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Dropshipping Watches ($50k+) with Facebook Ads

Dropshipping Watches ($50k+) with Facebook Ads

what is going on right here right now
I’m going to show you exactly how you can dropship watches I’m going to show
you the entire process that we use to make millions of dollars every single
year drop shipping things like watches and other stuff and building these
seven-figure brands so you’re gonna learn everything in this video first I’m
going to talk about it then I’m gonna show you exactly how to do it so make
sure to take out your notes take notes here watch this a couple times if you
need to the only thing I ask in exchange for all of this value that I’ve worked
on for 10 plus years hit that thumbs up button and if you like this content
subscribe let’s get into it so you can see here this is my facebook ad account
so you know a lot of youtubers aren’t going to show you their actual ad
account and that I’m actually testing products every single day and the reason
I’m making this video is because I think I found a winner it’s a Smart Watch with
SIM card slot and I want to show you kind of the process of how to launch and
scale these products specifically watches and do a ton of revenue every
single month over and over again on repeat I love drop shipping so one of
the you know then the number one opportunity here is really just if
you’re able to crack a product like a watch and what I mean by crack it is you
can put a dollar into ads get four or five dollars out then you’ll be able to
scale you know to the moon right and you’ll like I’ve had a product where I’m
doing two sales a day and all I have to do is turn up my ad budgets and boom 100
sales a day so it’s really really not that challenging to do if you do it in
the correct manner now I see a lot of people you know a lot I have a lot of
clients that come to me with broken funnels their conversion rates to 3%
they think that’s great our conversion rate is like 10 to 12
percent and by the way I’m gonna be setting up an actual funnel here as you
can see I just duplicated my old one and I’m gonna give this to you I’ll tell you
how to do that here at the end well you know you’ll get our million dollar
funnel that we use for every single product that we launched now the first
thing I want to do is kind of teach you a couple things that will help
you in your process number one when you’re searching for watches to sell you
know if we type in watch you know let’s very very broad right you want to make
sure that you’re selling products with high demand so you go here and you
select orders right and now you can see this has thirty-one thousand orders
thirty thousand orders thirty thousand orders I would stay away from this one
so it looks like an Apple watch but uh you know this gem cut one twenty two
thousand so all of these products have high demand and the reason you want to
sell products with a lot of orders is because of that high demand you want to
make sure you’re not wasting your time or your money on selling products that
people just don’t want so always search by orders make sure there’s the man
that’s the that’s the number one step just to save your time and and to help
you make money quicker number two you’re gonna want to definitely use the word
free in the copy somewhere whether it’s a free plus shipping meaning hey you can
get this product free just cover the shipping for example this is a two
dollar 50 cent product so I could do it like a ten dollar shipping now I’m sure
you’re in the position where hey you maybe you’ve tried to sell watch it
before and it just hasn’t been successful that’s alright I’m gonna show
you exactly how to do everything here and maybe you’ve started to see other
people crush it with watches I know a couple huge brands out there that are
there doing this or you know you’re just curious and you want to learn well don’t
worry I’m gonna continue to teach you here so number one make sure to follow
the demand sell products that are in demand go search by orders go you know
you know watches are hot like 14,000 orders anything over a couple hundred
orders you could even go to the like fourth page anything with over a couple
hundred orders you know there’s demand and watches there’s pretty much
unlimited you can test so you can test all the way to the tenth page but once
you do find a winner then you’re gonna really want to focus on point number
three so write this down upsells upsell one upsell to upsell three if you don’t
have upsells you are not doing e-commerce you are not dropship
incorrectly let me tell you that right now
if you’re not using upsells you’re not dropshipping correctly because with
dropshipping the competition is high the margins are thin but nobody can ever
really copy your backside of your funnel unless they buy your product right so if
I sell a product for ten bucks on the front end my average order value is ten
dollars right now what if I you know sold this to nighttime product for ten
bucks right and then I was like hey you just bought this from me
why don’t you buy this as well and it’s two dollars right and I sell it for
thirty bull now I have a fat margin and they bought this okay well maybe they’ll
like another one of these watches like this one this is another 30 so up so –
