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eBay Room Set Up – Easy, Cost-Effective, Organized, and Functional

eBay Room Set Up – Easy, Cost-Effective, Organized, and Functional

hey everybody its Suzanne a Wells and
welcome back to another video today I wanted to show you my eBay setup I see a
lot of questions on the Facebook group about how do you set up your eBay room
and it really just depends on what’s gonna work for you and you may have read
on my blog a few months ago that I moved out into a little cabin in the woods and
it’s pretty small house but I have finally got my eBay room all set up and
wanted to show you just if you’re still trying to figure things out or if you’ve
got a small space it does not have to be expensive you don’t have to buy a whole
bunch of organizing stuff it’s just you have to set up something you can work in
every day that’s gonna work for you so basically so we have this house that is
really small and my eBay room is off the kitchen and so the kitchen’s right here
there’s no door here so we put up these curtains it were like 10 dollars at
Kohl’s and just to make a little private space where I can close it off and not
have to look at it all the time or can be in there working if other people are
in other rooms around me that I won’t be distracted so you know when people do
come over here they’re like oh what’s going on in there are you doing palm
readings or whatever no it’s my eBay room so go in here and I’ll just start
off with the desk area basically this is my workstation and sorry it’s so dark
it’s just dark in here but it’s not even a real desk it’s just a folding table
the large desk I had for many years in my 3,000 square-foot house we’re so big
we couldn’t get it out when I moved so this is what I’m using and I think the
older you get and the more times you move this business you realize it
doesn’t take a lot of elaborate stuff you just do what works for you so this
is my filing cabinet this little pink great I had a huge double filing cabinet
with these huge drawers for many years and now I have downsized to just this
most everything I use is scanned and online or electronic I bank statements
anything like that is all electronic so I’m trying not to have any paper in my
life down here is just storage of labels and office supplies that kind of thing
and the garbage man is outside so that’s great
so here my calendar and just stuff like that so my computer I have a Mac and I
can’t tell you how much I love it I was really intimidated to learn this but I
had the big dinosaur computer with the huge monitor and all the equipment the
speakers and all that stuff for years and years and it finally died and so I
moved on to this it’s great for when I have to do my writing jobs cuz I can go
anywhere with it I can go to Starbucks I can go to the library I can just go sit
on the couch and you know the printer just plugs in and it’s very very
portable and easy so I like that one thing I want to show you before I
show you my storage situation is how I package my items so I just put my
clothing in these what are called bread bags and they’re in getting a Kroger you
can get them at Walmart they’re just actually four made for bread they’re a
gallon size to come with a twist ties I don’t use the twist ties I fold up the
item and put it in here and I always try to fold it where I can see the
information about the item so you don’t have to write a label on for everything
you just fold it where you can see what it is and then when it’s time to ship it
I can quickly pull it out so here’s another one its lands and tag on it so
you just want to save yourselves much for items that look a lot alike such as
black pants black anything I do write a little note stick it inside the package
because labels fall off and post it notes fall off and I’ve tried everywhere
I’d know to do this and this is what works is putting a note inside the bag
that way it’s not gonna get separate it’s not gonna fall off so things that
we have a lot of that look alike that’s an easy way to differentiate what they
are sometimes the tags are on the inside of the item and you just you can’t see
it so that’s what I came up with there okay
and why do I put it in plastic because it keeps it clean it’s ready to go you
can just put it into a mailer if you know anything about catalog businesses
like LL Bean or Lands End or you know any of those catalogue businesses or
even just online retailers like Kohl’s JC Penney’s whoever this is how their
store stuff in their warehouse it’s all in plastic if you order something from
Kohl’s calm it comes in plastic so there’s a reason for that and it’s
because it keeps everything clean separated and ready to pull and ship so
that’s my method there okay now here are my tubs here’s my inventory this is 80%
of my inventory right here I label things by type and color so for example
skirts I’ll start a tub for whatever type of item it is when it starts
getting to full and lid won’t close I separate it out by color that’s just the
way my mind works I know some people do bin numbers and they have all different
kind of systems for this I just do short sweet to the point color so skirts
here’s black and gray skirts I’ve got dresses and then dresses by
see black dresses yeah here so it’s just easier for me to find it that way when
it’s separated by color you know got hats scarves sleepwear you know it’s
just organized where I can find it there’s no right or wrong way to do this
so these are just your basic storage tubs you can get at Walmart for about
three to five dollars a piece I always look for these at garage sales thrift
stores so I can get them cheap and have plenty on hand okay so these are my
shipping supplies mailers bubble wrap my styrofoam head for taking pictures of
hats I use a lot of egg cartons for cushioning they’re great to put around
the perimeter of a box and then you put your item in there so it’s kind of
floating if you’ve got breakable items I cut them up and put them around pictures
they’re great to use for a lot of things and they’re free here’s some more stuff
that bag is cashmere sweaters that are going to go into a cutter lot if you
sell cashmere you always get home with some that you didn’t see holes in that
are not repairable so instead of throwing them away you can put them in a
lot I’ll put a link to that in the comments section below here on the video
okay and just more shipping supplies I use paper bags I get them from the
grocery store they’re free they’re good for packing and shipping and then I keep
a sewing kit up here so that I can repair things there are easy fixes
you know sewing up a hole in a cashmere sweater or four or five stitches is
nothing and then it’s sellable it makes it worth more if you just take five
minutes to do that and I’ve got a little shoeshine shoe polish kit here for
fixing up shoes lint rollers stuff like that okay and then this is a rack that
my fiance put up there is just like a curtain rod with brackets all of these
items that are hanging are wash steamed ready to be photographed so
today I’m going to take these pictures and then send the pictures to my virtual
assistant who will enlist those items for me while I’m taking pictures of more
things down here that’s just a tub covered with a blanket
this bag is stuff I bought on Friday today is Monday so that gets processed
as soon as possible and this tub of shoes is already been photographed and
needs to be listed so this bag right here is the only thing I have bought
that is not listed so I am practicing what I preach on that buy it and list it
immediately you can’t sell if it’s sitting there ok
so there’s some a little bit more storage over there this blank wall I use
for taking pictures I just have to put a screw in the wall right here so I can
hang hangers on it this is good for men’s shirts and stuff that doesn’t look
good on the mannequin or won’t go on the mannequin so I have this area here and
then my steamer now for my regular pictures I have set up a space in the
bedroom because the light is better and I like the background of the louvered
closet doors so here we are in the bedroom and this is where I set up my
mannequin when I’m taking pictures and you can see that it makes a nice
backdrop for your clothing I have never used the umbrellas and the whole photo
setup and all that stuff the lighting kit I just find a place in
my house that I can do it and I just I don’t want all that equipment I just
want an easy to do I use my iPhone to take pictures edit them on the iPhone
the point here is I’m not the biggest seller I’m not the best seller I don’t
have the biggest store and then around the
but I have found ways to make this work for 14 years and really the only way to
make it work is to do create a system that works for you it doesn’t matter
what other people are doing if you’re not going to get up and do it every day
and be disciplined enough to take your pictures and get your items listed it
doesn’t matter what your storage system is or how you’re taking pictures if
you’re not doing the work so this was just to show you how simple it can be
get it set up get it done get your items sold so look below the video for links
to things I’ve mentioned here and if you have any questions let me know
have a great day on ebay bye

