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Doctor Answers Commonly Searched Questions About Fertility

Doctor Answers Commonly Searched Questions About Fertility

hi my name is dr. Natasha Boyan I’m a family physician at one medical and today I’ll be answering questions about fertility how do women donate eggs first of all if you decide to become an egg donor that is very generous of you the first step in that process is we usually go through a screening process that is where you might get asked questions about your health history your travel history etc then you start taking medications that help get your body ready to start donating an egg and then the next step is we need to trigger ovulation you take more medications to trigger ovulation one of the final steps in the process of donating eggs is you end up seeing a doctor in person and they will actually retrieve the eggs from you usually under IV sedation from beginning to end it takes about 3 to 5 weeks can egg donation cause early menopause no there is a growing body of research out there that shows donating your eggs and taking those hormones does not trigger early menopause your body will still have menopause at the time it was going to anyway and oftentimes menopause is driven by our own family history as female fertility hereditary there are some conditions that are linked to our family history that can make it a little bit harder to get pregnant for example things like cystic fibrosis or fragile X syndrome but a lot of times we’re able to get pregnant without thinking about our family history does female fertility decrease with age yes female fertility does decrease with age we are often the most fertile in our 20s every time we ovulate we have about a 25% chance of getting pregnant when we hit age 30 that changes to a 20% chance of getting pregnant and then by the time we hit age 40 it’s about a 5% chance of getting pregnant should I freeze my eggs deciding to freeze your eggs is a very personal decision and for some people it’s the right decision it allows some people to delay child-rearing and childbirth until they feel like they’re ready the thing is it’s still not a guarantee that if you freeze your eggs you will get pregnant in the future I recommend that you follow up with a prime care physician talk about the risks and benefits and you can decide if it’s right for you how do female fertility tests work there are a lot of tests out there for female fertility there are a certain category of tests that will look at things like your hormones your thyroid outside of lab tests there are other things we can do like ordering an ultrasound and making sure that everything looks okay the other tests that we can do doctors sometimes can inject a dye into your uterus and your fallopian tubes to ensure that they are open and they’re flowing well there are a whole range of tests out there to test your fertility starting with blood tests to imaging to procedures why do you female eggs die it is just a part of our lives so when we’re born as females we have about one to two million eggs at Birth by the time we hit puberty the egg count has already dropped to about 300,000 as we go through puberty I think there’s a myth out there that we only release one egg per cycle and that’s true only one egg goes through ovulation but there’s often another thousand eggs during every cycle that are attempting to go through ovulation we tend to lose eggs every single month and by the time we hit menopause we oftentimes don’t have any eggs left is it safe to get pregnant at forty five these days it is possible to get pregnant in your 40s it does have some increased risks but there are risks that we are able to manage can egg donation cause infertility no that is a myth if you decide to donate your eggs it is a big process because you are gonna be taking hormonal medications but that will not impact your long term fertility are you infertile with endometriosis No endometriosis is a condition where the tissue of the uterus will sometimes appear in other places in your body now it’s true that for one-third of women with endometriosis it is a little bit harder to get pregnant but it’s not impossible there are a lot of techniques that we can use and there are doctors that can help you if you’re interested in pregnancy are you infertile while breastfeeding no that is also a common myth the reality is while you’re breastfeeding your prolactin levels are higher and so it’s often suppressing ovulation this is not a hundred percent guaranteed and the reality is that after you’ve actually delivered and had a child you might ovulate before your first period so you might not even know when you’re ovulating so we tell people when you’re breastfeeding if you’re not planning pregnancy you should use a form of contraception fertility is a really important topic in medicine because we all have the right to plan our pregnancies and become parents when we want to there’s often shame surrounding people who are struggling with infertility or struggling with getting pregnant and I don’t want them to feel ashamed I want you to feel comfortable talking to your primary care doctor because we’re here to help you have children if that’s what you want [Music]

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  1. I don’t plan on having kids anytime soon but this is still a very interesting video. Thank you buzzfeed for the content !

