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Dropshipping Clothes 2019 – Facebook Ads For Clothing Brand

Dropshipping Clothes 2019 – Facebook Ads For Clothing Brand

hey what’s going on in this video I’m
gonna show you exactly how you can absolutely crush it drop shipping
women’s clothing whether you’re using Shopify clickfunnels but the core basis
here is Facebook Ads as you can see I test products every single day I have
the data to prove it and in this video I’m gonna teach you a few things about
how to profitably sell women’s clothing and then I’m gonna show you inside of
this data here of ads that I’ve actually run and I’m going to show you what
worked what didn’t work and then I’m going to show you exactly how you can
scale your women’s clothing drop shipping business by increasing your
average order value and also making sure your conversion rate is probably twice
as good as it currently is if you have a Shopify store currently when I first
started this I had a Shopify store that I thought I was doing really great at
and you know I was making some money but once I started to use this new strategy
which I’m going to show you for 100% free in this video I doubled my
conversion rate I doubled my average order value so let’s go ahead and get
into it the only thing I do ask from you is to throw a thumbs-up you know this is
gonna be a very in-depth video here and all I ask is a thumbs-up and if you do
enjoy this content make sure to subscribe but let’s dive right into it
I’m gonna go ahead and filter this out so I’m looking only at this one campaign
here that is for a boho woman’s dress dress so pretty trendy dress and the
reason I picked it you know I launched so many products every single day the
reason I picked this one is because it had some good data but before we get
into that let me go over the kind of opportunity here and how you can ask you
actually capitalize on it so it’s a huge huge opportunity and once you start
running women’s clothing dropship in in the correct manner you are going to get
a lot of profitable sales as you know the process is hey set up a Facebook ad
like this and then send them to your store maybe selling this product right
here and once they buy it you ship it to them and you keep the profit right so
maybe you’re in the position where you already have a store and you’re looking
to scale it don’t worry else are you exactly how to
do that with Facebook Ads right here right now the correct way or maybe you
see other people doing really really well with women’s clothing and you’re
you haven’t quite cracked it yet or you haven’t started or you heard other
people are crushing it and you you just aren’t there yet I’m gonna help you get
there so when you’re able to scale like I’m
gonna show you you’re gonna be able to scale this to hundreds of thousands of
dollars per month in sales and every dollar you put in you should be able to
get three to four or five dollars out so prior to this I was drop shipping you
know with Shopify the simple method right you zobeir low put it on your
store and then start running Facebook ads but once I started to kind of switch
my strategy to focus in really on the average order value how to use upsells
downsells around sales how to make my conversion rate from my opt-in to my
order page it really really good it changed my whole business now instead of
finding a new winning product every few days or a few weeks I’m finding a
winning product pretty much every single day and this is a winner right here that
I’m just gonna expose to you so you know first before we you actually dive in and
make the sales funnel that converts really well and dive into these Facebook
ads I wanted you know teach you a couple things that that you can just jot down
real quick and then at the end of this video we’ll actually walk through me
setting everything up so you can kind of look over my shoulder to see exactly how
I do it you know I’m a normal guy working out of a home office it it’s not
I’m not like you know some guru or anything so I can show you exactly like
if you have a computer and Facebook ads and you know thirty bucks a month for
Shopify or whatever you’ll be able to do this so it’s really cool but the first
thing is you know when you’re looking for a new product to you know a new
piece of women’s clothing or whatever you want to go to Aliexpress and you
want to make sure to follow the demand that is one of the biggest pieces of
advice I can give you don’t try to sell things that you think are good sell
things that you know people want so for example examples I’ve put in women’s
dress right how do you find if there’s demand you can see okay all
these products right here how do I know which one to pick well the easiest way
to do this is just to go to orders and search by orders because that means if
there’s a lot of orders that means people with the products in demand right
people actually like this product people are ordering it make sure to check the
reviews make sure it’s like four four or five stars and all of these products are
potential winners for you now you just have to test them so you launch a couple
