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Dropshipping In 2019 – 2020 | Everything You NEED To KNOW | Shopify + Facebook Ads

Dropshipping In 2019 – 2020 | Everything You NEED To KNOW | Shopify + Facebook Ads

everything you need to know about
facebook ads for dropshipping in 2019 and 2020 let’s go through I’m welcome to
today’s video my name is Ricky Hayes it’s a pleasure to have you on the
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today’s 30 min a call so question I get asked a lot is now a good time to start
yes it is there’s no better time to start than now especially coming into
the festive season or q4 okay it’s much much easier to get sales whether it’s
Christmas items need items whatever people are are in the mood they’ve saved
up their money for the year and they’re now looking at spending it for their
family friends and so on coming up to Christmas part of the reason I also say
now is the best time estados drop shipping is becoming more competitive so
the sooner the better okay the reality is now that drop shipping is a very
competitive industry if you look at Google Trends you look at Google Trends
you’ll see around 2013 2014 was when it started to increase and that was
obviously partly due to an increase of the amount of youtubers and you know
groups and so on and as a result it just that’s just continuing to grow in fact
it’s a massive amount of people that now do it and you shop face so I would
recommend sooner rather than later there’s a few things that I recommend
that you should plan in advance I recommend you have at least $1,000 now
please hear me out before people have a go I mean I’m sorry to say but I don’t
think a thousand dollars to start a business is anything ridiculous if you
go and speak to your local coffee shop owner you know most local businesses in
your area they’re going to say that they’ve got out of fifty thousand
hundred thousand dollar loan so I don’t think having a thousand dollars in cash
is not going to is not asking too much you know if you reality is the day and
age of being able to start up a successful company business whatever
with $50 $10 is is and that’s due to competition so that’s
just a fact and I’m not trying to be mean but I’m just trying to give you
realistic expectations and that leads on to my second one just don’t go in with
unrealistic expectations I’ve lost thousands of dollars in fact
over ten twenty thousand dollars on buying stock okay that then I wasn’t
able to sell many times that’s happened mentoring that’s been crap I’ve spent
thousands on mentoring thousands on agencies I’ve lost thousands and I’ve
always learned to not go on with unrealistic expectations that if I if I
get this person this agency then they’re going to make me a million dollars
I’ve never taken that approach and I never will and that’s why I always try
and tell you part of the reason that I mean I would have succeed is I’ve always
going in with a worst case scenario personality so let’s say worst case
scenario this agency doesn’t work well I fob them off I’ve lost the money I claim
it back on tax as a tax reduction and I also look at it that that’s why I go in
with a lot of knowledge of the topic already as opposed to just being like oh
I should just get this person they should do the work for me it’s what
allowed me to get to where I am is actually taking the time to learn the
skills has allowed me to account for unrealistic x-ray and unexpected events
as well okay so please just go in with realistic expectations starting a
business is not easy it is very rewarding but it is not easy and you
know regardless of what the greater community may say about different people
getting success that there’s always going to be success there’s going to be
a minut people that are just going to get success straight off the bat but the
reality is most aren’t I always like to go off by worst case the most aren’t
include myself I still struggle many many times
so there’s I’m not gonna lie about that there’s no reason to lie please don’t
leave your nine-to-five job immediately I stuck in my nine-to-five job for well
over a year while doing this for eight to nine hours a day and I was it was a
real strain I will admit both on my mental and physical health as
well as my relationship I’m very lucky that got through that period in my life
it’s not easy please don’t leave your job though you need income bills are
super important they’re never going to stop coming
please trial and error for three to six months the reality is it took me six
months realistically before I started to even get a couple of sales through the
door I took a very long approach I didn’t have much success very early on
and that happens okay I made millions of mistakes okay and you can go and watch
my previous YouTube videos on things like that okay I’m not gonna get into
all that today I always recommend that what you should be planning in advance
is always long-term okay one one thing is and that comes down to building a
brand now a brand is a word that’s been coming up a lot again in the greater
