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Email Subscription Sign Ups For $0.34 With Facebook Ads

Email Subscription Sign Ups For $0.34 With Facebook Ads

okay in this video I’m gonna give you a
quick marketing lesson and it’s just something that I came across you might
think that what the hell you’re a solicitor and you don’t know what you’re
talking about and gaudí buddy blah you can have that view if you want but just
have a look at this video and you’re gonna see something I think it’s funny
actually but it is should be of interest should be of value to anybody who’s
trying to market their business or who’s trying to perhaps think about starting
up a business starting point is that not too long ago I was watching a video on
YouTube as I do and a suggestion video came up and the video that came up was
from a guy called Noah Kagan now as you can see on the screen there Noah Kagan
and if you look this up yourself he was he is the chief man at Sumer appSumo and
King Sumer where we had entrepreneurs kick ass but before that he was the
number 30 employee at Facebook and number four I’ve mentioned before that
he was an Intel but he is a huge track record of success with online business
online marketing digital marketing and so on okay and he actually was in at the
ground at the ground and the inception of Facebook and he actually helped start
Facebook ads but recently I was watching a YouTube ad and this video came up but
I’m gonna have I’m gonna show you that you did the video so here he is here
Noah Kagan and you’ll see just bring this over here you’ll see that the video
is actually about you’ll see Facebook Ads tutorial how I get thousands of
email subscribers for $1 each okay I’m gonna play just a short bit of it and
you’ll get the gist of what the video is about and then I’m gonna show you
something that I think is funny but is also very very instructive boy mister
steal your pennies aka Noah Kagan in today’s video I’m gonna show you how you
can set up Facebook Ads to get your own $1 email list sign ups when I worked at
Facebook I helped build Facebook ads and since then I’ve spent over 3 million
running Facebook ads for similar calm and have similar calm so this guy helped
build Facebook ads and he’s gonna show you now in this video which lasts for 17
minutes he’s gonna show you how to get email subscribers for $1 each okay so
this is what its gonna show you how to get email subscribers for $1 each let me
show you my cost of acquisition of email subscribers we went here to Facebook Ads
platform and you’ll see their sign up for 16 mistakes report so this is one of
my email subscriber lists of 6,000 people signed up to us course you’ll see
there that the cost yesterday was 20 cents that’s 20 US
cents in other words $20 cents not 20 euro cents and if you’ll see that that’s
for yesterday okay so there’s yesterday I’m gonna change that to the last 7 days
changed to the last 7 days and as I get back over here and you can see that the
cost per sign up is 30 cents and if we take a look and I got a change in out
the last 14 days you’ll see that the cost per sign up is 32 cents and if you
change it to the previous or rather the last 30 days you see the cost per sign
up for me is 34 cents and yet here’s a guy Noah Kagan who was in at the
foundation of Facebook ads who was the number xxx employee in the facebook
along with you man that started this mark on every faces here’s a guy telling
you how to get ads or how to get signups to your subscriber list with Facebook
ads for $1 and I’m getting them for 30 cents on average for the last 30 months
30 days rather weren’t getting them for longer or for that sort of money for
much much longer period of time so if we go over here and I change this now to
will say last month you see that the cost for me of a sign
up is 33 cent or sign up for 16 mistakes report I hope you find this video useful
and I hope you recognize that sometimes people can know stuff and understand
stuff and even though they may not be so-called digital marketing experts or
they may not be experts in a particular field that doesn’t mean that they don’t
actually know stuff from working on at the coalface day in day out in a
business driving a business forward and actually learning and understanding how
to Marcus how to market online how to do email marketing how to get signups for
as you can see 30 cents and this guy one of the founders of Facebook employee
number 30 was the founders of Facebook advertising and he’s a video here from
June of 2017 how to get email subscribers for a dollar each I hope you
find this video useful if you do please give it a thumbs up down below and you
may be interested in subscribing to my youtube channel and this guy’s name if
you want to find out any more about him is Noah Kagan iran’s appSumo and so on
and so on think sumo and he is worth a lot of money hope you find it useful

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