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Emotional Sales Techniques That Boost Your Sales On Amazon FBA

Emotional Sales Techniques That Boost Your Sales On Amazon FBA

Hey guys, girls, everyone, welcome to my
new video and today we’re gonna be speaking emotions. Guys, emotions are like the key thing for
sales, like, be that Amazon be that Shopify website, be that a frontal Sale, anything, you know, email marketing,
whatever. Emotions are like the basics of any sale,
guys. And today, I wanna be sharing what I’ve learned
throughout my years of entrepreneurship about emotions, how I use them in my listings and
how I sell more, because I implement the right emotions in the right time and basically,
I wanna show you how you can benefit from this as well. So, let’s dive into today’s video. Guys, so emotions. I mentioned that emotions are really important
for any business or for any project or for any thing that you’re trying to sell pretty
much, but why? Why would this be so? Why would people be influenced by emotions
to make sales and purchases? Well, I got sort of a nice quote here, it says, “People
don’t buy products or services or features or benefits. People buy transformation.” So, eventually guys, it’s not exactly, you know, the
knife that you’re selling them that they wanna cut their, you know, sort of chicken or something. It’s the cut chicken and the amazing meal
that they’re gonna have and the family time. That’s what you’re selling to people when
you’re selling knives, just as an example. And in Apple’s example they use, you know, for their
iPod, they just use people, all sorts of different people with different colors with whatever,
like the Apple fans, just dancing their asses off and they’re like aliens and apes and men
and women and the colors are from, you know, different sides of the rainbow kind of thing. And this is an amazing ad in my opinion, because
it’s purely emotional here. There’s nothing to say. It’s just the music, you, and you’re killing
it. And that’s Apple. But guys, let’s go through some ads that are
more of a combined ads, like, where people have many emotional things, sort of on them and let’s dig
and see what’s there, which emotion is that, what does it show, what makes people
buy, why people should click “get started” here. So, this is Plastic, company that just helps
you not to write a check again, you pay for stuff by card. And even if … they don’t accept credit cards. So basically, you just quickly, really easily
through Plastic, you can pay for your child care and the fees are small and it’s guaranteed
to arrive in time. And the girl here is just relaxed. She’s drinking her coffee and she knows that
she’ll never write a check again. This burden of writing checks, of doing all
this worrying stuff just stopped and now she drinking her coffee, she’s totally there, you know, in
this beautiful moment of not ever writing a check again and that’s exactly what Plastic
shows here. That’s the transformation we’re looking for,
right? And not this service. We’re gonna use their service. Logically, you justify your relaxed state
of mind by seeing the fees are small, it’s guaranteed to arrive on time, Visa, American
Express here, these badges make you trust this company. Awesome. And then we have Brand Yourself, so that’s
for people who try to run personal brands, I believe. And it says, “Look great when employers, clients
and even dates Google you.” So basically, what this company is offering
is to brand yourself tools and the tools of this company, they empower you to control
what people find when they Google your name. For people that their names are important,
these guys help clear their names or just keep their names clear and this guy shows
confidence, he shows that he’s used this Brand Yourself program. And he knows that he’s secure. He’s there, he’s sitting, he’s like, “Yeah,
my name is clear. No problem. These guys take care of that”. And they know that people, employers, clients,
these people that you’re just in touch with and your dates, somebody that’s sort of tapping
to the emotional part of a guy and a girl or stuff like that. And you wanna look great when they search
for you. So, this company gives you this opportunity
and you need help with fixing your Google results? Call us now. There’s call to action and it’s as seen on
Shark Tank, which is probably a show or something or a magazine. So, this ad is done really nice. Forbes, that’s like social proof and yeah,
this is the emotion here. This guy is totally confident. And with True Conversion, it’s easy to double
your sales when you know exactly what your customers want. And this girl’s like, “Whoa,” this emotion
is sort of winning, like she probably, actually doubled her sales and she’s feeling awesome
and you see her like this and you wanna be there like, “Yeah, I wanna be in this place
where I double my sales. I wanna be there.” And these guys do it really well and you can
just request an invitation today from this company, but they are only 500 beta users. So, you should be one of them quickly before
these seats run out, right? Yeah, so True Conversion does a really nice
job with provoking emotion of being a winner, of happiness and throughout their copy and
pictures. And logically, they get to seal the deal,
because there was a limited amount of spots, you should do that right now and you just
have to enter your email. Guys, there are like 37 different copywriting emotions
here that you can later on come back to the studio and steal and your product can be anything
pretty much. Just find the emotion connected to the product
and to the way you wanna sell the product. So, if you wanna say sell something optimistic
for people who are lacking optimism or need extra optimism, you can tap on this emotion
of optimism. So, you’re gonna be speaking good things,
good, positive things throughout your copy and you’re gonna be showing the good part
and the full half of the glass and probably in order for selling something, then maybe
… what can you sell with optimism? Pretty much everything. This book or something, it’s gonna make you
feel more optimistic. Or be that fear. Fear is a really nice emotion to tap. Maybe you’re selling something that fights
germs on toilets or whatever and the fear is all the germs there. You can tap this emotion by telling people
what evil things live there and how your product cleans it eventually and ends this fear of
germs and it does it in a way that reaches everywhere, there’s logic to justify it and
there are a lot of emotions you can choose from. Also, there’s this emotion wheel that you’re
just basically sort of looking up for an emotion you wanna use for your product, for you pictures,
whatever, say it’s happiness. Actually, you wanna feel free. That means your content and you’re happy. So, your pictures, can be built accordingly. Or if it’s surprised, people can be confused
and disillusioned. That’s kind of “Whoa”, but then you can be surprised,
excited and energetic. So, that’s an emotion wheel. You can Google it and it’s something that can really
help you find the right emotion and take it deeper. And guys, just gotta remember the three-step
buying tier that people get emotions, which leads to desires and that leads to action. Again, let’s say your product is a kitchen
knife. You see a beautiful picture of the turkey
cut really well and just as you wish it to be. Clean, the food is clean, the kitchen is looking
good. That’s what you wanna show the people. They get emotional, they are excited about
what they are seeing and then they have the desire to have the same kitchen or the same
cut chicken and in order to get that, they gotta get the knife. So, they take action and they buy your knife,
right? And just a little sort of how to say a bonus
or something or something that really helps me is identifying emotions and making your sales
copy better is the “so what” approach. So, basically, let’s say we have a knife and
it’s a knife, it is made of stainless steel. So what? So, our stainless steel, it’s easy to make
it sharp and it won’t rust. All right, so what? So, your food is gonna stay clear and there’s
not gonna be any germs that come with rust in your food. So what? So, you can enjoy a perfect meal with your
family and you can be healthy and enjoying your good food. So, that’s this “so what” approach, which
basically takes you from the feature to the emotion connected with the feature, or something
like that. Guys, thank you for watching today’s video. I really hope that you’re gonna be using emotions
in your business, in your copy, on your Amazon listing or your Shopify site, whatever that
is, because people like buying based on emotions and they love it in fact. This makes their buying experience just like
another level and this will help you sell more. Guys, please like this video if you like it. Comment, let me know your thoughts about emotions
and subscribe to my channel for more videos like that and let’s see each other in my next
video. Thank you, thank you.

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  1. Emotions are key to great sales. Agree?
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