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Dropshipping Kitchen Gadgets (with Facebook Ads)

Dropshipping Kitchen Gadgets (with Facebook Ads)

what’s going on guys today I’m going to
show you exactly how you can dropship kitchen products and cooking ware and be
extremely profitable with Facebook ads and I’m talking $1.00 in three to five
dollars out so if you want to learn exactly how to do that I’m gonna show
you you know the data here inside of my Facebook ad account I’m gonna show you
exactly how to set up a very profitable sales funnel for your products and
everything we use for our strategy to repeat success over and over and over
again you know we’ve built multiple seven-figure ecommerce brands I’m gonna
show you exactly how to do that step-by-step the whole shebang in this
video here so if you’re you know struggling with selling your current
kitchenware or maybe you’re just getting started with selling kitchen stuff and
maybe you’ve heard that hey other people are killing with selling kitchen stuff I
can tell you right now from experience that is a it’s an extremely extremely
hot niche and I’ll show you how not only to get started and stuff your your store
but how to set up a store that has an extremely high conversion rate I’m not
talking to three percent I’m talking seven to ten percent how to make sure
your average order value is huge and you’ll absolutely crush your competition
as you can see I’m in my facebook ads here and I’m actually looking at this
product right here so you know we’ll use this for the example throughout the
video but you know it’s a huge opportunity you know 62 cent product and
once you crack it and follow this strategy you’re gonna be able to put
that one dollar in and put get three $5 out now prior to using this strategy
that I’m going to show you in this video you know I was doing pretty well with
drop shipping but it was a heart it was harder to scale you know maybe I’d find
a winner every you know once a week or so but that winner would die out very
quickly and I’d have to go find another winner now that I’m using the strategy
that I’m showing you in this video you know I’ve been able to scale multiple
ecommerce brands and I’m able to find a new winner every single day because I
don’t use as much time I you know I make sure that I have a high
average order value on every single sale my cost per click is awesome and all
that good stuff so you know the first thing I want to talk about today before
we dive into these ads and actually look at the data and scale things up is you
have to find products with proven results so you know if you’re going
through all the Express here you know you want to search by orders and make
sure there’s a ton of orders a bunch of good reviews you want to sell products
that you know are proven you got to follow the demand you never want to try
to sell something that there’s no demand for you can do that maybe later on in
your journey when you already have a lot of profits coming in and then you can
start testing products you know on the seventh eighth tenth page of all the
Express but you want to make sure there’s some orders already because
that’s saying hey you know somebody’s already kind of cracked this product and
it could be a good one for you to sell and definitely look at the reviews now
whenever you can use free use the word free at least free shipping but I highly
highly recommend trying some free plus shipping what is a free plus shipping
and simply hey you know this product right here costs us ninety five cents so
let’s actually go this one since we’re demoing this one it’s sixty two cents
and you can say hey grab your free product just cover shipping so they’d
have to cover you know five ninety five and you get a little profit
five bucks profit and you go buy it and you send it directly to them the reason
you want to do free plus shipping is because that’s gonna get you a lower
cost per click and if you have a lower cost per click then you will get more
visitors to your page you can retarget them you’ll ultimately get more buyers
and then you know what leads me on to point three of what I really really
really suggest you do is use a bunch of upsells upsell one upsell two down sell
one down so to upsell or down sell one upsell so if they say yes the down sell
give them a different upsell and you want to take them through all of these
upsells and downsells because they will be appreciative that hey you you’re
looking out for them right you know they just bought this maybe they want to buy
three more or maybe they want to buy a five pack maybe they wanna buy a 10 pack
maybe they have friends who want this as well so you have to use
upsells’ now a lot of people are saying you know it’s a common myth dropshipping
is dead and i believe the old the old way of dropshipping is dead but if you
use this new way where we’re doing free flash shipping with a bunch of upsells
with sales funnels that convert you know two to three times better than Shopify
stores it is absolutely not dead and it’s one of the best ways to quickly
grow any business even if you’re not in ecommerce if you want to build your own
e-commerce store that’s great right you obviously want to do free plus shipping
but even if you’re outside the e-commerce you can build businesses by
using e-commerce with this free plus shipping strategy so just to kind of go
