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Easy Facebook Ad Tip For Photographers

Easy Facebook Ad Tip For Photographers

Hey guys! Wanted to chat with you really
quickly about a really quick Facebook ad strategy. Now, if you are familiar with
Facebook ads, if you’ve gone into the manager or the power editor to build an
ad, this is going to be a great strategy for you. If you are brand new to Facebook
ads, then I would urge you to try this strategy, but also go in and build an ad
and play around with it so that you can get used to it first. Sound good? Okay. So
this strategy is, I want you to just using your cell phone, (nothing fancy), I
want you on your Facebook business page to make a video every day for about a
week, and I want you to share some things like a video on why you got started as a
photographer, a video on why you think everyone should do a shoot with you, you
know things like that. Do a video around that every single day, and then who are
the people who are gonna be watching those videos? Potential customers, right?
Then after that week or so, I want you to go in and build a Facebook ad, and then
the one tip that I want to give you today is in the audience manager when
you’re building your ad, you can select to only show that ad to those people who
have watched your videos on your Facebook business page. This is going to
reduce your conversion costs dramatically, and it’s going to really
target the people who are already warmed up who are already interested in your
services will already know about you so that when you create that Facebook ad
with say, a deal on a photo shoot if you book by XYZ, you’re gonna get a much
better rate of booking and your cost for per ad is gonna be a lot lower.

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  1. Hi, appreciate your advice. However, there is one thing about your approach that I don't understand. If you run an ad on people who already like your business page you pay money for an ad that is going to reach them anyway if you do a post for free on your company page. Much cheaper and probably as effective?

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