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Docomo Japan drives new subscriptions with AdWords

Docomo Japan drives new subscriptions with AdWords

NTT DOCOMO is the largest mobile network operator
in Japan. Our d magazine service lets subscribers read
unlimited e-magazines for a monthly fee. It’s one of our many services designed to make consumers’ lives more convenient and rich with mobile content. AdWords is great because it lets d magazine reach people at the right moments throughout their daily life. Up till now, we’ve been investing in ads by focusing on the last ad the customer sees before subscribing. However, our customers don’t just look at
one ad. We know from the data that the customer sees
ads A, B, and C, and a conversion happens because the customer saw B. Using data-driven attribution, we can now accurately evaluate the cost per acquisition
for each channel. This means we can increase our investment
in the most effective channels. We found out that there was a 28% increase
in new customer subscriptions. AdWords is an indispensable marketing channel
for online acquisition. We want to continue taking full advantage
of Google solutions, including AdWords.

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