whole thing. – Absolutely. – Give her a hand. Anyone else have a pattern that they weren’t
expecting to find? – [Chris] Hi, my name is Chris. – Hi, Chris. What did you discover? – Well, I never really thought about my mother’s
patterns with money. And the pattern that emerged was that my mother
was captive to my father’s control over money. She grew up as an orphan, and my father grew
up from a pattern of parents who lost all their money in the Great Depression. So, he grew up around scarcity. And, so he was a big control guy. – And, did you ever play out your mom’s pattern
about money that you’re aware of? – Actually, I never realized it until now,
but I did. – That’s awesome. Happy discovery today, right? – Yes, indeed. Thank you very much. – Give him a hand. Okay. All right. So, I’ll give you guys a hand for awesomeness,
for finding your patterns, eliminating them.

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    Yes , look at minute 15.00 It is worked if you focused 2 or 3 minutes. The rest has no powerful effect. It has good effect if you can imagine that your energy field increase 100, etc meters beyond your body ! -subconscious mind will help that. Just try TO GLOW as much as you can-this is the secret . Glow your head, neck, heart, hip, knee, etc. But this has nothing to do with money !!! Just balance . We need balance. The rest could come or not.

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  18. I am not here to bash, but I was so disappointed after Mindvalley Masterclass. Like everyone else, I had seen amazing uplifting video's from Christie. My excitement disappeared after seeing this was nothing more than a sketchy info commercial with a sales pitch at the end. I hope Christie still does a few FREE video's on youtube for people that are tired of millionaires attempting to pad their already healthy bank accounts. She has all the money she will ever need. Throw the rest of us a bone who are not as fortunate.

  19. We Love You Christie Marie Sheldon And We Love Mindvalley Thank You Som Much Much Love From Beautiful Souls

  20. I'm actually using this meditation to clear other issues related to mother as well. Like what was my mother's main story about sex, romance etc.? I follow along this meditation but think of that instead and the result feels just as good!

  21. I don't have women friends bc they make the worse friends and are the first ones to throw you under the bus. And it was my mother who cheated on my father who was a very faithful man.

  22. I know it was a about time to try Christie tools again …I'll be patient this time…thank you Christie und mindvalley!

  23. I do similar to you but I discovered going into the void is closer to the source then the white light which feeel like going into what is already created. My experiments and consequential research gas shown this and more

  24. Hi am not going to lie. My patterns are heavy and I felt it. My mom's always dependid on my ever since I was 12 I will go and work to take care of the entire family. And if I didn't have money they will treat me like sxxx so I got caught up giving more than a had my father never was in my life so Everytime I would see him he didn't have money. So I had to grow with no support. And a lot hatery so it made me bitter and feeling like I just wanted. And still just want to have a lot of things. And just travel the world.

  25. Despite my not meditating, everything Christie said resonated deep within me and I felt that I was personally making breakthrough after breakthrough. Walls were crumbling around me with eyes wide open and light was breaking through.

  26. I just started watching this video and just before 4:00 she mentioned the experiment. Don't you think that most of them could be lying as they are afraid to state a negative statement fearing they will break the spell? You hear all the time people trying to convince themselves "I am a millionaire", blah blah blah. All that kind of stuff.

  27. On the meditation, I only remembered that my mother would say " I don't cut the money with scissors", but for the rest, I could not find anything else. I couldn't find any thing about my father or the dates. Nothing showed up. What is still blocking me access those memories?

  28. Oh, another thing. Really you believe just by saying "Above and below I clear this and that" and you are really done being abundant?

  29. Christie Marie Sheldon is amazing I love her meditations! I've always been intuitive but recently started working with cards.. if anyone wants a free 3 card reading email me or click the link https://mailchi.mp/81980ef4be29/freetarotreading or email [email protected]

  30. The kingdom of heaven, lives within
    My abundance comes naturally. God will give me abundance. I shall receive it.

  31. What is one thing you learned from this talk? Share your thoughts, we'd love to hear them 😃
    AND you can experience transformational FREE masterclass that will clear your abundance blocks check it out here 👉 https://go.mindvalley.com/q1v7hfkq

  32. I keep going through these crazy poverty , public ridiculous multi step processes every time I try to manifest. I need direct hits.

