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Donald Trump: 'I Will Win The Latino Vote' (Full Interview) | NBC News

Donald Trump: 'I Will Win The Latino Vote' (Full Interview) | NBC News

so my first question why are we here in New York why aren't we out on the campaign trail oh I've been to Iowa many times I've been to New Hampshire many many times love the people there and we've had tremendous success we've had tremendous crowds nobody gets as many standing ovations and I spent a lot of time out I was in South Carolina recently and we're all over I'm going to this weekend I'll be with Clint Eastwood in California tremendous group of people I'm going to Arizona this weekend I'll be all over the place one of the only candidates who didn't campaign during the fourth of July pretty much all of them were up in New Hampshire and you were not there you've had no campaign events really this week no campaign events planned for next week that we know of so far you're not campaigning that much how can anybody take you seriously if you're not out there showing your face because I'm doing television with you and I am up there actually a lot and I watched them up there walking the streets and it didn't mean anything and I was actually getting more news coverage than anybody else by far because I'm the one that brought up the whole situation of the whole mess with immigration and what the Mexican government is doing to us so you know I didn't have to be and I would have been if they wanted me to and I just decided that probably it wasn't necessary I'm going up actually next week and I'll be in Iowa many times over the next number of months and New Hampshire many many times let's talk immigration since that's the hot topic yesterday there was news coming out from the Washington Post about your hotel site in DC there were a lot of it there are a lot of immigrants working on that including some who say illegal immigrants that they are not here they're not legally here they didn't show them no if you read that article it really doesn't say that in fact the writer was very surprised that was they weren't able to find anybody we have a very strong system I have a contractor that's one of the biggest in the nation they're doing it so far they're doing a very good job they have a very strong verification system and the whole story was about you know they thought they were going to find people and they weren't able to find they did find some people who said that they were undocumented well they certainly didn't write them down and write their names and we're very strong on that and you know with 11 to 31 million illegal immigrants in the country it's pretty hard to be in a position where you actually can't find anybody that's going to be a fantastic job that was sitting there for years like 30 years empty vacant a disasters situation I took it over can have one of the great hotels of the world we're very proud of it we're also very proud of the building and the building practices are you concerned though for the people that are working for you to put these buildings up one of the workers told The Washington Post do you think that we're hanging out of the eighth floor when eighth floor window and they're raping or selling drugs we're risking our lives and our health these fumes are toxic do you have a reaction to that when somebody with an amazing job because I was just totally misquoted in fact I could read I mean I could give you a copy of the speech I could read the suit I was so miss quoted that it's incredible I'm talking about the Mexican government forces many bad people into our country because they're smart they're smarter than our leaders and their negotiators are far better than what we have ranked like to a degree that you wouldn't believe they're forcing people into our country this guy that killed a wonderful young woman from San Francisco he went back to Mexico they forced him out they forced people into our country and they are drug dealers and they are criminals of all kind we are taking Mexico's problems Mexico is beating us on trade and they are beating us at the border but Mexico doesn't want to take these people so what do they do they send them to our stupid politicians and we have sanctuary cities and we have all of this nonsense I've been saying this for a long time Katie and it's a disgrace and frankly if I didn't bring it up you wouldn't even be talking about immigration right now what was the last time you were at the border I've been to the border probably three or four times over the years and I have many people that live around the area I'm going to Arizona this weekend where they want to talk to me because Arizona is in somebody said I'm the most popular person in Arizona because of my stance and I'm going to be there this weekend that you were there probably three years ago how do you if you haven't been there in three years how do you know that it is such a because I know it was bad then it's worse now it was terrible then and it's worse now it's worse now than it's ever been we don't even have a border people are just flowing through like water there is no border right now the murder rate in El Paso Texas which is right on the border is the lowest murder rate for any of the big cities in the country don't try and convince me that there's no crime but it's wonderful the people that are being forced in and these aren't just Mexican people the people that are being forced Mexico doesn't want people there forcing them into our country and we're taking them and we're putting in our jails and our hospitals and we're paying them money through different sources it's a disgrace don't tell me about safety are you trying to justify safety at the border I don't think so we have a lower incarceration rate for Mexican immigrants and illegal immigrants than we do for any US ports it's a wrong statistic go check your numbers it's totally wrong it sounds good it's it sounds good it's a wrong statistic check your numbers so do you think that the by the way I'm not not saying I have great relationship with the Mexican people I have many people working for me you can look at the job in Washington I have many legal immigrants working with many of them come from Mexico they love me