  2. Good job As/Is, love your videos. Please everyone, let also remember to listen to God's word and pray in the midst of all we we do. I have a growing channel were you can be a part of this, kindly subscribe to my channel to encourage me, also touch the notification bell.. You can get to my channel by clicking on my picture by left. God bless you as you do.

  3. I’m going to study this and just repeat it to my gal, pretending I just recieved all this information while sleeping or something

  4. I don’t trust her advice, I feel most comfortable with white doctors as I know many ethnic doctors are affirmative action hires and not qualified. And no, I’m not self-hating I’m just aware and realistic. Don’t start with me!

  5. How do you decrease your fertility? I don't want to get pregnant…ever and I don't care how many infertile people wish they were in my place.

  6. Can buzzfeed get a DIFFERENT DOCTOR FOR ONCE! I’m sure this doc is good and all, but a different one would be a nice idea 🙏🏻😊

  7. The title of this video is wrong, it should be “Doctor answers commonly Googled questions about Female Fertility”.

    Also that outro about shame and stigma around infertility is partly due to our cultural assumption that only women have these issues.

  8. I just took a pregnancy test lol n I was freaking out cause I googled stuff so u know I thought I was pregnant and dying

  9. Fertility is hereditary. If you're parents didn't have kids, the chances of you having kids are surprisingly low.

  10. Someone donate her eggs or his sperms then my kids might marry their sisters or brothers in the future this is disgusting

  11. us humans say that we/ humans/ dont lay eggs ??? but our baby's come from eggs??? does that mean our baby's come from eggs BUT the sort of like hatch??? when the baby growsss???? u get mererrerrr???

  12. eesh pregnancy grosses me right out. I dont even feel comfortable around pregnant women. It's like being in a body horror movie.

  13. My mom got pregnant at 44 with my sister, I'm 23. When I go out with my sister ppl think im her mom and my mom is her grandmother lol

  14. Not trying to be a hater either I have mad deja vu but I feel like buzzfeed has made this video like 5 other times lol

  15. I loved this. I’m not planning to be pregnant anytime soon (maybe never) but I feel like these are great common questions and answers that I never really think to ask when I see my doctor. Would love to see more of this.

  16. Both of my grandmothers and an aunt on each side had a child/ren in their 40's. All but one turned out fine thankfully. One had big birth defects in the digestive system.

  17. Do you still "loose" eggs every month if you have an IUD? And if you have one does your chances of getting preagnent after taking it off decreases?

  18. I would donate my eggs, but i don't think that that would turn out well bc the baby could get epilepsy or birth defects bc of me bc I'm epileptic and epilepsy is genetic with the women in my family.

  19. can you donate(or sell) your uterus if its healthy to someone who wants it? im planning on getting spayed anyway and am young.

  20. Uhh. You skipped the first question by just saying that eggs are "retrieved". You wanna actually answer the question?

  21. So this confuses me because if we lose eggs each cycle, then why did my OBGYN tell me losing a whole ovary would not effect my fertility? Wouldn't that mean my eggs would all be gone sooner?

  22. I got pregnant while breastfeeding, it was a bit of a surprise as it took 2 years to get pregnant with our first. So to get pregnant 10 months postpartum, was a surprise so say the least!

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  24. I'm almost 30 and I'm scared now…I have pcos and I cant get pregnant. Will I not be able to have children in my 30s.

  25. Lol for some reason this video made me not want children even more lol I prefer to never give birth and stay single and just adopt and retire in a retirement home

  26. The test she was talking about, where they inject a dye into your uterus and Fallopian tubes, is called a sonohysterogram. They are not supposed to hurt, but for a small percentage of women, it is very painful…i happen to be one of those women. It felt like the worst period cramps ever…multiplied by 30x!

  27. I'm 13,but still,this is so interesting and helpful because this is stuff we need to know but are not taught. Thank you buzzfeed!

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