  33. Hello from Boston Christine, your work is powerful thank you for sharing, you are a very smart and sweet woman, blessings!

  34. At least she is positive instead of a negative nataly like some of these comments and she is cute witg good energy.

  35. I am fond of Mind valley. I love Vishen Lakhiani. Love to you ….. Cleansing by Reiki and attracting everything as you like by HonShaZeShoNen a symbol 3rd of 2nd level Reiki. Namaste Sister.

  36. I’ve download the pdf; im going to print and fill it out pre-video. I’m excited to unlock my personal intuition, potential and let go of burdens. Even just typing this message is refreshing

  37. I'm sorry to say it, but you can't make life to function the way you want, if so, Reality, the way things go,
    would be crazier than it actually is, Life follow the will of all minds on a way that one dont understand,
    the laws life follows are not human nature, whose? who cares?.
    Dear Mindvalley: please help people to be free and not to be slave of the wishes that maybe come trough
    or not.
    Help people to be strong persons and so they can rely in theirselves.
    The Time run out from All of us very quickly,it's a pity to waste it with the believe that the Universe
    give a fuck about us getting money.

  38. Hi, I was looking for an abundance exercise for a client and did it myself too ; though I didn’t feel a lack but him to be out of this situation immediately; he is in lot of pain due to this ; hope I can share this with him – seek your permission for the same

  39. I did not resonate either sadly with the way this energy teacher (socalled) presents her goods. Since we all have the power of freedom of speech, may I say that the constant bursts of distracting giggling has to go. They are fine once in a while, but must not become such a distraction where the presentation becomes tainted with a lack of genuine intention. The money topic is strictly taboo for many, especially if this is not presented in a more down to earth professional manner. Here comes the giggling again. Sorry I was put off and unimpressed. Perhaps there is an unconscious guilt attached to the noble condition of a person who maintains she may have psychic abilities, (so don't we all have a modicum of that if we're smart and intelligent?) and invariably turn that gift into materialistic purposes, which to me is a no-no. No need to giggle an apology, if she puts the information out there with a more professional demeanor it may also be taken more seriously, not leaving us with a suspicion that she is drumming up business to bring in the dollars for her services. Sorry folks but I had to say, and you can now dump on me any which way it gives you pleasure and satisfaction. I was really looking forward to what she might have to teach us, but I think I will look elsewhere.

  40. I found this to be a fascinating exercise. I discovered two clear patterns I never had considered before that I have adopted to some extent. My mother, having come from a poor family raised by her father who struggled to make ends meet while her mother spent most of her life in the hospital due to a tragic event that left her a woman of significantly diminished mental and emotional capacity for the remainder of her life, always had a fear of not having enough money and not being able to make that money on her own – that she needed to be supported by someone else. My father was the last of nine children and as the baby of his family, was always taken care of and learned that he could be selfish with his own money and that he didn't need to worry about making much money because others would take care of his needs and their own. I can see how both of these elements have shaped my own views about abundance, and the simple recognition of these things will help me to now consciously make decisions that are not restricted by these patterns/blocks to abundance. Thank you!!!!

  41. I doubt this can help me, I've felt worthless for so long….I can always hear that little voice telling me, you aren't worth it….I've been so frustrated wanting to change it, but I don't know how.

  42. OMG, I was sobbing through this meditation. What came through was not directly about money, but about self-worth. In the course of life it is connected to abundance, to where you place yourself in society, your monetary value for your work, etc. etc… Need to do this again. Completely blown away. Big thanks for making this available here.

  43. Hi there, Need some tips please. In the meditation, the part where we are connected with the earth…I can't get a good wholesome clear connection! It's brown, muddy and heavy and not very helpful. Anyone tips for clearing this?

  44. Thank you for giving me this video to change my life.
    I've been struggling with huge debts and as a retired father, who gave all my wealth to my ex in exchange for our children, I've been repeating my parents life style and never knew it.
    Today is the start of new beginnings for me as I have been contemplating bankruptcy to eliminate debt and now feel I have the tools to solve this pattern.
    I believe everything happens for a reason and that's how I stumbled upon your video.
    A heart felt thanks to you.

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