and then let’s look for upsell 3 upsell 3 right here and if they say no to any
of these you know our first upsell was a little exaggerated in price right it’s a
little expensive we’ll show them the same product as a down sell so those are
the three things you have to do before really can you start with dropshipping
focus on those three things number one focus on high demand proven products
don’t waste your time don’t waste your money on things that aren’t proven maybe
once you are killing it and you have a lot of cash flow coming in then you can
talk try products that aren’t proven but we’ll talk about that later
use the word free as much as possible if you can do a free plus shipping for your
ad that’s awesome because you’re gonna get more clicks and I’m actually going
to show you how to set this up the ad I’m gonna dive into this ad here and you
know a whole funnel here in this video so I use the word free as much as
possible if you can’t do a free plus shipping use free shipping just use that
word and then upsells do upsell 1 2 3 chew even do four down so one down so
two and make them really you know give them so many opportunities to see
awesome products from you that they’ll eventually buy one of them right and
it’s okay if not everybody buys one but every 10 or so sales switch up your
upsell test a new up so it’s all about rapid
testing and if you work harder than the next person you will absolutely crush it
I see so many dropshippers say oh my god this is not working you know drop
shipping is dead yada yada yada but then I look at their funnel and
it’s they’re sending a product to their Shopify store and that’s okay if that’s
where you are right now because you’re watching this video and I’m going to
show you a different way but they just send the they use the Facebook ad and
they say hey buy my product it’s almost half of a full five store no upsells no
down cells no around cells no back in nothing and if you’re in that position
don’t worry I’m gonna I’m gonna help you out here so we’re about to jump into the
actual like me showing you how to set all this up so you know rewind the first
part if you need to those are the three kind of main things I wanted to go over
now we’re gonna go over like Facebook Ads
you know you have to have your conversion right rate right and your
average order value right in order to crush it with Facebook Ads so I’m gonna
show you how to set up your funnel so it has a conversion rate like 9 10 11 12 %
instead of Shopify with hat which might have a two to three percent and I’m sure
you had it like double your average order value I once had or when I first
got started I had a order value about 27 bucks because my product was about 27
dollars I added some upsells on Shopify got it
up to like 30 35 whatever so I got it up a bit but then I finally brought that
product over to my sales funnel and what happened average order value $60 so you
can see that ads aren’t gonna cost me more right the ads cost me 10 dollars to
get a purchase it’s not gonna cost me more it’s still gonna cost me 10 dollars
you get that purchase but since my my upsells are perfect now and I have a $60
I have Geordie value there’s just more profit there so that’s why it’s so so so
important to work on those things now you know to kind of go over what we went
just went over is its number one follow the demand number two used free when
possible and focus on upsells and down cells now what I want you to do is hit
that like button if you like the content so far it’s the only thing I asked
subscribe if you want to see more and let’s dive into actually setting up a
winning products because I have this product that you know if you’ve seen my
channel before you know I’m always testing new products right let’s filter
by selection so we’re only focusing on this one and why did I
pick this you know I’m testing 1015 products per day got a team helping me
out on that and we’re just launching products over and over again and I’m not
spending a ton of money per product test this is one of the misconceptions people
think hey you know you’re testing all these products you must have a massive
budget you know we do have a good budget but that being said like I can see data
based off of $13 spent so if you can get $13 you can test a product now I’ll
leave that up to you but there’s so many ways you can go make 13 bucks and if you
do that over and over again you can test more and more products right and the
reason I picked this one is because it had a lot of view contents it had a lot
of link clicks you know 164 perfect link click and this wasn’t even a free
product I hadn’t said free plus shipping so now I’m gonna set it up as a free
plus shipping I’ll probably get link clicks for about 80 cents and that would
be good you can see here I did dollar ad sets nothing crazy women 25 plus what I
want to do is kind of figure out exactly who my agent gender is so 6 cents 35
plus 45 plus 65 plus 45 plus okay so this product looks like it’s a woman 45
plus not women 25 plus and I like that I like marketing to that gender age and
gender let’s go ahead and look at the settings because I said my ads up a
little differently than a lot of people optimized for Add to Cart from the start
see women 25 plus just one interest per ad set a lot of people say hey I want to
