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Do Facebook Ads Google Adwords and SEO Help? – Shop Talk Live

Do Facebook Ads Google Adwords and SEO Help? – Shop Talk Live

You don’t have a thing for the ending
well you do know we’re live at this moment yeah you’ll think of something
what’s up everybody we are just going live so we’re gonna hang out for a
moment wait for some of you guys are tuned in and then we’ll talk about
whether Google AdWords facebook ads ads on Instagram and all that that jazz SEO
and all that whether it’s worth it and if they really work well at least kind
of tell you our experience I know what will go into it later but I think yeah we’ve recently got into some other
stuff as well and we’ll tell you what we think Paulo keeps banging into the mic
stand he’s he’s stepping all over your ear cells sheet – yeah literally walking
all over it is it not good yes everybody walks all over me no one listens so yeah
he doesn’t come on I call Wow I think it’s the first time you’ve ever told him
to get on the futon yeah and he didn’t get on there which is odd cause
generally it’s get off and yeah we were sleeping in the bed the other night and
I rabbit punched him in this in the ribs no because he snuck up on there while
the after the baby he had they decided she wanted to sleep with us and I wake
up and he is smothering her so I just wrap it punched him in the ribs I’m like
get away I think he forgotten a little punch happy when getting Apollo down
because you punched me you just punched me and I was like what the hell I’m like
that that’s me I was about those oh wait did you just know no not poor dog that
dog was sleeping dead on top of the baby and the baby does not wake up for
anything so no I saved the baby’s life I was gonna give you one of those WWE men
just laughing punched me in the ribs I was like what the hell do like every
hour or hour and a half now just like fuck just trying to get the dog off the
bed you you don’t even do the you just you just punch for no reason and it’s
not even him no it’s instead of poor dog format he just bit
her ankles he he’s at that age where so he’s four months old now and we got to
teach him not to bite jump basically yeah
he just bites everything and jumps on everybody it’s becoming quite
embarrassing here like so and then he pees on the floor yeah I guess excited
we’re here we’re here for so long so we have to take it because otherwise this
is just not right to keep a puppy if you’re just gonna cage him all day so we
bring him with us but then I thought with it okay just okay there’s a little
but I’m not cool with it so we bring him with us and then a client comes and I
take him out into the back and I you know just try to distract him and then
it rains on me and I’m just sitting out in the rain while Matt’s like you know
just schmoozing it up with the client what you didn’t have to yeah kind of did
just toss him out in the back where the grass is at and she just adores driving
a Porsche and she was wearing white jeans I don’t think she wanted him
jumping I don’t think anybody wants him jumping on other boys the men that come
in are fine they’re cool it’s cool it’s cool that’s cool
why the girl females have been – that’s just we kind of fill the situation out
we’ll start taking him out of the office and they’re like oh you got a dog if
they don’t say anything like there’s like okay we’ll just get them out of
here and so our little meetings over will you
stop that we stopped chewing on me I’m Beth – bye – you never bite you back
Oh silverstar says the Hat and the javelin I keep like I say Haviland
whenever I read this tabloid palates latina I am NOT I’m Canadian
welcome to Yakima barks I’m Canadian Haviland so the javelin pallets are good
to go he’s gonna call us tomorrow oh cool oh my god it’s negative 38 there
dang I would I could couldn’t do it I get fussy over it being
50 and 60 outside does it it messes with with me when it comes to the heat just
getting cold just doesn’t want to flow like it does and takes a lot longer
the coldest I know I think the coldest I’ve ever actually been able to hire was
negative 13 and I was running around outside a mall and you could it’s
actually painful because the cold just actually bites you through your pants
but anyways 7:06 okay let’s uh I’m gonna switch the the camera over guys geez
Apollo hey what’s up everybody Matt with my key designs here and
Shannon is across the room Paulo’s here just attacking me he will not leave me
alone he’s he’s wired up right now but we’re gonna talk about a few things
and answer some of your screen printing questions so if you guys have any
questions let us know we’ll do our best to answer them and
Shannon’s going to think of a something clever to say at the end because she is
not prepared she’s got to do her doing this for a really long time okay so I’m
running out of like my fun facts it I just I really hope that they the toy
just goes flying up in the viewpoint that’s not true you’re not running out
of fun facts well fun facts that are actually interesting to share with like
general public instead of like you know me telling you about like weird mass
murders or something like that you can just do like you do with me then yeah
but now the pressures on I’m gonna blink did you know yeah Silver Star talk to
you tomorrow yeah thanks for uh thanks for tuning in
and we’ll we’ll uh touch base tomorrow man get down dear ya Halim are you
normally he’s sleeping right now yeah but he went outside and probably went to
the restroom and now he’s out frisky I should pick him up off the floor so your
work doesn’t go to waste shoulda woulda coulda anyways hi b3 and
indigenous I am NOT I will figure something out before the end of this
what is what did he think he says I’m failing as a sidekick sidekick you know
I mean it’s it’s not likely honestly prep for these shows however I
mean there’s times when we do we we think about a certain topic like yeah