ads and I’ll show you had to do all that in this video and then you can kind of
prove the demand but the reason you want to follow the demand and start with
products with a lot of orders is because you don’t want to waste money you don’t
want to waste time you know it’s gonna take a little bit of time to launch each
product but if you’re following the demand and only picking products that
have lots of orders and good reviews you’re gonna do great at this now the
second tip I have for you is whenever possible use the word free in your
marketing so on your Facebook ads if you can do a free plus shipping do that and
a free plus shipping is pretty much hey get this product free just cover
shipping and the reason you want to use free is because it’s like a sizzle word
right like people love to see the word free people love free stuff and if you
can’t do a free plus shipping then do it at least you know free
shipping right say hey you know this products 50% off today today only and
you get free shipping and put the emphasis on the free because free is
gonna get you clicks for cheaper and then the last thing the third thing that
I really wanted to go over is use upsells for example if you sold this
product right here upsell this product or upsell another one of these dresses
in a different color and the reason being is because you know that they
purchased something from you so they they already trust you right now what
you want to do is hey would you also like this because I know you like that I
know you like this white dress so why not just add this black dress to your
cart you know for a slight discount and then when I say up so you know set up
upsells you know I work with clients all the time that they’ll say oh yeah I have
an upsell in and then I ask them you know how often do you change that upsell
and they say oh you know I’ve only tried one up so well every 10 20 sales change
your upsell and then see which one converts the best if you
always doing that you’re always gonna get better results and if you’re always
testing new up selves then you can say okay boom this one does really well as
an upsell while this one didn’t or the next week you find another one that does
even better and hey maybe you put that as your upsell too and then you have
upsell three and then you have down sell one and then you have down sell two so
you want to take them through this kind of Ikea you know the store IKEA you have
to flow through their funnel right you want to take them through this funnel
and add value to their order by simply saying hey do you want this hey do you
want this and I I talked to a lot of clients are saying things like hey you
know I don’t want to be pushy on my customer and yada yada but that’s not
the correct way to think the correct way think is hey you know they came to my
site I spent ads to get them there you know that’s that’s something valuable I
gave to them because they necessarily buy this dress without me so why don’t I
try to add more value to them and their day by offering or some other things
that they might like and when you make that mindset shift it’s a lot easier to
test rapidly all these upsells so those are the three things people come to me
all the time and say hey you know is drop shipping dead and no it’s
definitely not but if you’re not gonna work hard at it if you’re not gonna work
on your conversion rate if you’re not gonna work on your upsells and your
average order value yes it’s dead like you can’t just go ahead and throw a
product on Shopify anymore and think it’s a winner you know there’s a lot of
people competing to do drop shipping because it is very you know it’s a
little very very low barrier to entry that being said if you follow this
strategy I’m gonna show you now nobody else is doing this so you’re gonna
absolutely crush it so you know before we kind of get into me actually saying
this up going through the ads and all that I just want to go over the three
things that you know I want you to take away today at a minimum that we just
went over find products that have demand search by orders you know only test
products that already have demand don’t waste your time don’t waste your money
on anything else once you do have cash flow and you are making profits okay
then go test things if you want the second thing is
used free as often as possible a free plus shipping free shipping just use
that word as much as possible and then use upsells upsell one upsell to upsell
three down sell one down so two down sell three and test these every single
you know every 10 20 sales test the new upsell test a new down so and as long as
you do that it’s gonna be the snowball effect and your your ads are gonna get
better your conversion rates are gonna get better your average order value it’s
gonna double triple and so on and so on so those are the three things now if you
want this actual sales funnel I’m gonna set up here make sure to stick around
because this is our million dollar sales funnel literally everything I know is a
you we’ve put into this sales funnel in order to get the best conversion rate so
let’s stick around here and let’s watch this second part of this video we’re