community I’ve been saying this for actually well over 12 months in fact
whenever I got into this my immediate expectation was to build a brand you
work for a company if you work for a company that is a brand that provides
long-term consistent income you should be applying the exact same principles to
your own life and business okay if you want to be able to do this full-time
okay it doesn’t matter if it’s affiliate marketing email marketing you know drop
shipping any any type of online related income where you generate it yourself
you should always be looking at how to brand that and you know how to build a
name so for instance my personal brand okay that’s a brand it doesn’t matter
it’s just a term alright but you should always be because it’s always gonna
provide consistency of income don’t worry about taxes and LLC’s I get a lot
of people ask me about that okay I don’t care about taxes and LLC’s there’s so
many ways to to work around that in terms of like you know when you get to
the point of an LLC I’m not an American so I don’t know really all the
legalities around it so I can’t comment you know here in Australia I just have
an a CPA chartered whatever is accountant and you know I use Xero if
you haven’t heard of zero zero com okay it’s an accounting piece of
software there’s tons of them out there is zero mile I’m sure in every other
country there’s different ones just use one of them and you know
allows me to automate my taxes allows me to get clarity on my taxes and I spend
like two minutes a day in it to reconcile record don’t be worried by
taxes when you get to that just get a professional to help you you’ll be fine
and if you need legal advice as well just get a lawyer I know it’s an expense
but it’s always important you should always understand video
editing in fact in my channel I have some videos on how to make youtube
videos I sorry how to make Facebook ads the videos side of it I recommend you go
and watch them the reality is most people sell need items you know an item
that solves a problem okay and so with the competitiveness we need to
understand that video editing and understanding that now part of that in
our beginning at the moment is storyboarding I’ll explain that more in
a moment so where should you start alright so right now obviously you’re
watching this video and you’re trying to get a broad outline so I’m trying to
give you an idea so go and watch my other YouTube videos I’ve got well over
150 videos in fact like those 150 videos is probably better than 90% of courses
out there my channel is completely focused aside from the odd few videos on
dropshipping so you’re going to get a huge amount of knowledge okay and it’s
gonna give you a massive head start there’s well over I don’t know 30 40
hours of content you’ve got planning to go and watch once you scale up you get a
course whether it’s mine or someone else’s it doesn’t matter courses do
still do have their place okay so as much as the sentiment is bad you know
the sentiment comes from bad courses that are not updated and so that’s where
I agree with that I actually also suggest start with smaller channels the
less known challenge I guess is the probably term a lot of the bigger
channels don’t get me wrong is still good but they you start to see a shift
you start to see a shift between their popularity and their videos that their
video has become I guess more hype is the way I look at it smaller channels I
consider myself a small channel and you know a lot of others they we we produce
consistent content because we have the desire to grow you know and you know we
want to provide quality content no I just love
probably Clinton anyway it’s it’s only fair I hate crap content anyway bet and
go watch their stuff I trust me when I say that you’re gonna get a lot of value
not just from my channel but all these other ones the you know may not be the
most well known name in the industry but they they know their stuff okay and a
lot of people are very quiet because they they might upload a video once or
twice a week and then they’re focused on their own business their own life and
that’s fine that’s fantastic we only live once so please join Facebook groups
whether it’s mine you know income lifestyle econ empires
econ elite mastermind there’s tons out there please join them not only to
provide their motivation but you can read them and you’ll start to see things
that you can take little bits and pieces okay it’s really important you can get a
lot of that for free please don’t get sucked into a lot of
sales shots as a sign of skill I know that like for instance my thumbnail is
like that and I am quite proud that I actually did achieve that and that’s no
lie but I back up the fact that I get those sales with skill and that’s
legitimately what I’ve been able to do and I’ve seen a lot of people and I’ve
heard a lot of people where it’s from I’m mentoring students my core students
whatever where they’ve gone and bought these other courses and they really
don’t know what they’re talking about the the reality is in 2019 and in 2000
and moving on there’s gonna be a million more mentors coming into this space
