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Donald Trump – Campaign Ad of the Year

Donald Trump – Campaign Ad of the Year

Here I am convinced is the best
Republican political ad that has run this year. I cannot believe this didn’t become a
national news story this year – just how good it is, how moving and effective it is.
I am quite sure you have not seen this, but check it out I think this is great. He hit my hands. Nobody has ever hit my hands – I’ve never heard of this. Look at those hands. Are they small hands? And he referred to my hands – if they’re small, something else must be small. I guarantee you there’s no problem. I guarantee it. Alright. Okay.

100 thoughts on “Donald Trump – Campaign Ad of the Year

  1. Washed up LITTLE MARCO!!! So happy to see him gone!!! Wondering if his momma is still cleaning out his stripes from being flogged by the man he tried fuck!!???

  2. I was just reading an article trying to explain the founder of Planned Parenthood, Mary Sanger. It tried to present her as a non-racist. I guess it worked, but instead, I realized she was a Socialist Elitist who dreamed of a "higher society." Hillary Clinton was "honored" with an "Excellence ward" with Mary Sanger's name. When I think of how thick is these people's support for abortion, I can only imagine only people with such a heart can support slavery.

  3. WTF? Seriously? This is a bastardized version of Ben Carson's campaign ad. This video is honestly just a bunch of edits put together. It's obvious from the bad frame size changes and quality of the images – not to mention I've literally watched both the reporter video AND the full campaign ad…

  4. it's very obvious that he's had an entire campaign video made just so he can make the point of "my dick is not small America". The first part of the video doest even say anything, it's just random people with a description of shit that they do. Acknowledging the fact that some people have worked to fight prejudice isn't the same as actually fighting prejudice or even showing support. I don't live in America but this just seems fucking stupid and bizarre.

  5. What is this even supposed to mean? This is absolute rejection of logic, a rhetoric of pure emotional association driven by schmaltzy 'oh my heartstrings' pop. Among the most incompetent political ads ever made.

  6. These hands spray paint stupid mexican shit on the backside of supermarkets and mailboxes throughout your country.

  7. I thought it was a lousy ad and I believe that is why MSNBC showed it…..all the media outlets better be looking for journalist rather then these Common Core/Dem./Progressive/Socialist/Marxist…….and I mean all the controlled media….your days are numbered…..no one with a brain cell looks to the controlled lieing media……

  8. the commercial talk about people helping the economy and that's a good thing then it turns to trump making fun of a presidential candidate and talking about penis sizes?!! what the fuck! my god he is such a dick!

  9. I cringe every time I see that lesbian, though I thoroughly enjoyed her melt down after she learned on live television that Trump was elected President of the United States!!!

  10. Oh my fucking God all these comments taking it seriously are hilarious. IT'S A SPOOF EDIT. THIS NEVER AIRED ON TELEVISION.

  11. Yea, but he's not a candidate for the average worker, he is a candidate of the 1%, he's filthy rich and completely disconnected from the everyday lives of average Americans, he lies and cheats and the fact that anyone believes him is insane.

  12. Am I the only one who read "Help hurting people" as "Help someone to hurt people" and not as "Help people who are hurt"?
    Maybe it is because english not my native language…

  13. damn trump is such a scumbag! people voted for him for no other reason than that he was a jerk, a bigot, a loudmouth and a bully! these aren't reasons to support a ANYONE much less a political candidate. and trump still lost the popular vote to someone like Clinton! TRUMP IS NOT PRESIDENT!

  14. How do people not realize this is a parody. The original ad was for Carson. These dumbasses really think an ad where Trump talks about his dick is a serious ad

  15. This was a great ad, but because it is a Trump ad, it does it a serious injustice. As if the man stands for such great things.

  16. 0:00 I could not concentrate on what this old man was saying. All I could think about was this lovely woman in her red water panties. Who was this CJ?

  17. Trump also has a yuge pair of wrecking balls and he using them to drain the swamp, fix our illegal immigration problem, and put America First!!! KAPISH?? 😎

  18. Just wait until the ads that are going to come out. All he has to do is keep showing video clips of the clowns running against him.

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