I love them and I'll tell you something if I get the nomination I'll win the Latino vote I will win it because I'm going to create jobs Hillary Clinton is not going to be able to create jobs I will tell you right now neither is Jeb Bush going to be able to create jobs I will create jobs and the Latinos will have jobs that they don't have right now and I will win that vote and everyone thinks oh gee Trump is going to not do well with that vote I'll do better with that vote than anybody and I have thousands of them working for me at different places that I have all over the country I will win that vote why should people believe your numbers when you come out here and say that they're committing crimes and they're in our jails and they're murdering us and taking our jobs a few years ago you led the birther movement you sent investigators out to Hawaii to find out whether or not Obama which you said was not born here well I don't know well I don't know you're according to you it's not true I don't know you know he's his birth certificate you know if you believe that that's fine I don't care it's an old subject I'm about jobs I'm about security I'm about fixing the military I'm about taking care of our vets I'm about things that you don't have to bring up old subjects whether he did or not who knows a lot of people don't agree with you on that the way but I'm really about economic development and I'm about jobs and that's what we have to start talking about and I'm about beating Isis militarily and not acting like a bunch of babies like we're acting right the plan prices I do have a plan actually I would knock the hell out of the oil areas because their riches can be they're building a hotel in Iraq they took over a hotel they're renovating a hotel in Iraq they're renovating another Hotel in a different location they have nothing but money it's coming out of their ears and they're getting most of their money from oil if you remember excuse me Kate if you remember number one I said you shouldn't go into Iraq anyway because you're going to destabilize the Middle East that's exactly what happened then I said when once you're in if you're leaving keep the oil well Isis has the oil and Iran has the oil if they would have listened to me that way and I was very strong the bush people in 2004 sent people to my office because they didn't want me to say what I was saying and I'm more into the military by the way than anybody but you have to know when and where to use the mill here we made a tremendous mistake we spent two trillion dollars thousands of lives wounded warriors all over the place who I love by the way all over the place and what do we have we're not even there anymore and Iran is taking over Iraq in fact they're meeting right now Iran is taking over up we got nothing for it zero and it's really a sad situation with Isis you kill them at the head you take the oil that's where they're getting their money if you bomb the hell out of it you bomb the hell out of it you've got to stop their welfare and tremendous wealth I'm talking about oil I'm talking about oil areas I'm not talking about civilian air roars Oh give me a break Katie go ahead next question let's say domestically a lot of people are killed by gun violence in this country what would you do about that you have a lot of people that are killed by gun but I'm a big Second Amendment person you know when the prisoners escaped up in New York which was a tragedy in itself people that were against guns said thank God we have guns I remember seeing on television a woman saying I was always fighting with with my husband he wanted guns he felt so strongly about guns and I would fight him now we have a gun in every drawer a gun on every table in case these guys broke into the house it's very interesting I'm a Second Amendment but what about people that walk into churches and shoot people are walking to schools and shoot people they're sick people these are very very sick people they'll be able to get something somewhere are you not more concerned about them than you're concerned about illegal immigrants coming in here and one concern about everything I'm concerned about the country our country is going to hell I'm concerned about everything okay our country is being beaten and trade deals by China by Japan by Mexico Mexico is the new China and Mexico is killing us in trade that we're being beaten at every front we're being beaten militarily we have a military that every time we send equipment to our so-called allies one bullet is shot in the air and they we lost 2,300 armor-plated Humvees not three or four or seven we lost 2,000 in one day 2,300 Humvees I say that's impossible how can you lose that many a bullet gets fired into the air and the people that we're giving these Humvees to they run like bandits and the enemy takes them over the enemy has better equipment than we have because we're foolish you're for the Second Amendment do you have a gun I have the license to have a gun yes I do do you own one yes I do do you use it gun range it's none of your business it's really none of your business I have a license to have a gun gun control what is what are you talking about you talking about that it's just I have a gun that is yes I have a gun and yes I have a permit to have a gun stronger background checks what about that is there is there any steps that you would take but I make it harder to get a gun in this once you get into that you start getting into a situation the slippery slope or all of a sudden you're going to really violate the Second Amendment I don't want to do anything to violate the Second Amendment to me the Second Amendment is very important I want to talk about some what some of the Republicans have been saying about you just this week you've been very divisive for the party of Charles Krauthammer who's called you a rodeo clown Charles Krauthammer is a totally overrated person who really dislikes me personally I never met him but I mean he's a totally overrated guy doesn't know what he's doing he was totally in favor of the war in Iraq he wanted to go into Iraq and you wanted to you know stay there forever so you know these are overrated people I see who it is you can mention name after name by the way you're going