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Edgar Reeves – Welcome to Edgar Reeves

Edgar Reeves – Welcome to Edgar Reeves

Edgar-Reeves was founded in 1995 by Stephanie
and Bill Reeves. In 2013, Stephanie asked me to join her team. They introduced me to
the lighting industry, and in 2016 my husband and I purchased the business. That is where
we stand today. We provide a vast array of lampshades and a variety of materials, sizes,
shapes, and colors. We also offer distinctive lamps, beautiful bell jars, and hanging fixtures
to compliment any space. And if our existing shades don’t meet your needs, we specialize
in custom shades, and you may choose from our fabrics or your own material. Our services
include fitting your lamp and lampshades with the correct tarp, adapting objects into
lamps, creating custom bases and helping to facilitate large installs by pulling and labeling each
lampshade or other items. You can expect excellent service, high-quality products, and knowledgable
staff that will help you in the process of selecting lighting in both a personal and
approachable way.

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