pretty much I’m gonna be diving into these ads right now and then I’m gonna
set up a sales form I duplicated this from an old one that was working really
this is a sales funnel that I have that works really really well and I actually
give this away if you watch the free training below you know it’s a free
workshop shows you exactly how to start growing automating your own seven
figures store and it’s just a bunch of value for you and at the end of it you
can download this sales funnel but let’s just go ahead and dive right in and
start creating a sales funnel for this winning product so my process here as
you can see I have a ton of that ad campaigns here and this is only part of
them but you know every single day I’m launching new products right launching
new ads to those products seen which ones get the best clicks add to carts
purchases and so on now out of all of those you know I will then those those
products are being launched on Shopify you know really quick and easy I use ad
childen launched on the Shopify there’s a little app you can go watch the other
video for that but you know I’m able to launch products in 5 to 10 minutes
competitions launching products in an hour or two hours who’s gonna win I’m
gonna win you’re gonna win because you’re watching this video so then based
off of those number I go ahead and pick ones that I want to
scale and based off of the numbers I saw here I want to filter by selection
because I think this boho dress did really well because they had 24 view
contents for 46 cents each so that tells me that there is you know demand not
only because it’s right here like there’s already demand on Aliexpress you
know three thousand six hundred forty nine orders but I also shows it shows me
that there’s demand on Facebook on my ass I only spent eleven dollars which is
great because now I can say okay this is actually a pretty good one you know it’s
got a ton of view contents there is demand here let me now go set up an
actual sales funnel because with Shopify it’s kind of limiting right you know you
send them to your store and you might be able to use a shop if I have for like
one or two episodes but with sales funnels you can really really own in on
hey the only reason you’re on my website is to buy this product right here right
now you’re gonna give me your email address and then you’re gonna buy the
product and then you’re gonna see my upsell one two three four five and so on
and so on so you can see why your average order value goes up so much and
like I said before I started with a you know twenty five dollar average order
value on Shopify if that and when I bring it over to sales funnels you know
I get it up to fifty sixty seventy and it’s always getting better because I’m
able to test so much more so let’s first go ahead and look at this
data oh yeah by the way if you’re still with me here guys I know you you want to
crush it so watch that training below after this get that free sales funnel
and the only real thing I really want you to do is throw a like on this video
because you know there’s a lot of knowledge I’m giving you here but other
than that let’s keep oh I want to look at the breakdown I want to look at age
and gender I like to target women so this was actually 25 plus women 25 plus
but I want to see who’s actually liking it or who’s actually clicking on it it
looks like it’s mostly coming from women 45 plus and that’s actually I actually
like that too because that’s a good target demographic
so I’m gonna set up this new ad here I’m just gonna open it up one more level I’m
gonna set it up to women forty five-plus instead of went women twenty five-plus
because the women twenty five-plus didn’t look like they were clicking on
it as you can see in the data here now if you want to look at how my ad sets
are set up I said I’m up in a specific way you know
us women twenty five-plus bohemian is the interest I targeted and then this
was the video I created I’m gonna show you had to do all of that now you can
see is one dollar ad sets nothing crazy you know we’ll spend millions a year but
still start one dollar ad sets that blows people’s minds they say it’s not
tight enough time to optimize but you know I’m living proof that it is enough
to get that high level data and then I’m showing you exactly how I scale it so
that’s the interest I’m targeting and then you know I only target mobile
newsfeed to start you know we can always move on to other placements later but I
find this is the most profitable placement right here and then we can
move on to Instagram and I don’t really do audience Network messenger mmm not
really but let’s go ahead and see the actual ad
here you see what’s going on you can see it’s a pretty like simple video ad – Oh
made it for me real quick comment yes if you love some I’m kind of baiting their
engagement which I don’t know if it’s loud but hey oh well so that’s the ad
that’s what it looks like right so what we want to do is we want to go ahead and
set it up on this new funnel this is like an old one probably check my other
videos but my sales funnel is like really really great the the opt-in rates
like 50 60 % and then the order rates like 10% which is really good sometimes
