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Dropshipping Secrets: Why Google Shopping Wins Over Facebook Ads

Dropshipping Secrets: Why Google Shopping Wins Over Facebook Ads

What is Google Shopping and why it can bring
you much more profit than Facebook ads? I’ll explain you everything! Hi! That’s Anna from Dropship Club. Today we will compare the features of the
two avenues of promotion: Google Shopping Ads and Facebook Ads. I’m sure that you already know a lot about
Facebook Ads so, I’ll tell you about Google Shopping at first. Some time ago Google Shopping was known as
Google Product Search, Google Products and Froogle. It was invented by Craig Nevill-Manning. This service allows users to search for products
on online shopping websites and compare their prices set by different vendors. Google Shopping is powered by two platforms:
AdWords and Google Merchant Center. Shopping ads allow shoppers to quickly and
easily find your products on Google. If you own a dropshipping store or any online
store you should know that Google Shopping can help you generate massive sales almost
automatically. In the last quarter, Almost 50% of our sales
in the e-commerce department have been gained thanks to Google Shopping. The cost per conversion varies from 50 cents
to 5 dollars and that’s a really good cost comparing to some other channels. If you have already started promoting your
dropshipping store with Facebook and Instagram ads, keep using them! Google Shopping ads would become a very good
additional marketing tool which doesn’t need your attention every day. So, let’s talk about its benefits. Well as you know Google company started much
earlier than Mark Zuckerberg with several other fellows created Facebook, so people
got used to this search engine already pretty much more than to Facebook. Everyone thinks about Google when they need
to find anything out, they google the products they want to purchase so it gives you a great
chance to attract some potential customers or hot audience to your store by showing them
your Shopping Cards. On the contrary, your Facebook and Instagram
ads can interrupt some peoples leisure time when they just want to watch some funny videos
or share their story of the day! Not always they will happily buy your product
after seeing it in their feed. They can be not so interested in it even if
your targeting is perfect. In contrast to Facebook, Google Shopping ads
don’t require you to make detailed targeting settings, for example, by selecting interests
or other parameters as you do on Facebook. You need to select only your customers’
countries and let Google show your ads to the people who are looking for these particular
products. The only limit in targeting is the equal language
of your website and country you want to target. You can show your store to the countries which
national language matches the language of your webstore. Your ads, though, will be placed in Google
Shopping, Google Search and Google Search Partner Websites, including Youtube and Image
Search (if your campaign is set to include search partners). Not everyone wants to use Google Merchant:
it’s a newish tool, it takes some time and patience to be set up, and we haven’t seen
so many people teaching how to use it properly. That’s why not so many e-commerce marketers
work with it; as the result, it’s easier for you to compete in this field. However, you’ll have competitors among the
biggest online stores. Just make sure your pictures, prices, and
descriptions are competitive enough! When you’re creating your Shopping campaign,
you decide how much you’re willing to pay for each click. You’ll only pay the minimum amount necessary
to rank higher than the advertiser immediately below you, and you’ll often pay less than
your maximum bid. You can test as many products as you have
in your web store. For Facebook, the usual step is to spend $10-$20
on a product to see if it sells. For Google Shopping Ads, all you need to do
is make sure your product title and description match the product (which is also good for
SEO purposes and for your single product pages appearance). Google will help find buyers for you and you
can exclude products which are not selling from the listing. All these advantages of Google Shopping Ads
are much more than satisfactory arguments. It makes it clear why we use it and why you
should start using it too! In one of my next videos, I’ll show you
how to set everything up and enjoy your hassle-free orders! If you want to start your shopping campaigns
right now check the links in the description that lead to our free detailed guides. In our Case Studies section, you’ll also
find our optimization tips. Thanks for watching! Ask your questions in the comments and don’t
forget to subscribe!

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  1. I have a question so I’m running a search ad and the budget is $51 a day and I’ve been running it for about 5 days and I got 12 conversion should I scale up or should I wait

  2. I have purchased the custom dropshipping store , while waiting for the store to complete I purchased Google merchant add on, do I have to wait still the store is complete to install the add on?One the Google merchant center add on is installed, is there any more cost for it to run? I have about 150 products in my store , how much is cost to work on all 150 products? When is your next video on how to setup?

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