where this think they know their stuff and it’s all just too real for kids it’s
every time around Facebook ads please don’t get sucked into it make your own
assumptions based on the individual I highly recommend you just start on
YouTube watch a heap of those videos you go into them build a build a lot of
knowledge and then you’re going to be able to understand which youtubers
actually resonate with you the most i I really recommend that please make a
store around a niche and for winning product make a funnel alright so
everyone talks about one Parag stores again I’ve always looked at it as not
really much of a problem you can build a store whether it’s a fashion store baby
store dog store and all you do is if you want to build a one product store is you
make a gem landing page funnel landing pages if a fire patient
doesn’t matter if you do want more on landing pages ask them below I have a
list of number ones here actually Facebook’s Facebook Ads CBO storyboard
course so case study display ads Pinterest okay so those are just some
ideas so please keep that in mind it’s making a landing page is not hard at all
and what you should expect that you are most likely gonna you’re gonna lose
money and breakeven I lost thousands of dollars when I
started out and I will admit it’s frustrating and it’s scaring you’re like
well what am I doing this but you’ll be fine just can be consistent at it and
push yourself you’ll be fine trust me before you know it you will be in the
driver’s seat you are going to get frustrated always take a long-term
mindset when dropshipping started to become popular like you know people
started if you’re doing this in 20 2010 2011 2012 you could have just you could
have absolutely crushed it with no skill whatsoever and that’s why Facebook is
morphed into this platform they’re you know everyone relies on because they
still think it’s easy it’s not easy there’s not a day that I don’t speak to
one of my students that you know I’m not and I love teaching but you know you see
that like they’re doing thousands a day you know some four or five 10,000 a day
and they’re still trying to you know increase profitability because it’s
tough for them alright so please go in with a long-term mindset you’re gonna be
learning the first few months about Shopify how to build a store Facebook
Ads Google Ads Bing ads YouTube ads the different types of industries or niches
different types of products what categories they fit into how to market
them okay so expect many hurdles but trust me you will overcome them all that
there’s no difference between you and I the same as anyone else in this greater
community other than consistency determination and time alright that’s it
trust me like we’ve all seen those people that are scaling a product and
like how they doing a crap store crap ad there’s no answer i no matter what i can
t answer that so get used to it so the best way to get going
okay so the best way to get going is as i said build a brand and part of that is
a private agent there in this slide at the end of this video and in many of my
other videos you know like Bernard from how communists you drop e so you’re
getting it faster shipping faster processing
like for instance I get same-day processing they upload the tracking
number I just get I just make money and faster processing times Y you know you
can white label if you don’t know what that means white label is branding so
you know and white labeling is going to become bigger and bigger and bigger
the word brand is now used white labeling is the exact same thing just
different terms so please don’t get that confused and basically it just means
that the one thing that no one can ever steal from you is your name alright so
if you’ve got a brand store and you’re getting a lot of sales someone steals
your product okay you know other people are going to do that but you know you
could have a trademark you could sue them which I would recommend um you can
you know you can do a lot of things but the thing you can’t they can’t steal is
your name you know you’ve built that name you look
at any large known fashion brand any any brand in any niche and you look at them
with a sign of trust because they provide good products at an affordable
price with fast shipping good customer service that’s it and and and that’s
that’s how you white label in a nutshell that’s it so you can do bulk orders you
know you can look at depending on your bulk order looking at like a 20 20 to
30% reduction in your cost of the product and again faster processing and
you get higher quality products generally they you know they make a
batch they’re all proper high quality product in for whatever niche that may
be so that’s very very powerful and obviously it’s gonna build your own
brand and so I do recommend now I didn’t add this in sorry but where the best way
to get going is either two paths Facebook ads and Instagram ads or Google
Shopping a big shopping I wouldn’t recommend cuz
you’re not going to get a huge amount of impressions it takes a lot longer