even much higher so let’s go ahead and first things first let’s go take some
images here I’m gonna try to do this as a free plus ship you know I’m not gonna
make very much money on the front end but I’m gonna make my ship in like kind
of expensive like 14.95 I’ll make like 2 bucks on the front end but that’s where
you start to make money is on the upsells so you want to set up upsells
that you know might be another color for example I might give away this turquoise
one right and then this one’s gonna be fifty dollars on the upsell one this
one’s gonna be $50 upsell – and if they say no I’ll say hey what about a down
sell for or what about you know 35 for that same product and that’s where you
actually make your money a lot of people think that hey your product has to be
set up perfectly on the front end but it’s really not about the front end so
that’s why I do free plus shipping on the front end a lot of the time and
that’s what I’m gonna do here so let’s go ahead and find some images because ad
shows gonna make the video for us but you know the better the image the better
the video right so I’m gonna go ahead and screenshot that and screenshot this one as well and the
reason I’m screen shining this is for the video essentially add chill I’ll
show you that in a second it will make the video for me and let’s see if I can
go on over here I’m gonna need to switch my account really quick so I’ve got the
three images and I’ll probably just use three images for now and a lot of people
think that a you have to find a make a really really great video but no in my
experience you don’t have to make great video it just needs to depict the
product really well because at the end of the day it comes down to the pictures
more so than the video right so if the if the pictures are good you can make a
really good video on add show so I’m going to pull this on over here and all
the resources all the tools I use will all be down below in the link so don’t
worry about that let’s just watch the process for now so you can see exactly
how to do this so I’ve got those three images what I want to do now is set up
the actual landing page so I want to come here and edit the page and like I
said you’re gonna get this funnel for free if you watch the training below
because this boho dress is free and I’m gonna put a $99 value and what I want to
do here is go ahead and change out all the wording upload the images and it’s
really easy to upload the images you just simply click here and then click
this image button but I have all the images links over here conveniently so
I’m just gonna upload them with the links so it looks like one two need
about three or four images 2019 boho dress of the year I’ll just say dress of
the yeah looks good and we’ll have to write some product details here I don’t
know much about dresses it’s the problem so I’m gonna have to look through here 3/4 sleeve length
I’ll say something like beautiful summer dress beautiful blow ho summer dress Oh summer
dress it’s always funny trying to get a
description from Aliexpress because their descriptions are funny
ok let’s do a polyester high quality polyester what else can we say v-neck
stylish v-neck and you can see I’m not spending very much time on this at all
sleeve length 3/4 3/4 sleeves boom just like that so you know I’ve got
everything else kind of just like to implement template adhere so that works
well now what I’ll do is just grab the images and put them in here super easy
for you to do and like I said you’re gonna get this for free so I’ll fly
through this right now but you know I’ll show you exactly I’ll do that later which one did I just do up here she is
sitting down and this conversion rate is so much
better than Shopify that’s why I always scale with clickfunnels and I think
we’re good to go so that looks pretty good you want to check it out on mobile
because all of my traffic comes from mobile because this boho dress is free
$99 value all right this looks good so what I’m gonna do now is click Save and
just exit out and I’m almost done I should just go to the order page now so
the second page is the order page and this is where they actually buy the
product so I’ll have to set up probably a couple sizes that’s one thing that’s a
little different about clothing is the sizing thing so you actually have to set
up different sizes of each product which you know takes a little bit longer but
you’ll see it’s not too hard grab your boho dress today for free just help us
out with shipping yes rush my dress now so there’s a couple things you have to
change here but you know everything else is kind of templated which is nice I
look like save here and then the real last thing I need to do because the
Thank You page is already set up I’m not gonna set up the episode right now but
you know I’ve talked about the episode already during this and what I like to
do is I just have the upsell after I get a couple sales but you want to do upsell
1 upsell to upsell 3 so you just click clone funnel here fun little step and it
you can put in upsell 1 as in this one and then upsell to upsell 3 and then you