stack my interest and that might be okay later on in the game but like when
you’re testing products you want to figure out which one you know which
interest does it for you and then your edit placements I always do newsfeed
only mobile newsfeed only because you get better results there a lot of people
are saying use automatic placements I know way way I’m not just gonna give
Facebook my money and then you can see my ad is pretty simple you know
isn’t this free free shipping today only and then it’s just like a slideshow of
this watch so really simple to do right now let’s go do this you know this was
my team that set this up so these are all templates and it’s going to Shopify
but like I said I don’t use Shopify anymore so let’s go here and let’s set
up this product you know I found this product there’s some demand and this is
the link to it you can see there’s 3,000 orders so it’s not like 50,000 orders
but it’s in there I mean it has some good demand let’s go ahead and take some
screenshots from here because I need to have really good screenshots in order to
make a really good video hopefully they have some images here no it doesn’t look
like it that’s too bad I might have to find a new product because the image
makes the video right so I’ll use a piece of software that shows you the
video for you which is awesome and let’s try let’s try another one I’m
gonna type in Smart Watch the reason I’m fine another one is because you want to
make sure to have really good images because I’ll usually I use a piece of
software called Edgehill that makes really good videos based off of good
images so makes like a slideshow video how much was this one this one was 10 49
okay it’s getting a little close to my free plus shipping maximum I don’t want
to find one that looks like an Apple watch that’s for sure okay here we go
I think that’s the one I just looked at actually I’m gonna have to use these
horrible pictures and I’d hate to do that but maybe they have some more down here I’m
not a big fan of when they give us pictures but like they put their brand
all over it like all the Express was made for dropshippers so I don’t
understand why they do that but oh well let’s take this image right here I’m
just gonna take a little screenshot and I can probably just like crop that out
but I’m not gonna do it because I just wanted this video to be a little bit
shorter so I’m gonna take those three images there and maybe if I oh yeah oops
good doesn’t in that I’ll just take these things here so you want to get the
best images possible so these ones look good I always forget that you can find
more images by clicking here alright those are three main images now let’s go
into clickfunnels and like I said you can have this photo this is the one that
does us millions because the conversion rate is so so great and I’m gonna go
ahead and start changing out some of these this wording like this was from my
video maybe a couple days ago and I need to change it from boho dress to because
this Smart Watch is free 99 dollar value let’s go check down here one two
thousand nine 2019 Wow watch of the year feels like it was just 2019 amazing
Smart Watch works with with all USB devices let’s see what else has not
waterproof I should say it works for all Android
devices works all USB Android devices stylish colors let’s see what else we
can say here mmm remote camera video recording pedometer let’s do that
built-in pedometer perfect cool so you can see how simple that is I just fill
out this new information now I’m gonna change out these these images here so
you can just open it up and like I said you’re gonna get this full funnel that
you can just copy paste your stuff into and pretty simple to do and you’re gonna
get this by I’m gonna I have a free training below so it’s gonna show you
exactly how to start growing automate just a ton of information you know I
just try to over value here and give you as much information and exactly how you
know I’ve run my e-commerce brands and my whole team does and how I teach my
clients I tried to just give as much value as possible so I do have a free
training below and that’s gonna show you exactly how to do that but now you can
see here that this looks pretty good except for this little thing rose gold
this looks good so I’m gonna save it here and we’re
gonna go to the next step and what I was saying is I’m I try to get as much value
as possible in my trainings my videos all that good stuff so you can actually
go ahead and watch that training with a link below
after this video and you get this funnel for free at the very end so you know
it’s just ton more value for you and let’s go ahead and copy image address
and I’m just gonna do one I’m gonna sell one of these right now grab your
SmartWatch since it’s free I’m gonna give them one
offer I’m gonna give them you know the offer for this let’s say this is a
silver one and I’m gonna give it free I’m gonna say hey free plus whatever
shipping I have to cover my cost my Smart Watch and the reason I’m doing a
free flush shipping is because I don’t really care about the front end I just
want the cheapest clicks possible on my ass I want people to come in and I don’t
care if I make you know if if I make a penny I’m happy because then on my back
