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DO NOT go to MEDICAL SCHOOL (If This is You)

DO NOT go to MEDICAL SCHOOL (If This is You)

Being a doctor is an awesome profession, but
it’s far from perfect. Society at large idolizes the hard work, dedication,
and status that being a physician entails. But I would argue that there is a significant
subset of individuals who want to become doctors, but probably shouldn’t. In this video, I’ll help you figure out
if you’re one of those people. What’s going on guys, Dr. Jubbal, MedSchoolInsiders.com. As many of you know, Med School Insiders is
much more than just a YouTube channel. We have been offering courses and services
on our website for people who are interested in either getting accepted to medical school or matching
into residency. It may seem counterintuitive, then, that we
would be making a video focusing on reasons one should not go into medicine. From a business perspective, we should want
as many people to go into medicine as possible. After all, that would be the most profitable to
us. But Med School Insiders is about much more
than that. We seek to create a better future of happier,
healthier, more effective doctors. And a big part of that philosophy is keeping
it real with you all, and cutting through the nonsense. Unless you’re in the thick of it, it’s
hard to truly comprehend what it means to go through medical school or residency. I’ll do my best to cut out the noise and
help you decide whether or not this field is a good fit for you. Here are 4 signs that becoming a doctor isn’t
for you. First, parental pressure.
If parental pressure is a significant factor in your motivation to go to medical school
and become a doctor, do yourself a favor don’t do it. I’ve seen dozens of students enter medicine
due to family pressures and it almost never ends up well for them. They usually either quit in the middle of
medical school, or if they continue on, their disdain for the profession and their life
is heavy and readily apparent. Some have even told me that they wish they
could quit, but they feel trapped because their family would disown them, or their significant
student loans have them cornered. It’s a tough situation, no doubt about it. But if you continue down the demanding and
arduous path of becoming a doctor because your family wants you to, it does not end
well for you. Being honest sooner is almost always better
than being honest later. The pain and hurt of quitting once you’re
already a couple years into your training will almost certainly be worse than being
upfront and quitting sooner. Number two, hating people.
You know the type – the people that get easily frustrated by others’ seemingly endless
stupidity or incompetence. If you’re not patient with people, then
being a physician probably won’t make you happy. Some medical students joke that they’re
pursuing pathology because they don’t like people, or even surgery so that they can put
the patient under anesthesia so that they stop talking. But the reality is, every field in medicine requires
good people skills and regular interaction with others. Sure, in pathology you’re not interacting
with patients as much as a psychiatrist or primary care doctor would, but you still need
to regularly coordinate with other healthcare providers to understand and analyze the specimens
and provide tailored guidance to the healthcare team. Similarly, a lot of surgery involves face
to face interaction and clinic time. Even as a surgeon, you’ll be spending about
two days per week in clinic, not operating. And on surgery days, you’ll still be spending
a lot of time speaking with the patient and their family pre-op, with the healthcare team
intraoperatively, and with their family again post-op. Be warned, not all patients are kind or appreciative of your work. If this is a deal breaker for you, think long
and hard about your decision. Number three, You’re Allergic to Hard Work.
Even if you’re incredibly intelligent and skated through high school or even college
with great grades and minimal work, that will not sustain you. Trust me. I have a few friends who have brilliant minds,
so getting into medical school was pretty easy for them. But the adjustment to the vast quantities
of information you need to learn in medical school is a different animal entirely. I would argue that intelligence has less to
do with being successful in medical school than you think. It’s more closely tied to work ethic. Medical school requires more memorization
than critical thinking abilities, and that’s far less dependent on intelligence. And same with residency. The hours are long, and the amount of knowledge
you need to acquire and hours of experience you need to put under your belt are nothing
to scoff at. If your idea of hard work is a 9 to 5, five days
per week, then medicine isn’t the right career path for you. And number four, Medicine Isn’t Your Main Focus.
If you’re like me and have a variety of professional interests and pursuits, then
medicine will not be conducive to your long term vision. To be successful as a clinician, medicine
has to be a central focus in your life. Sure, you can have side hustles and hobbies,
I’m not arguing against that. But to make significant progress in other
professional pursuits while pursuing medicine is neither feasible nor sustainable. Many medical schools do not allow their students
to work on the side because of the intensity and rigor. Schools understand that medical school is
expensive and you want to get a job to help pay the bills, but it’s much more likely to contribute to burn
out and overall harm your medical school performance. In residency, your hours will be even more
intense and your lifestyle even less conducive to pursuing side hustles. And depending on your specialty of choice,
attending life won’t be a walk in the park either. Looking across all specialties, only 13% of
physicians work fewer than 40 hours per week. Most of them work between 40 to 60 hours per
week, and a quarter of them work between 60 and 80 hours per week. If you’re going into something surgical,
expect your hours to be on the higher end of the spectrum. Now Before You Go,
These four points aren’t meant to be hard rules, but if you do find yourself identifying
with them, then I advise you seriously reconsider medicine as your career of choice. There are many other ways to make a comfortable
and rewarding living with far less effort or sacrifice. Being a doctor is a special profession for
a special breed of person. If after hearing these points you are still
set on becoming a physician, then more power to you. At Med School Insiders, we want to help make your dream become a reality. We offer the highest
quality, systematically designed courses and services to help you become an effective doctor. If you’re a pre-med, check out our Pre-Med
Roadmap to Medical School Acceptance, which lays out a customizable template with high
yield content to help you craft your college career and set yourself up for a medical school
acceptance. If you’re further along in the process,
our How to Ace the Medical School Interview guide will help you put your best foot forward
and maximize your chances of securing that sweet sweet acceptance. For a limited time, you can get 25% off your
purchase of any of our courses with the coupon code WINTER2019. This offer is valid for only the first 50
customers, so get yours while the coupon is still available. Additionally, all courses come backed with
a 100% 30-day money back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied for any reason, let
us know and you’ll get a full refund. No questions asked. Talk about a sweet deal. Thank you all so much for watching. If you liked the video, make sure you press
that thumbs up button, and if you’re not a fan, let me know with a thumbs down. New videos every week, so make sure you’re
subscribed with the notification bell enabled. See you guys in that next one.