41 thoughts on “eBay Room Set Up – Easy, Cost-Effective, Organized, and Functional

  1. Love your videos. I joined the Facebook moms selling group in eBay last week and it's been unavailable for days. I was worried that you wouldn't be posting here anymore. Great video.

  2. Thank you Suzanne for sharing your eBay life and eBay experiences. I always learn something when I watch your videos. Thanks for keeping it real! Blessings to you and yours.

  3. I agree with the keep it simple approach. Thanks for showing others it really can work well without all the fancy equipment. I sell women's clothing and accessories and have fought with lighting and backgrounds over the years and find that a little spot on my antique dresser that has the best natural light with a little free standing Vintage manni. She can go onto a stand if needed and works perfect for me. I just buy inventory accordingly and scale my business to fit ME and my small space. When photos are done, she can be easily hidden from sight. I limit my items to anything that can be worn above the waist primarily unless I find a super deal on anything else. I have sold on eBay for three years now and it took me awhile to learn it has to all fit my life and space and is all working wonderfully! Most often I keep her dressed in something neutral and very cute and she just lives on my dresser as decoration! I hope this helps others struggling with how to manage selling in a small space. It can be done and may even save ones sanity!

  4. I moved from a 2,000 sq. ft. house to an 1,100 sq. ft. apartment this past yr. Great to see it can be done with a little
    organization. Been doing ebay full time for 4 yrs. now. Have about 900 items online. How many items do you have

  5. I have a question about the invoice, it contains the return address so can the buyer easily find that info for a return?

  6. Hi Suzanne! I have a system almost identical to yours. I put my clothes in plastic bags after listing and have them in bins just like you do. I've run into a problem that I'm sure you've discovered. The item I need is always in the bottom bin! As I age, this has become a problem with my herniated disc and I've thought and thought about a new system. I'm going to get 4-5 drawer file cabinets. I'm sure that the contents of a bin will fit in a drawer so I don't believe it will take much more space. There may be kinks to work out, but I want to try this because pulling open a drawer would be easier than slinging bins around. Will you tell me what you think? I've been watching locally to buy used cabinets on the cheap so I haven't started it yet. Thoughts?