end I’ll upsell the other colors or faster shipping or products similar and
so on and so on so let’s go ahead and actually set up this product so you go
here and you set up the product and you can see below I have an upsell I have a
little template here for the thank you email your watch there we go
let’s say silver Smart Watch and I’m gonna make the shipping 14.95 free just
pay 1495 shipping so that should cover my cost let’s go ahead and check it out
again one more time just to make sure yeah so it’s ten fifty for the product
14.95 shipping so I’ll get 14.95 go buy their product send it directly to them
now the place you make money is on the upsell so on the upsell I’m not gonna
set this up right now but essentially what I could do is I could flip this out
and I say hey grab three more watches for the fifty nine bucks or grab three
more watches for a crazy price like 69 dollars and some people will say yes a
very small percentage but then the down sell will say hey how about you know 20
more dollars off and make that a good deal so the first one is kind of
expensive the second the down so is much better and then you can even have a down
sell – and it’s really cool because they could just have to tap this button and
they get their upsell now what you want to do is you want to duplicate clone
this funnel right down here a couple times so you have upsell one upsell to
upsell three and from this funnel right here you can
make a really really long funnel st. upsell one down so one upsell two down
so to episode three down south three and so on and so on and you just take them
through all of these product offerings and you’re always testing new product
offerings as your upsell because like I said you’re not gonna make much money on
the front end that’s fine but that’s the cool thing about drop shipping that a
lot of people kind of overlook they think oh you know I can’t sell probably
for twenty bucks and make money yeah you’re probably right
but if you’re back in in your upsells you know are more expensive and better
offers for your your buyers then you can make a ton so you know I know that hey
you know if I’m targeting women 45 plus I might want to go find some other
watches that are for women forty-five plus right and so on and so on one of
the best upsells is always the same product so like I know that’s a little
weird but always try to upsell this same product maybe in a different color or
even the same color you know like just off the bat just kind of talking to you
here I don’t want to set this up right now because it’s gonna take a few
minutes but what I would do is just take the 3-pack right here or maybe even the
four back I’d say hey grab four more it’s gonna cost me forty bucks so I
might do it for $99 hey grab four more for 99 bucks and if they say no well I
still have room to say okay well how about grab four more for $79 and so on
and so on so you want to test those always over and over again with
different offers different pitches every ten cells or so because you want the
best converting upsell possible right because the upsell is where you make
your cash so now the next step is I just need to change the links and the names
here so I’m gonna do that really quickly so FSS is our kind of is just a code
Smart Watch and I’m gonna call this FSS watch and then copy it so you know I’m
flying through this but nowhere you can rewind it you hit the gear and you do it
here too and I show you like step by step my
trainings and whatnot so that’s why I’m gonna fly through this but you just have
to set up the links essentially the ending part of the link and I’m gonna
call this orders watch and I’m not saying the upsell up in this video just
because I know this videos already gained long but I want to show you as
much as possible but you simply just go in here do the same thing you clone the
funnel a couple of times make the upsells down so let’s go to the product
page set up the product and that’s about it so now the last page I want to set up
is the Thank You page really simple to do I don’t really change much on the
Thank You page I just kind of keep it the same but you can go ahead and edit
it to however you want it to be say whatever you wanted to say
like I said multiple times already you do get this funnel so you’ll just be
able to clone the funnel and crush it there are so many like conversion tricks
inside of this funnel it’s going to help you really grow your business which is
awesome so I can’t wait for you to get that but now I have the link set up and
really nine you just need to setup the ad right because my my stores set up
pretty much they’re gonna land on this page they’re gonna put in their
information they’re gonna go to my order page they’re gonna buy the product and
they’re gonna get hit with the upsell I’ll set this up later but that’s the
process so we want to go ahead and start launching ads so let’s see which ads did
well because I already tested this product right so I see two Audi carts
when I had to comment add to cart automatically I’m looking at those three
right so Apple watch Smart Watch and automated automatic watch I tested each
of these independently with independent interest right so I can easily see ok
automatic watch is good so women 25 plus in this scenario but we