to mention the ones that do like Trump you don't do that dude Goldberg has compared you to a failed man who mistook flattery for insight George well I'm a failed man I'm worth a fortune I built you know centric I went to the best school got the best great marks everything else I went out I made a fortune a big fortune a tremendous fortune I'll be announcing that in about a week because I have to file my papers bigger than people even understand I have a book called the art of the deal I do the apprentice the art of the deal was like the number one business book of all time or just about I think it was and I do the apprentice and NBC's angry at me because they renew the apprentice and I wouldn't do it and that's one of the reasons at NBC so angry at me and then I get called by a guy that they can't buy a pair of pants I get called names give me a break so you will release your financials on time yeah I'm working I think we're gonna have it on time it's about eight days from now excuse me I'm allowed 45-day extension and another 45-day extension I don't expect to be using the extensions you know on time is really not on time because you're allowed automatically to 45-day extensions I don't think I'm going to be using them I should be filing they're very complicated you know these papers weren't meant for me because of the complexity of and the bigness of what I have but we should be releasing them ahead of schedule where do you get your money from I made it the old-fashioned way in real estate in real estate I made a tenement a lot of money doing everything I did I made a lot of money with The Apprentice I made a lot of money in real estate I made a lot of money everything they did I've had great success what about the companies that are backed away from you nine by our count if you want to count City of New York that's looking at ten are you concerned that you're going to come to a point we're going to lose so much business that this is just not where that concern yet let me tell you what's worth it if it weren't for immigration okay you won't even be hearing about the word immigration if it wasn't for Donald Trump immigration is a word illegal immigration is I brought the whole subject up in fact your friends at Fox gave me great credit for that the other day they said if it wasn't for Donald Trump we wouldn't even be talking about illegal immigration or even immigration right now and I've been given and then you had the horrible tragedy in San Francisco with the young woman who was shot with a person that should have never been here no this is too important yeah I'm losing some contracts who cares people politically what they're weak and they're they want to be politically correct some of them have already apologized to me they made a mistake and you know what that's fine because compared to what I have first of all my company's a massive company and it's a very rich company but compared to what I have it doesn't matter most important and even if it was a huge amount of money I would still do this now when people run for one president as an example when these different people are running for president they don't lose anything a politician doesn't lose anything when he or she runs for president they run they lose they win they don't lose anything when I run as a successful person I lose a tremendous amount I mean the kind of money that I lose or all these deals that you're reading about now a lot of them are blown out of proportion like they had ESPN Oh es PN said you know it was it was a ballroom evening an evening in a ballroom that's already replaced they have NASCAR left if that was another thing I guess ESPN maybe was a little golf tournament NASCAR was a ballroom it was a banquet but they make it like it's this tremendous deal if it's hurting you my skillet Katie let me just say the press is very very dishonest and I think people are wise to the press if it's hurting you why do it because I want to make America great again honestly very simple our country is in trouble we owe 18 trillion dollars going up to 21 trillion very soon once we hit 24 trillion we're Greece we are Greece on steroids where a large scale version I want to make our country great again we have the potential to have that great spirit that we once had we don't have it anymore our country is a mess whether it's illegal immigration whether it's our military whether it's the way we take care of our vets our country is a mess George will said you could be a democratic operative George will is another one he was at mar-a-lago years ago he spoke I didn't want to listen to him speak and he's never forgiven me for the fact that I didn't show up because I find him to be a very boring guy so what do I want to listen to George will for I listen to the people I get the biggest crowds I get the biggest standing ovations and I guess you see it in the poll numbers and I don't even care about it look maybe I'm wasting my time doing this and it cost me some money in terms of some deals the big money is the opportunity because while I'm wasting my time talking to you which is you know essentially one-sided but that's fine but while I'm wasting time talking to you I could be doing deals on other things that's I'm losing out on hundreds of millions of dollars nobody else loses when they run for office they don't lose a politician doesn't lose but I do lose but I want to make I mean just to answer the question I'm running because I want to make a country great again Republicans say that you're hurting the party do you think you're hurting the party if you divide them so severely will you be able to get the nomination and then become president well on Fox they say that I did a great service because I'm the one that brought up the whole discussion on immigration and I think I'm helping the party greatly and I actually think that if you look at Mitt Romney who was a great disappointment because he ran a terrible campaign and especially in the last month he totally collapsed he choked something happened to him but he choked pure and simple if you look at him many of the conservative Republicans just stayed home they didn't want to do anything I mean they stayed home they didn't even vote for him if those people got out and voted he