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DIY Dutch Oven Outdoor Cook Set For Camping Survival Emergency Cooking Cast Iron

DIY Dutch Oven Outdoor Cook Set For Camping Survival Emergency Cooking Cast Iron

DIY Dutch oven outdoor cook set for camping emergency cooking cast iron cooking tips hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper if you enjoy
cooking with your cast-iron Dutch oven put together a cast-iron Dutch oven
cooking set then it’s good for grab-and-go whether you’re going camping
out to the fire pit or in an emergency cooking survival evacuation situation when you need it to do some outdoor
cooking gather your supplies together ahead of time keep them in a tote bag and you’re ready
to go with your DIY cast-iron Dutch oven cooking set up first of all you need a sturdy cast iron Dutch oven get one with a matching lid I like this one this one has the actual
feet on the bottom of the pot on it and that’s considered to be a cast iron the camp oven because it’s designed to
go over charcoal and in a camp fire some of them cast iron dutch ovens have a flat bottom and they’re
designed for stove top cooking things like that in the oven you can even use
these cast iron Dutch Ovens in a smoker so choose the cast-iron Dutch oven that you want and
then you need to season it take some kosher salt sprinkle it in
your pan then you can either take a wet paper towel or a rough brush scrub the
salt all around and remove all the grime on your pot rinse it completely and dry
it well with paper towels coat it with vegetable shortening or something like
Crisco and then you put it in the oven or on your barbecue grill you want to
make sure all of the excess oil has dripped off burned off and you’re just
left with a shiny smooth nonstick finish that we love so much about cast iron cooking cookware
then you want to add some accessories to your DIY cast iron Dutch oven cook set do your cooking you’re going to need
some utensils that are designed for sturdy cooking outdoor cooking nothing
that’s plastic you want something utensils that’s wood or metal that you can use with your
outdoor cast-iron Dutch oven something I like to do to bake in the cast iron Dutch oven is bring along a cake pan and
extra just an old pie tin you can use the pie tin underneath the cast iron Dutch oven if the
ground is extremely wet put your coals in here they’re going to burn better if
the ground is wet you’re still going to be able to burn your charcoal get your
fire going without it causing a problem for your outdoor cooking then the cake
pan is great because you can use it to cook bake in the cast iron Dutch oven biscuits all kinds of things that
can’t sit right on the bottom because they’ll burn so a trick to making
something like cornbread or biscuits is remove the lid then you put the pie tin pan
down in the bottom it elevates it off of the hottest surface then you can put
your cake pan right into the cast iron Dutch oven add your cake bread or biscuits put on
the lid and it’s baking like it is in the oven when you cook in the oven it’s the food is
not laying against the sides of the oven it’s cooking in the middle of the oven if
you don’t have the extra pie tin you can always take some aluminum foil
I like the reynolds wrappers because they’re just nice size foil sheets crumble up
the aluminum foil make a layer in the bottom and set your cake pan on top of
the aluminum foil balls another reason to enjoy the foil wrappers you can wrap
up things like baked potatoes hobo dinners all kinds of foil packet meals and you
can place them inside the Dutch oven put on the lid and bake them there rather
than into a campfire they can sometimes bake more evenly especially if you just
have a few of them you can manage to bake them or cook them right in your cast iron
Dutch oven an essential for your Dutch oven outdoor cooking set is a lid lifter you need to be able
to lift the lid and get it out of the way this lifter is nice because you can use
it to lift the entire pot by the Bale so make sure you get a lid lifter that you
can safely remove the cast iron dutch oven lid when it’s hot make sure you have a few pot holders
then you want to make sure you have a way to start your fire make sure you
have some matches whether they are strike on the box strike anywhere matches some
utility lighters cigarette lighters all kinds of ways to start a fire so that
you can actually prepare the food you planned on with your cast-iron Dutch
oven gather it all together keep it in a tote bag put it with your emergency
supplies your camping gear your hunting gear you place it where you’re most
likely to remember it and have it handy to grab and go when you’re heading
outside whether it’s for an adventure or an emergency learn more at
alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel

13 thoughts on “DIY Dutch Oven Outdoor Cook Set For Camping Survival Emergency Cooking Cast Iron

  1. Great video AG!👍 U get more pleasant to watch every time. Like fine 🍷. 😁 No really though great info and cast iron is the best. Take care and stay warm up there. Couldn’t even imagine how cold it gets up there. We are about to get down to 38-40 tonight in Florida.

  2. You should make a Chuck box it's what my family does it's a box that contains all your cooking Ware and other cooking Necessities like your spices and oils

  3. I grind off factory "seasoning" then sand/burnish where the food touches the cast iron. Make it as slick as I can, then seaon. It takes some work but well worth it. The food doesn't stick and easy to clean up.

  4. I have a firestarter kit which I keep in my backpack, and have two canteens which is used to keep my fresh water in, and a 12 qt dutch oven for cooking in at home and another set for cooking outside in case of an emergency. I have all that I need for cooking at home or away from home. Everyone should be prepared for an emergency.

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