100 thoughts on “DO NOT go to MEDICAL SCHOOL (If This is You)

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  2. 1) No pressure i just like being a doctor.
    2) I don’t mind a few questions but i would get a little frustrated if the question take more than 5 minutes of my time.
    3) I like to memorize things i can memorize a chapter in under an hour (which to me is quite impressive) although i do want a part time job to help my parents pay for my college tuition.
    4) I don’t really like businesses so that’s not an issue.

    Wooo 🥳 i can go to med school, although thinking about the first day at the hospital kinda makes me anxious. I don’t know if that’s normal

  3. Foreign parents (especially Asian) usually pressure, FORCE their kids to be a doctor so they can brag to relatives, friends, and coworkers. And these parents use FaceBook to pressure their kids. They would put their kids' photos in FB at a young age wearing Halloween's doctor white coat with a stethoscope around his/her neck and say "she likes to become a doctor ever since she was a little girl"…LOL and would write long notes in the FB about how good she /he will be when they become a doctor. Too much pressure for children with Asian parents. I wish the kid be strong and choose her own career:( what she ….really love to do…. One Vietnamese kid actually KILLED his mother because he quit during residency year because he wanted to be a Pharmacist and she was yelling at him, talking down to him. You can check out this care on google, yahoo or YouTube's news. Sad. He's in jail right now. Such a very sad story. Asian, Indian and Middle Eastern's mothers. You guys need to stop pressure your kid NOW. Leave them ALONE!

  4. I am already in the med school. But now I don't like medicine. When I see this video this is exactly me. What should I do?

  5. I want to be a psychiatrist realllyyyyyy bad and it’s the only career I can see myself doing but I just don’t want to go to medical school. I know I can just psychologist but I don’t like that so much

  6. “No hard work, medicine is not your main focus, 9-5 and five days per week… then medicine is not the right choice for you.”

    Psychiatry, Ophthalmology and Dermatology: “Allow me to introduce myself”

  7. I never thought about becoming a doctor, and i'm not that fine with blood, but i see so many malnourished people in my area, and generally people who suffer from diseases that they could not afford to treat. I just want to help people for free, is this too much of a fantasy? I'm honestly lost about where i should go with my life, i just want to be of help.