because it’s a much smaller search engine you can also start with YouTube
ads but there’s a much longer steeper learning curve so that’s why most people
tend to gravitate to Facebook ads because you get instantaneous instant
gratification and you can you can scale the fastest the highest there’s no
denying that it’s important that you understand that they are expensive start
using storyboarding creatives these are very important so you split testing
multiple creatives but you’re making storyboarding okay and this is actually
something for my course students and mentor students that I’ll be adding into
those those various programs about teaching you how to do it if you’re
interested more in that ass down below as well
what storyboarding is is it’s purely a term that I’ve made up I’m not going to
say it’s a known term whatever I’ve started watching a lot of infomercials
infomercials on TV you know whether it’s like from what 9:00 to 11:00 and day in
the morning or like you know one till 4:00 at night and you watch them and it
really helps you to get an idea you’ll see it the same type of template
approach and it’s been very heavily refined over many years and hundreds of
millions of dollars in ad spend you know just here in Australia US and they use
it so it dawned on me I’m like if they’re doing that then it’s clearly
working if they’re spending millions of dollars where small fish we spend a
couple hundred dollars they will spend millions of dollars just on a create on
making a single video they could spend that and they use that same approach I
really recommend you learn about that by just watching some of those ads on TV
that is a hack for you right there it’s going to teach you how to do it and
I actually write down on a piece of paper how I’m going to do my storyboard
because then when you make the actual video in Camtasia of some whatever it
may be then then now you know how to do it or if you’re outsourcing to someone
you can just give them a script okay really important because I always test
with CBO’s I focus on high quality creatives and
learn video editing I focus on placements to reduce costs so placements
are really popular stories depending on the niche generally stories work better
for younger audiences stories but like audience network audience network is so
completely unsaturated right now you should be definitely using the audience
network I see so many people just say Facebook newsfeed Instagram newsfeed and
yeah they get a lot of impressions and can get a lot of sales but the audience
network especially people have been speaking about stories but the audience
network is very very unsaturated and untapped so please if you aren’t use
that spin like I just had a student this morning that you know his CPA was 50%
less on the audience network and it had nearly the same amount of sales as the
news feed and he didn’t he didn’t do anything for it right so it works very
very well one of the things that I’m doing a lot more as well make sure as
well you spend more money per product so test fewer products and spend more money
on those products you’re having to take a more riskier approach of and I
actually prefer rather than testing a hundred products you test five you spend
the same amount of money but you test five and what that what does that why
does that make more sense well because you’re gonna get more data but guys when
you spend more money you get more data and you get it more around that audience
and you will get sales and then you can optimize on those sales so we’ve gotten
to comfortable and including myself with the idea of you know spending thirty
dollars if we don’t have you know four or five sales and it’s dead but if you
look at the data you can make informed decisions I’ve helped many students and
I love doing it where they’ve been on to winning product they just killed it
because it hasn’t been profitable but when you actually look at the granular
data and then you spend more money then you can make it profitable so you nearly
have to take a loss to get a win and it’s the exact same with Google Ads
that’s why many people don’t do it Google Ads can work well off the bat but
generally you take a loss to then make a win and that’s going to become more of a
standard now okay especially if you’re looking to build a brand you’re gonna
have to bulk buy so you take a loss to make a win
take a lost take a win so Google Ads is going to build long consistent sales
long-term and I’ve already gone through it but build a brand search campaign
there’s easy as pie it’s a bit of harder for beginners but trust me I have
playlists in my in my channel here you go and watch them it’s going to give you
a lot of value and again there’s plenty of other people that do it as well I
also run dynamic remarketing dynamic remarketing now though I use it on
Google actually works really damn well and it’s actually really easy to set up
very cheap cost per acquisition as well as display ads for single product
targeting and Gmail ads if you want to know more about that comment down below
again you can get them you can sometimes it much might be a much lower CTR but