over the three kind of facts before we go dive into these ads and really
dissect them and actually set up a campaign and the whole sales funnel
let’s go over the three things that you know first off we want to think about
always find products with high demand right always always follow the market
and then whenever you can use the word free so free plus shipping is awesome
always try free plus shipping if you can’t do a free plus shipping maybe the
price is too high then at least say free shipping now the third thing we went
over is always use upsells whenever you can try to upsell the same product maybe
a five pack a ten pack and if that doesn’t work then upsell something
similar maybe this you know dish pool cleaner instead of this little cleaner
and so on and so on so let’s go ahead and dive into these ads really quickly
and make sure to stick with me now you know save this video if you want to but
I’m actually gonna make the sales phone that’s gonna convert really high and
what’s really cool is I’ll actually give you my sales funnel as well so you know
we’ve done millions off of this ecommerce sales funnel and you can get
that for free there’s a link to a full ecommerce training that shows you from A
to Z exactly how to start grow automate scale your store in the link below in
the description below but you know watch that later you can get the sales funnel
for free if you do watch that whole training but let’s dive into here for a
second you can see I only spent like $10 because I rapid test every single day
I’m testing five to ten new and this is a product that showed some
legs so I want to show you exactly like you know what we’re doing here we have
five different ad sets that are targeting five different interests
people twenty five-plus very very simple video I made if you go over here
I used add chill to create this video it’s just a slideshow video as you can
see it says comment yes if you love this and it just shows the product off you
know pretty well so nothing crazy but since I’m testing so many products each
day I can kind of baseline them off of each other as you can see I have a ton
of other products here and this was just one that kind of stood out to me so I
you know I want to launch this with you guys so you can kind of deconstruct
exactly how we go through launching and then scaling products so you can see
their dollar budgets really simple I ran it for two days ten dollars spent and I
can see these cost per clicks which got me excited this is a 60 cent cost per
click and this isn’t even free plus shipping this ad is for a paid product
so when I make this a free plus shipping this is gonna be like 30 cents this will
probably be 35 cents and you can see it got a couple of add-to-cart which is
pretty nice as well because I know the product was very expensive on Shopify
and when I switch it to free plus shipping which I will here it’s gonna do
really well so as you can see I open up the ad set and this was all made by add
chili from you know a little Shopify app you can learn more about that in the
training below but you can see I’m targeting just one interest people 25
plus united states and i only target facebook newsfeed for four reasons being
it just converts better so these are the five ad sets here i want to go ahead and
now make an actual campaign or i want to go ahead and make the sales funnel first
as you can see this is a sales funnel that you’ll actually get with the
training but let’s go ahead and make this first what i want to do the first
thing is you know first let me explain what we’re about to do we’re gonna make
the sales funnel inside of click funnels and the reason I use clickfunnels is
because it converts extremely well when I was using Shopify I was getting three
percent conversion rates and those were great when I moved to click funnels that
jumped up to seven eight nine ten percent so you can see why I want to do
that right because it’s double the sales and then I’m also able to increase my
average order value now average order value is hey you know on Shopify maybe
every person who purchased from me you know the average order value was twenty
dollars well when I started using sales funnel funnels it was 40 bucks
so let me go ahead and screenshot these images because I’ll need them for my
sales funnel and don’t worry if I’m flying through this because I will give
you this sales funnel for free as mentioned in the training below so now I
have those and I want to go in here and simply call this something else so
you’re gonna get this funnel but let me just walk you through it so when you do
get it you can kind of watch this video I’m gonna call this brush pot brush and
pot brush and this is just some add-in work you have to do right when you get
started this is just changing the links and whatnot pretty simple to do and I’m
gonna fly through this just for times sake but if I go over to edit page all I
have to do is switch out these images here because this and I’m gonna do a
free plus shipping so I’m gonna say this pot brush is free I think that the value
is probably twenty nine dollars and let me go down here you can see I had a
different product set up 2019 kitchen gadget of the year let’s go ahead and
say that I’ll change all of this stuff out here soon let’s see what we can talk
to say about this I’m pretty sure you know free good for cleaning great for