  8. My dad is a radiologist and he has been practicing for 40+ years, he is one of my role models, and I wanna fallow in his foot steps, I make average gardes with around a 3.5 gpa as a sophomore, I feel like I wouldn’t be able to do it, I have a minor learning disability, know as auditory processing disorder, so it takes me a while to fully understand things and wrap my mind around them, this really makes me doubt myself and it’s very discouraging

  9. I don't fall under any of these categories besides the first. I've been brainwashed to become a doctor ever since I was a kid so I've never even given thought to any other career options. I'm starting med school next week and it's only now that it's really sinking in. Do I want to do this? Yes. But I feel like I've been forced into it. My parents could see my hesitance while I was going through the registration process for school and they said "you've been telling everyone that you want to be a doctor since you were 4, why is it a problem now?". I'm a bit annoyed that they don't see they've forced me into this, but whatever. I love helping people, I love the satisfaction I get when helping people and I want to make advancements in the health sector in my country. I just wished the choice was mine in the first place.

  10. Doctor here (orthopedic surgeon) – here are my toughts about this list:
    1. Completely agree.
    2. You don't really need to like talking to people – but you need to be (or learn to be) tolerant and patient with scared people who are worried about their loved ones.
    3. Disagree completely. Yes, med school is hard, the amount of work you need to put in and the sheer amount of information you need to remember is shocking, but you can adjust to it if you really want to be a doctor. I was "allergic to hard work" but I loved most (almost all) subjects and studying was actually fun. Once you understand WHY you need to remember all that info, it will get a lot easier. I STRONGLY DISAGREE on the intelligence part. A good memory will get you through med school, but if you lack clinical thinking and the ability to link the information you memorised, you'll be a bad doctor and you'll have trouble during residency. I had two colleagues drop out of during the first year because of this. If you're an intelligent individual you can train your memory if you're motivated enough. Training your logic and ability to create links and see patterns in the information at your disposal is much harder.
    4. Depends on your specialty. Some doctors have loads of free time. Others don't. As a surgeon, I operate 3 days a week. In those days I get off work between 5 and 8 pm, depending on how long individual procedures take. Usually I'm home by 6:30 PM. The other two are very relaxed so I usually get home by 2-3 PM (We start at 7:00). My brother in law is a radiologist. He has fixed work hours – 7 AM to 2 PM – so he's always home by 3 PM. No surgery, no rounds, little to no time spent talking with patients.

  11. My mom thinks that I should be a nurse and I also want to be nurse. Will it still happen with the parental pressure rule

  12. ….adding on. If you think black people have thicker skin than the “regular” (white) person, thick homosexuality or being trans is a disease, or you’re a narcissist who thinks you’re God’s gift to earth and refuse to hear what anyone else has to say, just racist/prejudice in general, don’t apply to medical school! As a matter of fact, pray to God you release that hate from your heart and learn to love other people for what you are and not the image of inferiority you’ve built in your head.

  13. what it means to be a doctor?
    1. when you see yourself doing nothing else.
    2 you are willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING and I mean everything. forget your family, friends, timeline, future plans, forget kids, marriage and the white picket fence.
    3. You actually LOVe helping others. You have volunteered at the age care centre, cancer society, you have helped the sick and the ill. You have compassion, empathy.
    4. You can read people, you know how to interact with people from every background and you can relate in an empathetic manner.
    5. You are in medicine – not for the money, the title or the prestige. After 1 million dollar in debt and 13 years of schooling believe me, the money in medicine isn't worth it.
    6. You can study – you will be studying everyday 12-16 hours a day for pre-med and medicine if you want the grades.
    7. you can handle stress – push aside everything in your life, you will be on your feet for 10 hours at least 8am – 6pm everday during rotations and residency.
    8. You can block out emotions – sure relate to your patients but you wont have time to process the tragedies in your life ( death sickness, breakups you name it , life will fall apart)
    9. I can assure you 90% of medical students are miserable and 60% on anti-depressants, yet they are pushing through.
    10. The glory of medicine is too addictive – 10,000 applicant apply each year for medical entrance exams costing 500 AUDD. <1000 places in australia, 19 medical school. 8 Hour long entrance exam, most people can't even finish the exam… yet pre-med students keep trying year after year, sometimes 10 times and no success.
    11. You love a good challenge – Have you ever been called " difficult"?, "stubborn"? well maybe you are in the right field. Be assertive, be Confident and challenge what you know is right!
    12. Don't let ANYONE tell you who you are or what you should be doing – You don't have a timeline. If this is your passion and your grades aren't ideal, keep pushing through if being a DOCTOR is all you see yourself as.
    13. Believe you can and you WILL.