you can get a very cheap CPC like gmail ads for me
averaged about 20 cents now not all of those obviously convert but 20 cent and
I didn’t you know it’s very easy to set up very easy
and I also recommend Google Analytics now if you do want a video on this I
would be really excited to do one actually I love Google Analytics Google
Analytics is completely forgotten about have no idea why but it is the most
valuable tool in my opinion that any every store has it’s free and it gives
you the most clarity around everything if you know how to use it you can just
use some basic searches sorry I’m report upon me and you can get some amazing
clarification I’m not joking when I say that I’ve made a lot of money by just
using some simple template reports that Google Analytics has to see holy crap
I’m making a lot of money there focus a bit of attention more on there more
money more money and and that’s why if you build a brand and you focus on a
single type of customer then you can use Google Analytics to hone in on that
customer because it is the number one tool for understanding every element of
your e-commerce business it really is so valuable anyway moving on so we then
we’ve got you bads now I didn’t include Pinterest ads
just want to include YouTube and the next big best thing to Facebook it’s a
video centric you’re watching this video right now you can remarket your videos
just from facebook on to google so make sure if you’re using google analytics
interpret google analytics with Google Ads and then you can do some basic
custom audience audiences they call them audiences in Google and you can then do
a YouTube ad you know that may not work because depending on if the audience has
like a Google account or something it’s always different but you can do some
remarketing there as well so start getting on that again I’ll be showing
you one at the moment but we’re going to look at five seconds again just as a
reference for a couple of these points you’ve got cold traffic marketing
extremely cheap okay so it uses a very different type of marketing but you know
you can get like 20 cent CPCs to American traffic okay to your store very
very cheap very very cheap and you can hide the target customers quite easily
it’s actually very easily to do the equivalent of interest targeting on
YouTube so if if you are more interest in that just to ask as well my course
students for those already in my course you’ve already seen that I’ve been
adding more YouTube ads videos and I’m gonna continue doing so as well so let
me just show you five seconds so just to clarify a couple of my key points here
all right lovely so we’ve all seen five seconds by now but what I wanted to
signify here was just a couple of key points one obviously they are using
YouTube as their primary source ok display ads
YouTube all of that right they’re doing all that you can see here this people
get very confused this is a general store but it looks like a one product
store because I have chosen a pretty broad name okay um it looks like a one
product store they’ve done a good job of that and they don’t have like the shop
now and then up top they have that all hidden okay and you know they do have
all of those of course as well but it’s pretty much or one product store so
don’t get too worried about if you’re actually running a general store just
keep it like simple like this you can see
they’re keeping it quite simple themselves and that’s all they do
now is this its debut and it’s working fine for them nothing much to worry
about they’re keeping it very basic and it works perfectly perfectly fine okay
so that’s just where I was just trying to signify a bit there and then getting
a lot of traffic and you know the traffic is gonna continue increasing if
we have a look here it’s actually increased up to 600,000 they’re scaling
something and good on so that’s all you really need to do the approach has only
slightly changed so don’t get too worried about that it’s actually very
very simple and again this website’s v v ec o nd s comm and you can go have a
look yourself let’s go alright so you’re now sort of at the point right so what
do I do to grow my business you know how do I grow it well you need it obviously
increase average order value simple bulk order discounts so if people buy two or
more you know they get like a 10% discount off each but you overall make
an extra ten dollars okay you know you got bundles off you buy this and this
together get twin temps and off but again you make an extra $10 and the
customer gets a bundle that they’re happy with post purchase upsells
reconvert reconvert one-click upsell into cart can’t hook our examples into
cart is extremely good by the way $50 a month as well email marketing you know
again if you build a brand you can market to customers again by email
marketing not many people do it but it does work very well text marketing is
very untapped again that can work well I’ve spent you know thirty five dollars
for a text marketing campaign and it’s brought in over four or five thousand
dollars in sales because it’s very cheap we’re talking one two three cents text