cleaning I’ll say the best cleaner ever and I
kind of just fly through this keep pots and pans clean so you can see
it’s not like the best description ever but as you can see I have all of this
selected and like I said you’ll get all of this so don’t worry you’ll be able to
plug and play your own product here and what I want to do now is make sure to
upload all those images so I can upload them by just selecting here but I have a
lot of them uploaded already I’m looking at my other screen right now because I
have a lot of these uploaded so I can just kind of implement the link let’s
see if there’s anything else I want to do while those are uploading no you want
to check to make sure it all looks good and then really want to check to see it
looks good on mobile because that’s where most of your traffic is gonna be
coming from and remember at the end of this I’m gonna show you how to set up
the ads and all that good stuff but the premise here is like we have to make
sure there’s launched quickly and make sure there’s upsells make sure it’s free
right because you want to be able to crush it so let’s go here let’s go here
and put in that new image I mean you can push this button if you’d like really
easy to do but there we go I got that in there and then I want to pick this other
one here and I just have another screen with all my image links so I’m really
simple to do inside of clickfunnels then let’s put this last image here and
boom now this landing page is set up and you can see that they can just opt-in
with their email as you can see boom I’m gonna capture their email here and boom
just like that and now we want to hit save click exit and we want to move on
to the next part so the next part is we want to set up the order page this is
where they actually can buy the product so we’ll go over here I want to set the
links really quick what did I call this pop brush pop brush order and kind of clerking on
click photos you have to setup twice but you know that’s how you do it and I’m
flying through this again I’ll show you how to do it all inside of the training
and let’s go ahead and put this image here grab your pot brush today for free
that looks good and then down here we have to change this button so we’re
actually making the whole funnel right now if you’re used to using Shopify it
is a couple more steps but oh well it converts so much better so I’m gonna
click Save and I’m done with that page so now what I want to do is I want to
set up the actual product this is this makes it so the purchased person can
actually buy the product and I have a template I use over here okay let me set up the fulfillment email
so your pot brush boom let’s call this a pot brush so I’m taking you through a
whole process so the cost now we want to figure out the cost right 62 cents I
probably want to sell it for a free plus shipping of 595 because then I make a
little bit of profit there so I’m gonna put it at 595 and I’m gonna say free
just pay 595 shipping then 595 and we are good to go now this product is live
and all I want to do now is set up the upsell now this is where I was talking
about upsells I’m not gonna go ahead and set this up right away but if I were to
open this page you can set up an upsell to say hey grab three more if I’ll just
open it up for example grab three more for $29.99 or grab five more for $29.99
and then when they say yes or no if they say no have a down sell right here so
say okay what about three more for $19.99 and if they say no to that okay
how about just one more for six more bucks and then you can have another
upsell saying hey do you want to skip the line and choose a packet ship in you
know usually back it’s about three bucks two bucks right here you can say hey you
want a faster shipping instead of waiting 30 to 50 days wait you know 10
to 20 days and it’s only $9.99 so you can have another piece of profit there
so you really really want to work on your upsells and your down cells because
that is where you are going to make money with this now this is invariant
this is very important why I just showed you the whole you know upsell down cell
and saying up the funnel this conversion is gonna be crazy
I’m gonna pull up this Thank You page right there for now just because I’m not
gonna set up the upsell for the time of the video I want to jump into the actual
ad side now let’s look at what ads were working it looks like bear paint had my
Add to Cart right so you know if I it says US 25 plus bear paint
let’s go ahead and look at the breakdown so see if it was men or women so I just
want to appear to age and gender and you can see this was a female 55 Plus this
was female 55 plus C now this one’s male you know I’m gonna target target women
on this I tend to target women mostly on Facebook ads because they just they buy
more stuff right so let’s make sure to target their paint because of how to add
to car and $0.60 you link clicks and then also sponge so
I’m actually gonna jump in to add Joe in just a second because I can make the
video I can find the targeting and all that good stuff on add Joe which is
pretty neat I just want to double check things you always want to run through
your funnel one time so if I go over here and I actually like use my link
right here to run through the funnel I want to make sure it works so it’s a pop