  14. i don't following my parent to be med . i follow my heart and i'm now in vet school .thank you god 💕💕💕💕💕

  15. I wrote the entrance exam twice. Got into dentistry in one of Asia's best colleges.. because well, that was the next best option.. that's atleast what I thought… and quit after a year.. and took up arts and music…just like i wanted to. Take it from me and dont do it coz u wanna make your parents proud and happy..when you're old and dying.. you are gonna hate yourself if h dont stop.. even after knowing u should. God bless you. I know there are loads and loads of people.. trying for neet again.. this year. May God be with you.. dont be discouraged..just make sure that's your passion..that's all.

  16. It's not that I am not hardworking I want to focus and memorize things but I can't idk why my brain does that I also have higher iq than normal and some kids when they have higher iq their brain creates some kind of educational problems everything was fine from 4 years old when I started school to when I was at 3rd grade at elementary school from the 4th to now I have those educational problems I just don't get it I love what I learn but my brain just doesn't memorize them it's so bad that every night before I go to sleep I have to triple check if I remember everything and if I forgot any homework 😞 please somebody help me

  17. Me feeling motivated by this video and goes to my Asian parents.
    walk of death with orchestra in the background

    Me: Mom I don't want to be a d—
    Asian mom: SLAP


  18. my only problem is I'm not so studious because I have heart problems. I cannot go to school without being absent for a week in a month or sometimes, I couldnt go to school for a month because I can't get up, move, and even talk at times. I am freaking sick, and has very sensitive body. I get sick a lot. I spent almost half of my life lying in the hospital bed. But I really want to be a doctor. I want to be a Pediatrician or an IM.

  19. Is it ? Doctors dont have personal life ? No love life ? No romance ? No night outs ? No concerts ? No party life ? Help me

  20. Well I’m gonna be a doctor and then go to my own country and help lots of ppl and my country is yemen and even tho it already got doctors but most of them give high prices and Bc that I’ll be a doctor even tho I won’t get lots of money but I’ll help lots of people survive

  21. My friend is literally forced to be a doctor by her parents. She doesn't even like science and has intrest in finance and economics. I've been trying my best to help her convince her parents to pursue her dreams. But it seems she gave up on trying and is trying to force herself to get intrest in medicine which honestly i know wont happen unless a miracle to occur. I dont want her to go through med school and residency, just high school stresses her out i dont know how she can survive med school. I want to help her pursue economics but i really don't know how to anymore

  22. I want to go into medicine. I want to be a pediatric oncologist. Or a rare disease specialist. I love the learning. But I also have Anxiety and depression that nay prevent me from ever going into medicine.

  23. I'm in my fifth year of med school. I was forced by my parents to come here. Actually I knew that I'm not the type of person who can be a good and happy doctor. And after 5 years I still think that I'm not. Now I don't what should I do. I like to quit but I don't know what I can I do after this.

  24. Well, i have known a few doctors that are a bit impatient. Others are picky when it comes to the patients. Our family has encountered doctors like that. Which i hate it. But i want to be a doctor someday. I want to save people, when the time comes..i plan to have free check ups to those ppl out there that has no enough money to go to a hospital or check ups. And also in a place that has a few hours away hospital or clinic. But to reach that dream and goal, i have to fix my grades first xD

  25. Okaay so, medicine isn't my main focus. I'm interested in psychology but figured psychiatry would be the better option since it addresses the medical side of things + it's more exciting. OOf, should I do medicine or not?

  26. I'm surprised you didn't mention the importance of higher grades. If you don't maintain a 4.0 after college I hear that getting a job in the medical field is almost impossible. If you are a late bloomer in college and screwed up your first few semesters, you are doomed and should consider a less competitive option.