saw that the clickers the people who actually took action were win 45 plus so
I’m gonna target women 45 plus and what’s neat is I can go over here to add
chill and make a video i’m gonna click new video and it should just make a
video for me which is nice then I don’t have to do all that other
stuff trying to make a video and I’m gonna say something like say yes if you
love this I have a little template over here that’s I got a little cheat sheet
just to make things go smoothly and let’s say you know free watch free today
and you guys are actually literally seeing what I do this is what I do so
let me go put it 4 by 5 ratio so they can see a little better that looks
alright so it’s not like the best looking video but the thing is is it
works so I’m gonna put a thumbnail here put a white thumbnail because there’s a
lot of text a lot of people ask me why do you put text on the video well the
reason is because I can kind of bait them to do stuff right I can show them
hey it’s free today hey I can tell them to say yes in the comments pretty much
and I can sell them to share right now the problem is with Facebook is you’re
not supposed to have text in the video or you can’t have more than 20% right
but that actually goes only for the thumbnail so down here at Joe’s pretty
cool you can say hey select a white thumb they are you know so it just makes
it a big white screen when they see it and then the video will start playing
and it passes Facebook’s then you can make it black white whatever looks like
make video and now what I want to start doing is start thinking about my coffee
so this takes a second video is actually really quick to make but you have to
wait for Facebook to kind of process it and improve it and whatnot but now I’m
gonna start thinking about what I want to say so usually for my copy I like to
say something like that ask them a question you know so they all have to
kind of have a pattern break in it and answer it in their head right like what
would you do with this watch or imagine all of the things you could do with a
smart watch I’ll do that so imagine all the cool things you can do with a Smart
Watch what would you use it for question mark this is free today just cover
shipping so I always you know like to use letter to free of course so I’m
going to give it away for free and grab yours free and then I’m going to put the
link here so you want to go ahead and grab the link to the first page in the
flow because the way the funnel goes is it grabs their email and then they go to
the order page this is what it looks like looks even better on mobile it
converts like crazy so let me go ahead and put the link there and then I’m
gonna say hurry they are going quick all right so I got my my copy it says
imagine all the cool things you could do with a SmartWatch what would you use it
for that’s too long I’m gonna say what would you do with this amazing Smart
Watch I just I shortened it because it was too long and I just want to ask you
a quick question and I want to get to the point that it’s free like like
people like free right so you just want to get to that point hurry they’re going
quick because they are free okay cool I’ve got my copy now hopefully a Joe is
done making that video okay there it is boom so you can see the video it depicts
the product shows the watch not as a super sexy video but that’s okay because
it converts like crazy so now what you can do is I actually make the page post
inside of AD show too which is nice look like make new page post you can pick
your page here and put in your copy what would you do with it amazing Smart Watch
I’m gonna put mmm heart kind of my default and then so
what would you do with this amazing SmartWatch this is free to today just
cover shipping grab yours free hurry they are going fast because they are
free so I hope people get the point they are free and there’s my link right there
and we are good to go so I’m just gonna click Save Changes and it’s going to
make the post right so neat that it makes the post it’s a dark post so
nobody ever will see it on your page let’s call this click save here and it
saves the post now what we want to do is we want to find some interests so we
already know that these three did well so we’ll use those ones for sure
automatic watch Apple watch and SmartWatch so what’s cool is this then
searches audience insights for really good interests for you so mmm Smart
Watch there we go and I think the last one was Apple was right okay there we go
so we have these three already in there I’m gonna select one and see what it
spits out down here cuz these are some more good ones for us to target a lot of
watch brands you out this one I’m called this a watch folder and let’s try Smart
Watch a blu-ray Disc wearable computer might be good the Pebble watch will be
good for sure let’s add these to the folder and I like to do just like five
or six to start with you can do unlimited and put them to a folder which
is neat and they’re always gonna be inside an ad show for you use later
inside that folder and I’ll show you how to use this really quickly it’s a pretty
awesome so okay I put them all in that watch folder and now pretty much I’m
done which is neat because now I just go over to the dashboard and I’m gonna find
a campaign I made yesterday and what show all active ad sets and essentially
