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Easy and CHEAP Hand Lettering Using Crayola Markers | Tutorial

Easy and CHEAP Hand Lettering Using Crayola Markers | Tutorial

Hand-lettering do not have to require expensive materials. You can get started with the supplies you have around your home. Today I’m going to show you how you can create beautiful, fun and affordable hand lettering with Crayola markers. [Music] Hi guys I’m Victoria and welcome to Awesome Alice.This channel is all about helping you discover the joy of crafting. Today I’m going to show you how to create hand lettering with Crayola markers. Yeah you can really do brush lettering with Crayolas. If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I love the Tombow markers but they’re not the easiest ones to use if you’re a beginner. They can also be a bit expensive so sometimes it’s good to have another option. Chances are you already have a bunch of Crayola markers at home and whatever paper you have lying around your house will be just fine. Arts and crafts project can get very expensive fast so I’m all for working with what you already have on hand. These markers are just broad tip markers and this is what the box looks like in case you want to get them or maybe you already got a bunch in a drawer somewhere. Okay so let’s get started! So with the broad tip it has a tip that comes in the center. So the first thing you need to know is how to hold the marker. You want to hold the pen at a 45 degree angle and just like when you use a brush pen you want to put different amount of pressure to the pen based on how thick and thin you want the stroke to be. When you normally write you usually hold your pen more upward like this but when you’re lettering you need to get a better grip of your pen and hold it more at an angle like this so you can push down harder. When you go up, you don’t put a lot of pressure to the pen but when you go down you’re pushing more. You might think that you need to angle your pen to get different stroke sizes but that’s not the case. You’re going to keep the same angle the entire time you’re writing and just adjust the pressure you put to the pen. Usually when you write you move your wrist like this but when your lettering it can be easier to get straight lines if you move your whole arm like this and not just your wrist. Just compare these lines. Now I’m moving my wrist and now I’m moving my whole arm. I don’t always do this but it makes a lot of difference when I do. Also try to go as low as you can to get more control of the pen. When you watch videos on YouTube or Instagram those clips are usually sped up because otherwise the videos would be super long. This is a free practice sheet that I’ve created just for a Crayola markers and I’ve linked to it below in the description so for the letter F we’re going to go around and down and then up again and then lift the pen and draw a line to the side like this. I’m holding my marker at an angle and I start with light pressure and then push harder and then light again and then I lift up my pen and push lightly to the side. Do this over and over again to practice. Since you’re putting a lot of pressure to the marker the tip of the pens will become a bit deformed after a while so you’ll need to rotate the pen. Make it a habit to always rotate the pen after a few strokes. The look you get with Crayolas are amazing. The colors are so vibrant and not to mention how inexpensive they are. Just as with any brush pen the secret to lettering is practicing the basic strokes all the letters of the alphabet can be created with the basic strokes so keep on practicing them. So one of the things I wanted to show you in the video today is how to add shadows to your lettering. You start by writing out your word and then you’re going to add a shadow. I like to use the gray but you can use any color you want so you’re going to think about the word being shifted just a little bit to the right and down like this. So basically you’re just adding a bit of gray to the right side of all your letters and a little bit on the bottom depending on the letter. Bear with me because I’m actually standing up doing this and it’s not the best position. Adding shadows to your words make the word pop and helps add that finishing look to your lettering. It’s also super easy to do. Have you tried lettering with Crayolas yet? Please share in the comments below and leave any questions you may have about lettering with Crayolas in the comment box. If you like the video please hit the like button and make sure to subscribe to my channel if you want to see more of my videos. See you soon!

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