brush perfect perfect KitchenAid of the year all looks good I just put in my
name and all that good stuff and there we go claim freebie and then boom it
takes me to the right page which is perfect and it looks like we’re good to
go so you can see the price is 595 they can pick you know multiple if they want
and and there’s their order form right there so that’s how you set up the
actual funnel make sure I know I didn’t go over it in this but make sure to set
up the upsell one episode to even up so three then down so one down so two and
make sure that you have upsells in there you know you want to start with the
first product like this product you wanted to sell it again a five pack if
that you know if that doesn’t convert well for you sell another product that’s
similar that is such a huge part of this but let’s jump into add shown now and
what I want to do inside of add show is go ahead and make a new video so let me
click reset here click Choose images and I think I have these four images from
the pot brush and I’m gonna say okay that looks
let me pull this one so I think this is all right this one might mmm let’s do
that one and I’m gonna say something I’m probably make it four by five and I’m
gonna say something like free today free pot brush because it is free they just
have to pay shipping and then I’m gonna put a heart maybe two hearts be targeted
women so it’s cool because inside of a jihad you can make this video and then
do everything else so I’m gonna say something like like or say yes if you
love and maybe this will get them to engage a little bit on my post which
will always help I’m gonna call the video pop brush and you can pick a
thumbnail in case there’s too many too much text on here and then you click
make video so ad shows gonna make the video and while add chill is making the
video I actually want to go ahead and start thinking about my copy so this is
gonna take a minute because Facebook has to verify everything but for my copy I’m
thinking I’m gonna say something like what if you could clean any of your what
if you could clean your dirtiest pan all right what does what does your dirtiest
pan look like is it cleanable well now it is now it is and you can get this hot brush free so you probably can’t see my screen
right now but you know I wrote a piece of coffee that says what does your
dirtiest pan look like is it cleanable well now it is and you can get this pot
brush free just cover the small shipping fee and it’s yours free and now I’m
gonna grab my link and you’ll see all of this and just one second when this is
done creating but I want to grab this link here because this is where we want
them to click and then you say something like hurry it won’t last long so now I
have my copy written I’m going to see if this add show video is done yet so these
take a little bit of time because it has to verify with Facebook that it’s
uploaded the actual video making part doesn’t take very long which is nice
but now I can just implement my copy and then I want to start thinking about who
I’m gonna target so you know I already decided I’m gonna target bear and sponge
but what’s cool about ID Joe is it allows you to or it spits out other
interests for you so I’ll just probably put in bear paint and sponge as my first
two and I’ll be targeting women 25 plus there’s probably 35 plus okay here we go
the video is done so as you can see it’s a you know it depicts the product pretty
well it’s not like a super fancy video but it was free right so let’s go over
to post now and let’s click make new video you can go ahead and use that page
for now and I just put in my copy right there and it says what does your
dirtiest pan look like is it cleanable well now it is just cover shipping and it’s yours for
free grab yours and then it links them to the actual page which is nice so
let’s click Save Changes and then let’s just name it pot brush and from there
we’re pretty much done now we can almost launch it let me go to interest here and
let’s go type in what were those interests that did well so these had a
60 cent 71 cent so sponge and bear paint their paint let’s just add it to our ad
show list and add Joe’s gonna go find other interests that are similar that we
can launch to so I’ll select these I have their and sponge I must like both
of them and down here it’s going to show me a bunch of different interests that
are similar to those so maybe Joanne’s might be a good one you
can see the size over here sure and Williams
let’s click these and make it a pot a pot folder and now I just want to type
in sponge or just select sponge it’s a little broader home furniture it might
be a good one and then I want to try some kitchenware
stuff so like maybe cooking cookware cookware yeah not cooking ware cookware
and bakeware let’s try to so add chills pretty much searching all infinity the
high-affinity interests here for years pretty neat kitchenware would be good
and Kitchen Aid and let’s pick one more cup tableware click add to a folder pot
and all of those will be in my folder you can see why it’s cool here in a
second add these to the folder too ok so now we have our interests we made
our page post that includes our video and I just have this campaign that was
already targeting something similar to this so I just click show active ad set
and essentially what ad shows doing is showing me the ad sets that are running