would have won but you had a lot of Republicans and conservative Republicans stay home because they weren't energized the Latino vote what about Latino vote I will win the LTTE no vote because I want to put them to work I'm going to be able to get jobs I will take jobs back from China I'll take jobs back from Japan where they're making so many Carman millions and millions of what do we get we send very little to Japan by comparison I'll take jobs back from Mexico Mexico is going to become the car capital of the world away they're gone Ford is now building a two and a half billion dollar plant don't have billion dollars in Mexico they're going to sell cars in the United States and parts and trucks in the United States excuse me how does that help us in Tennessee they just lost a plant that was going to be built in Tennessee it went to Mexico so Mexico is going to take care of their people because as I said before their leaders are smarter than our leaders and their negotiators are far better and that will never happen if I'm president you have 17% of the population that is Latino a lot of them say they're very offended by what you're saying was a misquote from yours or misunderstanding oh it would be poor pologize no there's nothing to apologize for there's nothing to apologize for read my statement my statement is referring to Mexico and they're pushing a lot of bad people into our country and we're taking care of a lot of criminals that shouldn't be in our country and you saw that the other day in San Francisco we're taking care of these people when people read my quote they say oh you know it's sort of interesting I made my presidential announcement right here in this building I made it everybody gave me great review some great great review some good reviews it wasn't until a week later that people started criticizing that one statement and I'm referring to Mexico I have great respect for the country of Mexico I love the Mexican people in their spirit but the country of Mexico is killing us the country of Mexico is taking our jobs they are killing us at the border they're taking advantage of the fact that we have stupid negotiators we have very stupid people in our country negotiating for us and we have leaders that don't know what they're doing so I respect it I'm not angry at Mexico I'm angry at our leadership for not putting our right people to negotiate why wouldn't you keep your manufacturing here your ties or suits why would you not have them because China so manipulates currency that it's very hard to find companies that can do business in the United States and you're not why would you not move it here just having it in America use me because I'm a businessman let me just tell you something and it's very interesting you're not bringing up anything new you know you're Mack ting like you're the great reporter bah bah bah you're not bring it every speech I make I talk about I always hate that I have to have my ties made in China and you know why they're made in China because China manipulates their currency to such a degree they just manipulated it again two weeks ago I never thought I'd see it so fast again and again they're taking our jobs they're taking on manufacturing that they're destroying us and by the way we're rebuilding China and then you know what they do they loan us back the money we are 1.4 trillion dollars to China so they take our jobs they take our manufacturing and then they give us money and we have to pay them interest how do you get that money back how do you recover from from this take the jobs back from China you take the jobs back from Japan you charge Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia makes a billion dollars a day every time there's abroad and if you think these people were after Yemen then after Yemen they're after the oil in Saudi Arabia you take a look at that border this was the big country that Barack Obama said oh wow we had a great victory in Yemen great victory it's all over great victory right a week later it totally blew up in his face that border is a long border right along Saudi Arabia you look at what happens that just like I predicted what was going to happen in Iraq and all these other candidates that I'm running they disk scooting you look at somebody like Jeb Bush it took him five days five days to give a proper answer in Iraq he was changing his answer every day how is somebody like that going to negotiate international diplomacy is a delicate thing you have to watch what you say and how can anybody expect that you're going to be able to get into the White House and watch your mouth when you were so widely panned for these Mexicans Mexico comments how are you going to be able to hold your tongue and not piss off other countries the do you want to change the word you allowed to use that word on television and not anger other countries so I will tell you this I've made a lot of money against China I've made a lot of money in all of these countries I have great relationships with these countries if you take a look at what's going on in terms of relationship with the United States everybody hates us Hillary Clinton was the worst Secretary of State in the history of the United States Hillary was the worst in the history of the United States there's never been a Secretary of State so bad as Hillary the world blew up around us we lost everything including all relationships there wasn't one good thing that came out of that administration or her being Secretary of State I have great relationships if you look at Business Week magazine they did a story on the ten things that China most wants one of the ten things anything trunk anything Trump and I'm the toughest critic there is on China people have to respect you China Mexico we don't have a good relationship with Mexico look at Sargent Tamara see he goes over there and they put him in jail we couldn't we didn't even have people that know how to talk to him finally he came out long after he should have been out it was a disgrace what do you think of Hillary Clinton as a president if she wins the nomination I think Hillary is a terrible president she was the worst Secretary of State in the history of our nation why would she be a good president I think she'd be a terrible