can do down sells so if they say no you just simply say ok well do you want it
for 20% off or and then do you want it for 30% off and don’t let them go
without getting the upsell I mean not literally but like give them such a
great offer that they want to get at least one of your upsells an upsell a
down sell and that’s where the profit really starts to come in so let’s go
back to the order page because I’m not gonna setup the upsells right now on
this video just because I I think it’s pretty self-explanatory especially once
I said the order page here it’s pretty much
things so the order page is pretty simple to fill out I’m gonna go ahead
and I’ve got a little templates over here on my other screen for the
thank-you email and I just go to the fulfillment email first just to make
sure I get that unless a boho dress and then on settings I’m gonna call this
blue bow dress and I’m gonna do a 1595 shipping price she’s really high but
it’s better than selling the product for 1595 and this is just to kind of show
you the the process and you can mess around with this a lot of the times I’ll
do a lot cheaper shipping but it just really depends on the cost because the
cost of this product is actually kind of hot it’s at 1295 I’m gonna do
medium/large so Aliexpress prices are typically two
sizes or I guess it’s one size so mediums are small large is a medium XL
is a large so I’m gonna set that up four times I’m gonna put the medium as a
small since they’re coming from China the project the sizes are a little
different I’m gonna call this a small and I’ll just start with small for now
essentially you know what you would go ahead and do is set up a medium one you
just click add products set up a medium a large and extra-large I will save that
for you know after the video because I just want to show this part but now you
want to go ahead and set up your links so you just go to settings up here and
you want it to link to whatever page you want you can set up a domain or whatever
I have this domain super dot clickfunnels
that I’ll set up here but I just want to set those up really quickly because then
the next step is diving back into these ads and actually launching the ad
campaign and this is where you know you make the money because you know if we
can make profitable ads and you know everything else kind of does itself so
I’m gonna call it FSS boho dress just a little code we use and click Save and
you have to put it here on the gear icon as well for the main page and then the
publishing as well and then I’m gonna do order page dress 3 just in case I have
another page that’s so it’s really simple to setup the page as you can see
and then I gotta do the same thing for upsell and then thank-you page so us both dress and then stick with me
now because the the real good part is coming here in a second when we launch
all the ads because you’re gonna be mind blown how easy it is to launch these ads
I’ve got a really cool tool here to show you so let me just go ahead and fill
this out thank you boho dress copy and then we’re pretty
much done so our funnel is done and I can start pushing traffic to it so my
link here is on this main page you just want to go here and grab this link so
there we go and now I want to launch ads to it so
the first thing I want to do is figure out who is my target you know is I think
earlier we looked at this already so it’s women 45 plus and then it looks
like from my past data that I got the most view contents from skirt and
bohemian so I’m gonna start there so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna make
the video first and I just use add show there’s a link below I’m gonna grab
these three images and I’m gonna say something like hearts heart I’m gonna
say so I’m free today free today it’s kind of ugly but you know it does well and then I’m gonna put this in there so
I’m getting them to you know do some stuff for me just even if they look at
the ad which is nice okay that looks pretty good let’s see if it looks better
why yeah I’m gonna do what and I’m gonna do one second and I’m gonna call this
boho dress make it black thumbnail now I’m gonna wipe them now and then click
make video so actual actually gonna make the video here and then while it’s doing
that I want to start working on my copy now the copies you know pretty easy to
write I like to say something that asks them a question so they have to answer
in their head whether they answer in their head or actually on the post it
doesn’t matter to me but the thing that matters is that they answer it in their
head because you know that means that they stopped and they looked at my ad
and that’s a pattern break so I’m gonna say something like isn’t this boho dress
stunning I must say it’s free today just cover shipping and then we’ll say grab
yours quick and whatever that link was it’s right here
just grab your link and I’m making the ad and writing the copy here on the
other page they are going to be to be gone soon be quick
so my ad text actually says isn’t this boho dress stunning it’s free
today just cover shipping grab yours quick and then I give them a link to my
page and then I say they are going to be gone soon be quick so ad she’ll still
