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Do You Wake Up Happy Every Day? | DailyVee 567

Do You Wake Up Happy Every Day? | DailyVee 567

– Very simply, we have to make happiness the North Star. (gentle music) We have to. Because the framework of all of us over the last hundred years is success and even worse things you had to even debate it. (gentle music) Like, being unhappy is a bad idea. and if that unhappiness is predicated on because it’s the business that’s paying your bills, you need to figure out
how to change your bills. Sell your fucking home. Like, downsize your car. Like, take one less vacation. Stop keeping up with the fucking Joneses! (upbeat music) What up, what up? Hanging with Nora from Empathy Wines, here in Ohio. We’re chatting, we decided that some of you are just still
not passed the finish line. And so Nora is ready
to literally call you, and explain to you why it’s time to subscribe to Empathy Wines. Nora, that was really good! (laughs)
(upbeat music) – I mean, I thrive off of bad comments. Like, do you just use any negativity to just keep fighting through? – Yeah, actually it’s less of like that and just more of empathy, like that person doesn’t have enough context to have a statement
that matters enough. Both pro and con. It’s the same reason that
I don’t get too high. It’s the same reason that I’m not in some private room right
now, not talking to anybody. Like the accolades feel
the same way as the hate. So, it just keeps it super balanced. – Got it. And, and– – Too many people love the accolades, but don’t want to deal with
the hate, which makes them, and then they keep buying
into the accolades, and they think they’re somebody, which that means the hate
drives them down even more. The more you are driven down by hate, is the more that you
read the press clippings of the good shit that you’ve been told. I just keep it right
down the fucking middle. This is great stuff, huh, D Rock. I’m like, so pumped. D-Rock being, this, like, watching him
film something just now on the phone and then watching
him editing the 2009 video. – Can you– – Like I’m literally at
my happiest I’ve been in a long time. – I need, I think,
access to your Instagram. – What do you mean access? – Stories, ’cause I think,
like that part right there on your Stories? – Yeah, do it. – Okay, or do you want me
to just send it to you? – No, no, add my account
to your phone and let’s go. You should have every one
of my social accounts. Like Snap, too, for that matter. – [Drock] And Twitter, for sure. – Let’s go. – So, when I was in Hong
Kong, it really struck me. This woman came up to me and said, You know, I appreciate it
everything you’ve done. You changed my life, I
was seriously depressed, but I have to tell you. I watched one Gary V video
and it saved my life. And I said, Oh, what, what did he say? – Which one was it? – She said, It really resonated with me. Because it’s what you
say and how you say it. It was simply, if you’re depressed, no one fucking cares. Do something about it, right? And, but– – It’s the hardest message. You know, the reason 25%
of people don’t like me on first impact or have to go through, how many people here, when they first consumed
me didn’t like me? Raise it high.
Raise it high. It’s fine, I just wanted
to give the context. One more time, I just want to see it. Yeah, like, it makes sense, because when you’re
willing to go somewhere at your own expense in the short term, but you know it’s right, we all have that. I have my same version. We all have a button. We all and, And so, it makes sense to
me and I don’t like it. Like, I can be more
popular, have more fol… But, it, it makes sense to me because there’s a lot of truth, I mean, especially in the
climate we live in America today, it’s not fun to say
things like, nobody cares. ‘Cause we’re trying to figure
out how to collectively care, but the reality is… (shoulders shrugging) If you believe that
somebody else is in charge, you’re already in trouble. You’re gonna be in a bad place. Doesn’t make that there isn’t racism. Doesn’t mean that if you
have a fucked up mom, you’re gonna have some stuff. Doesn’t mean that there
isn’t gender issue, doesn’t mean that there isn’t problems, but if that’s your framework… You know? Look, you know, I think
people heard me say this. I think the person that’s
the most fucked on Earth is a trust fund baby. Number one. Number one person I’m
grateful that I didn’t pop out of the womb as, was somebody who came
into $500 million dollars in a trust fund from
parents that have made it. Because you’ve lost to
society before you started. But the one that I think
we’re going to evolve into is mental, mental privilege. If you’re born with a
mental capacity to be happy or have the right perspective on life or understand half glass full, like, that’s why people that look
like they shouldn’t win win all the time. They got, they work. Their privilege was
mentality and perspective. And so I’m spending a lot
of time thinking about that. – Yeah, mindset. – But you can’t see that. We can all look at each other and see what everybody looks like here. I have no idea if you’re
grounded as fuck like I am behind your facade. That’s the ultimate fucking privilege. – [Gary] And then sit down? – [Man] Yeah. (audience applauding) – [Gary] Hello, hello. – For me and for the audience, I know for a lot of people out here, they have amazing stories to share but sometimes it’s really hard to share their most vulnerable things and like, I just wondered if you can give me a tip to overcome that fear. – The acknowledgement of it. I think the thing that
I’ve come to realize in the last four to five years has become a bigger theme is, everybody’s biggest, fearful
secret right this second is the jail of their happiness. A hundred percent. You know? But a lot of people don’t
even realize that’s happening. They think that’s protecting them. And so, this becomes a
monster game of judgment. A monster game of judgment and you know, I don’t have a tip. What I’m trying to do is
bring awareness to it, right? Like, if you study how
we’ve eliminated stigmas in our society, it’s by
bringing awareness to it. And that’s what I think a lot about when I hear that question, you know? I just, when I’m with the closest people or if it’s one on one, I just always ask them, like, what? And usually, it’s only four to five people that they’re worried about. Like, they don’t love the
judgment of Sally Pants ’89. They really don’t like the judgment of friends and acquaintances
but the reality is, the reason you’re not
sharing your deepest shit, is it usually involves a core
five person in their life. – Yeah, I think for me, the
hardest part is, you know, I have a massive scar and a lot of people sometimes
worry what they think. And me being very fit when I was you know, – [Gary] Sure.