so it’s very personal has very high open rates and that increases you you can
average order value because those customers will come back helps you on a
daily basis and much much cheaper cost per purchase for you had to pay a dollar
to get a forty dollar purchase would you say would you complain no no you
wouldn’t so finding winning products I have tons of those videos playlists
in my channel and you know you’ve got Facebook search ad bar a Facebook I had
the search bar sorry you know turbo ads is a free Chrome
extension for Chrome download that similar web as you saw as well I forgot
to include communist inspector for product research for finding winning
tracks easy Instagram stories every three to five stories sorry for the typo
and it’s the same on Facebook every street of five stories influencer pages
influence marketing is still quite a viable twenty thousand one hundred
thousand people are using more micro pages now it’s cheaper and they can test
more pages and still get really good results sales sauce
many of you know sale sauce but that’s a great for finding untapped products as a
paid service drop point site to filter on facebook as well I’m sorry I forgot
as well the Facebook ad library is what it’s known as Facebook ad library calm
and then you’ve got big spy calm between all of those seriously you should not
really have much of a problem finding finding products okay
I refuse to recommend if you’re if you’re sort of a bit stuck not sure just
go in my channel I have an entire playlist on winning products how to find
them how to validate them you’ll be fine criteria for winning products is you
know a two to three x marker now the exception for that is let’s say you’ve
got a $20 item and you’re selling it for $60 that that’s 3x markup but let’s say
you’re selling it for $40 that’s still it to it the point really what it boils
down to is you want a fifteen to twenty dollar profit margin so I should have
added that at the end of the day you want a fifteen to twenty dollar profit
margin all right so you know and that’s why most people say two to three X
markup if you’ve got an idle cost you ten dollars you want to at least sell
for $30 because that then means that you’ve got a $20 margin the most
important thing is the number $20 so I actually aim for that I think in the
next 12 to 18 months we’re gonna see that that’s going to definitely become
the thing where you need about 15 20 dollars currently we’re around 10 to 50
that’s going to start to shift 15 or 20 an item that is recent or untapped or
trending okay in other words so you know you might see
something that might have just blown up the last three weeks jump on that jump
on that simple as that an item that solves a problem again a
lot of those ones that just trend up and I’m the solvers problem jump on that
trend it solves a problem make your own creative scale it to the moon an item
that you can see is the target audience now please make sure that this is
important if you see there are some items you see I don’t know who to market
this to there’s always a market for an item but some of them if you can see
clearly who to market it to what does that mean it means you know how that you
all know instinctively how to market it to them if you got a gray zone item you
won’t know how to market to people because it’s in a gray zone if you have
something on the left that means you know how to market someone you can make
a storyboard you can make a storyboard you can you know how to make then your
video creative you know how to do your ad copy you know how to do your landing
page becomes more targeted more specific you’re able to then relate to the
customer and it dramatically increases your chances of conversions so what
happens when you get sales right so you know expect a lot of customer service I
had customer service outsourced there’s plenty there’s like you make a posting
on up work I’m in in my group or someone else’s group you’ll get like 20 people
in probably like 10 minutes say you know everyone’s a VA nowadays for customer
service it’s a an easy skill for people to learn as well as you know make good
money and so people a lot of people do customer service from Philippines are
really good filip people from the Philippines are extremely good expect
shipping problems if you drop shipping you know expect it if you’re shipping
brand and shipping anyway you’re gonna expect problems but like generally like
for instance my stock there if I’m shipping via Australia Post I don’t have
a problem I use as I said sindelle and they they use another courier and I
don’t have a single problem like they get it pretty quick and so you know
there’s always a solution for shipping problems people get so worried about
there’s really not much to be worried about in every country now there’s a
every country there’s a shipping solution just investigate it expect
holds on your merchant providers you know stripe PayPal
where is it second checkout or whatever Shopify payments expect holds okay I get
plenty of holds and I don’t really care I don’t care as long as I don’t get many