uploading the video you know it makes the video really quickly but then it
waits on Facebook to approve pretty much approve the video say hey we’re done
uploading and processed so once that’s done
it’s pretty cool because we can make the post right here inside of add chill
using this video with that copy that I just talked about
I just wrote over here and then we’ll be able to find all of the targeting and ad
chose actually gonna go ahead and find really really good interest that we
would have never found before on Facebook audience insights or anything
without spending a lot of time so it’s pretty cool
it does all that for you can see the video is done here so you know it says
free today and it depicts the product very well and we just go over here to
post and click make new post and then pick the page you want to you want to do
it from and paste in you know isn’t this boho dress stunning it’s free today just
cover shipping grab yours quick and then my link and then I you know give them a
little urgency and I’ll put like a dancing emoji I like that one and the
video is already selected here and we can go ahead and click Save and it will
make the page post for us so it’s gonna be a dark page post so it’s not actually
on your page but you know you can run ads to it and you always want to do it
that way so I’m gonna call this FSS boho dress and click Save and then now the
last thing we really have to do is find the targeting so what were the two ones
that did well Bohemia and skirt so I’m gonna type those there it is and you add
them to add shown there they’re forever which is neat because when you launch a
new product it’s there so I can select one of these and then ancho’s gonna do
all searching through the API and all that good stuff to find other good ones
like boho chic hippie mimi ism let’s see bohemian style and hippie tree now is
probably too small hippie raver so 117,000 and you can add
them to a folder and what’s neat is now they’re in my folder forever and i can
just target them over and over again add these to the folder too and you’re gonna
see how easy this is to to launch the ads now because all
I do is now pick one of my old campaigns and add shell shows me all of the ad
sets and since I know it’s already targeting the right pixel I just select
it I pick women 45 plus it’s already selected I’m gonna call this FSS boho dress January I’m gonna do five dollar
ad sets I’m gonna click my new page post here so this is the page post with the
video and the ad that we made and then I’m gonna take my new interest and it
should be a few of them seven of them so it’s gonna make seven ad sets targeting
women forty five-plus targeted at these different interests all stuck for at
least so we can see which one’s winning click new campaign it’s gonna make it
into this campaign which is pretty nice and it’s gonna duplicate based off of
this one so really easy to do and I’m done now I just click schedule ad and
it’s gonna upload to ad show and pretty much I’m done now and I’m you know
tomorrow I’m just gonna come in and start scaling my ads I’m gonna kill off
the ones that are losing you know the ones that don’t have good dad to carts
don’t have any purchases and the ones that do have purchases ad the cards I’m
just gonna increase the budget super simple to do inside of AD show and while
this is uploading let me just go ahead and you know if you direct you in the
right way if you want that funnel that million dollar funnel there is a link
below to a free training that shows you exactly how to start growing automating
your own seven-figure store if you do want to use ad show there’s a link for
that below as well all I do ask is you throw a like on this video subscribe if
you like this content you can see a chill just set the videos up or the ad
the campaign was uploaded you can see the campaign here in my account fsss
boho dress with all of the ad sets here win 45 + boho bohemianism boho chic and
so on and so on hippie and we can go ahead and open it up and see the
targeting is absolutely perfect here seven hundred thirty thousand people
targeting women forty five plus one interest Facebook mobile only
newsfeed because remember that’s what you want to target at the start it’s the
best results you can open it up here and all the copy we wrote should be in here
isn’t this boho dress stunning it’s free today grab yours quick and there’s the
links in my store I click Play and boom so this is gonna get results and I know
it’s gonna get results because it’s already shown it’s gonna get results but
now instead of saying in the Shopify I’m saying them to my million-dollar funnel
that converts like crazy so I’ll probably go ahead and sell some upsells
downsells and all that you know after this video but that’s the full process
make sure to like subscribe to this video book a call with me by clicking
the link below and let’s chat about growing your own seven figure store
there’s a free training below add shows below all that good stuff other than
that I hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you in the next video bye

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