– Back in the day. – [Gary] That was your identity. – It’s very hard to share some of that. You know, share my actual part of me– – You know, what I think about this? Do you remember like in high school, when you had a zit? Like you thought about that shit heavy. The reality is, nobody gave a fuck. ‘Cause they had their own fuckin’ zit. And that’s how I think
about all this shit. Like, I think people are gonna be, people would be flabbergasted by how nobody really gives a fuck. What makes it super easy for me with all of the, you
know, attention I have, is ultimately, I know
you don’t give a fuck. You can’t, it’s not your fault. You have to worry about yourself. We watched some of the most iconic people. Look at the society we live in now. Iconic people that have
brought so much value in whatever they do, pass away. They trend on Twitter for four hours. They get a little love
maybe on the Instagram posts and the next day, everybody
moves on with their life. That’s liberating. Nobody gives a fuck about the
scar on your stomach, bro. ‘Cause we have our own
scars in different ways. That’s my answer to why it’s so easy. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. (audience applauding) – Nice to meet you, too. – [Man] Hey Gary, I just
want to say thank you. – Thanks for standing up. – Thanks, brother. – Yeah, bro, keep pushing. – I did it more for the,
for everybody else, man. – That’s awesome. – You know, I’m starting to share it. Thank you, brother, Okay?
– Keep pushing. – I will, dude. You’re gonna see me on stage one day. – I believe it.
– I promise you. – I believe it already. – You seem like a very
blunt and honest person, so I’ll be honest with you. I didn’t even know who you
were until a few hours ago. – Makes sense. – So I probably don’t have the same amount of help, fear, and respect
that everyone else here does. – Understood. – But, so through recent, like a lot of, life plot twists, my graduating recently. I’m having trouble figuring out what it is I actually want to do. I figured out I’m good at sales and making and having genuine interactions and conversations with people. – Do you like it? – I do, I do, I like it. – That’s great. If you’re lucky enough,
like there is no greatest, greater gift than liking and being good. Like, liking something and
being good at it is like donk! Like that’s, that’s how I have my life. Like that’s a great, like literally, like that’s the Holy Grail. – Yeah. – I think the thing that you need to do at this young of an age
is not overthink it. Go all in and then if
you wake up in 36 months and say, I don’t like it, like– – Put all into it? – Sales. – Okay. – Like if you intuitively are
in a place with that answer of like, I like it and I’m good at it, you should go all in. – So, just find something
that I can actually get behind on, believing in it. – You mean selling-wise? – Yeah.
