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Ed’s Heinz Ad

Ed’s Heinz Ad

I’ve got an idea for a Heinz Ketchup Commercial. I was at this super posh restaurant. Super posh. The type of place that has chandeliers, and paintings on the wall, and way too many forks. I think classical music was playing… maybe it was jazz… no, definitely classical. The hostess walks up to me, she says “Mr. Sheeran, is this your first time dining with us?” and I say “yep”. The waiter comes over, he’s telling me about the specials: “Super fancy, fancy vegetables, fancy sauces.” I said, “Sounds fancy”. So, fast forward and the food comes. The waiter goes on to tell me “We are proud to present this farm to table blah blah blah, posh and fancy blah blah blah, with a side of blah blah blah.” You know the food looked good, I just thought there was something missing. So, I reach into my bag and I take out the only thing that can complete me. And at that point, the whole world came to a stop. And the waiter was screaming, through his eyes, “Nooooooo”. So that’s my idea, do you want to do it?

97 thoughts on “Ed’s Heinz Ad

  1. I did this once in a fancy restaurant called Zedels in London. Food was delicious, but of course I asked for heinz.

  2. This popped up in my recommendations and I willingly clicked on this video, I have no regrets 😌👏🏼👏🏼

  3. I've got an idea for Heinz. Don't kick a Canadian town in the teeth in order to save a few bucks.

    French's all the way after what happened.

  4. This is the most pretentious & moronic add, that I have ever seen….Now if Ed Shithead or whatever his name is. Well if he such a lowkey cool guy. Then why would he be at a resturant likae that at all hah?
    Furthermore who on earth would care in slightest if he put ketchup on his food. No one would. If Ed Shatsrans really came up with this it is a testiment too just how shallow & dumb he is

  5. Any performer who ever sells a product on television is for now and all eternity removed from the artistic world – Bill Hicks

  6. My daughter puts ketchup on anything!!!! Lol!! But seriously does it still come in glass? Cuz it doesn’t anywhere I shop here in the states ❤️❤️

  7. Is that supposed to encourage the peasants to take a bottle of ketchup into a high class restaurant the next time they go? Hahaha… It seems to me that you have shot yourself in the foot, Heinz! The peasants prefer to pour ketchup over their usual cuisine of kebabs, pizzas and fish and chips. Eating quality food in classy restaurants is a little out of their comfort zone and I doubt that those who do treat themselves to a bit of posh nosh every now an then, would spoil their expensive coq au vin or their boeuf bourguinon by pouring ketchup all over it! Ed Sheeran can afford to do that although why he would bother ordering restaurant quality food and then covering it with ketchup, begs the question of whether he just does it because he can or is he trying to make a particular statement! I like some ketchup on my fish and chips but prefer a nice Béarnaise sauce on my steaks and gravy with my roast chicken.

  8. Ed is a great lad, first he endorses abortion in Ireland and now he endorses Heinz ketchup.
    Does Heinz realise it children who consume the most ketchup and this clown is effecting their ketchup sales by endorsing the killing of its number one consumer. Heinz what are you thinking about FFS! Heinz, you're off our shopping list from now on.

  9. I usually don't pay attention to ads, but this was great. I would have totally decided to buy Heinz ketchup just because of this ad, if not for the fact I already buy Heinz ketchup.

  10. i call my Heinz Ketchup my Puerto rican steak sauce, so imagine when i ask the waiter who just brought me well done prime rib end cut! May i have the Puerto rican steak sauce?? he says excuse me? i say Heinz bring the Heinz lmgfhao

  11. 1:10: Ed dropped some ketchup in the table.
    1:14: the stain dissapeard. Maybe they will use this later to make a joint venture ad for some washing powder 🙂

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