let’s let’s run with that and then it just depends on how busy we are and with
it being Monday’s that we go why not who decided it was gonna be a Monday yes I
think that the reason why I decided Monday I didn’t want it to be too close
to at the time when when cam was doing his life dangling I didn’t Moya and
t-shirt chicks in was doing hers was a tootin well she just gets on randomly
but I think she was doing it for a while like on a Sunday I can’t remember I
can’t recall anymore down to Monday was the best day yeah how’s that working out
Monday’s tend to be 645 comes along hey what are we talking about that in just
with it being a Monday like last Monday it was a little hectic phone calls and
people walking in generally people don’t start getting around to wanting to do
anything till the middle of the week so they made me look like I was earning my
keep yeah they they definitely were keeping us pretty
busy Monday yes so um hi hi optics zero and Greg Stephenson wants to know the
best place for crawfish in Houston and his best friend’s house I would say yeah
if you got a friend that likes to do a boil that would be the the best place
because then you get to hang out with your friends and have some beers and I
don’t eat crops I know I don’t know just BS I would say Phoebe’s Cafe is a pretty
good place there there’s a there’s multiple bee bees but the I think its
original or I’m not sure how many locations they have or originated in
Houston but I’m thinking that’s the first location it’s just across the
street from Fitzgerald’s it’s Fitzgerald school thing yeah but they keep saying
that they’re gonna close it down because of those I think panda said like all the
furniture stores well it’s a little different being a rock and roll live
venue and then some of the trouble that they got into and scream princess calls
crawfish ditched termites which is another reason why I don’t want to eat
them it’s termites forgive me another taliano mud bugs is
what we call them as mud bugs oyster make oh my god Oyster Bay boys your big
boys roommate Greg oh my god I wanted to go to oyster break while I was and say
when I went to st. Mary’s so bad they had Smash Mouth playing what is that
like an oyster festival it’s a big festival that st. Mary’s hosts every
year and they have like a lot of like live bands Smash Mouth was playing the
year I really want oh my god smashmouth shut up I would
have like died in not Smash Mouth man that they are on my bucket list of bands
to see I’m not there I couldn’t tell you a single Smash Mouth song I know
I know I probably okay I’ve heard their music I’m just not good with the names
if I hear that I’m like okay yeah but aside from that I’m just saying oh they
always are Baek is a really big thing and st. Mary’s are Catholic so you know
they have no issue with the alcohol thing we used to go after our to do
anything well a lot of weight out don’t pass out drink tickets okay you’re
making it out okay look let’s put it this way wait wait when when was that
when after finals no no what I’m saying is the stop the alcohol on the premises
of the school oh we used to do we used to tailgate after the finals we used to
tell we used to tailgate after the finals we would everybody would bring
booze and then we just like drink of the party like right after all of our class
got out but they would hand out drink tickets and stuff and I way to put it in
like this way the pharmacy reception that I went to it was a dryer it was a
dry reception this would they had like a free open for our graduation they had a
free open bar and everything and they host oyster fest every year and it’s
just this big festival and they have big bands come and play and everyone goes
and eats oysters or you know just drinks and you if you’re a student you get
drink tickets and it’s awesome universities that’s pretty cool mm-hmm
that’s pretty awesome whoosh wyah totally awesome school that I wouldn’t –
did something like that but they they didn’t have anything like that guy who
was so so just just like focus yeah you didn’t get your little breaks or
anything like that there was no summer Greg are you serious
there’s a bar now on campus who’s gonna ask like are they still doing that with
how politically correct everybody is and but if they got a bar man they just
stepping it up they’re going in the right direction the nun was the one that
was handing out the whole the drink tickets yeah I would that’s because
she’s gonna live it up somehow Jason segment and the shape of an L on
her forehead such deep lyrics shut up they were wonderful it’s part of my
youth I was excited to be able to see them but I didn’t get to see them so
whatever but I used to go walk through the paths and collect all the pecans in
a bag because we had a lot of pecan trees father in Texas anyways yeah let’s
let’s um I have no idea like I got I want to go check this out now I gotta go
take me a class there so I can be part of all this fun it’s a blast
I’ll just take something the worst what’s the cheapest class no it was the
worst law school in Texas and the most expensive and I went there for a failed
marriage whoo jeez Shannon you’re not in confession right now okay anyway scream
for anything screen printing screen printing yeah yeah so any of you guys
got any questions otherwise we’re going to talk a little bit kind of about our
experience with the Facebook ads and Google AdWords and all that oh and we
are actually starting to get the ball rolling with the subscription thing so
yeah updated on that because Matt’s actually starting to digitize a couple
things and we’re gonna figure out how we want to do it but the ball is actually
beginning to roll so if anybody’s interested just let us know give us a
yeah there’s our advice or your commentary on what you’d like to see in
it yeah there’s a I feel like I have too many just little projects going on and
what I mean by that is is I’ve updated that registration template that I’ve
created I’ve made it better than it is now