– A hundred percent. Take, listen to me. Take less money, selling
something you believe in, ’cause you’re so fucking
young and time is your friend. – Okay. – Kids don’t feel that way
because they want to prove it. I get it, but it’s the truth. – I was about to go
the conventional route, something in the healthcare field. – It’s, it’s–
– And– – That, here’s why. That will always be there for you. You can do that in four years
and still be young as fuck. But right now, go sell fucking the thing you fucking are most on fire about. ‘Cause then you’re into
what you’re selling, into selling, and fuck it like it. Now you can really get ridiculous results. – Thank you so much. – You’re welcome. – I do have this question. – Please. – Because I know I have a story to tell. I just wanted to know, how would somebody like myself get into that business
of motivation speaking? – Here’s what I would say. Don’t go on the stage until
you’re ready for everything. And the only way you’re
fully ready for everything, is when you share
everything on your terms. My advice is that one or two
things that aren’t out there, you get ahead of them. Players’ Tribune, your
own video, a mini doc. Own it so that, ’cause
once you get out there, you’ll do well, you fucking got here. It’s a very intriguing story for a lot of people and culture. What I don’t want is for as that’s building and it’s working and it becomes a real thing for you, that there is one or two things
that you haven’t gotten to, and then you always know
that that’s out, you know? – It might come up. – No, no, it will come up, or because you don’t want it to come up, you suppress your upside. If you gotten to a place
where you’re putting in the right context,
that’s a universal story for everybody around everything. The death of a parent, a
business failing public, like it’s, your story’s
universally important, and if you’re one that’s
on the other side of it, and taking control of it, you have a lot of value to bring. And then the fact that it’s
so star-powering versus, like, just a gal whose
business went out of business when it looked like she was
building a big business, that’s just not going to capture hundreds of thousands of people, you have the luxury of it will capture millions of people. So, I would say get
your shit right up here, and then the second you
feel like you’re ready, like, you know what I did? I basically made pretend, what questions can be asked that would most make me
feel awkward on stage? And once that answer is nothing, I fucking went crazy. (laughs) – It’s sad you didn’t take me. (laughs) – I’m rooting for you, Greg. Feel free to reach out. (upbeat music) – Do you find it possible to be able to have multiple streams or do you have to find
a niche in a sector? – I think, I think multiple works. – Okay. – Especially if it’s true to that person. – ‘Cause everything I’ve been telling, ’cause it’s true to me, but
everything I tell, it’s like, You gotta find your mark, you gotta go. And that’s like, that’s not me. I love everything. I could literally ti– – I love every, me too. – And you’re fucking killing it. You inspire so I appreciate that, but that’s the, I just
wanted to know if that was– – Every– – If you find it possible in this market. – Different people do different things and different things work
for different people. Like–
– Gotcha. – It’s, people too often give
advice that is too literal to them without taking
it to the higher level. Like for me, you know, it’s
like the content question, it’s about self-awareness. The video worked for me because
I ended up being good at it. I didn’t know that until
I started doing it. (upbeat music) – We’re growing super fast. We had three people move in and lock down and doing exactly what they’re doing because they’re liking our model. – Okay.
– What’s my first move? – Real quick. – [Woman] Real quick, three, two, one. (camera snaps) – Your first move is to spend
no time worrying about them. And quadrupling down on your customer and then getting in deeper with them so they don’t leave. And then refocusing on getting more. That is not, that’s not
something you can control. – Yep, totally.
– The end. I had six liquor stores
opening up around me as we were exploding. I spent zero days on them. The number one rule when
somebody surrounds you is to pay attention zero to
them, just the customers. (inspirational music) – [Zach] I feel like you’ve got a lot of new thoughts on old ideas. Does that make sense? – That’s, that’s the framework of my life. – [Zach] Right. – I have like, thirteen,
seventeen, twenty nine principles. You know what’s amazing? TikTok and LinkedIn and WhatsApp are the biggest thing I talk
about with my team today. Not a peep about that shit six months ago. – [Zach] It’s crazy. – That’s what’s so great about,
like what I think I’ve got. I’ve got a foundational
capability and concept that is completely predicated
on a moving target. – [Zach] Right. – I wonna be the best of the world at observing where attention is and then executing on it. Good news, Gary. Attention will move until the day you die. (funky music) Thinking about saying, thinking about saying fuck less and changing it to duck since my fucking keyboard
always auto corrects it. Is that the right way? That’s one hundred, Jen. That’s right, fuck yeah, Jason. Let’s go, Lenny. Facts, Jeff. You’re filming this? – Mmhmm.
– Beautiful. I’m so fucking tired of
people being confused that it’s me actually engaging with you that I’ve now converted to voice on the text messaging platform. No confusion. This isn’t Jason typing. This isn’t Andy or D Rock typing. It’s me, motherfucker, it’s me. So, I want to get on stage. Can we wrap this up? (audience applauds) – TikTok live? During your keynote? – I had two people on. I went live earlier and two people on for like, five minutes. It was like, such a good feeling. I was like, this is the fucking dirt. – I almost–
– This is the dirt. This is what I fuck, You couldn’t, you should’ve seen my face. I was like this, right? Yo, D Rock, put in the thread. I want to find a filter that
makes me look like a baby and I’m gonna post it. I want an image. Is that, SnapChat’s got a baby one? – Yeah. (inaudible) – Where is it, Like? – You had it, remember? – Yeah, it, guys, I need it right away. Like get in the thread,
like I need a baby asap. I got it. (laughing) – I need that clip. That’s the clip I need. (laughing) – That’s you’re, that’s
you’re life, right? – That’s the life. Where’s the clip? (inaudible) (upbeat music)

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