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Double Exposure Effect in Final Cut Pro X

Double Exposure Effect in Final Cut Pro X

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the website or domain today we’re gonna create a double
exposure or see-through effect in Final Cut Pro 10 without any plugins away for those of you who are watching for
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see notifications every time I post a new video let’s go now at the Final Cut
Pro 10 and create some double exposures we’re in the Final Cut Pro teen
interface and I have already placed the four clips that we will work on today to
create the double exposure effect on the first two clips we have a more easy way
because in our foods the subject is already in front of a white background
the first thing that we need to do to start creating the effect is to select
the footage go into the inspector panel and click on the color inspector
we will go into the exposure and we will make sure that the shadows are gonna be
a little bit down and we are gonna raise the highlights a little bit so the white
on the background area is going to be a complete white then we will click in the
saturation and we will lower the saturation a little bit we can go
completely black and white but for now we will keep some color and after we
finish with that we will bring the other clip that it’s going to be overlaid and do that by simply drag-and-drop we
will adjust the length and then we select the clip above we go to the
spectral panel we click on the video inspector we go to blend mode and we
select the blend mode to screen and we have created the first double exposure
effect let’s do this now one more time but we will make the adjustments after
we have placed that clip that we want to be overlaid for example we have a clock
and we have a footage of an overcrowd time square let’s ask the length and we
go into the inspector panel we select the blend mode to screen and now we
select the clip above we go and click on the column inspector and as you can see
on the exposure as I’m lowering down the shadows
we have more contrast in the picture so the double exposure effect it’s gonna
reveal more of the overlaid food ads on the background we’re also making the
adjustment on the highlights and there we go simply as that now if you want to
be more creative we will go into the sidebar and we will select a wide solid
generator and put it above the two clips we will select the color as bright white
we will go into the effects panel and we will type for masks we will drag the
shape mask and put it on the clip on the overlaid clip above we can make this a
circle we will raise the feather and a little bit of the fall-off and we have also created a little bit of
a feather in the double exposure effect now let’s create the same effect with a
food adds that it’s not perfectly for double exposure it doesn’t have a
complete white background but remember that you need to have something like the
sky so you don’t have any elements in the background we select the clip we go
in the color inspector again we will lower the shadows who we said the
highlights higher as you can see we are already creating a white in the
background we will also select here and click on the color curves and we’re
gonna cross a little bit the blacks and also we’re gonna cross the whites perfect we will select again the color
board we will go in the saturation this time I will make it completely black and
white and then I’m gonna select the clip that it’s gonna be overlaid again drag
and drop I’m gonna select the first clip go into the blend mode and set the blend
mode to screen and as we can see there we go remember that you can make again any
adjustments if you’re not satisfied with the contrast of the image for example we
can go again into the color board and drag the shadows a little bit lower and
bring the highlights up so we have the desired outcome same process here we go
into the inspector panel we click in the color inspector we’re dragging the shadows down
highlights up we’re dragging down the saturation we’re
clicking on the color curves crossing the blacks crossing the whites we’ll go
again to the inspector panel and we will set the blend mode to screen
we’re dragging the clip below and let’s play to see what we have and there we go
a super simple and easy technique to create the double exposure effect or
see-through effect in Final Cut Pro 10 now I would like to take a few seconds
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I will see in the next video

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  1. It was about time to create a tutorial on one of my favorite effects, the double exposure. Also, guys…..over 5000 subscribers…this is so…WOW!!!! Get ready for my next video which is going to have a surprise for you. See you soon. Bye!!

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