I mean or than it was it’s still it was great the way it is but it’s just
small things but I think it’ll be very helpful and then I’ve been working on
figuring out some inexpensive way and I’ll let the cat out of the bag as far
as that project goes because after going to a 3d printer and figuring out how
much is going to cost for me to make a a registration system for screen printing
presses like I was trying to figure out an expensive way to do it and I thought
that 3d printing would be a great way so I design something in a 3d program I
think it’s I forget what it’s called so put put this design together worked on
it for like 12 hours I sent it over I sized it down to the sizes that they
could work with that was one of the problems that they could only print it
so big so I had to kind of scale it down a little bit and then the email Mel’s
about what the yeah I did I did yes yes because I was checking out the pricing
and all that stuff but so now I’m trying to figure out a solution to like cut the
cost down to make it like some sort of inexpensive system that we can have it
3d printed kind of be like a print on demand type thing as as people order it
and so now I’m figuring out a way to make that less pricey than it it was
when I got quoted because it was still it still would have ended up being like
a two thousand dollar system I don’t like now that’s that’s too much trying
to do it so yeah I know that but it’s just the the material and everything
because of the size of it I don’t know why I just occurred to me but
Emily Emily she does like a lot of cosplay stuff and so she has so a lot of
stuff 3d printed maybe I could like oh yeah she she would go through a lot of
material I forget what it’s called the the plastic or whatever it is and then
it has to be sturdy too with a 3d printer but yeah I wouldn’t recommend
that that doesn’t sound like fun you can do a mock up big fight they get the
government versus you know everybody else trying to get the blueprints taken
down but they manage to stay up there and honestly I’m not gonna lie that I’ve
seen what they actually look like they’re goofy as shit but you don’t want
that anyways nobody so yeah so I’m gonna tweak on that some more see if I can’t
figure out some way to make it a simplified thing I just think that it’s
going to be I don’t it might end up being more work setting up the way I’m
thinking about kind of redoing it to cut the cost on it I don’t know I’ll figure
it out anyways at the point she was making is
is that yeah well we’ll have that t-shirt subscription thing going on we
we still got some of the shop gnome shirt orders rolling in and and then
we’ll make that like a monthly thing for the subscription or what they get for
the subscription so it basically would be a t-shirt that we design ourselves
we’re gonna try and keep it like at $10 a month we’re gonna try and do that $10
month we got to figure out an affordable way to ship it like I don’t want to make
you guys pay more than a couple two or three dollars for shipping and then
we’ll basically create a design that will send out monthly and they’ll be
designs that I or Shannen creates that Shannon’s got a lot of designs
that she’s created and trying to we’ve kind of kicked around the idea of
letting you guys vote on what would be the next month’s t-shirt design so we
could put like three or four designs up and then let you guys vote on it why
postnup designs yeah I mean they might just love all of them you know it’s
always you know kind of honorable putting your own stuff up there instead
of like being like hey that’s that’s part of the business you’re you’re not I don’t own your stuff
you’ve seen people like with your design oh yeah I can go over to ebay right now
and find someone over in the UK that’s printing my design I’m like hey take it
down dude I need to get a hold of a and have them like do something about it yeah I wouldn’t worry about all that I
think that’s part of of the thing about you having not really experience like
getting feedback from people like I to me it’s like a daily thing all that kind
of my kind of no no not you hate you too won’t think you’re something I kind of
want to like I think a little flair to it anyways to to include like I don’t
know there’s like this what do you mean Flair well okay like buttons how many
pieces of flair are we talking about here go ahead I’m sorry you got your mom
the art snags once a month aren’t subscription thing
where they just deliver like art supplies
and they throw in big PC candy mm-hmm there you go what’s your favorite candy
everybody let us know in the chat you get a piece of candy that we’re rolling
with that you get like three skittles they open their shirt up and skittles
just fly out hard like my favors well we’ll figure it we’ll figure it out you
still got some thinking to do that I do when we do launch it I’m not like
expecting it to be this huge thing but I just think it’d be something fun for our
subscribers and those that tuned in regularly that are interested because just looking at a microphone Greg you’re
right at least 16 pieces we need 16 pieces of flair to toss it in with the
t-shirt see that that would just raise the price of the shirt because then we
got to have flair to go shopping on buttons shop gnome buttons that’d be
cool yeah okay so it might not be ten bucks depends on how much Flair we start
tossing in there like I know with the the shop gnome shirts we just kind of
soaked up the shipping on all of them and we didn’t make anything off of them
and we I mean we said that our plans weren’t to make anything off of it but
also because we we have the make a living and and we do have jobs to print
and all that that’s one of the projects that that we do squeeze in and it was
like okay you know I enjoy doing this and it’s cool and kind of getting
everybody’s reaction to getting these shirts at the same time it’s like man if
it’s kind of like the same reason I just started decided to start charging five