  27. These days everything comes down to how social you are.

    No matter whether you can get the job done.

    As LinkedIn’s motto says: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”.

  28. shit.. almost all of these apply on me. especially parental pressure. I really wanted to go into business but ash is tight and they want to pay something that will "be worth the cost".Ive mainly just though about going into this and to just use it as a safety net should any of my business careers fail.

  29. As a medical student, I wish I've seen this before (especially the last point about having interests outside of medicine). But I think a MD opens a lot of doors so I'm gonna try sticking with it..especially as an international student who wants a visa sponsorship. Burn out is so real though. I'm taking a year off from school to 'do research'. Thank you for this channel! Mental healthcare is so important in our training.

  30. So, 2 months ago I entered college in an engineering field i like A LOT, and I could see me working from it in the future. Buut for the last weeks I have done nothing but wonder what it would be like to be studying medicine.
    I actually applied and got in but I decided to go this other way because I'm kinda lazy, so I was afraid med school would just destroy me. So engineering seemed like the best way but now I'm afraid it wasn't the right choice, I feel like medicine will always be the top for me. Any advice?:(

  31. Aw…honestly I wanted to become a surgeon so I could help people if they had tumors or something much more life threatening..but seems I can't do that. Instead of me being impatient with people I'm actually scared of them instead of hate.

  32. Don't BS man. More doctors means less business for doctors. Being in med school is very hard, but you are happy because you look forward to something amazing so it's okay. But being a doctor is harder. People can die or get maimed by your decision and the consequences can be crazy and the uncertainty of that happening is always there. It is only easier if you are psychopath or narcissist but then so are some of your colleagues and your life is just hard. I don't know any truly happy doctors like medical students.

  33. My parents wanted me to be a pharmacist like them, but I didn’t listen to them and last year i bought them a $4 million house. I’m so grateful for following my dream of being an entrepreneur.

  34. The only thing making me not be a doctor is med school
    It takes 10YEARS TEN YEARS
    so nurse is my new dream job
    Cuz it takes only 4 years

  35. What if im poor person can i become a doctor? Answer please becoz i dont want to suffer my family from bills for becoming a doctor.

  36. I have little to no interest in any of the sciences, yet I have the desire to help those in need. My own family and relatives get sick often, and it frustrates me that I can’t do anything to help. I really want to change that.
    I’m not a very hard worker, but I believe I can be if I push myself. I’m also graduating hs this year. Should I still pursue medicine? I also considered going to law school, but I’d rather not spend 10+ hours a day sitting down, scrutinizing papers.

  37. Reading anatomy is what got me through being in the psych ward. I already want to become a surgeon so bad but i'm only 14 so no one takes my urge to learn seriously

  38. So I am 16 and in all honesty I'm not a great dreamer like my classmates, even when I was a very little kid my answer to my future desired profession was always a doctor. I said not a big dreamer because I know that med school is just pure torture and it won't let you live like a normal person in your age whereas kids my age wish to sing, travel the world and things like that. For me, I only wanted to give my life to be a good use to humanity and the first thing that came across my mind when I was a 6-year-old was 'healing people'. Now thinking about it, medecine is a great dream itself.
    I'm all a hardworker, I'd give up on everything in order to be satisfied with my results but the only thing is do we have to own great socializing skills? or like speech ability? Because I'd have to ameliorate that, for the rest I'm ready for the torture.

  39. I am glad I am just a CMA and sell stuff on Amazon, happiest person in the world. Doctors I know have a horrible home life

  40. I really wanted to be a chef I love working with food and I think I’m pretty good at it
    I went to a technical high school where they had this program to get certified to work with food but when it was time to enter the program my parents made me choose a medical program to get certified in
    I got certified as an Otho and EKG tech the material felt pretty natural and was interesting, except of EKG that was like 75% boring but maybe it was the teacher, my ortho clinicals were my favorite part I loved going around the hospital and the environment and working with patients
    But I still don’t know if med school is right for me I’m literally the least assertive or confident person I’ve ever known and the whole idea of becoming and working as a doctor seems really daunting

  41. Re #2: if you hate people, simply go into neurosurgery, vascular surgery or cardiothoracic surgery. It won't matter what your people skills are, bc hospital administration will let you do ANYTHING because your patient population will bring cash to the institution. ALSO re #2: surgeons don't anesthetize patients. ANESTHESIOLOGISTS anesthetize patients. And that is infinitely a good thing, because the majority of surgeons have NO IDEA what anesthesiologists do and rarely are interested in knowing more about what we do for the patient at all. Their sole concern? "Hurry up" and "send for the next patient– it's the (refer to the pt not by their actual name, but by the procedure the patient is scheduled to have) hip, right?"