  7. Do you put a small hole in the bag for the item to air? And do you just pull out and ship without taking the wrinkles out? thank you

  8. Thanks for the video, Suzanne. So much of your set-up is similar to mine, down to the bread bags! 🙂 I do "bin" differently, but as you said, we all have the system that works for us. With my health, I have to have it that someone else can ship if I'm unavailable, so I do the bin code in each listing. And, it just so happened that it made it easier for me to check my inventory. I can go to my pro seller active listings and search by the bin code, pull that bin and make sure that what is in it is what is listed and vice versa. Some days, I can only do a bin's worth. I also ended up nixing my light kit. I'm also trying out the staging items lying flat, but will probably have to nix that, as well. Bending/breathing isn't a great combo, LOL Thank you for all you do <3 Kim

  9. Hi Suzanne, Thank you for sharing so many great tips & best practices in you're videos. Do you find that buyers leave feedback just as much without packing slip? Thanks again, Rayne

  10. Thanks for sharing love your videos do you ever shop the bins at goodwill? Thanks I am doing the plastic bags as well for clothing works great.
    Thanks for all you do.

  11. I have the EXACT Same system with the Prepackaged Items and Totes..Even THEN sometimes I have to Dig to the Bottom to find things!! LOL…If you have over 300 Listings and do not stay ORGANIZED you may go a little NUTS haha,,Thanks for Sharing!!

  12. Hi Suzanne and TFS.

    I've been watching your YT videos for a while and am very interested in selling on ebay. I have a collection of mugs and I also sell on a couple of other platforms, so I have inventory that includes games, books and clothing. I've heard some ebay sellers say you should have more than one ebay account if you have a variety of items and some ebay sellers appear to have just one where they sell a variety of items. I'd like to know your opinion on which is better and why. Thanks in advance.

  13. You are so helpful I was overwhelmed in groups,,so involved..you have shown the everyday newbie that it is simple to set up..in a few minutes you have set me up..thank you..

  14. Ive looked up so many different ways and even though there's no right or wrong way, I can never understand whats the point in letterigs bins and adding codes. Thats so much to keep track of … Im with you my …. I purchased a bunch of clear bins from walmart and labeled by type. I also purchased the twist tie clear bags, also from Walmart and printed Avery labels with title of item. I open a bin and pick out whats sold 1,2,3. Thanks for the share!

  15. Thank you I have gotten started. It’s very slow as you know I am disabled. But I made 3 sales. And getting a place ready. I have things everywhere. The printer and manakin are in my daughters room. She will be home from college next week so I have to get my room ready. My husband is going to move everything on Saturday. My daughter gave me her old computer , I love it. Great you are doing this video. I have been wanting a plastic bag to put things in so I actually need to go pick up medicine at Kroger today I will pick up the bread bags. That is exactly what I want my inventory to look like. I knew I would connect with you. I told you in an earlier video that my maiden name is wells. And my mother’s name is Susan ann. So lol. My wells family is from north Mississippi. We have a cabin. Hope to spend more time there. It’s small and it still in the process of being finished out. But I really like it. It’s on a lot of land so very peaceful. My husband and I love that we can be mobile with eBay. With a WiFi hot spot. I really appreciate that you share all this great advice. My husband needed a new car for traveling to work. It’s over an hour each way. So we have a small goal to make the note. I am praying for my condition to go into remission. Or at least to have more good days and I think we can reach our goal for this year. Baby steps. Thanks again, Leslye

  16. When an item sells,how do you know where to find it? So everything in the tubs is listed? I always see vbideos about putting codes on everything and it makes my head spin.

  17. I’m just finding you and u r spot on I love it I just turned 69 still working full time plus little side jobs and was just thinking of finally getting an eBay store and there u r thank u

  18. Hi Suzanne I 've watched you over the years, I love that you downsized and I also let go of my 3 story home (for me the stairs and to clean just space was crazy) I have a tiny office room, I have shelves in our garage also. How can I start to list when I have way to many unlisted items. I do not like to list at all, love doing all the rest but not listing ? How do I go about finding a virtual assistant and what is a fair price do you pay per item?

  19. You are inspiring and inspirational to us all. I love "The key is to GET IT DONE. Bloom where you are planted." 🙂

  20. Feeling encouraged by each video you present. My heart is moving in the direction of selling. Since brain surgery & recovery, I am hoping to teach myself from your platform. Thank you for confidence you build through in me through your personal experiences
    Much Appreciated !

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