dollars for that template because it just got a lot of questions and you know
it’s just just time times money and everybody’s got to make a living
we’re not raking in the dough over here we’re making a living don’t get me wrong
yeah that’s that’s our go-to phrase for just talking about what we do for a
living oh yeah we’re starving artists actually
I think I want to start making a list of like the regular one and the regulars
that come in and order this stuff because that way I’m not going shit what
size is well-known mm-hmm but anyways um indigenous is gonna send you his logo
and his name of the clothing brand and ask for input he’s gotten good responses
so far yeah yeah also one’s bubblegum Russell on camera hey if you get Shannon
on camera I’ll wrestle her any day he beat me and probably hurt me so I’m not
gonna hurt you not on purpose mm-hmm I don’t know it depends on
depends it depends on the day I step on your hair a lot what does that mean me
it’s like you don’t you try to get up like out of the bed and I try to move
and also just joints attached in my head yeah it’s cuz there’s generally a dog
sandwiching like I’m in the middle he sneaks up he’s beside me and so I just
need to push both y’all off to the side because I don’t you come over towards me
and then the dog has half of the bed it doesn’t matter what size the bed is King
size Queen yeah I mean that is the case get off of me so on to give the whip
she’ll let me borrow the whip S&M up in here he’s going on hey what’s up right
beats okay so I think we should dive in don’t don’t laughs when we bro screwed
okay so we’re gonna talk about the some of our experiences with using Facebook
Ads Google AdWords haven’t really messed around a whole lot
with Instagram but I do hear people are getting better results with Instagram
and then one of the recent things that that we’ve done is we’ve hired web.com
because they they called us up and we had some money stashed away and so we
decided to give some things a try that we haven’t tried before and what are
those things is web.com and so they initially came to us saying that they
were going to redesign arrow like put it put together a website and do the search
engine optimization and all that and they were you know they were trying to
charge us like five hundred bucks for the website design and then like a
hundred and fifty dollars a month for the SEO service and that mind you this
is someone that’s like very Scelzi trying to sell you on all this stuff
and we’re like okay that they’re gonna make us a whole new website yada yada
yada aren’t like okay we can give it a try it’s gonna be like 500 bucks a month
and that they’re like well we’ll do your your Google will take care of your
Google business listings and all that and so we had everything already set up
business listings a website did SEO to it and they want to transfer us they
charged us that 500 and then they transferred us over to the guy that’s
supposed to be designing the website and he’s like yeah I so I can go to your
website and grab images and and use that for the new website it was like yeah so
he went over there he’s said I don’t know why we’re doing a new website wait
what you have looks great and it looks like you did quite a bit of search
engine optimization I’m like yeah I mean you know if you search in at least
that’s how it was he’s searching our part of town we’re at the top our
business listing shows up and all that so we’re like we’re just gonna do
some search engine optimization we’re gonna do some things to your Google
business listening to your Yelp and all that that was one of the things to I
wanted to try Yelp but I’m I’m not going to fuss with that right now because
we’re I mean we’re still trying that the web.com thing I don’t know I think I’m
gonna cancel it because I’m so we’re we’re thinking about canceling it last
phone conversation last phone conversation that we did have they’re
trying to sell us on a couple campaigns for Adwords which I’ll get into running
that ourselves so website was also I recently did redid that early last year
probably about a year ago took me about three months months I always do search
engine optimization our website is WordPress base and we use Yoast SEO it’s
a little buggy at times but it works fairly well and so I feel like since
they’ve kind of taken over I’m kind of keeping track of where we’re at if we
just type in screen printing or t-shirts near me printed t-shirts or custom
t-shirts near me and I’ve watched him he’s so I feel like our ranking starting
to go down I feel like our ranking starting to go
down hey we haven’t been getting more phone calls like they’re promising we
get the same amount if anything and am I just because it’d be because of a slow
season but I don’t feel like it’s done anything and I said we’ll give it three
months it’s been three months already we started in November yeah November
December and January counting on it you know to help us out now because
season yeah and ya know it’ll definitely help you pick it up there of course it
will ya know and I’m the go see for them and 750 bucks they call me and then
they just sit there like okay you want to walk through this I’m like yeah and
we walk through like you know the admin page and stuff I’m on the phone with
them and all of a sudden before I realize that they’re just trying to sell
me shit and they’re not explaining why nothing is actually generating anything
and I actually will straight out ask them okay we haven’t seen any you know
results well it’s a bit of and they just run around it and I’m like going no no
no no no no you guys this and I know I think I’m just gonna cancel it I mean
I’m a sucker for a good salesman just because when they’re when people are
nice to me I just want to be nice back and I’m just like I like that yeah
that’s part of it just because you know Debbie from Vancouver or Ben from Bangor
whoever the friggin was it who talked that accent and said I know how do you