president she says you're too divisive on immigration the Republican Party is to device them on immigration Hillary's weak on immigration I may be divisive on immigration but she's weak on immigration which is far worse Hillary would let everybody come in killers criminals drug dealers everybody if you listen to Hillary everybody is going to be flowing through the nation they are sort of now anyway but if you listen to Hillary she is so weak on immigration we will have a crime wave like you've never seen immigration is down why is this such a big topic for you right now immigration is a very big topic take a look at all the crime that's being committed go take a look at recent violation the crime is that does not match what you're saying researcher the Pew Research which is independents every night you're a very nice person the Pew Research says that there are four immigrants on the whole create Eric come on try getting it out try getting it I'll get it out I mean I don't know if you're gonna put this on television but you don't even know what you're talking about try getting it out go ahead immigrants commit less crime than us born citizens there are less immigrants in our jails that they know what number one I disagree with it number two whether it's true or not illegal immigrants I'm talking about illegal immigrants I'm not talking about it I'm talking about it illegal immigrant I'm an immigrant journey but we're all immigrants illegal leave I'm other than coming through illegally talking about illegal immigrants are causing tremendous crime tremendous crime and nobody wants to talk about it and that's why Fox at least Fox and then you won't leave this perhaps but at least Fox is being honest because they're now talking about it big-league and if I didn't bring up the subject a number of weeks ago we wouldn't even be talking about illegal immigration right then if you found out that you had an illegal immigrant working for you and they were a hard worker how would you treat them I think that I would treat them probably get I'd have to tell them you have to go back I think you know what if they were supporting their family I would probably tell them you have to go back I mean they're illegal immigrants I'd probably say you have to go back there hoping to I like doing that know I'm a nice person believe it or not I mean I have a heart but I would probably tell them you have to go back look we have anywhere from 11 to 31 million a country doesn't even know can you believe the statistics are from 11 to 31 million illegal immigrants in our country we don't even know okay we don't even know nobody is able to tell me the number used to be 11 now they think it's 31 million nobody even knows what it's a very sad situation but you have to create a strong border and if I didn't bring this up we wouldn't even be talking it wouldn't even be a subject pays for that wall Mexico how do you get Mexico to pay for those only if I'm president how does that happen because Mexico's making a fortune off the United States I would get them to pay for the wall believe me they will pay for the righteous and I watch all these pundits that don't have you know that don't have brains I watch all 0 truck can't get them I've built a great Empire through a negotiation you have to be able to negotiate Mexico is making a fortune off the United States a fortune in addition to sending a lot of people here that forcing forcing and I'm talking about they're bad people again I love the Mexican people I love their spirit many of them work for me right now I respect Mexico but their leaders and their negotiators are too smart for our leaders and our negotiators how high would the wall be I will make that wall in penetrable okay impenetrable you don't don't worry about how high it'll be and Mexico will pay for that wall thank you very much really appreciate IQ great honor okay it's fun when you were well it's too bad that she mentions only the negatives you don't want to mention all the positive you know I was gonna let me ask you put it put the mic back on I'm gonna ask you want one more I forgot to ask it what I want to know why you think voters like you so much and why you're getting such big crowds but your microphones not on that question I can give two minutes left to take so you say you're drawing these big crowds and I was there you drew a big crowd we don't show the way you put it everything's showing negative I'm not saying I'm not saying I'm drawing you're saying I'm doing it you're number two why do people well I'm reliable war much I'm actually number one in Huffington Post and some others and the new polls haven't even come out yet why are they responding to you so much because I tell the truth I'd say what's happening I made a tremendous fortune and that's the kind of mentality we need in this country Jeb Bush will never take us to the promised land he doesn't have it Hillary will never take us to the promised Hillary will be a disaster as a president Jeb will be very poor as a present no energy we need somebody that can make great deals with China with Japan with Mexico we need somebody that really understands and cherishes the military I actually think I'll be the jobs president but I actually think I'll be actually even better in terms of the military I will create military when nobody's going to mess around with the United States you think it's just name recognition no I think it's the fact that I say things that people agree with more people than maybe we expect to agree with you or the establishment my establishment might expect people like what I say they agree with what I say I have had tremendous success if I didn't have the success I think it wouldn't be the same thing I've had tremendous success they understand I've had tremendous success and they respect me and into what I'm telling I don't need this I don't need this what I'm doing is for the country I want to make America great again we have a last shot admit if we keep going the way it's going America is going to be permanently scarred thank you yeah NBC News fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and then click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching

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