refunds returns and charge backs I don’t have a problem okay so just expect holds
and that’s why I said $1000 you’ll be fine
people get really caught up on that and it is frustrating but you know that’s
business for you um learn more about building great stores
okay so I’ve just shown you an example of well I define a really great story
and it’s actually pretty basic really there’s a lot of people that make really
average stores and so just use something like that as reference to get some ideas
build some knowledge okay it’s gonna be really powerful for you long term how to
make fantastic creatives again the storyboarding approach more than happy
to teach more about that we can do some research together give you some
resources it’ll be a lot of fun persuasive a copy does make a difference
believe it or not it does I actually watched someone called the wolf of Wall
Street many of you heard him he’s got a YouTube channel and he is all about
sales people get very confused between the difference between marketing and
South’s marketing brings the traffic in the sales is locks in the SAP simple as
that okay you know you need traffic to get
sales but if you don’t know sales that traffic is not going to become a sale
all right so start learning more about and that’s
where persuasive ad copy comes into it and how to how to cut out the crappy
traffic and how to then convert the good traffic into paying customers and that’s
what you want and expect refunds returns exchanges and complaints I should have
done that but you’re gonna be fine like people get worried about comments on
Facebook you can filter them you can hide them automatically that’s easy I
got a video on that it’s easy email marketing I saw email customer service
VA 3 to 5 just I paid $10 an hour personally for me I still consider that
very cheap considering here in Australia you know our average wage is 25 $30 an
hour so I’m paying 12 13 dollars it’s a bargain can’t complain yeah so make sure
you keep all that in mind and they’ll help you to
grow your business keeping that long long term perspective and let’s get into
the last slide so I wanted to talk about this because I feel it’s really
important I’ve seen a lot of discussion about this only a drink the future of
e-commerce I want to include this because we are in the final parts of
2019 score my quick and we’re up to 2020 so how do you combat how do you combat
it all right look at how the map look at how to market elsewhere being YouTube
Pinterest Google Bing snapchat I’ve done a bit of snapchat I didn’t find work
that well for me it only works for specific niches like more fashion and
young women’s items generally as what I’ve historically found in the LTV
lifetime value that’s actually a report in Google Analytics so I can teach you
more about quality products okay so quality products quality customer
service quality shipping and tracking really just boils down to that LTV
lifetime value is it’s it’s what people don’t seem to say it much mmm at the
moment but it’s really that’s when you built a brand LTV is building a brain
right that’s it customers come back you and get a 30 40
% LTV you can make an extra five hundred thousand dollars a day by doing very
little work and I’ve specialized in that and I love doing it because it’s really
rewarding giving someone an item they love and then getting them and then they
come back and buy from you again because that’s what all people want and it’s
just common courtesy so focus on that and that’s that’s going to allow you to
scale with more confidence if you know you’ve got one let’s say for in 10
people come back and buy okay your lifetime value so your average order
value might be $35 but if you know that your average order value
I saw your lifetime value okay is you’ve got four out of ten people okay so you
can add 40% of your average order value on top of that okay
so let’s just keep it simple what’s our temp scent of that three dollars fifty
times by four so $14 so it’s actually fourteen nine dollars is your average
all about now if you like what how does that make sense
because four out of ten people are going to come
back and buy from you again your actual average order value is $49 okay and
people get really confused by that so what how does it help me how does that
help well that means that you actually know that you’ve got extra $14 margin
potentially to be able to actually scale much more than other people because you
know that four out of ten people come back and buy from you again and that
means that you know that you’re going to make that money and you keep focusing on
that and long term that’ll keep happening and your your margins will
grow and everyone else is or stay the same because they’re focused on single
target customers or just you know single customers while you have that extra
margin that maybe on a stat on Shopify you may not see that but if you look at
your LTV report you can make that all right and that makes a huge huge
difference to the longevity that’s what building a brand is and that’s that’s
what definitely people are going to start speaking about in the next coming