think about this you know yeah he knew he knew what you’re a sucker for it is
someone from Canada saying everything every time you we talked to them it ends
up turning into a sales pitch indigenous is asking how do we like WordPress how
flexible is it when creating your website yeah yeah because you’re you’re
doing your thing indigenous it it’s great it I mean
there’s a lot of templates that you can buy so the the templates that they give
you are pretty basic but you can buy templates to make your website look a
certain way and there’s a lot of programs like plugins there’s a lot of
plugins that you can use that’s very helpful and there’s a lot of tutorials
out there on how to design your your page the only drawback is as you’re
designing it you can’t really see what it is you’re putting together I mean you
can see all the words and everything and the pictures you put up but until you go
to the page you’re working on like do a preview then you see what
going on but it I mean it’s great that’s great
also keep in mind though if you go to Matt or our website just something
answer remember is I watched Matt work on this for months and yeah it takes
some time don’t get me wrong but also the the thing about it is I know there’s
faster ways to go about doing it like you can test everything out on your
desktop and but a lot of those methods are it works better on a PC type of
situation I kind of like to just get it together launched the side and then
tweak it as we go I mean there’s still things I want to do to the website just
kind of sales funnel type stuff creating what a sales funnel we’re probably gonna
be adding another page to it after I finish this freaking project yeah there
I mean there’s a lot of pages I can think of putting of like just stuff that
it will be helpful for people that have no clue whatsoever as to the screen
printing process for instance I mean a lot of people just think that t-shirt
you just print a t-shirt out comes out of your your printer it’s like sitting
next to your desk and it’s not the case so thinking about creating a video if
more than likely probably will be unlisted so that way people that do
visit the page that’s just something for our website that kind of explains the
process or I don’t know I might make that one public kind of want to keep
track of the amount of views that are essentially people that are coming to
our website are viewing this and seeing how many people are viewing it and
there’s just other things that I kind of want to separate some of the things like
have a separate page that our ink colors like house in colors that they can
choose from the the list that you’re working on
Conroe recommendations and then what else print location sizes
and all that I mean I have that stuff up there ask kind of like a fact type deal
under the the screen printing process page but it’s down towards the bottom I
would like it to be on the menu though speaking of this project guys that I’m
working on Matt hey Matt suggested it two weeks ago just good better and best
it has blown up into a monster babe no I’m not it’s just it’s for the people
that you know don’t you know like what you’re saying is the people that don’t
know what they’re looking for or anything like that so we’ve got an
entire pagers here show them I’m just messing with you sorry I forget you’re
sensitive actually I don’t forget I know and then
I end up messing with you maybe you see what I was saying a little earlier
Chanin is that maybe this just needs to be simplified like just kind of the
stuff that we do so you don’t the most what if they know that they want to try
blend instead of like you know 100% cotton but they wanted it in the better
and they wanted it a ladies cut I think we need to look into we need to look
into I want to see if S&S has one of those applications towards where it’s a
you know has your information and then it’s got whatever price point you want
to sell the shirts at kind of like what would SanMar San Mars thing is is good
but they don’t have all the options that they like so many less options people to
say we could link that that’d be cool and make everything I’ve done
superfluous so I’m no know that it’s not going to because this is going to be our
recommendations as to because they can just go on there and not really have any
idea as to you know just be clueless like what shirt do you recommend because
there are a lot of people like they just say I
some t-shirts okay well what kind of style t-shirt do you want I don’t know
just something and then they don’t say just something cheap or something like
that or and then we’re like okay well here’s our here’s what we consider
affordable here’s this is budget familiar what however you want to phrase
it so it’s not what you’re doing isn’t a waste of time is very much something
valuable that we can use we’ll put it on our website and then they’ll have these
options that kind of take a look at we even put a link towards where they can
click on it and take a look at or even just put a picture in a description it’s
turning into a beast though yeah well you know it’s a project it is a project
so maybe like for starters what we could do is do unisex I’ve got the ladies yeah
we get dining we can that do it a little at a time like the unisex put something
up on the website that’s the unisex stuff and then move on just kind of
expand from there that way it’s not this huge overwhelming thing web calm called
Wray beads and tell him that website was ugly that’s not nice
okay so moving on from web comm and our WordPress stuff
the next thing I’m going to address is Facebook Ads and just kind of tell you
my experience that Shannon really hadn’t hasn’t had a whole lot of experience
with Facebook and and the reason is is I stopped using Facebook ads for a reason
sure it did bring us some clients in the past one of the things I did find and it
might just be the sales funnel how everything was being pitched and all
that and that’s some of the things you have to keep in mind when you are