for this campaign and I just want to select one of them because what ad show
does is it takes this and you can see there’s some purchasers on this but it
takes this right and it duplicates it but then you pick your new entry or your
new interests up here table where you want to select all these it duplicates
it and targets these new interests but one thing we want to do is we want to
make sure that our new page post is there because when you duplicate it it’s
going to take your last ad set that might have a different page post so you
want to duplicate it into a new page post you can see pot brush so it’s gonna
take this ad set duplicate into a new page post which is the pot
brush one with the new video on the new link and then target these eight new
interests to create at a tad sets targeting women 35 plus and we’ll call
it FFF SS pot brush and just like that I click schedule now and add shows gonna
create the ads which is pretty neat and I can actually pull it up here on my ads
manager as soon as they’re uploaded you know it says it’s gonna take a few
seconds to upload but you’re pretty much done now and that’s exactly how you go
ahead and first make your sales funnel and remember do a free plus shipping and
with multiple upsells you get this sales funnel for free it’s actually even a
better sales funnel has more up sells and down sales if you do go watch the
training that is linked below the training is showing you exactly how I
start and grow multiple seven-figure brands and how you can just copy my
success so it’s pretty cool and then at the end you get this this free sales
funnel now we went ahead and made that sales funnel and launched all of the ads
we launched eight ads five dollars a piece
if you’re at a lower budget you could do one dollar a piece I do that a lot but
for this one I did five dollar budgets a tad set so that’s about forty bucks and
it’s gonna create into the new campaign it says it’s done now so I go over here
to my ads manager you can see FSS pot brush January is in review now and you
can see it’s targeting women 35 plus and all of these in different interests
kitchenware sponge KitchenAid and we we target these separately so we can see
exactly which ones do well and which ones don’t
so we can tomorrow jump in here and say hey turn off all the losers and then we
can use agile to scale the winners there’s a ton more to show you about Ed
Show but this video is mostly about just setting up your own kitchenware store so
you can absolutely crush it so you can see here if I pull this up you can see
the ad it has my copy my page post what does your dirtiest pan look like is it
cleanable well now it is and just like that and you see that link right there
it takes you to the link and shows you the video so that’s how you do it that’s
how you scale your own kitchenware store you have to use sales funnels and I
really hope you do take me up on that free sales funnel that is in the
training if you’re not already subscribed to my youtube channel please
do that as well I’m just dropping more and more information about drop shipping
Facebook Ads Shopify and all that good stuff the three things to remember make
sure you’re using free free plus shipping or at least free shipping make
sure you have an upsell down sale upsell to upsell three down so two down so
three and so on and so on I didn’t want to make this video too long so I didn’t
show you how to set up all those but it’s as simple as duplicating this
upsell and making it a down sell and a down sell to and so on and so on and
remember you know this is very doable the business model is different now drop
shipping is different you have to use upsells you have to be able to get
clicks for very inexpensive and you have to automate as much as possible because
if you’re sitting there launching products and it’s taking you to three
hours per product then you’ll never ever be able to compete with people like me
who can literally launch a product that’s with a thirty minute video and I
launched a product and I was going slow I can usually do it in 10 to 20 minutes
and you can have virtual assistants help launch your products and so on and so on
and once you’re able to start testing products very rapidly that’s when you’ll
start to see massive results because you just kill the losers very quickly and as
long as you’re using upsells downsells and around sales you will be able to
monetize like crazy like I said before I started on Shopify did over 100k my
first month but once I started using sales funnel funnels I doubled my
conversions I doubled my average order value and it’s just so much more
profitable so other than that make sure to check out the free training below if
you do want to chat with me directly there’s one
opportunity to work with me directly there’s no pitch or anything in inside
of the training below but at the end if you want to work directly with me you
can have a free strategy call and other than that I hope you have a wonderful
day I’ll make sure that the link to that training is below and also a link to set
up a free strategy cost so other than that hit that like for me you know it’s
free it’s easy for you to do but it helps me out tremendously and then hit
that subscribe button and yeah grab your sales funnel by watching that training
have a great day bye

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