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Do Facebook Lead Ads Work?

Do Facebook Lead Ads Work?

– Hi, guys. It’s Ben Heath from Lead Guru. And in this video, I’m going
to answer a big question. Do Facebook lead ads actually work? (upbeat music) what is a Facebook lead ad? Well, Facebook lead ad is just
like a regular Facebook ad but when you click on a Facebook
lead ad, instead of being taken to a website, you
stay within Facebook and are presented with a contact form. Now, Facebook will
pre-fill that contact form with the user’s contact information because of course they have that because they have a Facebook account. Now, it makes it very easy
for people just to click on the ad once and then
click send because their data has automatically been entered into it. And because it’s so easy for
people to send their contact information to sign up as a
lead via a Facebook lead ad, they are actually very effective
at generating inquiries. And if you’re looking to
generate leads for your business then you’ll almost
certainly pay less per lead using a Facebook lead ad than you will if you do the exact same thing but send them to your website
and have them have to enter in all that details themselves
and then send them to you. So Facebook lead ads
are great for generating a large quantity of leads
relatively inexpensively. And if you are a service
based business in particular then I definitely recommend
testing them potentially alongside your other Facebook ad campaigns to see if it does perform better. But, and there is a big
but with Facebook lead ads, and that’s that the
leads that are generated through Facebook lead ads are
consistently worse quality than the leads that are generated from an equivalent campaign
where people are sent to someone’s website and asked to inquire. What we found is that the leads
generated from Facebook lead ads often won’t respond when
you go to follow up with them, when you send them emails afterwards. And we think that because it
is so easy for them to submit their contact information,
they’re not as invested in the process. They’re not really
inquiring and as interested as much as they would be if
they actually came through to someone’s website, maybe checked out their
portfolio or their previous work or whatever it is and then
got in touch that way. So if you are going to use
Facebook lead ads, then make sure that in your lead generation form you require a phone number. That’ll make it much easier for
you to actually make contact with the leads that
come through the lead ad and because you’ll be able
to call them as soon as they become a lead and submit their details. If you’re just looking to email
them, you’ll find that a lot of people just don’t respond. As I said, they’re not as
invested in the process. Whereas, if you have
someone’s phone number, you can call them right away. And calling them right away
is definitely something that I would recommend. The longer you wait after
someone has submitted their details via a lead ad,
the harder you’ll find it to convert that person into a client. So ideally within the same
day, maybe even within a couple of hours, call the people
that turn into leads via your Facebook lead ad
and look to progress them to the next stage as quickly as possible. And just because the quality
of the leads generated through lead ads aren’t
necessarily that great doesn’t mean that they won’t work really
well for your business. I have seen them work and there
are businesses that will go, you know what, the quality
of the leads via lead ads are less but we get so many
more than if we send them to our website that it’s worth that trade off. Where we’re willing to take a
slightly lower quality in lead because we’re gonna get
so many more of them. So as I said, I recommend
that you test it. You could test very small
with a small budget. You have very little to lose
and if they do work for you really well, you’ll be very
glad that you took the time to run that experiment. And if you are looking for
help with Facebook lead ads or any other form of Facebook ad campaign, we can almost certainly
help you with that. Lead Guru, my company, is
a digital marketing agency that specialises in Facebook advertising. And we’ve run lead ad
campaigns, conversion campaigns, traffic campaigns, brand
awareness campaigns, any sort of campaign that you can imagine
on Facebook, we’ve run it for many different companies
in many different industries. Whatever it is that you’re
looking to achieve on Facebook, we can almost certainly
help you get their faster and help you get there spending less money on your ads themselves. So if you’re interested in
working with us and interested in our services, you can let
us know simply by leaving a comment below or you
can click on the link in the video description. That’ll take you through to our website. You’ll obviously be able to
get in contact with us there. So hopefully I’ll speak
to you soon but either way I want to wish you the best of luck with your Facebook ad campaigns and your lead ads in particular if you do decide to give those a go. Bye for now.

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  1. Where will emails and other data be stored which people would add in our FB lead generation ad?

    I hope my query is clear enough.

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