creating these Facebook ads you know you’re copying what the image looks like
you have to analyze everything and really kind of figure out what’s working
you have to spearmint and try different things see
what’s working what’s not and I’ve tried a bunch of different ads I found that a
lot of it would it would attract a lot of other screen printers because of the
the YouTube channel and then the other thing is it would like return on an
investment I would spend a few hundred dollars and would probably land a cell
or two and depending on the person that’s buying you’re either gonna get a
good return on it like there was one client that it was an absolutely just
great return because he put in a large order that order actually helped me buy
the little R an hour scamp dryer that I had bought at the time but when I really
broke things down it seemed like I was just kind of tossing money away when it
came to Facebook and I could have kept going and trying different formulas but
eventually I just had enough work like I was kicking those ads out initially when
I started my business up but so so Facebook sure can work I know there’s
people that that use those ads that make great money but when it comes to being a
service provider screen printing wise I think it’s a little harder to kind of
crack that code it’s just a matter of cracking the code but if you’re selling
a t-shirt if you’re an apparel line I’ve done that as well I have my own line
that’s a Houston Texas team apparel gave that a shot for a little while even had
a Shopify store and I went back and looked at the numbers and we were
selling t-shirts but we we were spending more on advertising and Shopify and all
that then it was really it could have just been designed you
know cuz it just kept pushing the popular designs and mixing some of the
others what one of the reasons I didn’t dive in it dive into it too too much
further it’s just what we got busy doing the service and stuff and when you’re
trying to do both it can be hard to juggle both of them and whoa what was
making money is the service and screen printing shirts for other people so
dizziness is actually saying that a face anyhow go ahead in digitus was saying
that Facebook Ads don’t work for him but in his native communities word of mouth
from tribe to tribe is gold and so he smoke signals and actually that’s
actually one of the things like when I first started getting into this business
with Matt I started researching into it cuz I was in marketing for a while but I
wasn’t in I was more in like direct marketing so it was still a new field
for me and one of the things that I did learn I’ve said this before and other on
other lives was that you know word of mouth is the best way you’re going to
get anything 60 small business owners gets 65 percent about of their business
from word-of-mouth by it itself and that’s why you basically just need to
always always always be chunking like a handful of business cards at people and
asking them because there’s nothing you know there’s nothing better than just
you being like can you please refer us if anybody ever needs anything
can you please talk about us that kind of thing because the worst they can say
is no or the worst they can do is you know just not but sometimes people
really really are happy with like what you’re doing and they want to brag about
or they’re like oh and they want to help like you know somebody else that they
know that is in of the service and the but you know it’s
kind of like it’s kind of like when a girl goes to get her hair cut and she’s
like oh my god no you got it you gotta see my you dated Johnny oh my god he’s
late hello sorry go ahead it’s kind of like when a girl goes to a
stylist you know and she’s happy with their haircut she’s gonna tell all her
friends about it and she’s and when they say they need a haircut she’s gonna be
oh my god you got to go to my girl over here i blah blah blah blah
it’s like people like giving word about them and so that’s really what a lot of
like what mom-and-pop businesses small owner businesses just rely on and so in
digitus you are crazy right and rye beads yes always always chunk the
business cards this is true so the the other thing I just didn’t sorry she and
I wasn’t trying to interrupt you or anything because I know we’ve talked
about word of mouth before quite a bit and one of the other things I want to
talk about which I would like for us to do here again and give it another whirl
at it as as AdWords and have had quite a bit of success with AdWords the thing
about AdWords though is you’re your ranking in the search so you got to
figure out your search terms do some research find out what people are yeah
sure what yet I have a question uh-huh AdWords is that what makes it like
appear in a little green box at the top yeah I’m good I sail right through those
I think oh nope nope nope nope nope right however there are a lot of people
that do I even myself I’ll click on some of those I’ve actually I’ve actually
just researching ourselves and live screen printing because we got we’re
gonna do some live screen printing here in May and because we’ve been posting
these blogs that are about the essentially the
videos that were recording here the the shoptalk live someone came to us and
like you know they’re you’re the only people in Houston that do live screen
printing and I’m thinking myself that can’t be but we happen to the ranked
because of posting these blogs about doing shop talk live and that’s
something else that’s like another project another page that we’re going to
do and get into doing some live screen printing we have a job lined up for it
yeah we do which is awesome so AdWords I have found has worked
pretty well and you can start with the pretty minimal budget of five bucks and
see how that works out but there there were quite a bit of clients that I had
got through using Edwards and I was selling t-shirts to
people all over the place now I I did have the cell going on that was what