six twelve months absolutely assure you that it’s gonna be a spoken about a lot
more and I kind of just wanted to bring this up Facebook ad account burning
becoming the norm all right so I expect that I expected this last year in fact I
remember I expected it at least September last year I don’t know why
people didn’t expect this to happen it always happens is what’s gonna happen is
something good comes along so let me give an example YouTube ads is trending
up so everyone you know people gonna be like oh you too Bad’s is the next big
thing if I jump on that trend I can make a lot of money okay so that’s gonna
start happening people can jump on that trend it’s going to get more public
exposure more people jump on and then YouTube YouTube are going to be like now
like they’re gonna get negative feedback and shitty customers and and all of that
what what are they’re gonna do is they’re going to start then enforcing
policies changing those policies for different categories blah blah blah
whatever that may be and then it’s going to become tough okay and then people are
gonna get shitty people are going to get their add account suspended in
the Google because it’s a part of Google and it’s the exact same thing that’s
happening here with Facebook Facebook who was found to get amazing results
everyone’s jumping on board the our Facebook’s bailing people because of
copyright trademark infringement and you know content they don’t want on their
platform and people you know jumping up in arrears and now like people are
saying you should make a second ed account our second Facebook account I’ve
said that a hundred times you should make multiple ad account said
that a hundred times you make multiple business managers said that a hundred
times you should just use a bit of common sense I’m sorry to say but this
is all just i define it as a good outcome to a shitty situation I don’t I
like the fact that people’s ad accounts get suspended and banned for the most
part because most of these people are doing it wrong I’ve had my own accounts
suspended and banned because of bugs and it’s frustrating but I know that that’s
a that comes with the vision of trying to make things better for the Facebook
users if facebook alienate their audience too much being you know people
on Facebook you and I then we’re not gonna use it and then our Facebook
Facebook marketing is gonna flop right so we have to keep that mindset and
that’s why building a brand building consistent LTB is a simple solution if
you look at your customer feedback score that’s indicative of that as well most
people get their suspended in that because they hit under two so you can
actually just go to facebook-dot-com forward-slash adds forward slash
feedback underscore score i think it is and you can have a look at your score if
you have one most of mine sit it’s a head of a rating of five okay most of
mine sit on four point five to five and I don’t really care there’s no such
thing as perfect and so it’s it’s just it’s just an it’s a good outcome in my
opinion to a situation that’s becoming too out of control Facebook are locking
it down and that’s going to happen with every platform something new comes along
it’s going to be abused and then still be locked down upon and everyone gets
frustrated it’s the same with like Instagram with people building followers
it’s being locked down one and people getting shitty it’s like yeah but you
were you know taking advantage of the algorithm and you were doing it wrong
and you know that’s not what they want so
focus on getting sales then finding warehouses which can be your own home
and or or a warehouse wherever this in the u.s. there’s tons of them sourcing
agents I’ve got them in this slide fulfillment apps like you drop EEP
Barolo okay I just wanted to bring that up because I think that you guys really
need to understand that in 2019 2020 and beyond now these platforms are going to
be ruthless I don’t care who you are because you’re just another marketer on
their platform they have so many bigger brands than us that are making them a
lot more money that why would they care about us where we’re spending a few
thousand dollars you know a week a day whatever there’s people spending
hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars a week a month
whatever so you must keep that in mind because this is going to become a bigger
and bigger topic as this industry as a whole starts to continue to grow at an
accelerated rate so I just want to know and that concludes today’s video on
where to start in 2019 2020 where to begin and everything you need to know
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  1. Love your videos and calculator! You're crushing it! My first goal is to have a positive ROI with my new store, it just opened 3 days ago. I am building a brand and have a long term vision.

  2. Do recommend testing products on a general store before selling them on a one product store? Or just go straight to testing them on a one-product store?

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