  42. 1 I don’t have my parents pressuring me to become a doctor I want to be wealthy when I grow up so that I don’t struggle with money but not only that it’s because it’s interesting to me to operate people and figure out human body.2) I don’t hate people and I never will I always get along with people and that’s why I have so many friends because I am very nice but when people are rude I do speak up and say something but as I get more mature I’m pretty sure I will just tell them to calm down and figure a way to get them along with me 3 I do work hard to make something happen and I don’t have a problem with it I’m actually proud of myself to try and put my best effort in something and I’m also proud because I know that I’m learning and actually using my knowledge that I know 4. I am looking forward to this job as a physician 👩‍⚕️ because I’m not very smart but I’m getting there and I have adhd but I can still focus with no medication and I don’t use it either way but yea AND IM ONLY 12 and I’m already planning but I have my reasons first of all because I want to be rich when I grow up but make money out of something I accomplished and worked for and interesting at the same time also because I want to set an example to my family that is possible if you take your time and work hard to get to what you are and what you want.😀

  43. I get annoyed at people’s incompetence and stupidity… but that doesn’t stop me from becoming a doctor as I’m quite sociable and I do have patience with people.so, why would u say people that get annoyed at people’s stupidity shouldn’t become doctors
    Not very fair is it??
    Everyone is different

  44. Memorization is my main problem but I'm having a great learning strategy now. Hoping it works until i graduate and be licensed.

  45. For me it's exactly the opposite. Since I was a kid I always wanted to become a doctor. And now as well I want to apply for medical school itself. But my parents are completely against it since they both are charted accountants, they want me to be a CA too. I mean why can't they understand that im not interested in doing what they did. I want to live my own life

  46. (1) You don't be doctor? You don't call me Father.
    (2) Sorry, I am awfully busy right now, press 1 for more information.
    (3) Scooby doo, you see that book called "HOMEWORK", it's a scooby snack.
    (4) When I grow up, I want to be a pirate, a celebrity and a dictator at the same time!

  47. I don’t know what to do… my father always said that med school isn’t for me, but my mom ( who i love the most in my life) says that she can’t imagine anything else for me. I like people, i like to work with them and most of all, i really want to help them, but med school needs this much of preparation, and if i got into it, six years of my life will be áll about studying, and i really hate studying… plus i’m intrested about sooo many things, so i should tell that medicine isn’t my main focus. What should i do? Hlp!:((

  48. I highly disagree in what he says about memorization and critical thinking as I myself in my clinical rotations have experienced how students with better grades than me, have a hard time applying the knowledge they have; of course you need memory, that is how you get through med school and basic sciences like anatomy pharmacology physiology biochem etc; your memory will fail you eventually, when you understand deeply how things work from basic molecular mechanisms, memory comes in second hand, it is not the most important aptitude you need to have AT ALL

  49. I have none of those issues i like hard work. I dont have really any outside pressures. But the only thing is that i dont want to lose my other interests. I dont know if its worth sacrificing my music, art, business and other interests. I dont know if im the type of person that can only do one thing. Help!!!!

  50. Awesome! I wish I knew this before going to med school and dropping out to become a teacher/professor after a year of residency! Very true, and better late than never.

  51. Professions are dream jobs for a reason. Not everyone is molded out to do them nor care to. I come from a family of career minded folk and still wouldnt step into their shoes. IF you dislike people then that is gonna be difficult for that person.

  52. medical school is hard. There should no such thing as a good reason for going into medicine. Most people cant do it anyways so let the few people who have the talent do it so we can have enough doctors for everyone.

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