would I call the the one in one offer which was just white t-shirts one color
print one one location for pretty low price because everyone knows doing white
shirts you can crank those out pretty quickly setting up a one color job is
really easy to set up and so it really was a matter of just kicking out like a
really good price at different price points and we still have that on our
website but I had a pretty pretty low price initially starting out the first
order that I got was that was four thousand shirt sales advertising it for
like a dollar 95 per t-shirt and that was at 1,000 t-shirts
however at the time that I did that I was able to get blank Gildan 5,000
t-shirts for like a dollar fourteen and I was able to crank those thousand
shirts out pretty quickly so I had some really good success even
with that campaign the the one and one offer it would lure people in they would
say hey we don’t necessarily want white t-shirts and we don’t want just a one
color print but we went a hundred long sleeve shirts with a four color print on
the front and one color print on the back we see your prices are really good
that’s when you just kind of reel them in and do your cell sales pitch or you
know just just kind of sell them on what it is they’re after because if they
start inquiring there they don’t want to go to a whole bunch of different places
I mean there’s people that will go to three or four different places see what
the prices are and depending on what their strategy how they choose the
person that they go with whether it’s its price or if there’s someone in
between or if they feel like the person that’s charging the most is going to do
the best job it did bring in quite a bit of work and I think I was offering like
free shipping and all that stuff so that that would be something cool worth
revisiting and see what our return on the investment on that because like one
of the things that I don’t think we got to the the web.com people we’re trying
to pitch us on $800 a month an aggressive AdWords campaign that’s
gonna bring you a lot of money or a lot of cells and I do know that AdWords from
my personal experience has done quite well so we should give that a whirl again and
then I hear Instagram it seems these days like with Facebook never really got
a whole lot of that there’s inquiries on on Facebook but seem to be more anytime
you post something on on Instagram you’re immediately just getting likes
and responses all that Facebook it’s just kind of like people have to know
about you and that they’re not going to find out about you unless you’re
advertising like the whole hashtag thing with Instagram is I think it was really
great what do you agree Shannon yeah I mean well yeah I mean the inside we’ve gotten
more responses from I I don’t I don’t know I don’t know um I feel like we get
more leads from Facebook we’ve only gotten a handful from Instagram but some
more leads from Facebook I thought so I don’t touch it but some of the Instagram
stuff was like we’ve gotten a clothing line from from it that thousand shirt
order was from it from Facebook no Instagram okay yeah and so I don’t know
I don’t I don’t touch the Instagram anymore you should touch the Instagram I
don’t touch your phone anymore yeah that’s cuz you got your own phone
now you know this because I got yelled ever touching your phone you get yelled
at for touching my phone it’s like it was always gone I was like dude where’s
my phone it was me marketing mm-hmm yeah well now you got
your own phone we can put the app on there yeah but I don’t have the camera
those abilities that yours house sure you just take a picture now you know the
difference that’s that Shannon getting out of
marketing oh that’s gonna do it I’m just messing with you don’t cry don’t weep it
and weep I’m not I don’t know Levite he says you’re the man he helped out a lot
thank you oh thank you appreciate that thanks for watching the videos hallo man so he’s saying that York was a good
place to do acts that was one of the things that we had considered we kind of
spent our budget we we really don’t put a budget aside for advertiser because
everything every strategy that we’ve put forth marketing online with the website
doing search engine optimization on our own and then social media and YouTube as
well has helped quite a bit so Yelp is definitely something we want
to get into the thing about Yelp though is we’ve had people go on Yelp and leave
reviews that just disappear and I all the good ones yeah I got a hold of Yelp
and asked them why that was and they sent me a video and that video was
basically people that use Yelp that the reviews that are going to stick are
people that are constantly on Yelp and are giving reviews therefore they kind
of make it out as this is a reliable review versus the person that puts a
yelp review up every once in a while or if you’re going to someone saying hey
put a review up just so I have more reviews and there
you know they’re smart to that and they may remove those however the people that
have put reviews up have been clients of ours that have had a positive you know
they’ve had a good experience with us and they’ll they’re like I’m gonna go on
Facebook Yelp and Instagram or wherever and leave you a review and Yelp has just
been kicking those to the side so there’s like one negative review from
back in the day like 2016 that just sticks on me I think it is it and at
that time I was moving because I had a whole lot of personal things going on I
did get the guys order taken care of he never came and picked it up but then
ended up moving to the other side of town and left he left a man he just
bombarded everything with a bad review and just Yelp is Google is all over to
play is Facebook so unfortunately you you get that but the problem is with
Yelp just it’s there and no other people have been leaving reviews and it’s just
keeping that one for whatever reason this we we finally have a screen