I’m gonna take one of my old campaigns one of my old ad sets you know that’s
already targeting my pixel my pixels are all set up inside of this funnel and you
know it’s super easy to set up and it’s gonna take this ad set duplicate it into
this new page post so it’s gonna remove that old page post it’s gonna put this
smartwatch page post in there and create a new ad set but then create multiple ad
sets to these new interests so all of these you know pebble wearable computer
Rolex Apple watch Smart Watch automatic watch so it’s gonna create six interest
ad sets so it’s gonna create six ad sets targeting each of these interests
separately with my new page post I just made that video and the text we just
talked about I’m gonna click new campaign and I’m gonna say this is FSS I’m just gonna call this vid and Smart
Watch and January so I’m gonna do five dollar ad sets so I don’t spend too much
money you know five times six thirty bucks and you could do three dollars $2
$1 but since I already did one dollar ad sets here I know this is kind of a
winner so I’m just gonna up it a little bit now you can do whatever budget you
want I like smaller budgets but let’s go ahead and click schedule now and we’re
done so you just watch me do the entire process from A to Z taking this
potential winner that I found from following demand here all I did was
follow the demand found a product that did well I tested it out at you know
spent thirteen dollars and then once I found that it was it could be a winner I
moved it over to my sales funnel because this is where you make money the upsells
you saw me set up you know the whole sales funnel you can set up the upsells
downsells I’ll probably do that right when I hang up on this video here but
that’s how you do it and that’s how you profitably scale watch brand like you
don’t you can’t just use Shopify if you’re running Facebook Ads if you’re
running Facebook Ads that spend that money spent is so so
important that it should be sent to a funnel that
you can make a lot of money off of immediately now I’m not saying don’t use
Shopify but you Shopify on for your products that you you aren’t spending
money on I give you for your ads you want to send them to a funnel because
you’ll make more money for you know your email lists and whatnot you can send
them to Shopify so that’s the process if you want to learn more exactly how to
start grow automate your own seven figure store and get this funnel for
free there’s a link below go watch that training get this funnel it will change
your business forever if you want add chill there’s a link below for that as
well book a call to chat with me and we’ll
strategize all that good stuff now let’s go ahead and see this actual ad campaign
setup you know ad show just launched it made the video made the page post on the
targeting pretty much did everything for us which is awesome because now the
competition cannot keep up you can not keep up if I’m doing it using an agile
and everybody else is not so vid Smart Watch January made the campaign right
six different ad sets one going they’re all going women forty five plus one
going to SmartWatch interest one going to Apple watch interest one going to
pebble and so on and so on all targeted perfectly mobile only newsfeed and
remember that’s you know that’s how I set up my ads because it’s most
profitable SmartWatch targeting mobile newsfeed so boom looks like check out
the actual ads for these you can see there’s a white thumbnail because
there’s too much text on there which is great so you know look at that white
thumbnail looking good right and then BOOM free today
say yes if you love shares to spread so that’s the process guys make sure to
check out the resources below the free training that will you know unlock your
funnel ad show link below make sure to LIKE and subscribe you know I go hard on
this I try to give you as much value as possible and all I ask for is a like in
a subscription if you want to subscribe like most importantly though and if you
have any questions let me know below I’m here to help
I love Facebook ads it’s what I do so asking any questions you do have
below and it’s been a pleasure making this video and I look forward to
chatting you chatting with you in the next one all right talk to you soon bye

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    I put the watches name brands in my description like Bobo Bird or Benyar so do you recommend this move or should I put pictures only

  3. So you mentioned another way, how come you only showed the software side for Adchill but not for Shopify where most people will be starting from? I would like to see a tutorial on that.

  4. Hi John, my name it's Isabelle and I'm from Brazil, I started a watch store one month ago, I don't have much money and so far I didn't made any profit, I know the basics of Facebook Ads and I would like to understand how to set ClickFunnels on my store. I'm dropshiping to Brazil and Portugal. Do you think it's a saturated niche? I already lost 300 dollars with ads, plataform, apps
    Can you please help me?

  5. These results are Add To Cart. If you are paying $4 for add to cart, how much are you paying for purchase conversion?

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