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Drone tows advertising banner in Australia | Weekly Drone News

Drone tows advertising banner in Australia | Weekly Drone News

On Tuesday, Skyline UAV released a promotional
video showing the company doing advertising banner towing along the beaches of Australia
with a Vapor 55 remotely piloted helicopter. Skyline was working with Southern Cross Austero
to get the banners out in front of the crowds at Surfest 2017 in Newcastle and the New South
Wales Surf Lifesaving Championships. According to Skyline, towing the large scale
banners by unmanned helicopter instead of a conventional manned helicopter gives a higher
impact statement for a longer duration because regulations allow them to fly lower and closer
to the crowds. You can see the original banner video in the
playlist for this week’s news round up. Staying in Australia, but in less positive
and slightly ironic news, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau this week released a short investigation
bulletin detailing the crash of a Lockheed Martin Stalker XE VTOL UAS in October of last
year. According to the report, the accident occurred
during a system demonstration flight at Mount Dissappointment in Victoria, Australia. An
excerpt from the report states: “The aircraft then climbed to about 300 ft
AGL, which was the programmed transition altitude, but did not transition to forward flight.
As the aircraft climbed above the ground antenna, it flew into a null in the antenna pattern
above the antenna where communication between the GCS and the aircraft was interrupted. The aircraft hovered, and after a few minutes,
the operator commanded ‘abort’ from the GCS. At that time, the operator observed that
communication with the aircraft had been lost and repositioned the antenna to point directly
at the aircraft. After observing continued lost link indications for about 30 seconds,
the operator enabled the alternate radio datalink, restoring communication with the aircraft.
However, the previously selected ‘abort’ command was unavailable for re-issue after
the initial selection. About 11 minutes after launch, the aircraft’s
power failed, the vertical propellers stopped, and the aircraft pitched about 95 degrees
nose down, descended vertically and collided with the ground. The aircraft sustained substantial damage.” On the sport side of drones, Edgybees, an
augmented reality technology company, Tuesday launched a new augmented reality (AR) mobile
application that is compatible with DJI drones, including the Phantom 3, the Phantom 4 and
the Mavic Pro. The company developed the app, called ‘Drone
Prix’, using DJI’s software development kit. According to Edgybees it is the first
ever AR mobile app created specifically for DJI’s aerial platforms, allowing users,
especially new drone pilots, to master their skills in a fun, safe and immersive way. Subscribe to our Youtube channel, and also
check out our weekly live show called Drone Stuff This Week where sUAS News editor Gary
Mortimer chats to industry experts and insiders on drone world happenings.

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