printing question all right so I think we’ve kind of gone through our
experiences with a lot of these paid ads and what we’ve kind of gone through we
there’s still more that I would like to do as far as testing some of that that
out Facebook not so much but what we report back when once we do more and
less you know how it’s gone and what’s worked for us what so what is that
question Chinon okay first up hi Tim he printed out some CMYK separations and
the yellow halftone to our lighter gray to the magenta black and cyan
half-tones is that normal mm-hmm okay so if the actual print like the half-tones
itself say for instance the amount of ink that’s putting down you should all
of your film should be opaque you shouldn’t really be able to see any
light through the film seeing a little is fine and when I say a little you
could hold it up like if you’re just a print a big square and hold it up to the
Sun and look at it you know it should block it out but you see that that’s the
Sun is there although I don’t recommend going trying to look at the Sun with
your film that’s just an example maybe the overhead lights in your wherever
your son the try looking looking through your film at the light and seeing if
it’s blocking it out my question would be do you have a rip software that’s
producing these half-tones or are you doing it manually and then printing it
out I would say try printing that yellow
again if you’re using rip software but and then I mean are the half it depends
on what your your let’s say everything set right you’re able to print just
dense films and you do have a rip software but the yellow is coming out
lighter I would try perhaps clearing out your your color profiles in Photoshop or
illustrator corel whatever you’re using to do your separations just getting rid
of those profiles and then starting over fresh because it sounds like something
is doing it ultra steps to separate and then printed through accurate okay
from Illustrator cs6 I would I would try just going to your your settings and
then just get rid of whatever color profiles you have cuz it might be
something up with your color profile where it’s making it pull back that
yellow or maybe the job itself just calls for that amount of yellow go go to
bring in Photoshop or I would say bring it into Photoshop take care your mouse
and scroll over it bring up your info and look at what it’s reading out in the
yellow and go over to your channels as well and see what the readout on that I
mean it very well might be the case now if you’re doing something where you have
a like a really bright green or red and yellows roll should be yeah he’s he’s
clipping the microphone but give that a shot shot see see if that helps because
it’s kind of hard to troubleshoot those things through you know I I’m trying to
help is the best I can but there there’s a lot of little things that you can kind
of look at those are some of the things off the top of my head that I would
start looking into first Tim says thank you that’s about it
you’re welcome Tim hopefully that that helps because you know just try some of
those things out and see where they get you so I need any other questions because it
is it’s been pretty quiet today okay so from Illustrator cs6 I said okay well okay yeah well put my eyes on it’s
a little different than hearing and I’ll just kind of visualizing what programs
he’s what using and then just kind of figuring out what it is I
would do to kind of get things right but yeah give that a try get rid of those
color profiles and start over maybe all right so I think we’re about ready to
wrap this up guys and Shannon she she done figured out her clever little thing
is gonna be no no I was just yes I I was gonna say guys
we’re really are serious about the subscription thing so if you guys have
any comments or commentary about what you want to see what you think would be
a good to include like buttons or candy or you know just the shirt or
handwritten notes or autographs from the shop gnome whatever you know just let us
know in the comments what you want to see in a subscription box that you’d be
willing to pay for yeah aside from a t-shirt inside of a bag aside from a
t-shirt yes so that’s all I really wanted to finish up with you done mm-hmm
okay guys well it’s it’s been a lot of fun I hope you all learned a little
something and let us let us know in the comments what some of your experiences
have been because we you know that this these are just experiences that we’ve
had in hearing your experiences what’s worked what hasn’t worked is also
helpful to us because we’re constantly learning and we don’t know everything so
we we enjoy learning as well so let us know down in the comments and Shannon’s
gonna lead us out with something something just epic and amazing why did
you guys set me up like that give it up for Shannon all right
welcome welcome Shannon to the stage let me turn the mic be our camera over the
Shannon let me turn it over to Shannon there’s all your cells material on the
floor Apollo’s kicked here’s your uh your work
stuff all over the web you can go ahead it’s no longer on you last thing before
she does end up doing her before she ends up doing her little bit come here
follow the follows finally got his his ear wrappings off I don’t know if he’s
gonna make his ear stand up because he’s just there he goes he’s starting to look
like a Doberman and he’s okay Shannon’s going to okay so no fun facts tonight I
just found the dad joke I like the dad joke it how does yoga I will if you’d
stop talking okay so how many apples grow on a tree all of
them Oh apples grow on a tree all of them all right everybody we’re gonna get out
of here it is getting late I’m hungry we’re gonna eat some
delicious leftover barbecue so that’s mine we’ll see you guys next time
oh I’m digging into that barbecue you better believe it
follow let me drive OBS over here stop dude
all right guys we’re we’re out of here shut up Jason

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