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Does Facebook and Instagram Advertising Work For A Small Business?

Does Facebook and Instagram Advertising Work For A Small Business?

Do Facebook and Instagram advertising, do
those ads work for a small business? My name is Traci Reuter and this is the
channel for all things social advertising Facebook Instagram ads and I
am the CEO and founder of Divine Social we are a Facebook and Instagram ad
agency and that was my dog so just the Facebook ads do Instagram ads actually
work for small business so in this video I wanna talk to you a little bit about
that because I get that question a lot people think sometimes that you either
have to be a behemoth a big giant company with lots and lots of
advertising budget to be able to be successful on Facebook ads now I will
tell you if you have a larger budget it is a little bit easier to get the kind
of results that you want and to go faster the reason for that is because
the bigger the budget you have the more data you can start to collect and the
more data you can collect the better information you can make and the better
decisions you can make and then you can just funnel that snowball that right
into results but I’ve also seen people who start small and make really good
decisions and just continue to reiterate over and over again outpace businesses
that come in with a big budget and the reason for that is there’s small
businesses tend to be more agile they tend to have the ability to get things
done to make decisions on the fly we have clients that range from very small
solopreneur businesses to 200 million-dollar huge privately health
companies and I can tell you that even though the privately held company has a
significantly bigger budget it takes so much longer for them to get anything
done because of all the levels of bureaucracy within their company and so
they are doing very very well in facebook ads but they could do even
better if they had more of a small business
mentality they had more of that entrepreneurial spirit where they could
pivot and make decisions if you’ve ever followed the infamous Gary Vaynerchuk or
Gary Vee he talked about how the timing is now for you to really put all your
money into places like Facebook and Instagram advertising because there will
be a time where big businesses are going to start putting their budgets in to
that platform and I have to say I don’t disagree with him I think he’s right
because Facebook ads are still cheaper than any
other ads that are out there if you look at billboards or newspaper or radio the
cost to reach a thousand people is significantly cheaper with Facebook and
Instagram than any other platform that exists today it’s something like 25
cents per thousand people on an average right it’s gonna be different for every
business now that you can’t get that anywhere else and the other pieces is
when you start doing some of these other advertising platforms like radio and
newspaper and and some of those things still work my goodness they still
absolutely work you just can’t make the pivots you can’t make the changes on the
fly that you can with digital and so while the getting is good
I would suggest absolutely that Facebook advertising insert and advertising is
incredibly effective for small businesses and that it doesn’t matter
what your budget is so whether you have $500 a month that you can set aside for
Facebook ads or you cut $50,000 a month that you can set aside for Facebook ads
it doesn’t matter whatever the case might be is you want to make sure that
you have a solid solid strategy I recommend our three pillars to
successful social ads this is a strategy that we’ve used for every kind of
business imaginable whether it’s ecommerce or information products or
book publishers or local businesses it doesn’t matter the type of business
you’re in or the size of business you’re in that particular strategy the the
three pillars of building your audiences creating incredible engagement and then
running conversion campaigns it works it works across everything and if you
haven’t yet grabbed my three pillars to successful social ads my free mini class
there should be a link below somewhere make sure you go and grab that because
that is the beginning to help you start to run successful social ads
for your small business no matter the size no matter the stage because it
works and you want to make sure that you get in there and take advantage of it
while you have the opportunity before the big guys come into play and who
knows when that’s gonna be it could be it could be years out it doesn’t right
now I’ve been hearing Gary Vee say that for a couple of years now and I still
haven’t seen a big shift to the big big brands coming over but you know I always
say right when does the best time to plant a tree fifty years ago or today
when is the best time to start a Facebook Ads
five years ago or today start just start doing it and if you’ve got any questions
or you have any common about this if you’ve had great successes
of small business using Facebook and Instagram advertising I’d love to hear
from you below make sure you leave a comment and if you haven’t yet
subscribed to our channel do so subscribe to the channel we put out new
videos every single Tuesday to help you have maximum impact with your social ads
my name is Traci Reuter the best is yet to come we’ll see you next week

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